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Old Time Radio Music Broadcasts

Music as a Universal Language

Early transistor radioMusic is everywhere in the modern world, but it was not always this way. The concept of music is universal throughout human societies and may have been one of the earliest forms of artistic expression. Surely, there has never been a time when a mother would not have comforted her child with a simple tune or delighted when the child sang back to her.

From the time that mankind became aware of the Gods and other powers greater than themselves, music has been a part of religion and worship. Once enough wealth and capital were acquired for a noble class, musicians would have been hired to entertain royal courts. However, for centuries the music most people would have experienced was created by themselves or people they were close to.

In the Twenty-first Century, music is truly everywhere. We step into our car to drive to work and our cars chimes, tweets, and even sings to us to reinforce safety habits. When we shop for groceries the atmosphere is moderated by strains of calming music played over the public address system. A workplace where music is not playing constantly is considered oppressive. The design of the Smartphone that so many of us carry everywhere is based on a society-changing device able to carry and play thousands of songs.

The closing of the Golden Age of Radio coincided with the rise of the Baby Boom generation and the so-called Counter Culture. Whenever these groups met in a gathering of more than just a few individuals occurred, music would have had a place. Someone would have a guitar to lead the group in song, but more often music would have come from a car radio or a cheap, Japanese pocket-sized transistor radio.

From Dashes and Dots to Melodies

On Thanksgiving Day 1919 the action of a Kansas vs Missouri football game was broadcast from Station 5XB in College Station, Texas. Descriptions of the action were sent via Morse Code because that technology for voice transmission was limited. Westinghouse began experimenting with music transmission in 1914, but the quality of transmission left much to be desired.

Amos and Andy

The technology of mass-produced receiver sets quickly improved, setting the stage for the launch of commercial radio in the early Twenties. Broadcast technology outpaced recording technology, enforcing a requirement for live transmissions. RCA executive David Sarnoff envisioned a "radio music box" as early as 1916. In a practical sense, this required a broadcast studio large and advanced enough to house an orchestra.

Many broadcasts followed the format of Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll's Amos 'n' Andy, two actors on opposite sides of a microphone playing off each other. The popularity of the program not only made it "necessary" for households to invest in a radio set, but Amos 'n' Andy also showed other vaudevillians a new way to make a living without the need to go on the road.

The Spice of Life

MicrophonesSong and Dance teams were a staple of the vaudeville circuits, but, obviously, dancing and other physical displays over the radio left much to be desired. Songs could be an extension of the jokes and other dialog. A studio would often have a good piano or, perhaps, an organ, the volume of which could be moderated so as not to drown out the singers.

Theaters on the vaudeville circuits often adopted a Variety format. Several acts of different types might be scheduled on a night, playing in an order that kept audiences engaged even though they might enter or leave the theater at different times. Radio vaudevillians modified the variety format to fit their more limited time blocks.

Microphone technology advanced to allow a live audience in the studio to watch the broadcast being made and giving the comedian host someone to play off of and react to. These same advances also allowed an orchestra to provide music for the show, and band leaders became as important as comic foils as they were for the music. However, the time for music men to shine in their own right was approaching.

It Don't Mean a Thing…

Prohibition JazzMany music scholars consider Jazz to be America's most lasting and important contribution to the worldwide culture. Many influences contributed to the development of Jazz, which can trace its roots from the celebratory marches on the streets of New Orleans to the sad but defiant Blues of the Mississippi Delta to the smoky dance and supper clubs in major industrial cities of the North like Chicago and New York.

A form of Jazz developed on the nightclub circuit that was particularly adapted to youthful dancing while becoming more acceptable to white audiences. This acceptance was largely due to white band leaders incorporating the style and rhythms into their arrangements. White orchestras were seen as being more refined and disciplined than black combos which originated the sound.

Greater acceptability meant that club owners could charge more for admission as well as attract the interest of the new radio networks that were exploring the technology of remote broadcasting. Listeners across the country got to hear what they were told was the latest sounds while driving the popularity of the venues making the broadcast. Somewhat ironically, enthusiasm for danceable Jazz grew while the nation was experimenting with Prohibition.

Benny GoodmanProhibition finally came to an end, but the popularity of big bands playing Jazz music that people could dance to continued to grow. In late 1934, Nabisco began sponsoring Let's Dance on NBC. The late Saturday night program broadcast over five hours to ensure that each time zone could enjoy at least three hours of music. The show was a big boost to the popularity of the Benny Goodman Orchestra before going off the air in May 1935. That summer, the Goodman outfit continued to ride Let's Dance's popularity, and when the band made it to L.A.'s Palomar Ballroom in August, dancers who had heard Goodman on the radio sold the joint out.

The dancefloor at the Palomar was supposedly big enough to hold four thousand couples, but there was no room on the night that Swing was born. The style emphasizes the weaker pulse of the off-beat, creating a rhythm that is impossible to ignore while remaining acceptable and tasteful enough to avoid the disapproval of any oldsters in the audience. Benny Goodman was considered the "King of Swing", but several others, including Duke Ellington, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Harry James, Glenn Miller, and Artie Shaw could have worn the crown.

"Both Kinds of Music"

Swing Music, although thought of as the music of its generation, is forever associated with the nightclub set. It loses importance the further we get past the city limits and into the rural regions where most Americans still lived in the middle decades of the Twentieth Century. The roots of Country and Western Music are nearly as diverse as those of Jazz, and Jazz is part of the mix as well. An important difference between Jazz and Country is the instruments. Jazzmen love the smoky and driving sounds of big band instruments like horns and piano while the "Hillbilly" sound grew from more "portable" instrumentation like guitars, harmonicas, and fiddles.

Country and Western music has been called 'the folk music of the working class'. As the industrial might of the Nation grew, especially in the period before, during, and after the Second World War, the factories in the big Northern cities needed a source of cheap, semi-skilled labor. Much of this labor demand was met by the Great Migration of Negroes excepting the racial injustice of the post-Civil War South, but if white factory bosses could hire white workers, they would.

Several waves of emigrants from the British Isles who could not find a place in the cities of the Atlantic Shoresettled in the hills of the Appalachian and Ozark Mountains. It was possible to eke out a living in these hilly regions for a hard-working farmer, but conditions made it difficult to make a fortune. When these hard-working hill-billies heard the call of the industrial North, they migrated in droves, bringing with them a musical tradition that reached back to English folk tunes.

Much of what is termed "Hill-Billy Music" embraces a strong Protestant Revivalist tradition. However, once these formerly poor folks had some money, their musical tastes expanded to include the Honky-Tonk sound. In some ways, Honky-Tonk music was a rowdy antithesis to the more spiritually driven Bluegrass form of Country Music. In comparison to the swank nightclubs that brought forth Swing Jazz, Honky Tonks were places for hard-working and hard-drinking men who could blow an entire paycheck for a few hours of fun.

What traditions there are in Honky-Tonks probably arose in the Cow Towns of the Old West, where, after weeks following a herd of cows to market a group of cowboys needed to blow off some steam. The myth of the noble Cowboy is largely just that; a myth. However, it is a good myth that many Americans can identify with.

Western Music is separate but related to Country or Hill-Billy Music. There is a bit of Latin influence to Western Music that adds spice to the sound. Western Music is as much a Hollywood phenomenon as a musical trend thanks, at least in part, to the rise of the Singing Cowboy.

And the Beat Goes On

Alan FreedAlthough there were several shows, both live and syndicated broadcasts dedicated to Music during the Golden Age of Radio, once the Networks abandoned radio for TV, radio became synonymous with Music. The business of Radio disk jockeys had more to do with selling songs than selling products. This would eventually lead to the infamous "Payola Scandal", but the music industry was about selling records, and DJ Format radio sold a lot of records.

In many markets, any form of talk radio was discouraged because talk interrupted the music. However, as streaming services and automobile sound systems support better quality recorded audio play, broadcast music has given way to talk again.

Of course, fans of Old Time Radio enjoy the benefits of technology with the ability to enjoy their chosen content on the latest systems.

Quick Reference

Show Title Dates Music Type Featured Artist Show Premise
Ada Jones Collection Early 1900s Girl Singer Ada Jones Miss Jones' recordings were made on Edison Wax Cylinders. [LISTENER CAUTION: These Recordings may be offensive to some listeners due to the Racia insenstivities of the period]
Al Goodman and His Orchestra 1935-1954 Big Band Al Goodman and His Orchestra One of Broadway's most successful musical directors, in this collection bandleader Al goodman brings his celebrated outfit to the airwaves in several remote and studio broadcasts.
Aladdin's Lamp 1937 Crooner Smilin' Ed McConnell Smilin' Ed McConnell serenaded housewives with happy songs while pitching Alladin Kerosene Lamps.
Alan Freed Rock n Roll Dance Party   Rock n Roll Alan Freed Rock n Roll has always been about rebellion, which makes it all the more surprising that the Armed Forces Radio Service would put a controversial figure like Alan Freed on the air for our Soldiers.
Alan Freed Show 1954-55 Rock n Roll Alan Freed Disc jockey Alan Freed helped to introduce America's youth to the "Black Music" that would form the roots of Rock N Roll.
Alka Seltzer Time 1953 Swing Martha Tilton "Plop! Plop! Fizz! Fizz!" Pretty Martha Tilton and the great Curt Massey bring us wonderful music with Alka Seltzer paying the bills.
The All Star Parade of Bands 1953-56 Jazz Various NBC and the United Federation of Musicians cooperated to pitch US Savings Bonds with great Jazz music.
All Star Western Theater 1946-48 Country and Western Foy Willing Straight from Hollywood, the New Riders of the Purple Sage with Foy Willing took advantage of the growing popularity of the Singing Cowboy Westerns to give listeners a rip-roaring good time.
Ambassadors of Melodyland 1931 Variety Various A royal celebration of popular music from the early 1930s.
America Salutes the President's Birthday 1941-44 Variety Various FDR became an incredibly popular President and celebrities from throughout show business pulled out all the stops to help celebrate his birthday.
American Album Of Familiar Music 1931-1951 Crooner Frank Munn One of the most successful programs to come out of the Hummert Radio Factory, The American Album of Familiar Music featured the talents of reclusive tenor Frank Munn. His rich tones delighted housewives until he took an early retirement in 1945.
Americas Popular Music 30s and '40s Big Band   Like so much of American Culture, the center of Swing Music began to move to the West Coast during the War. "America's Popular Music" was produced in Hollywood for our Boys in Uniform.
Amos and Andy Music Hall 1954-1960 Disc Jockey Various After delighting audiences for more than two decades as Amos 'n' Andy, Correll and Gosden set up their popular characters with a "radio show" from the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge Hall. The DJ format allowed for many famous guest stars..
Andre Kostelanetz Show 1943-46 Easy Listening Andre Kostelanetz Orchesra Before "Easy Listening" was even a category, Russian émigré Andre Kostelanetz put together one of the biggest orchestra's in Radio to play it. Kostelanetz came to America after fleeing the Russian Revolution.
Ann Miller Collection 1940-54 Girl Singer Ann Miller Screen Tap-Dancing Wonder and G.I. Pin-up favorite Ann Miller was a popular guest on many AFRS Programs and alays a hit with the guys overseas.
Anthology 1954-55 High-Brow Various A song is a poem sung to music, but what if there is music and poetry but no singing? The poetry on Anthology features some of the biggest voices in the entertainment industry.
Arthur Smith's Corner Store and Arthur Smith and His Cracker Jacks 1948-54 Country and Western Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith Getting his start on a local South Carolina station, Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith pioneered the use of Electric Guitars on Country and Western Music.
Artie Shaw Collection 1938-1954 Big Band Artie Shaw Many Bandleaders are in contention for the title of "King of Swing", but considering not only the amount of time he spent in the business, the amount of success he enjoyed, and the number of future greats who worked for him, our vote goes to Artie Shaw.
At Ease 1940-44 Pop Songs Various The G.I.s who served during the War were patriots and warriors willing to give everything to defend their Nation, but for the most part, they were just kids, and kids like popular music! "At Ease" was one of the shows AFRS used to give it to them.
Atlantic Spotlight 1944-45 Pop Songs Various Rare chats between American journalists and their British colleagues in London include a music performance.
B.A. Rolfe and His Orchestra 1934 Big Band   As a kid, B.A. Rolfe played trumpet on the vaudeville circuit while touring with his father. Later, he ran a silent movie studio before forming an orchestra and began a run as the house band at the Palais d'Or restaurant and became a pioneer of remote broadcasting.
The Bailes Brothers 1941 Country and Western Vailes Bros Kyle, Johnnie, Walter, and Homer Bailes grew up poor in Kanawha County, West Virginia, before appearing in pairs on stations around the South East. While Hoer was serving in the Military, Johnnie and Walter were invited to the Grand Ol' Opry in 1943.
Band of the AAF Training Command 1944 Swing Glenn Miller Bandleader Glenn Miller was anxious to serve his country after Pearl Harbor and set aside a very lucrative career to join the US Army Air Forces. One of his first assignments was to form a Jazz band for the USAAF Training Command.
Barrel of Fun 1941-1944 Variety Vailes Bros The incredibly funny Charlie Ruggles hosted "Barrel of Fun" on Mutual which featured terrific musical guests along with some of the best (or worst) puns ever.
The Barry Wood in Old Time Radio 1942-47 Crooner Barry Woods and Margaret Whiting After the War, ZIV Syndications brought "America's Favorite Baritone, Barry Wood, to the airwaves with the pretty Margaret Whiting. Wood popularized the War-time ditty, "Any Bonds Today?"
Armed Forces Radio Service Basic Music Library Recordings 1943-45 Pop Songs Vailes Bros The Armed Forces Radio Service provided the Basic Music Library to radio stations in the various Theaters of the War. The music, which was recorded for free by some of the biggest Stars, might have been used as air-time "filler", but it was something that the folks back home were not hearing.
Beat the Band 1940-1944 Pop Songs Various For "Beat the Band", listeners could send in questions to stump the featured musicians. The questions could earn the sender twenty bucks and a box of Kix Cereal while the band members in the studio who gave a wrong answer had to toss a fifty-cent piece into the "kitty".
The Bell Telephone Hour 1944-1969 High-Brow Various The folks at Ma Bell presented some of the period's best opera stars and classical musicians giving their greatest performances. The Telephone Hour also featured some unintentionally racy jokes from guest comedians.
Benny Goodman Recordings 1935-1944 Swing The Benny Goodman Orchestra Benny Goodman's outfit helped to launch the Swing-era with a sell-out performance at L.A.'s Palomar Ballroom, which helped to forge Benny's reputation as "The King of Swing".
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 1935-1955 Variety Various People tuned in to hear the witty repartee between Bergen and Charlie, but they were also treated to several wonderful Musical Guests.
Best of All 1954-55 Pop Songs Various American Show Tunes came from Broadway, Operettas, and the Movies, created by composers like Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Rogers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, and others. Best of all, we can hear them on "The Best of All".
Big City Serenade 1951-53 Pop Songs The NBC Orchestra The NBC Orchestra provided the music for "Big City Serenade", a weekly celebration of major cities across the country. Each week's City was selected randomly, although some were coordinated with big events like National Party Conventions.
The Big Show 1950-52 Variety Various Decades before there was Oprah, Tallulah Bankhead hosted "The Big Show" on Sunday nights. Guests included some of the biggest names in show business who may or may not have fit with Tallulah's decidedly upper-crust attitudes.
The Bill Kemp Show 1958 Variety Various "The Bill Kemp Show" was placed at the end of a 12-hour long daily live broadcast on ABC. Kemp managed to fill his program with laughs and great music, and the shenanigans often continued after the microphones were turned off.
The Bill Ring Show   Country and Western Bill Ring An incredibly wise man, Bill Ring once said that "If you're too busy to go fish'n, you're TOO busy!" Ring and his syndicated program became the cornerstone of KWTO Springfield, Missouri's bid to become "the crossroads of Country Music".
Billy Jones and Ernie Hare 1931-1939 Variety The Happiness Boys Billy Jones and Ernie Hare, The Happiness Boys, were a team of incredibly funny vaudvillians who are listed as one of the first to make the transition from the vaudeville circuits to the airwaves.
Bing Christmas 1945-1961 Crooner Bing Crosby For many of us, the Holiday Season does not really start until we hear "der Bingle" singing "White Christmas" on the radio. Of course, Bing means much more than that Irving Berlin song at the Happiest Time of the Year.
Bing Crosby Collection 1935-1957 Crooner Bing Crosby A Star of the screen and recording, the Radio gave Bing Crosby's career its biggest boost.
The Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show 1960-62 Crooner Bing Crosby Taking advantage of his investment in the AMPEX Tape Recorder, Bing reached out to his costar and friend from White Christmas, Rosemary Clooney for this delightful daily songfest.
The Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 1949-52 Crooner Bing Crosby Chesterfield Cigarettes was a longtime sponsor of this after-dinner program and hired Bing to host it in 1949.
Bob Hope Collection 1935-1955 Variety Bob Hope Called "the Most Honored Entertainer in the World", Bob Hope helped to win the War as well as sell toothpaste.
Bob Wills Round-Up 1945-1953 Country and Western Bob Wills "The King of Western Swing", Bob Wills grew up on his daddy's Texas cotton farm before becoming a Country Music icon.
The ABC Breakfast Club with Don McNeil Also Known as The Don McNeil Show and later NBC Breakfast Club 1933-1968 Variety Various The Breakfast Club was designed to give listeners a smile in the morning that would last for the rest of the day.
Breakfast in Hollywood 1945-54 Variety Various Broadcasting from Breneman's Restaurant at Sunset and Vine, the show brought a laugh-a-minute.
Breakfast with Binnie and Mike 1946-47 Variety Various A Breakfast show from the Hollywood home of filmstar Binnie Barnes and sports announcer Mike Frankovich
Broadway in Review 1953 Big Band Various "The Sweethearts of Country Music", Opry Stars Lulu Belle and Scotty Wiseman hosted this fun Breakfast-time Music and Variety show from the heart of Hill-billy country.
California Melodies 1940-42 High-Brow Maxine Gray David Rose's exotica and cocktail hour music is showcased by pretty singer Maxine Gray.
Call for Music 1948 Girl Singer Dinah Shore and Friends Philip Morris Tobacco sponsor this teaming of Dinah Shore, Harry James, and Johnny Mercer to showcase sweet music and Hollywood gossip.
The Camel Caravan 1936-39 Swing Benny Goodman In the late-Thirties, Benny Goodman led "The Camel Caravan" on Saturday nights pushing refreshing smokes and hot swing music.
Camel Rock and Roll Dance Party 1956 Rock n Roll Various Decades before "Joe Camel", the cigarette company courted the Youth Market by sponsoring controversial Rock and Roll DJ Alan Freed.
Captain Stubby and the Buckaneers 1951 Pop Songs Tiny, Sonny, Tony, and Jerry This showcase of semi-Nautically themed harmonies featured a group who would eventually join the Navy together.
The Carnation Contented Hour 1948-49 Variety Various We are not qualified to judge whether Contented Cows do, in fact, give better milk, but we can tell that the variety of musical talent brought to the Carnation Contented Hour made for Contented Listeners.
The Carter Sisters 1946 Country and Western Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters Mother Maybelle and her daughters were almost outshone by vivacious sister June Carter in this Country Music Treasure.
Cavalcade of Music 1937 Easy Listening Various DuPont's "Cavalcade of Music" was a lighter alternative to "Cavalcade of America" but just as high quality.
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street 1940-1952 Jazz Various The normally staid announcer for the Metropolitan Opera, Milton Cross, let his hair down a bit for "Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street". Set up as a lampoon of the long-hair fare enjoyed by supporters of the Met, the Chamber was a showcase for some fine Swing operators.
Charlie and his Orchestra (Nazi Propaganda)   Jazz Karl Schwedler und his Orchestra The Nazis were basically opposed to the freedom of spirit that made Jazz Music possible, but the Propaganda Ministry knew that the Allled Soldiers loved listening to Swing Bands. They figured if they could get them to listen to a German Swing outfit, maybe they could send a message that freedom was not all it was cracked up to be.
Checkerboard Fun Fest Featuring Eddy Arnold   Country and Western Eddy Arnold Syndicated by Purina Mills, The Checkerboard Funfest featuring "the Tennessee Plowboy" Eddy Arnold presented Country Music for folks back on the farm rather than country folks who moved to the City.
The Chestfield Show also known as The Moonlight Serenade 1939-1942 Swing Glenn Miller Before joining the USAAF, Glenn Miller worked for the Chesterfield Show in what came to be known as The Moonlight Serenade
Chesterfield Supper Club 1944-50 Pop Songs Various A rotating lineup of hosts encouraged listeners to enjoy a good supper, some great music, and to light up a flavorful, refreshing Chesterfield. At least, the music probably wouldn't kill you!
Chesterfield Time 1937-44 Big Band Various Danceable music from Hollywood was the hook for Chesterfield Time. Listeners got to enjoy the seductive tones of pretty Alice Faye and others.
The Chicago Theater of the Air 1940-55 High-Brow Various Opera is the ultimate in highbrow music, but it is also a compelling and beautiful means of storytelling. The Chicago Theater of the Air was a means to share opera with the masses.
Chiquita AFRS Collection 1945-46 Disc Jockey Various The Hispanic-American community has been an important source of volunteers for the US Armed Services. AFRS hired Ms. Chiquita Juarez to host a DJ Program designed to appeal to Hispanic Servicemembers.
Choose a Song Partner 1948 Pop Songs Don Moreland, Adele Scott, and Beryl Vaughn Hostess Beryl Vaughn has a list of songs to match her clues for the audience to guess. Singer Don Moreland and organist Adele Scott bring the songs to life while pushing women's "unmentionables".
Christmas At War 1941-45 Variety Various The G.I.s fighting to preserve Freedom against the Axis Powers were willing to give their all, but their sacrifice was felt hardest at Christmastime.
Christmas on the Blue Network 1944 Variety Various The blue Network pulls out all the stops for Christmas 1944, with songs, skits, visits from Santy Claus, and voices of our boys overseas.
Christmas Variety Shows 1937-56 Variety Various It is the Happiest Time of the Year, and what could be better than to celebrate with songs and laughter from your favorite Variety Shows.
Chrysler Showroom 1949 Big Band Danny Kaye Danny Kaye shares laughter and song while showing us the newest Chrysler cars.
Chuck Wagon Jamboree 1949 Country and Western Ken Curtis and the Novelty Aces Before becoming Festus on TV's Gunsmoke, Ken Curtis hosted this fun Western Music syndication
Cities Service Band of America 1949 Marching Band The Cities Service Orchestra The Cities Service Gasoline and Oil Company had a longtime presence on the air, and conductor Paul LaValle takes us on a musical tour of American Cities.
The Nine Thirty Club 1949 Pop Songs Various The mid-morning hours were hard for local broadcasters to fill, but the Don Lee Pacific Network hired a series of disk jockeys for its Nine Thirty Club.
Club 15 with Bob Crosby 1947-1951 Pop Songs Bob Crosby Bing's kid-brother Bob hosted this nightly quarter-hour of music featuring guests like Margaret Whiting, the Andrews Sisters, and the Modernaires.
The Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors 1932 Big Band Phil Harris One of the swankiest nightclubs in Los Angeles, The Cocoanut Grove featured the Phil Harris Orchestra before Phil went to work for Jack Benny.
Coke Club 1946 Crooner Morton Downey Your local Coca Cola Bottler brings this quarter-hour daily program featuring Leah May and crooner Morton Downey.
Coke Time with Eddie Fisher 1954-1957 Pop Songs Eddie Fisher Even though his personal life was filled with scandal, Eddie Fisher sold a lot of Coca-Cola!
Columbia Presents 1944-1948 Big Band Various CBS built a reputation s the "Tiffany Network", and Columbia Presents featured some of the most prestigious names in the Music Industry.
Command Performance 1940-1977 Variety Various The Armed Forces Radio Service came up with this gem where GI's could send in their requests, no matter how strange, the Hollywood elite did their best to fulfill them.
Concert Hall 1942-1946 Classical Various Lionel Barrymore hosts the AFRS presentation of Long Hair music for our boys in Uniform.
Concert in Miniature 1952-1953 Jazz Stan Kenton One of the biggest Jazz outfits on the West Coast, the Stan Kenton Orchestra headlined Concert in Miniature series on NBC.
The Continental Celebrity Club 1946 Variety Various John Charles Daly interviewed some of the biggest Celebrities in Showbusiness for the Continental Can Company on The Continental Celebrity Club.
Corn's A Poppin' with Spike Jones and His City Slickers 1935-1957 Novelty Spike Jones and His City Slickers Musical mayhem is the order of the day when Spike Jones and His City Slickers fired up their instruments and took potshots at musical conventions.
Country Hoedown - US Navy 1958-1974 Country and Western Various The biggest names in Country Music signed on to help the Navy Recruiting Service attract young men and women to consider a career in service of their Country.
Country Music Time (Airforce) 1959-1960 Country and Western Various The US Air Force needed solid young men to take on technical challenges and used the greatest Country and Western Musicians to attract recruits.
Country Style USA 1957 Country and Western Various The US Army hired Cecil Daniels to host this wonderful Country and Western Variety program designed to attract new recruits.
Cowboy Church of the Air 1953 Country and Western Stuart Hamblen Inspired by the ministry of Rev. Billy Graham, Methodist Preacher's son Stuart Hamblen began the Cowboy Church of the Air.
Cowboy Slim Rinehart (Sometimes spelled Cowboy Slim Reinhart) Late '30s to Early '70s Country and Western Slim Rinehart Slim Rinehart used a "Border Blaster" radio station to promoted his singing career and sell all sorts of products for sponsors.
Crazy Hillbilly Show Early '30s Country and Western Various After Dallas investors invested in the Crazy Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, they sponsored this delightful program, originating in New York, to promote the healthy waters served at the Hotel.
Crazy Water Crystal Program   Country and Western Various The waters from the Crazy Well in Texas had healthy properties. The Crazy Crystal Company evaporated the healthy minerals out of the water and sent them to customers. The Crazy Water Crystal program featured several future Opry stars.
The Cresta Blanca Carnival The Carnival of Musical Contrasts 1942-1944 Variety Morton Cloud Orchestra Most people say they enjoy one form of music or another, but sponsor Cresta Blanca Wines presented various kinds of music so that listeners could experience them and see what they really enjoy.
Dale Evans Collection 1942-1953 Country and Western Dale Evans Billed as the "Queen of the West". Dale Evans is best known for teaming with her hubby, "The King of the Cowboys", Roy Rogers. Dale was an incredible musical talent on her own.
The Voice of America Presents Dance Time U.S.A. post War Dance Music Various The Cold War struggle between the Super Powers was deadly serious, so it seems unlikely that the Voice of America would use music as a weapon, but that is exactly what they did with Dance Time U.S.A.
The Danny Kaye Show 1945-1946 Variety Danny Kaye One of Technicolor's most endearing rubber-faced-comics, Danny Kaye was just as big a clown on the air as he was on the screen.
A Date with the Duke 1945-1946 Jazz Duke Ellington The 400 Club in New York City was the setting for these smoking-hot remote broadcasts by the great Duke Ellington.
Delmore Brothers post-War? Country and Western Alton and Rabon Delmore The Delmore Brothers of Elkmont, Alabama were early regulars on the Grand Ol' Opry but left the show after a disagreement with management in 1939. They continued to play and record but never reached the level of their success on the Opry.
Dinah Shore Collection 1941-1950 Girl Singer Dinah Shore Dinah Shore got her professional start in Nashville but turned away from Hill-billy music. Instead, she went to New York to sing with several Big Bands and become a favorite pin-up girl. She was also a popular film presence.
Dinner Bell Roundup Time 1946-1948 Country and Western Cliffie Stone and Friends Cliffie Stone was the Country A&R Man for Capitol Records, and he also invested in the Record Corral, where fans could get Country records. Dinner Bell Round-Up Time was a local Pasadena program promoting the shop.
Divas of Old Time Radio Various Girl Singer Various The expression Prima Donna has gained a bad reputation, but Divas were an important feature of the OTR Era. After all, everyone loves to hear a pretty girl singing!
Doris Day Collection 1924-1952 Girl Singer Doris Day As a kid, Doris Day wanted to be a dancer, but an automobile accident ended those plans. Fortunately, she discovered she could sing and she went on the be the pin-up girl G.I.s would fight for.
The Doris Day Show 1952 Girl Singer Doris Day Doris Day was a seasoned and experienced performer by the time CBS gave her a half-hour show of her own in 1953, but her career was just getting started.
Downbeat   Jazz Various Based on the name of a Chicago-based Jazz magazine, AFRS's Down Beat show brought the greatest Jazz performers to the G.I.s overseas.
Duke Ellington Recordings 1945-1946 Jazz Duke Ellington There have been many Kings of Swing, a few Princes of Rhythm, several Queens of Song, but for Jazz aficionados, there can only be one Duke. Born in Washington D.C., Duke Ellington brought a refinement to Jazz while retaining its earthy liveliness.
Eddie Bracken Collection 1945-1955 Pop Songs Eddie Bracken Star of stage, screen, and radio, Eddie Bracken got his start as a nine-year-old vaudevillian. Not only did he have a show of his own on NBC, but his fun personality also made him a popular guest.
Eddie Condon's Jazz Concert 1944-1945 Jazz Various A pioneer of the Chicago School of Dixie-Land Jazz, Eddie Condon presented his Jazz Concerts with the greatest artists from Town Hall in New York City.
Eddie Fisher in Old Time Radio 1947-1955 Crooner Eddie Fisher A classic crooner who was discovered by Arthur Godfrey, Eddie Fisher's booming career was eventually torpedoed by marital scandals.
Eddy Arnold Rare Recordings Collection 1956 Country and Western Eddy Arnold "The Tennesse Plowboy" Eddy Arnold was the real-deal among Singing Cowboys. A true rags-to-riches story, Eddy was one of Tom Parker's early clients until the Colonel put all his attention on Elvis Presley.
Eddy Arnold Social Security Show 1965 Country and Western Eddy Arnold Country superstar Eddy Arnold, "The Tennessee Plowboy" produced several Public Service Announcements for the Social Security Service in the mid-1969s.
The Eddie Duchin Show   Jazz Eddie Duchin Eddie Duchin could have used his Showbiz background to get a cushy job in the Navy, instead, the popular piano player saw action in the Battle of the Atlantic. Later, he used his talents for the Navy Recruiting Service.
The Enchanted Hour 1949-1950 Classical Henry Weber and his Orchestra The Enchanted Hour presented the best in classical music with tunes by Chopin, Handel, Prokofiev, Mendelson, and others.
The Enchantment of Music 1964 Classical "Masters Old
and New"
Although it may not have directly appealed to the majority of Servicemen, Classical Music was a longtime staple of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, and The Enchantment of Music featured "Light Classic Music from California."
Esquire Jazz Concert 1944-1946 Jazz Various In 1944, Esquire Magazine conducted a poll to discover their reader's taste in Jazz. The publishers then used the results to arrange a series of concerts featuring the biggest names in Jazz.
Ethel Merman Collection 1945-1957 Girl Singer Ethel Merman Ethel Merman's singing talent was a true force of nature, based on the joy that she felt from performing before an audience and her reputation as "the personification of the American Musical Theater."
Eyes on the Ball 1947-1948 Girl Singer Monica Lewis Promoting eye health, Eyes on the Ball combined sports reporting from Bill Stern with seductive sounds of singer Monica Lewis.
Fats Waller Collection 1938-1943 Jazz Fats Waller The King of Stride Piano, Fats Waller's sound helped to usher in the Harlem Rennaisance.
Faultless Starch Time 1952-1953 Country and Western Bob Atcher ad Mary Jane Johnson Starched Shirts and Singing Cowboys seem like a strange combination, but that is what we got on the Faultless Starch Time show. Housewives could imagine riding the open range while they pressed their husband's shirts.
The Fitch Band Wagon 1938-1948 Big Band Various Originally a showcase for the era's Big Bands that pitched shampoo and haircare products, The Fitch Band Wagon eventually morphed into a situation comedy starring band leader Phil Harris and his pretty wife, Alice Faye.
5 Friendly Footnotes 1930 Big Band Freddy Rich Orchestra The Friendly Five Shoe Company sponsored the Freddy Rich Orchestra in this fun quarter-hour program. While running the house band at the Waldorf Astoria, Rich hired several future Swing greats, including the Dorsey Brothers and Benny Goodman.
Fleischmann's Yeast Hour 1933-1936 Variety Rudy Vallee and Friends Rudy Vallee did not invent the Variety Program, but he certainly perfected the format on early radio with The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour.
The Ford Show (Starring Dinah Shore) 1946-1947 Girl Singer Dinah Shore As the All American Car Company, the guys behind the Big Blue Oval hired the All American Sweetheart, Dinah Shore, to help push 1947 Fords.
The Ford Theater 1947-1949 Variety Various When the Big Blue Oval guys moved The Ford Theater Program to production studios in Hollywood, they also pulled out all the stops to attract the biggest-name talent.
Forever Tops 1946 Pop Songs Paul Whiteman Orchestra Most music programs do their best to present original material, but on Forever Tops, Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra did a great job playing songs everyone knows.
Forward March 1951-52 Crooner Eddie Fisher When a draftee is inducted into the Service, he is usually expected to do his time in uniform and then move on with his life after getting stuck with all the worst jobs that Army volunteers avoid. When Crooner Eddie Fisher got "the call", the Army put him to use as part of the Recruiting Service.
Foy Willing And Riders Of The Purple Sage 1940s Country and Western Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage Texas-native Foy Willing was in a perfect position to take advantage of the popularity of the Singing Cowboy with his band, the Riders of the Purple Sage.
Frances Langford Collection 1936-1956 Girl Singer Frances Langford Frances Langford became one of Bob Hope's favorite supporting Pretty Girls. She also became a favorite Pin-Up girl who graced the screen and USO Camp Show stages.
Frank Sinatra Collection 1935-1977 Crooner Frank Sinatra Before the Bobby Soxers, before "Your Hit Parade", before "From Here to Eternity", before the Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra was a kid from Hoboken who heard Bing sing and thought, "I can do that…"
Fred Astaire 1936-1952 Variety Fred Astaire Radio seems like an unlikely media to showcase a dancer, but Fred Astaire's personality and tap dancing was dynamic enough to make it work.
Fred Waring Collection 1947-1948 Big Band Fred Waring and his Orchestra Fred Waring was a perfectionist who had his Orchestra rehearse each number in three different styles because they never knew which he could call on them to perform.
Front And Center 1947 Girl Singer Dorothy Lamour and the Crew Chiefs Military Recruiting depends on getting the attention of young men, and the Air force knew that Dorothy Lamour would get their attention! Teaming her with the Crew Chiefs got the Air Force message across.
Fun With The Revuers 1940 Variety Various A "revue" is a type of variety entertainment for upper-crust types who would not be caught dead going into a Vaudeville house.
Gene Autry 1940-1956 Country and Western Gene Autry Gene Autry may not have been the best or the most popular of the Singing Cowboys, but his Patriotism, work ethic, and incredible business sense made him one of the most successful.
George Shearing Collection 1951-1957 Jazz George Shearing Born blind in Battersea, London, England, George Shearing was an instinctive musician who became one of the greatest Jazz Musicians outside of the United States.
G.I. Jive (with G.I. Jill) 1942-? Pop Songs Various Servicemen could send in requests for their favorite songs to "GI Jive" from AFRS and YANK Magazine, but it is easy to imagine that most of them tuned in to hear pretty Martha Wilkerson as "GI Jane."
GI Journal (G.I. Journal) 1943-1946 Big Band Various The Armed forces Radio Service was run "by G.I.s for G.I.s" but had enormous support from the Hollywood Showbiz Community, and many A-list Stars provided performances for free. G.I. Journal was one of the service's most popular shows.
Ginger Rogers Collection 1935-1953 Girl Singer Ginger Rogers The movie cameras absolutely loved the talented and pretty Ginger Rogers, and her sweet voice and bubbly personality sent success her way on Radio, as well.
Ginny Simms Collection 1942-1952 Girl Singer Ginny Simms Pretty Ginny Simms was hired to sing for the Ol' Perfesser, Kay Kyser. The bandleader was impressed enough to propose marriage, but Ginny left Kyser and won her own musical show sponsored by Philip Morris.
Airtime With Gisele Mackenzie 1956 Girl Singer Gisèle MacKenzie Describing herself as a "fat little girl who never went anywhere without her violin case", Gisèle MacKenzie pitched the Air Force Reserve on Air Time.
Glenn Miller 1938-1945 Big Band Glenn Miller Glenn Miller and his Orchestra got America “In The Mood”, but when his country needed him he was ready to give it all for his fellow servicemen. In fact, Major Glenn Miller was lost over the Channel on his way to set up shows for servicemen stationed near the front lines.
Gordon MacRae Collection 1947-1954 Crooner Gordon MacRae Known as "the man with the Golden Voice", Gordon MacRae plied his talents on Texaco Star Theater, the Gulf Spray Program, The Railroad Hour, and other programs.
The Gordon MacRae Show (Texaco Star Theater) 1948 Crooner Gordon MacRae Golden Baritone Gordon MacRae took over as the host of Texaco Star Time in 1948.
The Grand Ole Opry 1939-1970 Country and Western Various There was Country Music before there was a Grand Ol' Opry, but the show helped put Nashville, Tennessee, on the map as the Country Music Capital of the World.
Guard Sessions 1957-1964 Swing Various Martin Block hosts a recruiting program for the U.S. National Guard that featured the talents of Stan Kenton, Dean Martin, Zavier Cugat, Vic Damone, and others.
Guest Star Radio 1947-1966 Variety Various The U.S. Treasury Department brought us the Guest Star Radio Show which features a new "Guest Star", a comic, singer, or actor, each week to pitch Bond Sales.
The Gulf Spray Program With Gordon MacRae 1947 Crooner Gordon MacRae The Golden Baritone, Colin MacRae hosted the Summer Replacement program "The Gulf Spray Show" to pitch mosquito repellent spray.
Hank Williams Collection 40s and '50s Country and Western Hank Williams Music Icon Hank Williams straddled the lines between Country's Gospel roots and the Honky-tonk rowdiness of the coming era. Eventually, the hard-drinking life of the road brought him to an early and tragic end.
The Harry James Show 1939-1944 Big Band Harry James After learning to play from his Circus bandleader father, trumpeter Harry James played for Ben Pollack and Benny Goodman before starting his own outfit.
The Hartz Mountain Canary Pet Show ??? Novelty The Hartz Mountain Canaries The Hartz Pet Food Company took advantage of radio's singing canary craze to pitch birdseed and other pet foods.
Hawaii Calls 1935?-1970 Hawaiian Various Most Americans know very little about the Island Paradise of Hawaii before the Attack on Pearl Harbor, but the Hawaii Calls program was designed to entice tourists to make the trip.
Hawaii Old Time Radio Shows 1915-1961 Variety Various The Islands of Hawaii which would become the Fiftieth State are filled with exoticism and mystery as well as music, beauty, and mystery, and it is all explored in this collection.
Hawaiian Fantasies 1933 Variety Various During the Great Depression, the only way to get to Hawai'i was by ship, but the Hawai'ian tourism industry still tried to convince visitors to come and enjoy their Island Paradise.
The Heartbeat of Broadway 1959 Variety Various Even after the rise of Hollywood, New York City and Broadway remained the capital of the American Entertainment Industry. The American Heart Association, dedicated to eradicating heart disease, launched near Broadway, so there is little wonder that the AHA turned to the Great White Way for help with fundraising.
Helen Morgan Collection 1932-54 Girl Singer Helen Morgan When she was entrancing the nightclub circuit, Helen Morgan often sang while draped across a piano, possibly because she was too drunk to stand by herself. However, Flo Ziegfeld was able to keep her sober long enough to make the lead in "Showboat" her own.
Henny Youngman Collection 1930-? Variety Various The quick-witted Henny Youngman was one of the great "one-line" artists, but he got his start as a violin toting comic on the nightclub circuit.
Hildegarde in Old Time Radio including Hidegarde's Radio Room also known as The Incomparable Hildegarde 1937-56 Girl Singer Various With her "French Midwestern German Accent" and vivacious style, the Incomparable Hildegard was certain to be a hit.
Hillbilly Revue, AFRS 1948-1956 Country and Western Various It wasn't quite the Grand Ol' Opry, but AFRS's Hillbilly Revue featuring Ferlin Husky as "Cactus Pete" was a collection of Country Music Fun for our troops stationed overseas.
The Hollywood Barn Dance 1943-1948 Country and Western Various Nashville may have been the center of the Country Music Universe but Tinsel Town also contributed to Hillbilly Music's popularity. Cottonseed Clark and his gang helped with the Hollywood Barn Dance.
Hollywood Bowl Silver Jubilee Series (AFRS Broadcasts) 1946 Classical Various The Hollywood Bowl has a long history of ringing culture and classical music performances to the Los Angeles Area, and G.I.s stationed overseas got to share the fun in these ARS broadcasts.
Hollywood is On the Air 1934-1948 Variety Various Movies Stars were always popular on the Radio and the Studios knew that Radio helped to put "butts in seats" when a new film came out. From the Great Depression through the War Years, Hollywood is On The Air helped to solidify the relationship.
Hollywood Rodeo 1944 Country and Western Tex Ritter The Hollywood version of the Cowboy Myth was a good myth, and Singing Cowboy Tex Ritter helped to keep it alive on the Hollywood Rodeo.
Hollywood Spotlight 1935 Variety Various Bruce Ells Syndications put together the Hollywood Spotlight in the traditions of Chesterfield Supper Club and Camel Caravan for local sponsors to play in their markets.
Hollywood's Open House 1947-1948 Variety Various From the pages of Motion Picture Magazine, Hollywood's Open House not only features stories about the Stars but recreations of their favorite scenes.
Hoosier Hot Shots 1950's Country and Western The Hoosier Hotshots The Hoosier Hotshots specialized in fun, homemade music, often with homemade instruments.
The Hoot'Navy Program 1950's Country and Western Various Navy Recruiting has always had an important relationship with Country and Western Music as is exemplified by the Hoot'Navy program featuring DJ Ralph Emery.
The Hour of Charm 1944-1947 Girl Singer Phil Spitalny's All Girl Orchestra An All Girl Orchestra and charming music were the attraction of The Hour Of Charm.
Howard Miller Show 19955-1957 Pop Songs Various Howard Miller at WIND Chicago developed the Disc Jockey format for "drive-time" radio in his slot following the Arthur Godfrey Show.
Hummert Radio Factory: Ann and Frank Hummert Collection 1931-1959 Variety Various Notorious for their "formulaic" Soap Operas and Crime Dramas, the bread and butter of the Hummert Radio Factory was Music Programs.
I Sustain the Wings 1943-1944 Swing Major Glenn Miller After joining the USAAF, Glenn Miller's superiors had him perform in the afternoons over CBS.
In Person with Dinah Shore 1942-1943 Girl Singer Dinah Shore While engaging in a busy schedule of USO Camp shows and charming GI's, pretty Dinah Shore was tearing up the Airwaves with her own show on the Blue Network.
It's Time To Smile Show 1941-1945 Variety The immortal Eddie hosted this popular Variety Program which featured the pretty girl-singer Dinah Shore
The Jack Berch Show 1942-1951 Crooner Jack Berch Daytime Programming for housewives usually meant Soap Operas, but several sudsy-sponsors decided that crooner Jack Berch offered an attractive musical alternative.
Jane Froman Collection 1930-1948 Girl Singer Jane Froman Pretty Girls were an important part of the USO Camp Shows, but the GI's considered Jane Froman to be one of their own after being injured but returning to Europe to entertain while using crutches.
Jazz Club USA 1950-1952 Jazz Various Could Jazz Music be Weaponized? That might be too strong a term, but the Voice Of America propaganda broadcasting service made the art form an important feature of the transmissions to the Soviet Sphere.
Jessica Dragonette Collection 1934-1978 Girl Singer Jessica Dragonette Pretty Jessica Dragonette was one of the first popular girl singers to become popular on the radio
Jill Corey Collection (Jill Corey Sings) 1954-1964 Girl Singer Jill Corey A pretty small-town girl who grabbed the attention of A&R man Mitch Miller, Jill Corey took the entertainment industry by storm.
Jill's All-Time Jukebox 1940-1946 Girl Singer Various Martha Jane Wilkerson became an audio pin-up girl when she began broadcasting on AFRS as G.I. Jill.
The John Charles Thomas Show 1944-1946 Crooner John Charles Thomas One of America's most talented baritones and star of the Metropolitan Opera, John Charles Thomas brought comforting music to the airwaves during the War.
Johnnie Lee Wills Early 1950s Country and Western Johnnie Lee Wills Johnnie Lee Wills made the move to escape farm work when he got a job at KVOO Tulsa and formed the Texas Playboys before finding fame in Hollywood.
Johnny Mercer Collection 1933-1955 Pop Songs Johnny Mercer Johnny Mercer not only sang, but he also wrote songs for the Hollywood elite and won the Oscar for Best Song four times.
Johnny Mercer Music Shop 1944 Pop Songs Johnny Mercer When Bob Hope took his summer break in 1944, Johnny Mercer was given Bob's slot for his Music Shop.
Join the Navy Big Band US Navy Band Navy Cmdr Charles Brendler conducts the US Navy Band playing jaunty martial music in this syndicated program for Navy Recruiting Command.
Jubilee 1942-1953 Jazz Various One of the earliest programs developed by the Armed Forces Radio Service, Jubilee celebrated "Colored Musicians" and Jazz Music.
Judy Garland Collection 1922-1969 Girl Singer Judy Garland America watched Judy Garland grow up on the screen, from the "backyard musicals" with Mickey Rooney to the Yellow Brick Road until the days she became "first vice president" of Bogey's Rat Pack.
Just Entertainment 1956-1959 Country and Western Pat Buttram Just Entertainment was created as an outlet for the great Gene Autry but hosting duties went to his screen sidekick, Pat Buttram.
Just For You (Army Recruiting Syndication) 1944 Pop Songs Various There were plenty of manly show dedicated to Military Recruiting, Just For You presented a more attractive musical offering to attract recruits for the Women's Auxilliary Army Corps.
The Kate Smith Show 1931-1958 Girl Singer Kate Smith Featuring "The First Lady of Radio", The Kate Smith Show showcased the great lady's talents and helped her to promote other rising artists.
Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge and Kay Kyser Guest Appearances 1937-1949 Big Band Kay Kyser Bandleader Kay Kyser was a popular figure on the campus of UNC, and he would translate that enthusiasm into his Kollege of Musical Knowledge quiz show.
Kay Starr Collection 1939-1952 Girl Singer Kay Starr After getting her start singing to the chickens on the family farm, Kay Starr went on to become an early Lady Country Music Star.
Keep Em Rollin 1942 Variety Various The Public Service Program, Keep 'Em Rolling, used popular music and celebrity entertainment to pitch War Bonds.
Kelvinator Country Club of the Air 1936 Big Band Mortin Gould Orchestra An extended commercial for electric refrigerators, The Kelvinator Country Club show featured singer Donald Novis and Morton Gould's Orchestra.
Keyboard Immortals 1968 High-Brow Welle Vorsetzer piano The Welle Vorsetzer player piano was able to recreate the music of live piano masters and was featured on KFAC Los Angeles.
Komedie Kapers (Comedy Capers) mid-1930s Variety Bob Burns Enjoy fifteen minutes of Depression-era light-hearted music and jokes featuring "The Arkansas Traveler" Bob Burns.
The Korn Kobblers 1941 Country and Western The Korn Kobblers "America's Most Nonsensical Band", the Korn Kobblers rode a wave of popularity playing silly music on homemade instruments.
The Kraft Music Hall 1933-1949 Variety Various Originally designed as a vehicle to pitch Kraft Food Products, The Kraft Music Hall featured popular guest musicians and, over the years, was hosted by Paul Whiteman, Al Jolson, and Bing Crosby.
The Land's Best Bands 1951 Big Band Various As the Cold War deepened, Navy Recruiting turned to Big Bands to attract young men to crew the highly technical new ships and aircraft of the modern Navy.
Lauritz Melchior Collection 1943-1950 High-Brow Lauritz Melchior A veteran tenor from the Danish Royal Opera, Lauritz Melchior's talents included a sense of comedy that helped him keep up with the great Fred Allen.
Lawrence Welk Radio Appearances 1944-1960 Big Band Lawrence Welk The Original "Champaign Music Maker", Lawrence Welk's popularity on the Radio was almost too much for the young accordion player to deal with.
Lena Horne Collection 1941-47 Girl Singer Lena Horne Although her career might have been stymied because of her race, Lena Horne dominated the nightclub circuit, concert hall, and the screen through her enormous talent.
Leo On The Air mid-1930s Variety Various One of the earliest crossovers between Studio Films and Radio came with MGM producing Air Trailers for Leo On the Air.
The Les Brown Show 1953 Big Band Les Brown The Navy turned to Les Brown and His Band of Renown to drive recruitment in the 1950s as the Service was increasing its technological prowess as the Cold War deepened.
Les Paul Show 1950 Jazz Les Paul and Mary Ford A pioneering Jazz Guitarist, Les Paul, and his wife, singer Mary Ford attracted some of the biggest names in the business to their popular radio show.
Let's Go To the Opera 1946 High-Brow Various The Mutual Network's Let's Go To the Opera helped to bring the high-brow art form to the masses with songs sung in English and forgetting the libretto.
Let's Go To Town 1952-61 Variety Various Syndicated for the National Guard, Let's Go to Town brought the biggest talents in the entertainment industry to the local Armory to put on a show.
Lets Go With Music 1958 Variety Various Building off the success of Let's Go To Town, the National Guard spun off the fifteen-minute syndication Let's Go With Music featuring popular singers.
Liberace in Old Time Radio 1952-1957 High-Brow Liberace The pure flamboyance of Liberace made him a natural fit for television, but as his career was expanding he still had to appear on Radio.
Lifebuoy Show (Al Jolson) 1937-1939 Crooner Al Jolson By the time he began hosting The Lifebuoy Show in 1937, Al Jolson, "The Greatest Entertainer in the World", was an old hand at hosting radio variety programs.
Light-Up Time 1949-1950 Crooner Frank Sinatra Although AFRS programs were not supposed to be commercialized, Lucky Strikes managed to get their message to the troops with Frank Sinatra and Light Up Time.
The Lightcrust Doughboys 1946-1950 Country and Western The Lightcrust Doughboys Sponsored by a Texas Four mill, The Lightcrust Doughboys got a jump on the Country Swing movement.
Little Jack Little 1930 Crooner Little Jack Little Although his vocal presence may not have been as powerful as the crooners of the era, Little Jack Little had a friendly and comforting voice along with a vaudevillian's comic instincts.
Live at Mark Hopkins Hotel 1929-1932 Big Band Anson Weeks Orchestra At the end of the Roaring Twenties, The Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco's Nob Hill District was the place to be seen. The Anson Weeks Orchestra helped to introduce several acts destined for later stardom.
The Live at Town Hall Party 1919 Country and Western Johnny Cash Most Country and Western programs were based on an Old Fashioned Barn Dance. The Live at the Town Hall Party was more like a visit to a honky-tonk and featured an early appearance by Johnny Cash.
Live from Birdland 1930-1950 Jazz Count Basie The Birdland Club in Harlem became one of the premier Jazz venues in the country. This collection includes remote broadcasts featuring Count Basie.
The Log Cabin Jamboree Starring Jack Haley 1937-1938 Variety Ted Fio Rito Song and Dance man Jack Daley's light hearted songs and jokes led this fun variety program pitching sweet pancake syrup.
London Studio Concerts 1946 High-Brow New London String Ensemble The String Ensemble has more players than a typical chamber music group and can produce a stronger listening experience.
London Studio Melodies 1947-1948 High-Brow Various The British Broadcasting Company is credited with spreading the popularity of Classical Music. Some of the best were broadcast on London Studio Melodies.
Lonesome Gal 1947-1949 Girl Singer The Lonesome Gal The Lonesome Gal was a Mystery voice coming from the radio who played romantic music and gave alluring messages to all the Lonesome Guys out there.
Lucky Strike Presents Collection (with The Lucky Strike Hour) 1932 Variety Various Lucky Strikes Presents was a series of five-minute spots used as "filler" featuring popular music acts performing on behalf of the tobacco merchants.
Lud Gluskin and His Orchestra Not Specified Big Band Lud Gluskin Lud Gluskin was destined to get into the Music Business. He eventually became a network Music Director.
Magic Carpet mid-1940s Big Band Various To help GI's get the best entertainment, Magic Carpet on the Armed Forces Radio Service broadcast the biggest acts from the most popular clubs in the country.
The Magic Key (The Magic Key of RCA) 1935-1939 Variety Various The Radio Corporation of America sponsored the Magic Key variety program to sell RCA Radio sets. You didn't need an RCA set to hear the broadcast, which was delightful on any decent receiver.
Mail Call 1943-1949 Variety Various An important highlight of a serviceman's life was receiving letters from the folks back home. The AFRS Mail Call program was a love letter from Hollywood to the G.I.s
Major Bowes Amateur Hour 1934-1946 Variety Various Instant discovery and success, while not completely unheard of, has always been a pie-in-the-sky dream in showbiz. However, thanks to the Major Bowes Amateur Hour, the dream had a new outlet.
Manhattan Melodies 1958 Pop Songs Various The increasingly technical US Air Force needed America's best and brightest young men and women to join their ranks and they turned to Airman Tom Wright and Manhattan Melodies.
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 1932-1949 Big Band Various A staple of the Hummert Radio Factory, Manhattan Merry-Go-Round brought the best of the Big Apple's nightclub scene to the air.
March of Dimes Recordings 1944-1954 Variety Various Al Jolson gave the March Of Dimes Campaign against Infantile Paralysis (Polio) after President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked listeners to contribute just ten cents each to the fight.
Margaret Truman Collection 1950-1952 Girl Singer Margaret Truman When it comes to launching a showbiz career, there is no such thing as a bad way to get discovered. Margaret Truman had the advantage that her Dad was the President of the United States.
Martha Tilton Collection 1937-1953 Girl Singer Martha Tilton "Liltin' Martha Tilton" got her big break singing with Jimmy Dorsey's outfit but rose to Stardom after moving to Benny Goodman's band.
Masters of Melody Unspecified Variety Various Preserved by the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), Masters of Melody was recorded at NBC Radio City San Francisco rather than in Hollywood.
Melody Ranch 1940-1956 Country and Western Gene Autry One of the screen's most successful Singing Cowboys, Gene Autry made the Melody Ranch his radio home.
Melody Roundup 1942-1945 Country and Western Various Andy Devine hosts this Western Music offering for the AFRS, featuring some of the best Singing Cowboys.
Memories of Hawaii Unspecified Easy Listening Various Probably dating from before WWII, Memories of Hawaii was a call to tourists in the days when a trip to the Island Paradise meant an ocean voyage.
Meredith Willson's Musical Revue 1935-1953 Big Band Meredith Willson Meredith Willson was a long-time radio presence but he came into his own hosting a summer replacement for Fibber McGee and Molly.
Merry Go Round Melodies 1947 Jazz The Blue Mariners Jazz had taken over the world after the War and the Royal Navy Patrol Service in Great Britain had an official dance band, The Blue Mariners.
Metropolitan Opera 1935-1956 High-Brow Various Easily the most prestigious opera company in the country, The Metropolitan Opera brought opera to the masses on the airwaves.
The Mirth Parade 1933 Variety Various Before beginning his long association with Jack Benny, Don Wilson hosted The Mirth Parade.
Moon River 1945-46 Easy Listening Various If you had trouble falling asleep in Cincinnati, you should turn on WLW's Moon River.
Morton Downey Radio Appearances and Songs by Morton Downey 1943-49 Crooner Morton Downey "The Irish Nightingale", Morton Downey was a highly regarded early recording artist who had great success on radio.
Mother's Best Flour 1951 Country and Western Hank Williams Despite a reputation as a hard-drinking and lonesome honkytonk drifter, in 1949-50, Hank Williams appeared each morning on Nashville radio to sing to housewives for Mother's Best Flour.
Music America Loves Best 1944-1945 Pop Songs Various The Armed Forces Radio Service presented music of all types, from Swing and Jazz to Classical and Opera on The Music America Loves Best.
Music and the Muse 1949-1950 High-Brow Thomas Mancini Chamber Music and the majesty of poetry were blended on Music and the Muse.
Music Depreciation 1941-1945 Swing Various Swing Music was presented as a serious art form, treated just like Classical Music, on Music Depreciation.
Music for Millions 1945 Variety Various Do your part for Victory by buying Victory Bonds! That was the overall message from the Treasury Department on Music For Millions.
Music for Moderns 1953 Jazz Various The Jazz sound that originated in New Orleans matured in Chicago clubs like the Blue Note where it was presented on the air as Music For Moderns.
Music in Miniature 1946 High-Brow Various Music In Miniature gave us a half-hour of great Chamber Music without interruptions by talking.
Nash Kelvinator Musical Showroom 1945-1946 Pop Songs Various Hosted by the Andrews Sisters, The Nash Kelvinator Showroom used popular music to pitch automobiles and refrigerators.
WLS National Barndance 1924-1950 Country and Western Various Set up as a direct competitor to The Grand Ol' Opry, Chicago station WLS began The National Barn Dance to the air as toe-tapping country music family fun.
The Navy Swings 1961-1970 Jazz Various Up and coming Jazz greats in the Sixties performed for Navy and Naval Reserve Recruiting on The Navy Swings.
NBC Bandstand 1956 Pop Songs Various NBC Bandstand featured occasional background stories of the popular songs featured on the show.
The NEHI Program 1932-1935 Pop Songs Veronica Wiggins Years before the Cola Wars, the NEHI Program used popular music to sell delicious soda-pop.
The Electric Hour Presents Nelson Eddy 1944-1946 Crooner Nelson Eddy Nelson Eddy was hired for his broad musical talents with opera, folk, pop, gospel, and movie tunes featured in The Electric Hour variety program
New Orleans Jazz Band Unspecified Jazz Various AFRS presented the New Orleans Jazz Band Program featuring the Basin Street Six trumpeter George Girard.
Notes from Your Soldier's Notebook 1945 Big Band 334th Army Service Band Presented by the Army to tell the folks back home what their boys were up to while they were serving, Notes From Your Solier's Notebook told stories and featured uplifting music.
The Old Corral 1941-1942 Country and Western Various ZIV Syndications responded to the rising Cowboy Craze by recording The Old Corral featuring Pappy Chesire and the National Champion Hillbillies.
The Oldsmobile Show 1934 Girl Singer Ruth Etting While waiting for the new Oldsmobiles to come out, enjoy the song stylings of Ruth Etting and the Johnny Green Orchestra.
One Night Stand 1943-1965 Jazz Various Working on the road, bands preferred to get long engagements but would take a One Night Stand if the money was good. This AFRS program features some of the biggest names in Jazz.
Oscar Levant Collection   High-Brow Oscar Levant Oscar Levant came to national attention as a panelist on Information Please and later as Al Jolson's second banana on Kraft Music Hall.
The Palmolive Beauty Box Theater 1937 High-Brow Various Operettas do not ask as much from performers or audiences as a full-blown opera, and that made the form a perfect fit for the Palmolive Beauty Box Theater.
Passport to Romance 1946 Easy Listening "Nancy Sparks" and "Chuck Piper" Romance and adventure on the high seas is the background story of Passport To Romance where two kids meet aboard the SS Harmonia and sing their way to love.
Pat O'Daniel and his Hillbilly Boys 1939 Country and Western Pat O'Daniel and his Hillbilly Boys Why is it that Country Music and flour go together so well? Pat O'Daniel and His Hillbilly Boys got to work for a Fort Worth Milling Company.
Paul Whiteman Collection 1933-1946 Swing Paul Whiteman The Original Big Man in Big Band music, Paul Whiteman seemed to have hired everyone who was going to amount to anything in the Music Business.
Perry Como 1930s to 1950s Crooner Perry Como After getting his start singing in his father's barbershop with his brothers, Perry Como went on to become a true force in the Entertainment Industry
Personal Album 1944 Variety Various

The offerings of the AFRS could only be heard by the Troops Overseas, and Personal Album allowed the Stars to share an intimate look at their lives with the GIs.

PET Milk Program 1948-1949 Crooner Vic Damone Reputed to have "the best pipes in the business", Vic Damone's fame got a big boost when he was singing the PET Canned Milk company.
Phil Baker Collection 1930s-1950s Pop Songs Phil Baker Song-and-dance-man Phil Baker was a popular guest on Radio Variety Programs that showcased his fun songs.
The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show 1946-1953 Easy Listening Phil Harris and Alice Faye After meeting while walking their dogs, hip bandleader Phil Harris and movie queen Alice Faye fell in love and married. As their family expanded, their life was fictionalized into a delightful radio sitcom.
Philco Radio Time with Bing Crosby 1946-1949 Crooner Bing Crosby Bing singing live on the radio had become a tradition, but with the advent o AMPEX Taping technology, on Philco Radio Time Crosby found he could tape his shows and have more time on the golf course
Philco Summer Hour 1944-1945 Big Band Paul Whiteman A summer replacement program in 1944, Paul Whiteman led the Philco Summer Hour in a series of cool offerings
Philip Morris Playhouse 1948-1953 Variety Various Johnny the Bellhop was a constant presence on The Philip Morris Playhouse where the tobacco company treats audiences to dramas and great music.
Phonograph Album (AFRS) Unspecified Variety Various In Phonograph Album, the AFRS Announcer would read the artist's name and the tracklist of the album's songs, and then play as much of the record that would fit in the fifteen-minute format.
The Pickens Sisters Collection 1933-1936 Girl Singer Helen,Jane, and Patti Pickens NBC hired a trip of pretty Georgia Sisters who had become the toast of the New York set with their fun harmonies and seductive stylings until marriage broke up the act.
Pinto Pete and his Ranch Hands also known as Pinto Pete and his Ranch 1933 Country and Western Pinto Pete and His Boys This syndicated Cowboy Music show blended Ranch Stylings with a gentle message about faith from Pinto Pete himself.
Pinto Pete in Arizona 1934 Country and Western Pinto Pete and His Boys Pinto Pete in Arizona shared cowboy songs and tales of faith in a syndicated format.
Pipes of Scotland 1947-1948 High-Brow Various You just can't go wrong with a show featuring Bagpipes!
Plantation House Party 1943 Country and Western The Duke of Paducah Plantation House Party features down-home corn-pone humor blended with Country Music that leaned toward Swing.
Polka in Old Time Radio 1938-1956 Easy Listening Various

Dancing a polka with your best girl is a celebration of life and living. Everyone can use more OmmPahPah in their life!

Popular Vocalists of Radio Unspecifoed Variety Various Bands are important, but radio listeners made an important connection with the singers who sang the songs.
The Prudential Family Hour 1945 Big Band Al Goodman Orchestra The Prudential Family Hour gives us a weekly offering of fine music.
Quaker Party 1938-1939 Pop Songs Tommy Riggs and Betty Lou On Quaker Party, Tommy Riggs and his imaginary friend Betty Lou pitch oat meal in this charming series.
Racist Music (Songs of Bigotry and Racial Intolerance) 1896-1927 Variety Various The music of bigotry is terrible, but it is a part of our history that should be acknowledged.
Radio Hall of Fame 1943-1946 Variety Various Philco Radios brought us the Greatest Acts in the entertainment industry for The Radio Hall of Fame.
The Railroad Hour 1948-1954 Variety Gordon MacRae The Railroad Hour brought us great music and entertainment hosted by Broadway and Hollywood Star Gordon MacRae.
Trains and Railroad Recordings Collection   Variety Various The clickety-clack of steel wheel on steel rails set up a rhythm that inspired generations of great music in the Trains and Railroad Collection.
The Raleigh Kool Program (Jack Pearl Show) 1936-1939 Variety Jack Pearl and Tommy Dorsey The Raleigh-Kool Program featured the music of Tommy Dorsey with vocalists Jack Leonard and Edythe White along with the comic stylings of Jack Pearl.
The Ray Anthony Show Unspecified Big Band Ray Anthony After the Glenn Miller Band broke up when its leader joined the USAAF, trumpeter Ray Anthony struck out on his own. In this show, he plays in syndication for the US Marine Corps Recruiting Service.
Red Foley Show 1950s Country and Western Red Foley Popular with fans after many Grand Ol' Opry appearances, Red Foley touched every aspect of Country Music, from gospel to boogie-woogie.
Red Horse Ranch Unspecified Country and Western KMBC Texas Rangers Primarily a Western Serial, Red Horse Ranch featured the music to the KMBC Texas Rangers.
Renfro Valley Gathering (Renfro Valley Barn Dance) 1943-Present Country and Western Various The third-longest running continually broadcast radio program in America, The Renfro Valley Gathering has an old fashioned Barn Dance format presenting lively Gospel and Country offering.
Request Performance 1945-1946 Variety Various In the civilian version of AFRS's popular Command Performance, listeners could write in with requests to Request Performance.
Riding High 1937 Pop Songs Various Sponsored by the Bicycle Trades, Riding High offered fun tunes while plugging the health benefits of cycling.
Rosemary Clooney Collection 1939-1964 Girl Singer Rosemary Clooney Best remembered as Bing's partner in White Christmas, Rosemary Clooney's career was much richer than that one performance.
Royal Crown Cola presents The Roy Acuff Show Unspecified Country and Western Roy Acuff After he worked the medicine show circuit and wowed 'em on the Grand Ol' Opry, Roy Acuff performed in syndication for Royal Crown Cola.
Roy Rogers Collection 1944-1955 Country and Western Roy Rogers Receiving his big break when Gene Autry walked off the set, Roy Rogers quickly earned a reputation as "King of the Cowboys."
Rudy Vallee's Royal Gelatin Hour 1936-1939 Crooner Rudy Vallee and Friends After Fleischmann's Yeast dropped their sponsorship, Rudy Vallee's popular Variety show was quickly snapped up by Royal Gelatine.
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 Easy Listening Various The gentle strains of Hawai'ian music set the tone for this program which originated from the ballroom on Honolulu's most exclusive hotel, The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
Rudy Vallee Show aka Fleischmann Yeast Hour 1928-1955 Variety Rudy Vallee and Friends Rudy Vallee pioneers the Radio Variety Program format with an hour-long offering of sketches drama, and music on The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour.
Sage Brush Round-Up 1939-1940 Country and Western Various Although the show had a very Western tone, The Sagebrush Round-Up from the Country Music region of West Virginia.
Salute to Song Unspecified Pop Songs Various The syndicated Salute to Song featured stories inspired by the song, but not necessarily the story that inspired the song.
Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade 1942-46 Swing Sammy Kaye Orchestra Listed with greats like Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, and the Dorsey Bros, Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenades were a popular addition to Sunday Afternoons.
Scout About Town 1946-1947 Pop Songs Various Broadway Producer Hunt Stromberg Jr had an ear for talent and he used it while scouring the New York City Nightclub scene to present the latest talent on Scout About Town.
Sealtest Variety Hour (Dorothy Lamour) 1946-
Girl Singer Dorothy Lamour After rising to fame with her Saroong in the popular Road Movies with Hope and Crosby, Dorothy Lamour tried her hand as a variety show host on the Seal Test Variety Theatre.
Serenade in Blue 1954-
Big Band US Air Force Bands The 'Blue' in Serenade in Blue was not from melancholy, but the Blue in the uniforms of the Airmen performing the delightful music on this Recruiting program.
Shell Chateau 1935-
Jazz Al Jolson The Shell Oil Company got into commercial radio in a big way by hiring "The Jazz Singer", Al Jolson to host The Shell Chateau.
Singin' Sam 1911-
Crooning and Jingles Singin' Sam Harry Frankel built a reputation as "Singin' Sam" even before the age of Radio. When he hit the airwaves, his reputation grew immensely.
Smokey the Bear and the Sons of the Pioneers 1959 Country and Western The Sons of the Pioneers Smokey the bear delivered his message of forest fire prevention accompanied by the Country Harmonies of the Sons of the Pioneers.
Something for the Girls 1944 Variety Various Most Navy Recruiting Programs used music to attract healthy young men to man the Fleet, but Something For The Girls was meant to attract ladies to join Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, the WAVES.
Sound Off 1942 Disc Jockey Various Popular disc jockey Bruse Barnett made his exciting patter as much a part of the show as the music on Sound Off.
Southland Echoes 1949 Easy Listening Various Southland Echoes used a minstrelsy format to pitch patent medicines from its Atlanta origin.
Spike Jones 1945-1949 Big Band Spike Jones Musical Madness reigns supreme when Spike Jones, the clown-prince of Big Band music takes to the air with his City Slickers.
Spot Light Revue 1948 Big Band Spike Jones After proving their reliability as a summer replacement for Charlie McCarthy in 1945, Coca Cola sponsored Spike Jones and the City Slickers on Spotlight Revue.
Squibb Show Music from the House of Squibb 1943-1945 Big Band Lyn Murray Squibb made a dental powder and hired the Squibb Orchestra, led by Bif Band veteran Lyn Murray to pitch it.
Stan Kenton Collection 1942-1953 Swing Stan Kenton At a time when Jazz was becoming tradition-bound, Stan Kenton made no apologies for a progressive sound that kept Jaz innovative into the Rock and Roll era.
Stars for Defense 1952-1961 Pop Songs Various Created in the depths of the Cold War, Stars for Defense combined Civil Defense tips with great music.
Stars of Jazz 1958 Jazz Bobby Troup Jazz had long been a staple offering from the Armed Forces Radio Service, and Stars of Jazz was a chance to educate listeners about the music they were enjoying.
Stars on Parade 1950-1951 Variety Various Syndicated by the Army and Air Force, Stars On Parade presented a true variety program to drive recruiting for the Services.
The Story Behind the Song 1931-1932 Pop Songs M Whitmark and Sons Even Old Standby songs come from somewhere. The Story Behind the Song explored the origins of popular songs that have been sung for years.
Strollin Tom 1944-1949 Easy Listening Wade Lane as Strollin' Tom As Strollin' Tom, a character created for the Southern California Dental Offices, Wade Lane brought a daily dose of poetry and music.
Sunday Down South 1945-1954 Religious Various A more genteel offering from WSM Nashville, home of the Grand Ol' Opry, Sunday Down South combined Bible verses with music.
Sunny Valley 1937 Country and Western The Sunny Valley Boys Sunny Valley featured Country and Western fun for Los Angeles area Friendly Dentist, Dr. Cowan.
The Buddy Starcher Sunway Vitamins Program Unspecified Country and Western Buddy Starcher West Virginia native Buddy Stracher was a pioneering Country performer in the Baltimore market. He and his guitar were hired by Sunway Vitamins for this syndicated program.
The Supper Club (AFRS) 1945-1947 Easy Listening Perry Como A decommercialized version of The Chesterfield Supper Club for AFRS, the show features the talents of Perry Como.
Swingtime mid 1940s Swing Various AFRS Swingtime offered the Troops the very best acts in the Swing Style, including Duke Ellington, "The Velvet Fog" Mel Torme, and Bob Crosby.
The Symphonies of the World 1946 High-Brow Various A symphony can be an ensemble performance, the orchestra that makes the performance, or a piece written for the orchestra.
The Telephone Hour (Music From America) 1944-1945 High-Brow Various The Telephone System make Network Radio possible, but AT&T also has a cultural legacy thanks to The Telephone Hour.
The Ten Two Four Ranch Show 1944-1945 Country and Western Sons of the Pioneers The Ten-Two Four Ranch Show was designed to remind folks that 10 a.m., 2:00, and 4:00 in the afternoon were great times to enjoy a refreshing Dr. Pepper.
Tex Ritter in Old Time Radio 1943-1950 Country and Western Tex Ritter Tex Ritter got his start on local radio in his native Lone Star State before appearing in B-Grade Westerns and then conquering the Recording Industry.
Texaco Star Theater 1938-1949 Variety Various
Texaco Star Theater shifted through several hosts, including Ed Wynn, Fred Allen, Jimmy Durante, and Milton Berle while setting the standard for Variety Entertainment.
Texaco Town 1936-1938 Variety Various Before transitioning to Texaco Star Theater, the Oil Company sponsored another variety program, Texaco Town.
Theater of Hits 1954 Big Band US Marine Corps Band Show tunes seem like an unlikely style for the United States Marine Corps Band, but they were used for recruiting on Theater of Hits.
This is Jazz 1947-1960 Jazz Various Hosted by Jazz critic Rudi Blesh, This is Jazz had guests including Louis Armstrong, Leadbelly, Sidney Bechet, Bertha Chippie Hill, Canada Lee, Blue Lou Lee, and Mama Alberta Price.
This Is Paris: The Maurice Chevalier Show 1949 Big Band Maurice Chevalier Hoping to attract post-War US Tourist dollars and National Sympathy, French Radio turned to Maurice Chevalier to develop This Is Paris for American audiences.
The Three Suns 1956 High-Brow The Three Suns As the Cold War was transitioning to the Space Race, Exotica Music took advantage of the improvements in Audio Technology. Al and Morty Nevins and Artie Dunn rode the HiFi revolution as The Three Suns.
The Tide Show 1951 Variety "Smilin' Jack" Smith, Dinah Shore, Ginny Simms Most Sudsy Sponsors turned to the Soap Opera to get their message to housewives, but rather than a Soap Opera, The Tide Show was a Soap Variety Show.
Time Out with Allen Prescott 1945-1946 Crooner Felix Knight Time Out With Allen Prescott featured helpful advice to housewives from the host and the beautiful crooning of Felix Knight.
Tito Guizar Collection 1908-1999 Country and Western Tito Guizar A South-of-the-Border version of the Singing Cowboy, Tito Guizar's career expanded wen he began a Radio Show in Los Angeles in the 1930s.
To Be Perfectly Frank (Frank Sinatra) 1950-1954 Crooner Frank Sinatra Part of Sinatra's campaign to refresh his career after appearing in From Here to Eternity, Ol' Blue Eyes joined NBC Syndication to air To Be Perfectly Frank.
To Your Good Health 1943-1944 Pop Songs The Squibb Chorus Choral Director Lyn Murray was hired to conduct the Squibb Chorus to pitch medicines and created one of the finest music programs of its time, For Your Good Health.
Tommy Dorsey 1938-1952 Swing Tommy Dorsey Tommy Dorsey, both with and without his brother, Jimmy, became one of the most important Big-Band leaders of the Swing Era.
Tonight On Broadway with Connee Boswell (The Connee Boswell Show) 1944-1946 Girl Singer Connee Boswell After the Boswell Sister's she had sung with for years left the act for their husbands, Connee Boswell kept performing. Tonight On Broadway With Connie Boswell was a well-rounded variety program.
Town and Country Time (Army Corp) 1953-54 Country and Western Jimmy Dean and the Texas Wildcats Another well done Country Music Program developed for Recruiting Servicemen, Town and Country Time featured Jimmy Dean before he got into the breakfast meat business.
Treasury Salute 1944-1945 Variety Various The Army and the Navy get most of the credit, but WWII was won by the Treasury Department who sold War Bonds. Treasury Salute was one of the ways they were sold.
Treasury Star Parade 1940s Variety Various Hollywood's biggest talents turned out to help win the war by selling Bonds on Treasury Star Parade.
Turning Back The Clock 1955-1960 Disc Jockey Andy and Virginia Mansfield The Mansfields turned to an extensive recording collection for AFRTS combining recorded music and commentary in Turn Back The Clock.
US Navy Shows 1940s and 50s Variety Various The Navy used all sorts of music to attract young people into their local Recruiting Offices
Vallee's Varieties (Rudy Vallee & John Barrymore) 1940-1942 Variety Rudy Vallee and Friends Rudy Vallee pioneered the Variety Progam format on the Radio. The Vallee's Variety program was the show's iteration in the early 1940s.
Vic Damone Collection 1947-54 Crooner Vic Damone Growing up singing in the streets of Wartime Brooklyn, Vic Damone went on to become one of the Post-War era's greatest crooners.
Victory Parade Spotlight of Bands 1941-1947 Swing Various Just days before Pearl Harbor, Mutual began remotely recording and broadcasting the hottest Swing Bands in the country for Spotlight Bands/Victory Parade.
The Voice of Firestone 1928-1953? High-Brow The Firestone Orchestra One of the earliest commercially sponsored music programs, the 46-piece orchestra of The Voice of Firestone used classical music to pitch tires and other worthy causes.
Voices of Christmas Yesteryear: Turn of the Century Wax Cylinder Recordings 1905-1916 Holiday Various Edison filed his patent for the Phonograph on Christmas Eve, 1877. No wonder Holiday Carols are so well preserved.
Wake-Up Ranch (Wakeup Ranch) 1949 Country and Western Cliffie Stone West Coast Country Music impresario Cliffie Stone appeared six mornings each week on KFVD Los Angeles's Wake-Up Ranch to get the day going with coffee and upbeat Country tunes.
Waltz Time 1941-1945 High-Brow Frank Munn A product of the Hummert Radio Factory, Waltz Time supplied happy dance music for the not-quite-ready-for-Swing crowd.
Wax Cylinder Recordings (1880s - 1899) Vol. 1 1887-1899 Variety Various Early Audio-recording technology was fragile but the songs preserved serve as a historical and artistic treasure.
Wax Cylinders Recordings (1900 - 1904) Vol. 2 1900-1904 Variety Various Early Audio-recording technology was fragile but the songs preserved serve as a historical and artistic treasure.
Wax Cylinders Recordings (1905 - 1906) Vol. 3 1905-1906 Variety Various Early Audio-recording technology was fragile but the songs preserved serve as a historical and artistic treasure.
Wax Cylinders Recordings (1907 - 1908) Vol. 4 1907-1908 Variety Various Early Audio-recording technology was fragile but the songs preserved serve as a historical and artistic treasure.
Weekend Sound Flight 1963 Jazz Jack Webb hosts In this Air Force Recruiting spot, Jack Webb, best known as the no-nonsense cop on Dragnet, presents some o the greatest Jazz recordings..
Western Musical Compilation 1944-1949 Country and Western Various We celebrate BOTH kinds of Music, Country, AND Western!
Western Party: Cowboy Hit Parade 1948-1949 Country and Western Disc Jockey
The Western Party/Cowboy Hit Parade used a disc jockey format to introduce the latest Country and Western Hits in the 1940s.
Whistling in Old Time Radio 1935-1960 Variety Various After clapping and singing, Whistling is one of the most ancient (if not the most melodius) forms of music
Will Rogers 1932-55 Country and Western Will Rogers One of the original "Cowboy Philosophers", Will Rogers came up through vaudeville to radio fame
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show also known as The Johnson Wax Program 1942 High-Brow Meredith Willson In the 1944 Summer Replacement for Fibber and Molly, John Nesbitt forged the format of what would become The Passing Parade.
The Jack Haley Wonder Show 1938-1939 Pop Songs Ted Fio Rito Orchestra While filming The Wizard of Oz, Tin Man Jack Haley had a regular gig on the air hosting The Wonder Show for the breadmaker.
The Woody Herman Show and Woody Herman Recordings in Old Time Radio 1942-1963 Swing Woody Herman Playing professionally while still a kid, Woody Herman was one of the Kings of Swing and evolved into the Bebop sound.
Words with Music mid 1940s High-Brow Various Hollywood's top Stars turned out to read Poetry to the troops accompanied by a beautiful studio organ on AFRS's Words with Music.
The World In Music Unspecified High-Brow Disc Jockey Variety was the key on this AFRS Program; The World In Music featuring recorded music from around the World.
WPA Concerts 1939-1942 High-Brow Various Most Works Progress Administration projects were infrastructure improvement, but the WPA also ran the Federal Music Project.
Xavier Cugat Recordings in Old Time Radio   Big Band Xavier Cugat Classicly trained with Cuba's Teatro Nacional Orchestra, Xavier Cugat helped to bring hot Latin Rhythms to North American listeners.
Your Hit Parade 1935-1959 Pop Songs Various For nearly two-and-a-half decades, Your Hit Parade played America its most popular music.
Your Home Front Reporter 1943 Variety Various Not everyone who fought in WWII put on a uniform! Your Home Front Reporter used stories and music to document the contributions of those sacrificing at Home.
Your Navy Show with Tommy Dorsey 1952 Swing Tommy Dorsey To meet Cold War Recruiting needs, the Navy turned to the music of the great Tommy Dorsey.
Your Rhythm Revue 1953 Girl Singer Rosemary Clooney In a funding appeal for treatments for victims of polio, Rosemary Clooney gave her all in Your Rhythm Revue.
Your Saturday Afternoon Date with the Duke 1945-1946 Jazz Duke Ellington With the War drawing to a close but still not quite won, the Treasury Department turned to Jazz Great Duke Ellington for a Saturday Bond-selling program.
Your Symphony Scrapbook 1950-1953 High-Brow The Chicago Symphony Orchestra On Your Symphony Notebook, the members of the Chicago Symphony did more than simply play great classical music, they took the time to discuss their art with listeners.

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