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Opera and Classical Music Broadcasts of Yesteryear

Old Time Radio did not just include, comedy, detective, sci-fi, and news broadcasts -
it also include classical music shows for the high brow and learned listeners.

Listen now to the the eloquent and beautiful classical music and opera broadcasts of yesteryear.

Opera Broadcasts:


Chicago Theater of The Air
The Chicago Theater Air
As war erupted, The Chicago Theater of the Air was created to bring opera to the masses in the provincial heart land, preserving the art and serving listeners.

Met Opera
Metropolitan Opera
Vintage Opera collection is sure to delight all fine music fans!


Lauritz Melchior Collection
This Danish-American opera tenor was best known for his performances of Wagner's works, but he also had a great sense of humor appearing with Fred Allen old time radio shows.

Let's Go To the Opera
brought opera music sung in English into the homes of everyday people over the Mutual Network in 1946.


Classical Music Broadcasts of Yesteryear:

Andre Kostelanetz
Andre Kostelanetz Show
An Orchestral Treat from a Master of Easy Listening Music.

Bell Telephone
The Bell Telephone Hour
This collection includes some of the rare broadcasts known to exist and features some of the brightest stars in the day, even comedian Fred Allen.

Enchantment Hour
The Enchantment of Music
Classical music was a staple programming choice on Armed Forces Radio and Television Services broadcasts and became rather popular during the 1950's.

Light and Mellow
Light and Mellow Show
Singer Armand Girard led The Light and Mellow Show for San Francisco's Regal Pale Brewing.

Enchanted Hour
The Enchanted Hour
Henry Weber and his orchestra play uninterrupted music by composers such as Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Handel, Debussy, Strauss, and Wagner.

Hour of Charm
The Hour of Charm
features Phil Spitalny and His Hour of Charm All Girl Orchestra and Choir with Evelyn and "Her Magic Violin".  Evelyn actually "magically" helped form the all-girl orchestra by auditioning over 1000 female performers.

Telephone Hour
The Telephone Hour
(Music From America)

The Best of Classical and Broadway Music, presented by Ma Bell.

Symphonies of the World
The Symphonies of the World
A collection of concerts by the CBS, NBC, and ABC network orchestras provided to AFRS.

Voice Firestone
The Voice of Firestone
A pioneer in early old time radio shows, The Voice of Firestone was the first commercially sponsored music radio program featuring classical, operatic, and semi-classical music.In it's zenith, The Voice of Firestone featured a forty-six piece orchestra.


Your Symphony Scrapbook
Fascinating discussions with symphony musicians about their instrument, how it fits in the Symphony, and the musician's personal and professional background.

WPA Concerts
WPA Concerts
The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established by executive order of Franklin Delano Roosevelt  in 1935. The WPA was a work relief program that provided jobs for many individuals who had become unemployed during the Depression.



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