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Edith Fellows

Edith Fellows

Happy Birthday, Edith Fellows! Today would be Edith Fellows's 101st Birthday.
3 Episodes
1 Volume
Child-star Edith Fellows, best known for playing orphans and street urchins, was the first child to be offered a seven year contract with a major studio.
3 1 20%
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Environment in America

Environment in America

411 Episodes
9 Volume
Hear the history of environmental policy from political speeches from 1963 through today.
411 9 30%
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Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Stewart! Today would be Jimmy Stewart's 116th Birthday.
89 Episodes
3 Volume
One of the best loved and most respected stars Hollywood ever produced, James Stewart made plenty of radio appearances, usually in support of his films, but also in public service appearances and his own show, The Six Shooter.
89 3 20%
Add To Cart: $10.00