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Aileen Pringle

Aileen Pringle

Happy Birthday, Aileen Pringle! Today would be Aileen Pringle's 129th Birthday.
2 Episodes
1 Volume
Aileen Pringle was an American stage and film actress during the silent film era who was the personification of the exotic siren of the 1920's.
2 1 20%
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Arthur Treacher

Arthur Treacher

Happy Birthday, Arthur Treacher! Today would be Arthur Treacher's 130th Birthday.
115 Episodes
3 Volume
Best known for his characterization of the butler Jeeves, created by P.G. Wodehouse, the butler in Shirley Temple films, and as a recurring character of Duffy's Tavern to "classy up the place."
115 3 20%
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March of Time

March of Time

16 Episodes
1 Volume
This old time radio broadcast was renown for dramatized news events.
16 1 30%
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Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler

Happy Birthday, Raymond Chandler! Today would be Raymond Chandler's 136th Birthday.
114 Episodes
4 Volume
best known for a one of the greatest Hard-boiled detective writers of all time including creating the famed protagonist Philip Marlowe.
114 4 20%
Add To Cart: $20.00