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Live at Town Hall Party

Live at Town Hall Party

Only 1 left at this sale price!
9 Episodes
1 Volume
The Live Town Hall Party featured a different kind of country music than a barn dance, it was the music of the Honky Tonk.
9 1 30%
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Josephine Hutchinson

Josephine Hutchinson

Remembering Josephine Hutchinson who passed away 25 years ago today (in 1998) at the age of 94. She would be 119 years old if alive today!
11 Episodes
1 Volume
Making her film debut at the age of 13, Josephine Hutchinson made her mark on the silver screen.
11 1 20%
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Education in America

Education in America

543 Episodes
12 Volume
"Education teaches us compassion and kindness, connection to others."  When anyone has any kind of education, no one can ever take that knowledge away from you.  It is with this collection that we can learn from the past to make our future brighter than our past and our present.
543 12 30%
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Carlton Morse

Carlton Morse

Happy Birthday, Carlton Morse! Today would be Carlton Morse's 122nd Birthday.
567 Episodes
7 Volume
Morse's greatest successes were One Man's Family and I Love a Mystery. This collection contains many of his mystery anthology and some rare Carlton E Morse recordings.
567 7 20%
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