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Aimee Semple McPherson

Fascinating character in American history and an early pioneer in radio evangelism.More than just a radio minister, she was a movement in 1920s America with millions of followers.
14 1
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Catholic Hour

Featured different guest speakers on different topics. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (best known as the host of televisions' "Life Is Worth Living" in the 1950s) often hosted the program and proclaimed: "We are at the end of a non-religious era." Update: additional broadcast
51 1
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Eternal Light

This well-written religious drama was created by the Jewish Theological Seminary and features stories from the Torah, the Bible, and important historical texts. Update: over 680 new recordings:
739 15
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Father Coughlin

"The Radio Priest" was a success when he first discussed religious matters in the early days of radio. However, Father Coughlin managed to step on a few toes when he expanded into political commentary and calls for economic reform.
60 3
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Father Flanagan Boys Town

Hear the harrowing tales of the orphans lost and saved at Father Flanagan's Boys Town.
3 1
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Greatest Story Ever Told

Just like the 1965 movie with the same name, The Greatest Story Ever Told featured events from the life of Jesus Christ as told in the Gospels.
41 1
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Herbert W. Armstrong Sermons

Radio evangelist and prophecy predictor, Herbert W. Armstrong got his start on the airwaves later founding the Worldwide Church of God.
88 2
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Hour of Decision

Called "the Pastor to Presidents", Reverend Dr. Billy Graham leads this radio show 30 minutes music and revival.
4 1
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Hour of Saint Francis

Each 15-minute show examined a moral problem, explored a virtue, or told the stories of everyday people in extraordinary situations.
10 1
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Jesus in Old Time Radio

Radio celebrates the life of Jesus, from his humble birth in a manger in Bethlehem, through his crucifixion and resurrection, but mostly radio is a means to share Jesus’s message of love and peace.
26 1
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Old Fashioned Revival Hour

Classic old time radio Christian evangelicalism.The show was lead by Pastor Charles E Fuller who was one of the first radio ministers.He dedicated his life to the ministry and often traveled around the country and aired live revivals.
91 2
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Radio Revival Heart to Heart Hour

is a rare collection of religious and gospel recordings from the 1930's by Charles E Fuller.
2 1
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Religious Recordings

Uplifting and Inspirational Sermons from Reverend Beale and Reverend Charles Fuller
12 1
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Ronald Knox

Ronald Knox was an interesting and controversial figure in the Catholic Church in England who broadcast about many subjects on British radio.
4 1
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A faith based radio show produced by The Navy Chaplain Corp to help Armed Service Members find the right church of their choice and finding strength within.
16 1
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Sunday Down South

Featured "genteel Dixieana" with an evangelical effort, Bible verses were often recited between the musical numbers. Just the thing to listen to on the front porch with the smells of Sunday dinner wafting through the windows...
10 1
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Upper Room (So You Want to Stay Married)

written by Carlton E Morse, this old time radio show reveals the secret trials and tribulations in your average 1940s marriage.The show begins with the question "So, you want to stay married?"
6 1
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A unique drama anthology with host Robert Young who states, "In the normal course of most any day, every one of us is a witness to matters of life and death. The way we involve ourselves in these vital matters makes our own lives worthwhile or meaningless." Updated.
20 1
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