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Don't Miss the Boat on Nautical Themed OTR

Toot-toot! Don't miss the boat on these nautical themed radio shows! There's nothing quite like setting out to sea for adventure in distant lands and the ocean itself. The advancement of seafaring changed human history and these radio shows are full of adventure, drama, and fun.  Dive in today!  


Ships, Yachts, and Boats
in Old Time Radio Collection
This collection is not only wading, but we're diving deep into the waters of old time radio seafaring and ocean adventures.

Poll Parrot
Cruise of the Poll Parrot
Follow stowaways on a whaling voyage on The Cruise of the Poll Parrot. This syndicated serial was originally designed to pitch kids shoes.


Somebody Blabbed
Men at Sea
The "Beans, Bullets, and Oil" that won the War, and the Brave Merchant Sailors when moved across the Oceans.

Submarines and Underwater
Tales in Old Time Radio
As a machine of war, submarines were the first attack platforms with stealth capabilities and were great plot devices in old time radio.

Battle Stations - Battle of the Atlantic
Created by the United States Navy during WWII, this old time radio program was created to "report to people of the United States on the progress of its navy in the war being fought in five oceans."


Titanic Recordings Collection
Included episodes from Adventures in Research, The Cavalcade of America, and historic sound clips referring to the tragedy.

Naval Battles in Old Time Radio
Combat at Sea comes with very high stakes, those who volunteer to engage in it for their Country are heroes of the highest order.


Racing Boat
Boat and Yacht Races
in Old Time Radio
For as long as men have sailed in boats, they have challenged each other to see whose boat is fastest.

Escape: Ocean Tales
For many of us, an ocean voyage will be the ultimate Escape.

Spooky Tales of the Sea
Going to sea is a frightening enough proposition with the normal dangers of the sea. Add superstitions and dangerous shipmates, and it is a wonder anyone leaves a safe harbor.

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