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Horror and Mystery on the Radio, Page 2

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Old Time Radio Horror & Mystery Quick Reference Guide

Radio Show Title


Lead Monster or Good Guy

ABC Mystery Time 1957-1958 Don Dowd (host) Anthology Monday through Friday Drama on ABC Radio, aka "Masters of Mystery"
Adventures by Morse 1944-45 Carlton E. Morse(Producer), Gayne Whitman(announcer) Captain Bart Friday, Skip Turner, Good Guys A globetrotting Private Investigation get entangled in espionage, kidnapping and murder along with secret Nazi bases, snake worshippers and voodoo.
The Adventures Ellery Queen 1943-1967 Carleton Young, Marian Shockley, Santos Ortega Ellery Queen Ellery Queen was an author who solved mysteries in his spare time and then wrote about his harrowing adventures; his sidekick was his own father, Richard Queen.
Appointment with Fear 1943 Suspense writer John Dickson Carr Anthology Adaptation of Suspense!
Arch Oboler Plays 1939-45 Various Anthology This series features creepy stories by the master of radio horror, Arch Oboler.
Bela Lugosi Collection       Consistently type cast as The Vampire, Lugosi was an eduring talent who has an entertaining guest on many radio projects.
Beyond Midnight 1968-69 Various Anthology Let us journey "into the land that lies beyond midnight, into a world of ghost hunters, men going mad, and DEATH DEATH DEATH! South African Origin.
Black Castle and Black Chapel 1942-1944 Don Douglas, Ted Osbourne A Mysterious Hooded Figure and the Wizard of the Black Castle A pair of 15 minute shows with very creepy plots, each done by a single actor.
Black Museum 1951 Orson Welles London's worst criminals Black Museum is based on Scotland Yard's Black Museum (aka Crime Museum) in London, where crime artifacts are stored.
Cabin B13 1948 Arnold Moss as Dr. Fabian S.S. Maurevania A luxury liner's doctor leads the listener to different tales of mystery on the S.S. Maurevania.
Chandu the Magician 1932 - 1935, 1949 - 1950 Bob Bixby, Betty Webb, Chandu Frank Chandler, American born mystic, conquered the art of magic through his learnings with Indian yogi. Renaming himself Chandu and crystal balling around, Chandu the Magician delighted audiences for a number of years.
The Chase 1952-1953 Various Anthology Each show is consistently exciting and always contains a chase scene.
Creeps by Night February 15-August 15, 1944 Karloff Anthology Creeps by Night is a rare horror series hosted by the spooky great man of horror Boris Karloff
Dark Fantasy 1940 - 42 Various Anthology Very popular but short lived NBC Friday Night Horror series
Dark Venture 1945-1947 Various Anthology Dark Venture is a psychological thriller show that keeps you at the end of your seat.
Diary of Fate 1948 Herb Lytton Fate Diary of Fate is a mystery and horror program where "Fate" narrates and always wins by the end of the story.
Dr Jerkyll Mr Hyde ?? George Edwards Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Serialization of the great psychological thriller by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Dreadful John at Midnight 1963 to 1967 Dreadful John Dreadful John Instead of using a script and actors, the host simply reads short stories by authors like Edgar Allan Poe and Ambrose Bierce.
Edgar Allan Poe Collection Broadcast in 1940s and 1950s     This collection includes some of Poe's most famous writings. Macabre tales appeared on some of the most suspenseful and best horror old time radio shows of all time.
Eleventh Hour   South African Anthology   Time - the silent herald of life and death, success or failure, you are invited to listen to these tales of adventure if you dare!
Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries 1965, Syndicated Bill Owen Ellery Queen A series of very short mysteries, in some markets listeners were encouraged to call in with their solution to the mystery and claim sponsor prizes.
Escape 1947 - 1954 Various Anthology Tired of the everyday grind?Ever dream of a life of . romantic adventure?Want to get away from it all?We offer you . ESCAPE!
Everyman's Theater October 1940 - March 1941 Various Anthology Everyman's Theater was a follow-up to the popular Arch Oboler's Plays of the 1939 season. And both of these built on the success of the Horror Anthology "Lights Out".
Five Minute Mysteries 1945-48     A series of very short mysteries, in some markets listeners were encouraged to call in with their solution to the mystery and claim sponsor prizes.
Frankenstein 1931 - 32 George Edwards Dr Frankenstein and his Monster A faithful serialization of Mary Shelley's novel.
The Shadow of Fu Manchu 1939 - 40? Gale Gordon Dr Fu vs Good Guys Commissioner Denis Nayland Smith and Dr. John Petrie Dr. Fu Manchu was "tall, lean, and feline, with. a face like Satan. with all cruel cunning of an entire Eastern race, accumulated in one giant intellect."
Ghost Corp 1930s   K.C. Smith "Ghost Core is the name given to the mystery-shrouded organization of freelance diplomats operating throughout the near and Far East."
Hall of Fantasy 1946-1947, 1949-1952, 1952, 1953 Various Anthology The series featured stories involving struggles against the supernatural where man was usually the loser, specializing in shock endings.
The Adventures of Harry Lime (The Third Man) 1951-1952 Orson Welles Harry Lime Ne'er-do-well Harry Lime finds him self in scrapes and desperate situations.
The Haunting Hour 1944 -46     This old time radio show was billed as "Mystery at its Best" solves psychological mysterie, "whodunit" thrillers and crime crusades with a cast of network stars.
The Hermits Cave 1940 - 43 John Kent, Charles Penman, Toby Grimmer, and Klock Ryder. The Old Hermit "Ghhhhhooooossstt stories Weeeiiirrrrddd stories and murders too! The Hermit knows of them all! Turnnnn out your lights!"
House of Mystery 1945-47? John Griggs Roger Elliot, the Mystery Man House of Mystery is a light mystery and suspense show that would be acceptable for some younger listeners.
I Love a Mystery 1939-1953 Various the A-1 Detective Agency Jack Packard, Doc Long, and Englishman Reggie Yorke Three friends run a detective agency and traveled the world in search of adventure.
I Love Adventure 1948 Michael Raffetto, Tom Collins Jack, Reggie and Doc A continuation of the I Love a Mystery concept, with the same characters played by different actors.
Inner Sanctum Mysteries 1941 - 52 Various Anthology The original creaking door horror anthology with jocular and sarcastic host, Raymond.
The Key 1956 Various Anthology The Key features murder: murder of showgirls, murder of robbers, even murder of old men! Behind every door is a mystery and new spooky story.
Lights Out 1934 - 47 Various Anthology Radio's premier horror series created by writer/director Wyllis Cooper.
Macabre 1961 Various Anthology, for AFRS "Man lives in a world of time and space; he lives in a spectrum of the universe. When he ventures beyond this limit, he is in the unknown a realm where strange forces are brought into play. When man attempts to misuse these forces, he is sometime destroyed. This is Macabre."
Majestic Master Mystery 1933 - 34 Maurice Joachim    
Mercury Theater 1937 Orson Welles and Company Anthology The Mercury Theater on the Air concentrated on classic literature such as " Treasure Island," "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "Dracula".
Molle Mystery Theater 1943 - 54 Geoffrey Barnes, a crime fiction expert Bernard Lenro, Joseph Julian, Anne Seymour, and Raymond Edward Johnson Classic tales from well-known authors, as well as modern unknowns were presented, and the endings were often twists or shockers.
Murder at Midnight 1946 - 1950 Various Anthology Murder at MidnightM, offers stories of the "witching hour, when night is darkest, our fears are the strongest, our strength at its lowest ebb -- MIDNIGHT!
Murder by Experts (1949 - 51) Various Anthology Some of the top writers in the history of mystery and the show exhibits some of the best mystery writing known on radio.
The Mysterious Traveler 1943 -52 Marice Tarplin   "This is The Mysterious Traveler, inviting you to join me on another journey into the strange and terrifying. I hope you will enjoy the trip, that it will thrill you a little and chill you a little. So settle back, get a good grip on your nerves, and be comfortable--if you can! "
Mystery House 1940s the publishing company staff Anthology Developed by the Mystery House publishers as a means to test manuscripts
Mystery in th Air 1947 Peter Lorre Anthology Peter Lorre starred in Mystery in the Air, a summer replacement. The show used stories "of the strange and unusual... culled from the Four corners of World Literature."
Mystery is My Hobby 1947-1948 Glen Langan Barton Drake Mystery is My Hobby is performed before a live audience. Barton is always getting into gripping situations
Mystery Playhouse 1944 Peter Lorre Various This program featured Peter Lorre introducing some of the best mystery shows of the era for the AFRS audience.
Nightmare 1953-1954 Peter Lorre Various "From out of the dark of night, from the shadows of the senses, comes this- the fantasy of fear."
Obsession AFRTS Various Anthology Obsession is mystery shows about human beings in conflict with themselves and their own obsession. The shows includes the stories of personality as the announce states, "like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that brings the audience to look at the minds of murders, evil geniuses, and tyrants"
Origin of Superstition 1935 Unk Various Origin of Superstition offers such truly enlightening and fascinating tales of superstitions that you will want to repeat them to all your friends.
Peril       Peril, stories of suspense, is a syndicated old time radio show. The plots of the shows vary from week to week but most of the shows deal with the topic of the limitation of human morality.
The Player 1948 Paul Frees Various Tales of murder and mayhem with Paul Frees playing all the voices.
Quiet Please 1947 - 49 Ernest Chappell Various Chilling tales from the creator of Lights Out and writer for Campbells Playhouse.
Robots of the Old Radio       This collection includes the best science fiction old time radio episodes featuring robots.
Sealed Book 1945 Phillip Clarke Keeper of the book This Mutual entry in the horror and mystery genre was far from the best remembered, such as Suspense, Quiet Please, and Inner Sanctum.
Sleep No More 1956 - 57 Nelson Olmsted   Sleep No More offers dramatic readings of thriller stories (often two or three per show) rather than dramatizations by a full cast.
Standby for Adventure 1948-50 Parker Fennelly   Standby for Adventure stars a newspaper man and adventurer who "uses his newspaper experiences as a springboard for more fascinating experiences." Our dear newspaper man comes in contact with the world's most notorious criminals and crimes.
Strange Dr Weird 1944 - 45 Maurice Tarplin   "Perhaps you'll drop in on me again soon? I'm always home. Just look for the house onthe other side of the cemetery...the house of Dr. Weird!"
Suspense 1940 -1962 Various Anthology "Radio's outstanding theater of thrills"
Suspicion 1935 Various Anthology Mysterious stories of murdered actresses, affairs, rumbles, traitors, and dead bodies found.
Tonight at Nine-Thirty 1945-46 Various "the Stage Door Keeper" Tonight at 9:30 includes a variety of entertainment from suspenseful thrillers to lighthearted comedy.
Unsolved Mysteries 1949 Stanley Peyton   Unsolved Mysteries tell stories of unexplained true happenings. Your skin will creep as you listen to truths about voodoo, witch doctors of Africa, double murders that could never occur in a thousand years, dead men telling tales, and supernatural forces. Unsolved Mysteries has proof that zombies do exist!
Weird Circle 1943 - 47 Various Anthology In this cave by the restless sea, we are met to call from out of past, stories strange and weird. Bell keeper, toll the bell, so that all may know that we are gathered again in the Weird Circle!
Whisperer 1951 Carlton Young Philip Gault, brilliant young attorney A brilliant man loses his voice when his vocal cords are crushed during a horrific accident. Turning adversity into benefit, he works his way inside a crime syndicate to help destroy it from within.
The Whistler 1942 - 55 Gerald Mohr, Frank Lovejoy, Betty Lou Gerston, Hans Conried, Wally Maher and Lurene Tuttle The Whistler Our host is the moody Whistler, who serves as host and narrator in these twisted tales of fate.
Witch's Tale 1931 - 38 Adelaide Fitz-Allen "Old Nancy, the witch of Salem," One of the very first successful radio horror anthologies
Yankee Yarns 1943 - 1951 Alton H. Blackington.   New England tales that are alternately amazing, eccentric, horrifying and comical.

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