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From the Red Scare to the Space Race, Alaska and Hawaii entered the Union and music died when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper died in a fatal airplane crash.
44 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


In the year 1960, it felt as though the future was about to begin as a new President would be elected, but it was also a year with many changes in Radio.
31 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Agnes Moorehead

Known as "The Lavender Lady", Agnes Moorehead had a long life in the entertainment industry. Best known as a mystery and suspense performer on the radio. Her best known work was with Orson Welles on Mercury Theater, but she also played the lead role in Sorry Wrong Number. Television audiences will remember her as the mother-in-law from Bewitched, but also appeared in Citizen Kane, The Twilight Zone, and many others.
78 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Airchecks from Great Radio Stations

Featuring on air personality D.J's performances, announcements, and skits.
79 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Anniversaries in Old Time Radio

Anniversaries, milestones, and more in this one-of-a-kind, genre-wide collection of Anniversaries in Old Time Radio.
184 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Apocalypse Bundle

Survive in style the end of the world. It includes five of our favorite world's end collections!
304 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

Baseball and World Series Broadcasts

This extensive collection has some great classic baseball recordings in radio history! Update: 4 new volumes include 40 additional game broadcasts
236 9
Add To Cart: $45.00

Baseball in Old Time Radio

This collection is full of fun and varied shows from all different series with a baseball themed episodes. Update: additional episodes
39 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Best of Gunsmoke

This collection includes OTRCAT's favorite Gunsmoke episodes including "Billy the Kid", "Buffalo Hunter", "Home Surgery" and many more of the classic old time radio western.
103 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Best of Horror and Mystery Bundle Pack

We've handpicked the best of shows in some of the most popular horror and mystery series. Make a pot of Lipton Tea, we've got two new surprises for you.
309 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

Best of Suspense

Original Compilation of OTRCAT's favorite Suspense Episodes! Update: new volume 2
104 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Birthday Collection

Fun birthday celebrations of famous celebrities, historical figures, and even Gracie Allen's grandpa.
148 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Blind Tales in Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio episodes featuring blindness as a plot device or characters who have visual impairment.
107 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Blind Terror

Old Time Radio horror and mystery shows about blindness, losing one's vision, and people with visual impairment.
34 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Bob and Ray

Comedy duo, Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding, star in their own show as radio's favorite zany lampooners. Update: 200+ additional episodes
580 8
Add To Cart: $40.00

Bob Bailey

Everyone's favorite investigator in Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Bailey starred in a number of tough guy detective old time radio shows.
770 13
Add To Cart: $65.00

Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders

Bobby Benson and the B Bar B Riders were a Western version of Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy. What better place to grow up and learn to be a better man than a working cattle ranch?
19 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Boxers Champions and Prizefighters

This OTRCAT original collection includes examples of boxing in all the genres of old time radio shows
121 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Breakfast Bundle

Breakfast shows had the potential to reach a new demographic, while drawing in their current batch of late day listeners. Save and collect over 60 hours shows with our new Breakfast Bundle Pack.
147 9
Add To Cart: $45.00

Breakfast Recordings

From comedy to cereal serials, this compilation features radio shows from a wide variety of radio programs that are sure to start your day with a stomach full of food and a belly full of laughs.
41 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


Buddha sculptures in old time radio shows represent mystery and intrigue of the "orient."
19 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


Burlesques are saucey variety shows that often include a playful strip tease and bawdy, but topical jokes.
28 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Camping and Cabins

Escape the pressures of everyday life into the woods with this multi genre collection featuring camping.
98 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Cathy Lewis

was a radio staple and performed in hundreds of radio shows in both the comedy and drama genres. In Suspense alone, she stared in over 120 episodes. She is best known for her role as narrator and best friend Jane Stacy in My Friend Irma.
316 5
Add To Cart: $25.00

Charles Dickens

a diverse assortment of adapted Charles Dickens stories from series including Burns and Allen, Escape, Suspense, Lux Radio Theater, Richard Diamond and many others.
35 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Christmas Bundle

over 600 classic christmas broadcasts!
662 21
Add To Cart: $105.00

Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' classic The Christmas Carol is alive and well from all various old time radio shows.
24 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Christmas Comedy

This collection will have you giggling jingle bells and spiting your egg nog laughing hohoho!
180 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Christmas Detectives

Crime doesn't stop for Christmas, luckily the gumshoes are here with holiday gumdrops.
50 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Christmas in Suspense

Did you ever have the feeling there was a severed limb in your Christmas stocking? Listen to the best Christmas shows from Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills!
17 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Christmas Mystery

Who says the Mysteries of the Season shouldn't make your hair stand on end?
22 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Christmas Recordings

Hundreds of hours full of holiday cheer! Update: New disk #8!
649 8
Add To Cart: $40.00

Chrysler Showroom

Following the popularity of Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade, Chrysler sponsored a new version of the show. This musical program was highlighted by featured vocalist, Don Cornell, and Kaye's magnetic personality.
85 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Cisco Kid

Join the 'Mexican Robin Hood" Cisco Kid and his sidekick Pancho (Mel Blanc) on their adventures in the wild frontier. Update: 100+ new episodes
342 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

Civil Defense

(update) Fascinating PSA, recordings and episodes to save americans from a nuclear attack!
120 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Cold War, Commies, Atomic, and Civil Defense Saver Bundle

Seventeen Great Old Time Radio Collections from the Cold War and Atomic era! Don't duck and cover, buy the Atomic & Cold War Bundle Pack today!
1179 28
Add To Cart: $145.00

Columbus Day

This horizon-busting collection contains great shows about when Columbus sailed the ocean blue with old time radios shows from genres such as comedy, historical, and suspense.
10 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Comedians in Suspense (Scared Silly Jokesters)

An OTRCAT original compilation: Hear your favorite comedians including Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, Ozzie & Harriet, Jack Benny, Bob Hope and more in ways that you would never expect!
65 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Comedy Collection

Chuckle Along with a Crazy Compilation Comedy Shows--An OTRCAT exclusive!
113 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Communists and Cold War

This extensive collection includes radio shows, news broadcasts, psa's, and debates about The Red Scare, McCarthyism, and The Cold War which pervaded politics, cultures, life and more in second half the the 20th Century. Update: additional recordings
244 6
Add To Cart: $30.00

Computers and Electronic Brains

By the end of the Golden Age of Radio, computers had begun to enter the popular imagination largely through the descriptions from Science Fiction.
31 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Country Music Time (Airforce)

Breaking the Sound Barrier, Working at the boundaries of Space, Tending America's Nuclear Arsenal, and enjoying driving fiddles and pedal steel Guitars?It all works together with great Nashville music brought to us by your Local Air Force Recruiter. Update: additional episodes
33 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Crazy Mamas

OTRCAT.com original collection features hand-picked episodes with a variety of crazy mama and insane mother-in-laws.
47 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Creepiest Old Time Radio Show

An OTRCAT original compilation: Turn the lights down low and sit as close as you can to your sweetheart when this scary collection plays!
143 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Crime Christmas

Crime still happens during the Holidays and Joe Friday, Johnny Dollar, Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, Richard Diamond, and Paladin will make sure that the grinches don't steal Christmas, St Nick, furs, or a statue of Baby Jesus.
34 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Debbie Reynolds

She stumbled into show business after winning the Ms Burbank contest and had one of the longest careers in Hollywood.
9 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Depressed and Moping

The blues hits your favorite stars who turn to their friends and family to help.
13 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

DJ Madness

The original Disc Jockeys from the Age of Radio bring you their best and greatest music from their era.
99 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Doctor Paul

Join Dr. Paul, a small town doctor, as he treats the residents and gets caught up in the schemes and secret loves that swirl around him. Update: 8 additional broadcasts
24 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Don Ameche

Known for his work on film, television, and radio, Don Ameche is a household name.
97 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Dwight D Eisenhower

Eisenhower was a national hero after serving as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during WWII and in 1952 won the Presidential Election. Update: additional broadcasts
46 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Educating Archie

a charming decidedly British ventriloquism old time radio show with Peter Brough, his dummy, Archie Andrews, and a little rising star 14 year old Julie Andrews.
13 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Ernie Kovacs

Comedian and avid cigar smoker, Ernie Kovacs ad-libbed and uninhibited style changed the face of comedy. Update: 3 additional recordings
19 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Eternal Light

This well-written religious drama was created by the Jewish Theological Seminary and features stories from the Torah, the Bible, and important historical texts. Update: over 680 new recordings:
739 15
Add To Cart: $75.00

Fatal Females

featuring the meanest ladies of old time radio. From murderesses to poisoneresses from wicked queens to wicked witches, this collection is sure to prove that the fairest sex can be pretty scary, too.
56 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Father Coughlin

"The Radio Priest" was a success when he first discussed religious matters in the early days of radio. However, Father Coughlin managed to step on a few toes when he expanded into political commentary and calls for economic reform.
60 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Fathers Day

Dad says, "Forget the tie; I want the Father's Day Collection from OTRCAT.com!" Well kids, Father does know best.
64 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Fibber McGee and Molly

Long lost episodes fell out of "Fibber's Closet". This is the most complete Fibber McGee and Molly collection to date. Laugh with over 418 hours of laughs with Jim and Marian Jordan as Fibber McGee and Molly in this classic radio sit-com. Update: 200+ additional shows
1180 20
Add To Cart: $100.00

Final Episodes of OTR

Even the best OTR programs eventually came to an end, learn how it happened in our Last Episode Collection.
54 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Frank Lovejoy

Lovejoy was the no nonsense, square-jawed actor best known for his tough guy performances in detective radio dramas.
228 5
Add To Cart: $25.00

Friday the 13th

Unlucky Friday the 13th is discussed in a wide variety of shows including Origins Of Superstitions, The Witch's Tale, Suspense, Our Miss Brooks, and more...
7 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Gene Kelly

Athletic and graceful, Gene Kelly danced his way into the hearts of Americans everywhere with his handsome looks and toe-tapping moves.
33 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Gone Fishing

Grab your reel and bait your hook, because it's time to go fishing with some of the most hilarious fishing shows on old time radio!
48 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry did not quite invent Country and Western Music, but it did bring it to the ears of many Americans who may not have heard it otherwise. Update: additional episodes
337 8
Add To Cart: $40.00

Great Moments in Radio

Hear important Historical Events as they actually occurred on the Radio.
103 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Groucho Marx

Part of the Marx Brothers, Groucho Marx was best known for his greasepaint mustache, cigar, and quick wit. He later branched out to host quiz old time radio show "You Bet Your Life."
271 6
Add To Cart: $30.00

Guest Star Radio

Produced by the U.S. Treasury Department in the 1940-50s as a public service program, Guest Star Radio features a different top-name "guest star" (singer, actor, comedian) each week to promote the sales of savings bonds. Update: additional recordings
386 4
Add To Cart: $20.00


(update) with 18 new episodes and many sound upgrades, this series is considered by many to be the greatest classic radio show of all time. William Conrad is Matt Dillon in this classic western old time radio show.
510 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

H.G. Wells

The stories of H.G. Wells approach the future from a slightly different angle, Wells wrote less about wondrous devices and more about the future of people.
31 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Hardboiled Detectives

An OTRCAT Original collection, a hard boiled detective can take a beating like a man and still have a snarky well-constructed comment. Weve collection the toughest detectives in this mean collection.
80 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Harold Huber

prolific radio actor and film character actor, Harold Huber was best known on radio portraying Agatha Christie's Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot.
29 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Have Gun Will Travel

Stories revolved around gun-for-hire with principles, Paladin. Played on the radio by John Dehner, Paladin preferred to try to work out problems without violence if possible, he worked for people who he felt were wronged and could pay. Update: sound upgrades
109 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Hawaii Old Time Radio Shows

Aloha! This collection includes old time radio shows from all genres from ting-ting steel guitar music to epic Hawaiian Adventure and detective stories to supernatural Tiki tales. Update: 37 episodes-new volume#7
290 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

Heartbeat Theater

sponsored by the Salvation Army, gives dramatic accounts of regular people helping others through illness, tragedy, and heartbreak.Episodes illustrate problems can be solved with faith, optimism, and the help of good Samaritans.
83 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Herbert Hoover Speeches

The first US President born west of the Mississippi, Herbert Hoover was president during the earliest years of old time radio. Update: additional recordings
15 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Highway of Horrors

This compilation of spooky tales of freaky freeways, rocky roads, and terror on the turnpikes, this collection is filled with murderers, joyriders, hitchhikers, and kidnapping from Inner Sanctum, X Minus One, Big Town, Dragnet, Suspense, and more.
119 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Horses In Old Time Radio

Hold your horses! Plenty of one horse towns, wild horses, charley horses, play the ponies, and more straight from the horse's mouth at the microphone.
203 5
Add To Cart: $25.00

Hour of Decision

Called "the Pastor to Presidents", Reverend Dr. Billy Graham leads this radio show 30 minutes music and revival.
4 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Howard Duff

Best known for his role as "Sam Spade, Detective", Howard Duff had a long career in radio and film.
227 4
Add To Cart: $20.00


From all genres of radio, old time radio hypnotists use their tricks for good and evil in this fun new collection... "You will enjoy this collection of radio shows..."
42 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Introductions and Theme Music

This collection includes theme music and announcer voice-overs from more than a thousand Old Time Radio programs.
1104 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Jeanette Nolan

She was one of radio's busiest stars, with regular appearances on Lux Radio Theater, Cavalcade of America, The Great Gildersleeve, Young Doctor Malone, Let George Do It, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar and Suspense.
399 8
Add To Cart: $40.00

Joan Bennett

With her first appearance in film at the age of six, Joan Bennett moved to Hollywood to star in 1929 Bulldog Drummond.
35 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

John Dehner

The famous voice behind the bad guy on Gunsmoke and the good guy, Paladin, on Have Gun, Will Travel, and various guys on Suspense, John Dehner appeared in some of the greatest radio shows of yesteryear. Update: Have Gun Will Travel added
406 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

John Dickson Carr

Mystery writer extraordinaire John Dickson Carr was a prolific writer during the golden age of detective mysteries in the 1930s. He is considered a master of "locked room mysteries" stories that required complex logic to solve because on the surface they seemed unsolvable.
42 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

John F Kennedy

(update) Extensive collection of presidential speeches, recordings, and assassination coverage + transcripts, images and documents!
349 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash had several hits with Sun Records, including "Folsom Prison Blues" and "I Walk the Line" (his first Number 1 hit) when the Army Recruiting service approached him to appear on Country Style USA.
6 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)

"The freelance investigator with the action-packed expense account" was one of the best and final old time radio detective series of the golden age of radio.
741 12
Add To Cart: $60.00

Jokes and Pranks Bundle

16 disks full of pranks and jokes!
991 16
Add To Cart: $60.00

Just Entertainment

Originally hosted by Gene Autry, his sidekick Pat Buttram took the reins of this fun variety program. A fountain of country wit and humor, Just Entertainment was the perfect companion to a refreshing stick of chewing gum.
150 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Kentucky Derby Recordings (Horse Racing)

(update) Close your eyes and imagine big hats and drinking Mint Juleps and as the horses run for the Roses during The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports - the Kentucky Derby!
51 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Larry Dobkin

He worked in a number of radio shows but seemed to shine is Western Radio like Fort Laramie, Luke Slaughter of Tombstone, Frontier Gentleman, and Have Gun – Will Travel.
746 15
Add To Cart: $75.00

Legal Comedies

laugh merchants (Amos and Andy, Fred Allen, Jack Benny, & more!) are up to their old tricks when the face off with Lady Justice.
123 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Les Damon

Best known as the title role in The Falcon, Les Damon's radio credits include The Adventures of the Abbotts, The Adventures of the Thin Man, Suspense, Your's Truly, Johnny Dollar, and many more.
161 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Les Tremayne

Beginning in 1931 he played "heavies" on a number of local melodramas, but in 1934 he was allowed to stretch his talents as the leading man in The Romance of Helen Trent.
103 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Life with the Lyons

A real life family starring in a situation comedy as themselves. That was the concept behind Life With the Lyons.
117 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Lucille Fletcher

Writer of acclaimed old time radio show "Sorry Wrong Number", "The Hitchhiker", and many more.
29 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Lurene Tuttle

Her most memorable roles include Effie Perrine, Sam Spade's secretary, as Marjorie, The Great Gildersleeve's teenage niece as well as Suspense, Mystery House, Twelve Players, Theatre of Romance, Hollywood Star Time, Strange Wills, Maxwell House Coffee Time, Lights Out, Rogue's Gallery
601 13
Add To Cart: $65.00

Mad and Insane in OTR

Mad scientists, crazed killers, nutty old codgers, and more insanity in this new OTRCAT compilation.
346 7
Add To Cart: $35.00

Marie Wilson

Known as Irma in My Friend Irma, Marie Wilson made a career of playing ditzy but loveable blondes.
76 3
Add To Cart: $15.00
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