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Abraham Lincoln

One of the most revered Presidents in American History, Abraham Lincoln was a popular figure in old time radio shows.
61 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Alan Reed

Alan Reed was a prolific radio actor because he could do dozens of dialects with a voice so versatile that producers used him in a variety of roles.
515 12
Add To Cart: $60.00

Alice Faye

She began her career as a singer and dancer in Vaudeville and later became the other half of Jazzman turned funny-man, Phil Harris. Update: additional broadcasts
298 8
Add To Cart: $30.00

American Weekly

Radio Dramas adapted from everyone's favorite Sunday Magazine!
8 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Amos and Andy

One of the most popular shows in 20th century entertainment, Amos and Andy were played by white actors. In its prime, entire towns listened to the show; Stores would close and even movie theatres would stop the film while the Amos and Andy show was played.
268 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Barton Yarborough

When living in Los Angeles, Barton Yarborough became a steady player among the community of "Radio Row" actors and soon landed the role as Ben Romero on Dragnet.
278 6
Add To Cart: $30.00

Betty Grable

One of the top box office draws and household name, Betty Grable was a hit with G.I.s serving overseas and appeared on Command Performance and Mail Call
31 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Billy Jones and Ernie Hare

The Music and Comedy Duo starred in this Early Radio Show Sensation
16 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Boo Broadcasts (Ghost Stories)

Spooky Shows featuring Ghosts!
104 2
Add To Cart: $10.00


Buddha sculptures in old time radio shows represent mystery and intrigue of the "orient."
19 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Calling All Cars

(update) now with 25 additional episodes: this classic police drama is one of the earliest of the genres. A precursor to the popular police drama Dragnet, Calling All Cars portrayed the true crime stories of the Los Angeles Police Department.
299 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Cats in OTR

The Cat's Out of the Bag! Requested by our Mascot cat and you, an anthology of Cat Tails and We're Not Lion!
98 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Chase and Sanborn Hour 1931-1934

A special brand of comedy to the Chase and Sanborn Hour every Sunday night with funny skits and silly banter.
8 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Childrens Show Bundle Pack

Many of our customers have reported immense joy in sharing the shows they remember as kid with their children and grandchildren. We want to encourage you to share the merriment and wonder of old time radio shows with the children of today with over 193 hours of classic recordings.
853 18
Add To Cart: $90.00

Christmas Bundle

over 600 classic christmas broadcasts!
662 21
Add To Cart: $105.00

Christmas Dramas

the miracle of Christmas will lift your spirits in these touching old time radio dramas. Also included in this collection are Lux Radio Theater versions of your favorite classic Christmas movies.
65 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Christmas Mystery

Who says the Mysteries of the Season shouldn't make your hair stand on end?
22 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Christmas Recordings

Hundreds of hours full of holiday cheer! Update: New disk #8!
649 8
Add To Cart: $40.00

Churchill (Winston) Recordings

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England during WWII and great orator, wrote his own speeches and delivered them on many radio broadcasts.
111 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Clowns in OTR

This multi-genre collection includes clowns that make you laugh, clowns that make you cry, and clowns that make you scream.
44 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Club Car Special

Club Car Special was presented by the Hearst News Paper Syndicate is a teaser of the upcoming Sunday's Newspaper. The old time radio show opens with a sketch dramatizing a cartoon, then a short review of some of the humorous articles.
10 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Cooking in Old Time Radio

A curious concoction of cooking creations are included in this OTRCAT.com exclusive collection of old time radio cooking shows such as The Mystery Chef, The Mary Lee Taylor Program, Martha Meade Society Program, Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air, and more! There are also cooking-centric episodes from different radio series like Fibber McGee and Molly, Burns and Allen, Life of Riley, and Cavalcade of America.
71 5
Add To Cart: $25.00

Crime Christmas

Crime still happens during the Holidays and Joe Friday, Johnny Dollar, Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, Richard Diamond, and Paladin will make sure that the grinches don't steal Christmas, St Nick, furs, or a statue of Baby Jesus.
34 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Defective Detectives and Bungling Burglars

spoofs and skits of detective radio shows and bungled burglaries by some of the funniest old time radio comedians.
180 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Devils Demons Satan and Lucifer

In this collection where the Devil himself actually shows up perhaps as a stand-ins for "the evil which lurks in the hearts of men."
109 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Divas of Old Time Radio

This expansive collection of old time radio shows and musical appearances spans the time period from the 1930s-1950s with the radio shows and guest appearances of some of the well-known and influential female singers of their time.
984 14
Add To Cart: $70.00

Drama Collection

A sensational sampling of OTRCAT's drama radio shows with classic stars and unforgettable productions--An OTRCAT exclusive collection.
219 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Ed Wynn Firechief

(update) the rare early 1930s comedy-musical shows starring Ed Wynn as one of his most memorable characters, "The Firechief." Best known as a fantastic character actor and vaudevillian style clown, Ed Wynn's babbling voice and trademark giggle are unforgettable.
37 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Edward G Robinson

As one of America's most beloved 'tough guys,' Edward G. Robinson developed an unforgettable on-screen persona that belied his gentle, quiet nature.
47 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Espionage Spies and Secrets Agents

this extensive compilation includes a sampling and many rare and popular broadcasts of "Radio Espionage" from all different genres.
176 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Fleischmanns Yeast Hour

Also known as The Rudy Vallee Show where stars like Burns and Allen, Milton Berle, Alice Faye, the Mills Brothers, and Kate Smith were first introduced to the world.
24 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Former Slave Interviews

Historic WPA Conversations with Former Slaves
8 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Fred Allen

Fred Allen moved from Vaudeville to radio and perfected his character over a number of years for several sponsors. One of his career highlights was a supposed feud with his good friend, Jack Benny.
179 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Front Page Drama

Front Page Drama drew its long running collection of interesting stories from the pages of The American Weekly magazine. Update: 63 additional broadcasts
375 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

Gale Gordon

best known for his roles as an undermined authority figure (like Principal Osgood Conklin in Our Miss Brooks). This extensive collection contains some of the best of Gale Gordon's prolific old time radio show performances from all various series from 1932 - 1956.
161 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Halloween Scary Sampler

Ghosts and goblins and spooks! You’ll be too scared to even reach into the candy bowl when the Trick Or Treaters knock at your door if you are listening to the Halloween Scary Sampler.
83 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Halloween Variety and Specials

This Halloween remember the gh'oul times with Henry Aldrich, Jack Benny, and all your comedic friends on their Halloween radio specials.
30 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Haunted House

Haunted houses are a common theme in horror old time radio shows.Radio is the perfect medium for a good haunting story because not seeing the ghost is almost equally as frightening as seeing one.
44 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Hollywood Bombshells

Sexiest sirens ever to grace the small screen, big screen, and radio let us heat up those Winter Nights with the Hottest Vintage Hollywood Bombshells.
791 36
Add To Cart: $180.00

Hummert Radio Factory (Ann and Frank Hummert)

The Hummerts were a considerable power in entertainment broadcasting during the Golden Age of Radio. Their wide range of productions included soaps, musical, game shows, detective dramas, and serials.
107 9
Add To Cart: $45.00


From all genres of radio, old time radio hypnotists use their tricks for good and evil in this fun new collection... "You will enjoy this collection of radio shows..."
42 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Introductions and Theme Music

This collection includes theme music and announcer voice-overs from more than a thousand Old Time Radio programs.
1104 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Jack Benny

Everyone's favorite penny pinching miser is now updated with more laughs and better quality sound.
938 13
Add To Cart: $65.00

Jack Benny Gags

compilation of some of Jack Benny's best running gags and first appearances by his stellar comedy cast.
161 4
Add To Cart: $20.00

James Cagney

One of Hollywood's most iconic tough guys was a surprisingly versatile actor.
23 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Jesus in Old Time Radio

Radio celebrates the life of Jesus, from his humble birth in a manger in Bethlehem, through his crucifixion and resurrection, but mostly radio is a means to share Jesus’s message of love and peace.
26 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Joe Penner

Known for his zany antics and slapstick comedy, Joe Penner kept audiences laughing during the Depression years. He was the "it-man" of radio comedy when the nation needed laugher.
12 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Johnny Mercer

popular singer and song writer in the golden age of radio. In the 1940s, Johnny Mercer was the "it-man" for Hollywood's musical entertainment.
88 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Jokes and Pranks Bundle

16 disks full of pranks and jokes!
991 16
Add To Cart: $60.00

Kraft Music Hall

This knock out music show is hosted by Al Jolson, and Bing Crosby. Update: 70+ additional recordings
227 6
Add To Cart: $30.00

Little Orphan Annie

From the comic strips to the airwaves, kids could not get enough of the crime fighting, bullet dodging, Nazi submarine destroying, Ghost-chasing tyke, Little Orphan Annie.
30 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Mae West

Enjoy this collection of sultry and witty guest appearances including the controversial skit that banned her from the airwaves.
8 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Majestic Master Mystery

Majestic Radio was one of the largest manufacturers of home receivers through the 1920's, but when sales began to slip in the 1930's they began airing Majestic Master Mystery.
7 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Martha Meade Society Program

sponsored by Sperry Flour was a charming 1930s radio program for homemakers with great cooking tips you won't want to miss!
4 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Minstrel Shows

Minstrelsy is considered the first truly American form of entertainment, and as such provides the forms and traditions which would eventually form vaudeville and ultimately the Hollywood movies and TV shows which shape and inform the rest of the world's opinion of American culture.
536 13
Add To Cart: $65.00

Movie Previews

This is a compilation of movie previews on radio shows with glimpses of some of the best classics in film history.
112 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


We happily include these Sampler Disks with each order. They are a great way to introduce your friends to the fun of Old Time Radio. This edition includes selections from Judy Canova and The Scarlet Pimpernel.
119 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


We happily include these Sampler Disks with each order. They are a great way to introduce your friends to the fun of Old Time Radio. This edition includes selections from Kitty Keen and It’s a Crime Mr. Collins.
100 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


Long time listens and OTRCAT.com fans have requested a new sampler cd with 100 episodes from various series including America's Town Hall Meeting, Amos and Andy Music Hall, When a Girl Marries, Betty Crocker, Hallmark Hall Of Fame, and many more top picks from our newest collections.
100 1
Add To Cart: $5.00


New sampler cd with over 100 episodes from various series including Fun at Breakfast, Chesterfield Time, All American Sports Shows, Are you a Genius?, Batman Mystery Club, Comic Parade, This is our Enemy, and many new News shows by organized year.
101 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Paramount is on the Air

Hollywood studios used the radio to advertise upcoming films featuring songs and scenes from the films without giving away the plot.
16 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Paul Whiteman

Performances by The King of Jazz!
30 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Pickens Sisters

Just three little girls, Helen, Jane, and Patti from Macon, Georgia, who grew up singing together and they became the toast of Manhattan.
5 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Poetry in Old Time Radio

A collection of Poetry radio programs that bring culture, thoughtfulness, and spoken word to your radio. Update: additional Robert Frost recordings
586 16
Add To Cart: $75.00

Prohibition (Bootleggin and Moonshine)

old time radio songs and stories about bootlegging and prohibition which occurred between 1920 until 1933.
14 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Psychics Mentalists and Fortune Tellers

The ancient art of astrology is an example of sign reading, as are palmistry, tea leaf reading, tarot cards, and numerology. We predict you will enjoy these radio shows.
54 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Random Rarities 03

The Randomest and Rarest collection of them all-an OTRCAT.com original!
50 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Random Rarities 08

features shows that have been hidden is someone's closet for decades, a few audition shows that never took off, and more than a few "orphans" that defy classification.
42 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Random Rarities 14

The best loved shows from the Golden Age were more likely to be preserved, but we keep finding treasures in some of the "orphaned recordings".
41 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Random Rarities 17

Some if these shows were saved from the dustbins of time, others were just so random and rare that they didn't fit in another collection, but Random Rarities 17 will have something everyone will enjoy!
57 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Rare Detective and Crime Shows

features rare and highly collectible crime shows: this compilation is a fascinating look at the different key players in crime solving including detectives, spies, private investigators, cops, FBI agents, newspaper reporters, attorneys, defense attorneys, informants, and even personnel in the emerging field forensic science. Update: Adventures of PC49
102 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Rarities from the 1930s

This unique compilation includes rare dramas, comedy, and unique radio broadcasts from the 1930's. Update: Additional recordings
79 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Ray Bolger

The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, Ray Bolger was a man with a wit sharp enough for adults and a soft side for children. Update: additional broadcast
9 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Rudy Vallee

(update) with 35+ new episodes, listen to radio's bad boy on the block variety hour. This talent scout program made stars such as Alice Faye, Milton Berle, Joe Penner, Bergen & McCarthy, and even the Aldrich Family.
62 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

Sherlock Holmes

"The game is afoot" as radio listeners get wrapped up in the twists and turns of their favorite consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.
212 3
Add To Cart: $15.00

Singin Sam

best known as "Singin' Sam the Lawnmower Man" then "Singin' Sam the Barbasol Man", Harry Frankel's musical performances were later sponsored by Coca-Cola. This collection includes recordings from 1911 to the 1940s, including the Reminiscing with Singin Sam, Refreshment Time with Singin' Sam, 70 musical tracks, and more.
103 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Vampires in Old Time Radio

Get your garlic and crucifix, this collection includes a wide variety of vampire-themed old time radio shows.
41 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Vicks Romantic Bachelor

Let the Romantic Bachelor sweep you away with love songs and tales of romance.
6 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Will Rogers

Known for his quips and own brand of storytelling, The Will Rogers Program allowed him to spread his own word across the country. All the while, he donated the sponsorship money to charity.
19 1
Add To Cart: $5.00

Witchs Tale

The Witch's Tale premiered over WOR in 1931, making it one of the original “Hide-Under-the-Sheets” late night terror programs. Watch out for old Nancy and her cat, Satan. Update: additional episodes and sound upgrades
83 2
Add To Cart: $10.00

World War II Collection

This compilation includes vintage broadcasts and historical recordings of the era. The American men and women serving in WWII exclusively heard many of the recordings in this collection through the AFRS (American Forces Radio Service).
1221 9
Add To Cart: $45.00