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 Random Rarities 09

1 MP3 CD - 44 episodes


"His Honor the Barber"
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Time for another Collection of Rarities! Taken together, these shows can be a great introduction to the variety of what is available in Old Time Radio. They are also rare enough that you can be pretty sure that your friends will not have heard them before!

These old time radio shows are a few of the rare episodes known to have survived after many lost decades. The shows are from all genres of old time radio, from music to comedy to detective shows there is something for everyone.

Orson Welles 1945
Father Flannagan Boy's Town
Harry S Truman
  • Count Your Blessings, 1950, A comedy about an average family, if your family has 10 kids!
  • Downbeat of 1943, AFRS presentation of musicians introducing their records for the troops.
  • Five Star Funeral, 1936, Tabloid Journalism on the radio.
  • Four for the Fifth, 1944, Arch Oboler presents a series of four Radio Plays to support the Fifth War Loan.
  • Hilltop House, 1953, Soap Opera with all the trimmings, wedding plans, doctors giving news of potential fatal illness, all with a 1950's perspective.
  • His Honor, The Barber, 1945, starring Barry Fitzgerald and produced by Carlton E. Morse. Fitzgerald plays a good hearted small town judge who used to be the town barber.
  • Hollywood Calling, 1949, Dick Powell and the crew of the Hollywood NBC Studios pull the wool over George Murphy's eyes on his birthday.
  • Hollywood Mardi Gras, 1937, a very entertaining variety hour featuring announcer  Don Wilson and Eddie Cantor.
  • Tums Hollywood Theater, 1952, Cesar Romero stars in a thriller where he takes a bet that he can sit on a flagpole for 100 days, but he witnesses a murder on the 97th day.
  • I Fly Anything, 1951, ABC radio presents adventurer cargo pilot, Dockery Crane.
  • The Law West Of The Pecos, 1944, Walter Brennan plays Judge Roy Bean, the show was early for the Radio Western boom,so was not picked up.
  • Lear Radio, 1945, Orson Welles comments on Doris Miller, the Negro Mess Attendant who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Pearl Harbor.
  • Leave It To Mike, 1946, a fast paced screwball comedy about a sporting goods store manager trying to get ahead.
  • Leave It To The Girls, 1945, a "round table of romance" with an all girl panel giving advice. There is one male guest who can stop the discussion at any time by blowing a horn.
  • Lenin Of The Rovers, a send up of Britain's first "Communist Football" club. Parodies English Soccer of the 1980s and other aspects of British life.
  • Leo And The Blonde, 1947, The continuing story of a wannabe Hollywood publicist and his pretty client.
  • Let Yourself Go, 1944-45, Eversharp Pens presents Milton Berle in a funny comedy variety show.
  • Let's Talk Hollywood, 1948, Hollywood celebrities answer listener questions.
  • Let' Go to Town, 1952, Musical Variety show recruiting for the Army National Guard.
  • The Liberace Program, 1955, Soundtrack taken from Liberace's television program, not really the same without sequins...
  • Life At Father Flanagan's Boy's Town, 1942, tales about the boys at Boy's Town and Father Flanagan's advice.
  • The Mystery Castle, 1947, Children's Christmas Serial in the fashion of Cinnamon Bear, from Youngstown, Ohio.
  • NBC Presents Eugene O'Neill, 1937, Radio adaptation of the great American Playwright's work.
  • The Notorious Tariq, 1947, A Gentleman Adventurer and Finder of of Rare Things with an eye for pretty and sophisticated women.
  • Palace Personalities, 1949-50, remote interviews of interesting personalities from the lounge of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. This edition features the winner of a Honolulu beauty contest, an artist, and a movie voice actress.
  • President Truman, Man From Missouri, traces the career of Harry S. Truman from his entry into politics, his surprising selection as FDR's VP, the end of WWII, the beginnings of the Cold War and post War years,
  • Press Club, creepy tales told by editors and reporters at their club near the paper's offices.

Several interesting Police Shows are included this collection:

  • Crime Correspondent, 1949, Paul Frees, the man of a thousand voices, plays Larry Mitchell, ace crime reporter, and presents the most gruesome crimes he can find.
  • The Lawless Twenties, Police Drama based on the Prohibition Era.
  • Police Blotter, stories of uniform officers responding to murder cases.
  • Police Recorder is a reality based show from 1953 and host and a Police Psychiatrist listen and comment in actual interrogation recordings.
  • The first lady cop show is Police Woman USA, which put more emphasis on titillation than procedure, and Police Woman, based on the career of an actual lady cop from New York.

See also Random Rarities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

44 shows - total playtime 19 hours 27 minutes
Count Your Blessings 500515 Audition Show
Crime Correspondent 491021 The Chair for Dino Auditio
Downbeat 430000 AFRS 165 Poet Plays Boogie Woogie Carmen Cavallaro
Five Star Final 360330 Designing a Mausoleum
Four For The Fifth 440617 Surrender
Hilltop 530720 Hawaiian Honeymoon Plans
His Honor The Barber 451127 New Boy In Town
Hollywood Calling 490703 Host Dick Powell
Hollywood Mardis Gras 371116 Guest Lanny Ross
Hollywood Theater 521217 Sitting Duck
I Fly Anything 510130 Date With Death
I Fly Anything 510327 Destination Tahiti
Law West of Pecos First Show
Lawless 20s 12 Flood of Bootleg Gold
Lear Radio 451209 Doris Miller Tribute
Leave It To Mike 460101 30 Broad as a Barn Door
Leave It To The Girls 000000 Quest from Mckinny TX
Leave It To The Girls 451208 Guest George Fraser
Leave It To The Girls 460706 1st quest. from cincinatti, oh
Leave It To The Girls 461116 1st Q ft williams, On, Return The Ring
LeaveItToTheGirls DoMenLikeHelplessWomen
Lenin Of The Rovers s01e04
Leo And The Blond 470613 01 Leo Finds Hester
Leo And The Blond 470812 Goingt O Hesters Coming Out
Let Yourself Go 450606 Guest Al Jolson
Let Yourself Go 500606 Milton Berle Al Jolson
Lets Go To Town 550000 173 Patty Page
Lets Talk Hollywood 480725 w Celeste Holm and
Liberace Program 550112 Stephen Foster Tribute
Life At Boys Town 420913 The Bad Day
Life At Boys Town 420920 The Bad Day
Mystery Castle 471200 Trying To Solve Mystery Of Packages
NBC Presents Eugene ONeill 370802 Beyond Horizon
NBC Presents Eugene ONeill 370809 The Fountain
Notorious Tariq 470816 Audition
Palace Personalities 491227 Mildred Wong Winner Of The Honolulu Miss China Contest
Police Blotter Murder at Windsor
Police Recorder audi 14 year old burglar
Police Woman 470629 Scheming Bridegroom
Police Woman The Red Rose Murder
President Truman Man From Missouri
Press Club 031 Madam Alvers Wierd Death
Press Club 032 Elephant
Radio Doctor 421224 Advice For Xmas


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