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Jazz Shows in Old Time Radio

Beeeeep, zang zang, dittly doo-doo, Jazz got its start in African-American southern communities in the late 19th and earliest 20th century. After the Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance, African-American musical sounds were popularized and spread around the country with the advent of radio.

Glenn Miller
Band of the AAF Training Command
Presented by Uncle Sam and directed by Captain Glenn Miller.

The Chestfield Show also known as The Moonlight Serenade

This old time radio series features "the number one dance band with the number one swing trio:" Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters.

Chesterfield Time
Chesterfield Time
Listening to sweet jazz and dance music should make you want to fire up a refreshing smoke... It's Chesterfield Time!


Concert in Miniature
Stan Kenton's outfit was one of the most popular bands playing on the West Coast and this series feature band remotes performing on the road.

A Date with the Duke
Join Duke Ellington Orchestra in the live 1945 broadcasts from the 400 Restaurant on Fifth Avenue and 43rd Street in New York City.


AFRS WWII jazz program Downbeat had different performers come into the studio to play and comment on their records.

Esquire Jazz Concert
Swing to some great jazz with Louis Armstrong, Woody Herman and many more stars from the world of jazz on the first Esquire All-American Jazz Concert.

Gi Jill
G.I. Jive
When YANK Magazine sponsored GI Jive, it was hard to tell whether the G.I.s tuned in to hear the hot requested music or the voice of pretty "GI Jill", played by Martha Wilkerson.

Golden Gate Quartet
Building on a tradition of vocal harmonies and syncopated rhythms, The Golden Gate Quartet not only popularized Gospel music but helped lay the foundations of Rock and Roll.

I Sustain the Wings
I Sustain the Wings

Glenn Miller Orchestrated Tunes for WWII Forces

Jazz Club USA
Jazz Club USA

Hosted by the authoritative Jazz reporter Leonard Feather, this US propaganda broadcasting service by Voice of America was an effort to spread the inherent goodness of American culture.

AFRS Presents Great Jazz and Entertainment for the Troops during WWII.

Live from Birdland

Count Basie and his Orchestra Plays at the Hotspot of Jazz in New York City!

Latin American
Popular Music Series

American Music, especially from the Big Band Era, owes a huge debt to Latin American influences.

Music For Moderns
Music for Moderns
Featuring Chicago Jazz which was generally more sophisticated than New Orleans and the Dixieland sound but placed a stronger emphasis on individual improvisation.

AFRS Presents Great Jazz and Entertainment for the Troops during WWII.

Live from Birdland

Count Basie and his Orchestra Plays at the Hotspot of Jazz in New York City!


Navy Swings
The Navy Swings
Jazz Greats Perform for Future US Navy and Navy Reservists!

New Orleans Jazz
New Orleans Jazz Band
AFRS jazz broadcasts featuring New Orleans jazz for military personnel abroad.


The Serenade in Blue
Air Force Blues and Jazz Bands Perform for Recruits!

Stars of Jazz
Stars of Jazz
AFRS music program gives listeners an education and appreciation in the American art form of Jazz music

This is Jazz
This is Jazz
Hosted by Jazz critic Rudi Blesh and guests included Jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Leadbelly, Sidney Bechet, Bertha Chippie Hill, Canada Lee, Blue Lou Lee, Mama Alberta Price.


Three Suns
The Three Suns
One of the most popular Exotica bands, The Three Suns were formed by guitar-playing Al Nevins and his accordion playing brother Morty from Brooklyn, and their cousin Artie Dunn, a vaudeville and radio performer who sang and played the electronic organ.

Spotlight of Bands
Victory Parade Spotlight of Bands
In 1941, Mutual had the bright idea of broadcasting Swing Bands remotely from various halls around the country and Spotlight of Bands was born.


The Voice of America Presents Dance Time U.S.A.
The program featured some of the biggest acts in hot and sweet Jazz dance music broadcast into Germany and other territories during WWII.


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