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 John F Kennedy

4 MP3 CDs - 348 episodes

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John Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President on January 20, 1961 and with him was a hope of a young Americans born in the 20th century who would fight "common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself." His popular and graceful wife, Jacqueline Kennedy and two young children added to the Kennedy magnetism at home and abroad. He was also a master orator and his speeches inspired the many in the nation to be better Americans. In his inaugural address he directly confronted Americans calling them to become active citizens, stating "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

JFK PortraitJohn F. Kennedy's presidency faced a number of trials from the 20th century including the prolongation of the Cold War, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Space Race, the beginning of the Vietnam War, and the American Civil Rights Movement. With each of these events in his presidency, he made memorable and quotable speeches—his words themselves made history.

As the Russian space program propelled Kennedy to invest energy into America's space program with the goal of landing on the moon by the end of the decade. He urged Congress to dedicate $22 billion to the Apollo Space Program. In his speech to Rice University he stated "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." On July 20, 1969, the goal was realized when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took landed on the moon.

Once of his greatest speeches in Berlin after the Berlin Wall was erected to halt westward movement of East Berliners and keep them under communist control, Kennedy stated "Ich bin ein Berliner". The speech created a stir worldwide for its boldness against the communist bloc and is considered to be a landmark speech of the post-war era. It is also remembered in popular culture because some believe grammatically he stated, "I am a jelly donut."

JFK JrJFK's position on Civil Rights was inhibited due to his need of the Dixiecrat vote; however, he supported integration and used the Federal Marshals to protect students and freedom riders. On June 11, 1963, President Kennedy intervened wheyn the Alabama Governor personally blocked the doorway to the University of Alabama to stop two African American students from enrolling. That evening made a famous civil rights address on national television and radio which was later used to propel Civil Rights Act of 1964.

This collection also includes hours of news casting from Kennedy's tragic assignation in Dallas, Texas November 22nd, 1963. Though the Warren Commission states that that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, many historians believe that there were other people involved in the murder of President Kennedy including the CIA, the FBI, the Russians, the Cubans, the Chinese, the Mason's, the MIB's, the Mafia, and of course vice president LBJ. Conspiracy theorists, film makers, historians, and others have always been interested in the assassination of a WWII hero, father, and husband and a president.

In these recordings there are glimpses of eye witness accounts which reference locations of possible assassination posts including the Texas School Book Depository, the grassy knoll, and other theories. This extensive collection of news stories gives a first hand and minute by minute account of the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy. His death was one of the most dramatic and significant events of the 20th century.

John F. Kennedy's life left a mark on American national and international government policies, popular culture, and life. Though he didn't live to see many of his programs and policies to fruition, his speeches are well written and presented; they are considered iconic of the era.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

JFK Speeches - Volume 1:
56 recordings - total playtime 11 hours 1 minute

600100 Announcing Candidacy.mp3
600715 Acceptance Of The Democratic Party Nomination.mp3
600912 Address To Greater Houston Ministerial Association.mp3
601000 Half Slave, Half Free.mp3
601100 Election Eve.mp3
610100 State Of The Union Message.mp3
610109 City Upon A Hill Speech .mp3
610120 Inauguration Speech.mp3
610200 Prayer Breakfast Invocation.mp3
610201 Excerpts From Press Conference.mp3
610301 Establishment Of The Peace Corps.mp3
610413 Reaction To Gagarin Flight.mp3
610420 Bay Of Pigs Am Society Of Newspaper Editors.mp3
610421 Press Conference.mp3
610427 President And The Press Speech.mp3
610500 Birmingham Segregation.mp3
610525 The Goal Of Sending A Man To The Moon.mp3
610700 Expanding Space Program.mp3
610725 Address To Nation On Berlin Crisis.mp3
610806 Alliance For Progress ''Little Merit''.mp3
610925 Un ''3 Horses Of The Troika'' Speech.mp3
611116 University Of Washington'S 100th Anniversary.mp3
611125 Un Speech On Terrorism.mp3
611200 To The People Of Berlin.mp3
620120 Inaugural Anniversary Inaugural Parody.mp3
620300 Tribute To FDR.mp3
620411 Press Conference.mp3
620611 Yale University Commencement.mp3
620704 Independence Hall Address.mp3
620730 Meeting On Economy And Nuclear Test Ban.mp3
620822 Excerpt On Cuba From Press Conference.mp3
620900 On Labor.mp3
620912 Address On Space Rice University.mp3
620914 Americas Cup Dinner.mp3
620929 Kennedy, Robert Kennedy And Ross Barnett.mp3
621022 Address On The Buildup Of Arms In Cuba.mp3
621100 Dismanting Missles In Cuba.mp3
621112 Address On The Space Effort.mp3
621200 Economic Club Of Ny.mp3
630100 State Of The Union Address.mp3
630400 Us Steel.mp3
630513 Birmingham Crisis Terminates.mp3
630518 90th Anniversary Of Vanderbilt Universityt.mp3
630600 Berlin Wall.mp3
630610 American University Commencement.mp3
630611 Address On Civil Rights.mp3
630626 Ich Bin Ein Berliner Speech.mp3
630726 Address On The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.mp3
630801 Remarks At The U.s. Naval Academy.mp3
630912 Excerpts From Press Conference.mp3
630920 UN Address.mp3
630926 Address At The Mormon Tabernacle.mp3
631026 Robert Frost Library Amherst College Remark.mp3
631031 Excerpt On Happiness From Press Conference.mp3
631100 Hotel Texas Rally.mp3
631121 Public Reaction To His Wife.mp3

JFK Additional Recordings - Volume 2:
94 recordings - total playtime 9 hours 10 minutes

Dictaphone Recordings
620910 Evelyn Lincoln And Phil Reagan.mp3
620910 Evelyn Lincoln And Robert Troutman .mp3
620910 Kennedy And C. Douglas Dillon.mp3
620910 Kennedy And David Mcdonald.mp3
620910 Kennedy And Unidentified 1.mp3
620910 Kennedy And Unidentified 2.mp3
620910 Operator And Operator.mp3
620910 Operator And Pierre Salinger.mp3
620910 Unidentified.mp3
620913 Kennedy Mccormack T Morgan & Carl Vinson.mp3
620929 Kennedy And Ross Barnett.mp3
620929 Kennedy And Ted Sorensen .mp3
620930 Burke Marshall And Ramsey Clark.mp3
620930 Jack Rosenthal And Evelyn Lincoln.mp3
620930 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 2.mp3
620930 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 3.mp3
620930 Kennedy And Ross Barnett.mp3
621000 Kennedy And Lemoyne Billings .mp3
621000 Kennedy And Torbert Macdonald.mp3
621001 Creighton Abrams And Robert Kennedy 1.mp3
621001 Creighton Abrams And Robert Kennedy 2.mp3
621001 Creighton Abrams And Robert Kennedy 3.mp3
621001 Creighton Abrams And Robert Kennedy 4.mp3
621001 Creighton Abrams And Robert Kennedy 5.mp3
621001 Evelyn Lincoln And Unidentified.mp3
621001 Kennedy And Archibald Cox 1.mp3
621001 Kennedy And Archibald Cox 2.mp3
621001 Kennedy And Creighton Abrams.mp3
621001 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 6.mp3
621001 Kennedy, Cyrus Vance, And Robert Mcnamara.mp3
621002 Evelyn Lincoln And William H. Brandt.mp3
621002 Kennedy And Cyrus Vance 1.mp3
621002 Kennedy And Cyrus Vance 2.mp3
621010 Evelyn Lincoln And Robert Troutman.mp3
621022 Evelyn Lincoln And Operator.mp3
621030 Burke Marshall And Ramsey Clarkmp3.mp3
621030 Jack Rosenthal And Evelyn Lincoln.mp3
621030 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 1.mp3
621030 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 2.mp3
621030 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 3.mp3
621030 Robert Kennedy And Cyrus Vance.mp3
621107 Kennedy And Edmund Gerald 'Pat' Brown.mp3
621107 Kennedy And Edward Kennedy.mp3
621107 Kennedy And John Connally 1.mp3
621107 Kennedy And John Connally 2.mp3
621107 Kennedy And John Connally 3.mp3
621107 Kennedy And John Connally 4.mp3
621107 Kennedy And William Guy (Gov Of Nd).mp3
621117 Kennedy & Unidentified Cuban Sabotage Plot.mp3
621117 Kennedy Eisenhower Skybold Bg 2.mp3
621217 Kennedy Eisenhower Skybold Bg 1.mp3
630228 Kennedy And Ed Edmondsonairline Merger.mp3
630228 Kennedy And George Meanylabor Leaders.mp3
630302 Kennedy And Mcgeorge Bundysurv Cuba.mp3
630302 Kennedy And Robert Kennedybay Of Pigs.mp3
630302 Kennedy And Robert Kennedybay Of Pigsgallup Poll.mp3
630302 Kennedy And Robert Kennedybay Of Pigsgallup2.mp3
630302 Kennedy And Robert Mcnamarasurv Cuba.mp3
630302 Kennedy And Theodore Kheelnewspaper Strike.mp3
630302 Kennedy Mcnamarasurv Cuba Nato.mp3
630304 Kennedy And Carl Kaysenbalance Of Trade.mp3
630304 Kennedy Mcgeorge Bundymccone Test Press.mp3
630304 Kennedy William Baggsinteramerican Exposition.mp3
630304 Kennedyremarks To Foreign Visitors.mp3
630304 Robert Kennedymccone Ttest Tfx Missile Crisis.mp3
630304 Robert Kennedymccone Ttest Tfx Missile Crisis2.mp3
630930 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 1.mp3
630930 Kennedy And Ross Barnett 2.mp3
630930 Robert Kennedy And Cyrus Vance.mp3
Kennedy Evelyn Lincoln Office Chatter.mp3
Kennedy Unidentified Brief Fragment.mp3
Kennedy Willard Wirtzny Newspaper Strike.mp3

Kennedy Nixon Debate 1960
Kennedy Nixon Debate 1 600926.mp3
Kennedy Nixon Debate 2 601007.mp3
Kennedy Nixon Debate 3 601013.mp3
Kennedy Nixon Debate 4 601021.mp3

Misc Short Clips
American University Commencement.mp3
'City Upon A Hill'.mp3
'Establishment Of The Peace Corps'.mp3
'Ich Bin Ein Berliner'.mp3
Kennedy & Eisenhower Discuss Cuban Crisis.mp3
Kennedy Dictates Letter To Wife Jackie.mp3
Kennedy Dictates Memo On French Nuclear Capability.mp3
Kennedy Dictates Notes Concerning Antidiem Coupsouth Vietnam.mp3
Kennedy Dictating A Letter To His Father.mp3
Kennedy Dictating Some Thoughts On Politics.mp3
Kennedy Meeting With General Douglas Macarthur.mp3
'President And The Press'.mp3
President Kennedy And Adlai Stevenson.mp3
President Kennedy Calls Former President Eisenhower.mp3
President Kennedy Calls Former President Hoover.mp3
President Kennedy Calls Former President Truman.mp3
'The Goal Of Sending A Man To The Moon'.mp3

JFK Assassination Coverage - Volume 3:
198 recordings - total playtime 18 hours 13 minutes

101 JFK's Breakfast Speech, Fort Worth.mp3
02 Arrival At Love Field.mp3
03 At The Scenethe Moment Of The Assassination.mp3
04 Speeding To Parkland.mp3
05 Various Reports From Parkland And Tsbd.mp3
06 Report Of JFK's Death.mp3
07 Report At Airplane With Johnson Swearing In.mp3
08 Johnson Swearing In.mp3
09 Arrival At Andrews Air Force Base.mp3
10 President Johnson'S First Statement.mp3
11 Oswald'S Denial Of Guilt.mp3
12 Court Charge Of Oswald.mp3
12 Reports Of Investigation.mp3
13 Oswald Being Shot.mp3
14 Oswald Announced Dead.mp3
630817 Bill Stuckey Interviews Lee Harvey Oswaldo.mp3
630821 Wdsu Radio Debate With Lee Harvey Oswald.mp3
631112 - 1 45 Pm Coverage.mp3
631112 - 2 45 Pm Coverage.mp3
631112 - 3 45 Pm Coverage.mp3
631112 - 4 45 Pm Coverage.mp3
631112 - 5 45 Pm Coverage.mp3
Ambulance Driver, November 22, 1963.mp3
Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Calls President Kennedy.mp3
Charles Bramm Eyewitness Account Of JFK's Assassination.mp3
Charles Brehm, Assassination Eyewitness.mp3
Clay Shaw Interview 1967.mp3
Conversation Between Air Force One & W House Situation Room.mp3
Coversations Between Crown And Wayside.mp3
Dallas DA Wade Oswald Charged With Tippit & Kennedy Murders.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1228.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1230a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1230b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1230c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1230d.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1230e.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1234a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1234b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1234c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1235a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1235b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1236a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1236b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1236c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1237a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1237b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1237c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1238a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1238b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1241a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1241b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1241c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1243.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1245a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1245b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1245c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1245d.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1246.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1247a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1247b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1249.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1253.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1254.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1255a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1255b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1255c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1255d.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1255e.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1308.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1316.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1318.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1319a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1319b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1322a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1322b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1324.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1325.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1326a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1326b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1326c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1332.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1333a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1333b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1334a.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1334b.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1334c.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1334d.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1334e.mp3
Dallas Police 631122 1345.mp3
Dallas Police Chief Curry JFK Visit Preparations 631118a.mp3
Dallas Police Chief Curry JFK Visit Preparations 631118b.mp3
Dallas Police Chief Curry Oswald Interrogation Progress.mp3
Dallas Police Chief Curry ''This Case Is Cinched'' 631123.mp3
Dallas Trademart Announcement Of JFK & Connally Shootings.mp3
Dean Rusk Reacts To JFK's Death.mp3
Death Adlai Stevenson Reacts To Assassination.mp3
Death Eisenhower Reacts To Assassination 631122.mp3
Death Lbj Makes First Public Address As President.mp3
Death Un'S 1 Minute Of Silence.mp3
Dwight Eisenhower Reacts To JFK's Death.mp3
Eric Leinsdorf Boston Symphony JFK Dead.mp3
Eugene Rostow Bill Moyers Phone Call 631124.mp3
Exerpt From Excomm Meeting On Cuban Missile Crisis.mp3
Eyewitness Lee Bowers.mpg
Eyewitness Report Of Oswald'S Arrest At Texas Theater.mp3
Former House Speaker Joseph Martin JFK's Death.mp3
Funeral 21 Gun Salute & Taps.mp3
Funeral Funeral March.mp3
Jack Ruby Trial Verdict.mp3
Jack Ruby Truth Will Never Come Out.mp3
Jean Hill JFK Assassination Account.mp3
JFK 631125.mp3
JFK Arrives Love Field 631122.mp3
JFK Assassination Airtoground Communications.mp3
JFK Death Adlai Stevenson.mp3
JFK Death Barry Goldwater.mp3
JFK Death Harry S. Truman.mp3
JFK Funeral 21 Gun Salute & Taps.mp3
JFK Funeral 50 Plane Salute.mp3
JFK Funeral Capital Building Music.mp3
JFK Funeral Death Dirge.mp3
JFK Funeral Flag Folding Ceremony Music.mp3
JFK Funeral Latin Mass.mp3
JFK Funeral National Anthem.mp3
JFK Funeral Processional.mp3
JFK Gunfire Dictabelt.mp3
JFK Motorcade.mp3
Jim Garrison Tour Around 544 Camp Street 1967.mp3
Kbox Dallas 631122.mp3
Klif Radio Broadcast, Dallas Texas, November 22, 1963.mp3
Klif TV Reporter Roy Nichols Covers Vigil Parkland Hospital.mp3
L B J 631122 Address To The Nation.mp3
L B J 631122 Swearing In As President.mp3
L B J 631123 First Presidential Proclamation.mp3
L B J 631125 J Edgar Hoover Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631125 Washing Post Columnist Joseph Alsop Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631126 Nyse Pres. Keith Funston Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631127 Eisenhower Press Secy' Jim Haggerty Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631127 Mrs. Governor Nellie Connally Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631127 NBC'S David Sarnoff Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631128 Sen Judiciary Chmn James Eastland Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1110 Et Senate Maj Leader Mike Mansfield.mp3
L B J 631129 1130 Et House Maj Whip Hale Boggs Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1311 Et House Maj Whip Hale Boggs Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1315 Et Advisor Abe Fortas Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1605 Et Senator Richard Russell Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1655 Et Speaker The House Otto Passman Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1720 Et (Approx) J Edgar Hoover Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1745 Et (Approx) Advisor Abe Fortas Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 1837 Et House Majority Leader Carl Albert Call.mp3
L B J 631129 2030 Et Senator Thomas Kuchel Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631129 2055 Et Senator Richard Russell Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631130 Cia Director Mccone Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631130 Federal Reserve Board Chmn William Martin Call.mp3
L B J 631202 Jacqueline Kennedy Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631202 Wasgton Post Pres Katherine Graham Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631206 Senator B. Everett Jordan Phone Call (Except).mp3
L B J 631207 Jacqueline Kennedy Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631208 Mrs. Senator Bill Green Phone Call.mp3
L B J 631218 Governor John Connally Phone Call.mp3
L B J 640501 Press Sec'Y George Reedy Phone Call.mp3
L B J 640927 Natl Secty Adv Mcgeorge Bundy Phone Call.mp3
L B J 641118 Senator Russell Phone Call.mp3
L B J 661226 Press Secretary Bill Moyers Phone Call.mp3
L B J 670202 Acting Attrny General Ramsey Clark Phone Call.mp3
Mutual Radio Bulletin JFK Dead 631122.mp3
NBC TV Coverage Part 1.mp3
NBC TV Coverage Part 2.mp3
NBC TV Coverage Part 3.mp3
NBC TV Coverage Part 4.mp3
NBC TV Coverage Part 5.mp3
NBC TV Coverage Part 6.mp3
Nellie Connally 631123 Husband'S Status.mp3
News Coverage Of Motorcade Just Prior To Shooting.mp3
Nj Gov. Hughes Reacts To JFK's Death.mp3
Ny Gov. Rockefeller Reacts To JFK's Death.mp3
Official Kennedy Death Announcement.mp3
Oswald Assassination Live.mp3
Oswald Denies Charges & Acts Of Violence.mp3
Oswald ''I'm Just A Patsy!''.mp3
Oswald New Orleans 6308.mp3
Oswald Request For Legal Assistance.mp3
Oswald Shot Cbs Tv, November 24, 1963.mp3
Oswald Shot NBC Tv, November 24, 1963.mp3
Oswaldbringuier Debate.mp3
Oswald's Landord Earlene Roberts.mp3
Pope Paul Vi Address On JFK's Assassination.mp3
Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield Reaction To JFK Death.mp3
Senate Minority Leader Dirksen Reaction To JFK's Death.mp3
Senator Richard Russell JFK's Death.mp3
Sgt. Jerry Hill The Arrest Of Oswald.mp3
St. Matthew's Bell Tolls For JFK.mp3
Thurgood Marshall JFK's Death.mp3
United Nations 1 Minute Of Silence For JFK.mp3
Walter Cronkite 'President Kennedy Is Dead' Broadcast.mp3
Walter Cronkite 'President Kennedy Shot' Broadcast.mp3
Wfaa TV Dallas Interviews Abraham Zapruder.mp3
Wfaa TV Dallas Reports Death Pres Parkland Hospital.mp3
Wfaa TV Dallas Reports Shooting President Kennedy.mp3

JFK Extras - Volume 4:
Contains an extensive collection of transcripts, images, and a few videos documenting the life and death of JFK

Film Footage
Abraham Zapruder assassination film (zoomed-in).mpg
Abraham Zapruder stabilized assassination film.mpg
Marie Muchmore assassination film.mpg
Orville Nix assassination film.mpg

Film FootageZapruder Film Frame by Frame (486 Images)

Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll, just after motorcade has left #1.jpg
Grassy Knoll, just after motorcade has left #2.jpg
Moments after the shots are fired, Grassy Knoll #1.jpg
Moments after the shots are fired, Grassy Knoll #2.jpg
Moments after the shots are fired, Grassy Knoll #3.jpg
Moments after the shots are fired, Grassy Knoll #4.jpg
Moments after the shots are fired, Grassy Knoll #5.jpg
People run to Grassy Knoll area, following shots.jpg
Police React To 'shots' From Grassy Knoll (Full View).jpg
Police React To 'shots' From Grassy Knoll.jpg
Spectators look towards Grassy Knoll.jpg
Spectators, police search Grassy Knoll (large scan).jpg
Spectators, police search Grassy Knoll.jpg

01 View of left side of head.jpg
02 Top Of Head With View Of Chest-Taken Before Y Incision.jpg
03 Referred To As The 'stare Of Death' Image.jpg
04 View Of Rear Of Head (With Body Turned On It's Side).jpg
05 View Of Back Wound (Body Is Pulled Up On It's Side).jpg
06 Top of head with scalp pulled to the left.jpg
07 View showing right side of head-entry wound right temple.jpg
08 View of Posterior Occipital Region with Scalp Reflected.jpg

Loading JFK Casket
Jackie Kennedy enters into Air Force One.jpg
Loading The President's Casket, Love Field #1.jpg
Loading The President's Casket, Love Field #2.jpg
Loading The President's Casket, Love Field #3.jpg
Loading The President's Casket, Love Field #4.jpg

Misc Documents
Assassination Records Review Board Final Report (1998).pdf
FBI and Assassination Records Review Board Files.pdf
House Select Committee on Assassinations (1976).pdf
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Secret Service Files.pdf
Kennedy Family Genealogy Material.pdf
Kennedy Khrushchev Correspondences.pdf
LEE HARVEY OSWALD in his own words.rtf
News Media Article.txt
The Warren Commission Report On The Kennedy Assassination.pdf
White House Central Files.pdf

Misc Images
Abraham Zapruder (right) describes assassination, WFAA-TV.jpg
Bobby & Jackie Kennedy leaving hospital.jpg
Dallas police guard the murder scene of Officer J.D.Tippit.jpg
Dallas Police interrogation room #1.jpg
Dallas Police interrogation room #2.jpg
Dallas Police interrogation room #3.jpg
Dallas police take Jack Ruby into custody.jpg
Dealey Plaza motorcade route.jpg
Dealey Plaza, police speeding away #1.jpg
Dealey Plaza, police speeding away #2.jpg
J.D.Tippit autopsy.jpg
Jack Ruby prepares to fire his gun at Oswald 631124.jpg
Jacqueline Kennedy enters ambulance.jpg
Jacqueline Kennedy enters hearse.jpg
James Altgens photo of motorcade on Elm Street.jpg
James Altgens photo of motorcade on Houston Street.jpg
James Altgens photo, Presidential motorcade 63.11.22.jpg
Kennedys & Connallys in the motorcade #1.jpg
Kennedys & Connallys in the motorcade #2.jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald Marine Corp ID photo.jpg
Lyndon B. Johnson sworn in as President.jpg
Malcolm Kilduff Assist Wh House Press Secretary 631122.jpg
Motorcade entering the Grassy Knoll area.jpg
Police holding Mannlicher-Carcano.jpg
President & Mrs. Kennedy in motorcade moments before.jpg
President Johnson wife Lady Bird console Jacqueline Kennedy.jpg
President Kennedy greets crowd hotel Ft Worth 631122.jpg
President Kennedy Jacqueline Kennedy breakfast in Fort Worth.jpg
President Kennedy speaking in Fort Worth 631122.jpg
Presidential limousine on Elm Street.jpg
Presidential limousine speeding away from Dealey Plaza.jpg
Presidential limousine speeds towards the triple underpass.jpg
Presidential limousine, before turning onto Main Street.jpg
Presidential motorcade after shots (larger scan).jpg
Presidential motorcade after shots.jpg
Presidential motorcade has just left the Grassy Knool area.jpg
Presidential motorcade in route #1.jpg
Presidential motorcade in route #2.jpg
Presidential motorcade prior Kennedy below Stemmons sign.jpg
Presidential motorcade prior shots.jpg
Presidential motorcade prior to entering Dealey Plaza.jpg
Secret Service vehicle follows Pres limo Dealey Plaza.jpg

214 Neely Street home of Lee & Marina Oswald.jpg
Lee & Marina in Minsk with newborn June Oswald.jpg
Lee & Marina on main square in Minsk.jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald age 13 (circa late 1951 or early 1952).jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald age 8.jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald Dallas Police mug shot (large scan).jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald teenager in New Orleans (circa 1954-56).jpg
Lee Harvey Oswald USMarine (October 26 1956).jpg
Mortally wounded Oswald being transported.jpg
Murder of Oswald by Ruby shown live on NBC 631124.jpg
National Archives and Records (1998).pdf
Oswald arrested for death of Officer JDTippit (631122).jpg
Oswald at Friday Evening News Conference.jpg
Oswald Beauregard Junior High School (1954-1955).jpg
Oswald funeral Marina-wife Robert-bro Marguerite-mother.jpg
Oswald in custody Dallas Police Headquarters #1 (full view).jpg
Oswald in custody Dallas Police Headquarters #1.jpg
Oswald in custody Dallas Police Headquarters #2.jpg
Oswald in custody Dallas Police Headquarters #3.jpg
Oswald is escorted by Dallas police officers.jpg
Oswald Kuznetsova German Pavel Golovachev (Minsk Russia).jpg
Oswald mug shot #1.jpg
Oswald mug shot #2.jpg
Oswald passing leaflets New Orleans Trade Mart 630809.jpg
Oswald passing out Fair Play for Cuba leaflets.jpg
Oswald passing out leaflets International Trade Mart 2.jpg
Oswald passing out leaflets International Trade Mart.jpg
Oswald questioned in Dallas police headquarters.jpg
Oswald shot by Jack Ruby 631124.jpg
Oswald spokesman Fair Play for Cuba Committee (WDSU-TV).jpg
Oswald under arrest in New Orleans.jpg
Oswald with Detective MG Hall (left).jpg
Oswald's Coffin Being Interred.jpg
Oswald's Funeral At Rose Hill Cemetery.jpg
Oswald's Funeral Family In Background.jpg
Oswald's Funeral Service Order.jpg
Oswald's funeral site - Rosehill Cemetery.jpg
Oswald's Rented Room Looking Northeast (631122).jpg
Oswald's Rented Room Looking Northwest (631122).jpg
Oswald's Room 1026 N Beckley Landlady Gladys Johnson-left.jpg
Presidential motorcade route Dallas Texas November 22 1963.png
The Women In Lee Oswald's Life.jpg
Where Oswald shot Ruby basement Dallas Police HQ #2.jpg
Where Oswald shot Ruby basement of Dallas Police HQ #3.jpg
Where Oswald shot Ruby basement of Dallas Police HQ.jpg
Where Oswald sitting when police entered the Texas Theatre.jpg
Wounded Oswald arrives at Parkland Hospital.jpg
Wounded Oswald wheeled into ambulance #2.jpg
Wounded Oswald wheeled into ambulance.jpg
Wounded Oswald wheeled out of police headquarters.jpg

01 Oswald autopsy.jpg
02 Oswald autopsy.jpg
03 Oswald autopsy.jpg
04 Oswald autopsy.jpg
05 Oswald autopsy.jpg
06 Oswald autopsy.jpg
Oswald lying in state.jpg
Oswald, deceased, leaving Parkland Hospital.jpg

Presidential Limo [WARNING VERY GRAPHIC]
Presidential limousine, back seat #1.jpg
Presidential limousine, back seat #2.jpg
Presidential limousine, back seat #3.jpg
Presidential limousine, back seat #4.jpg

Presidential Pics
Ambassador & Mrs. Kennedy London.jpg
Dwight Eisenhower President-elect John Kennedy (Dec 1960).jpg
Indian Ambassador Nehru John Kennedy Oval Office.jpg
Jacquie & JFK Jr.jpg
JFK & Caroline.jpg
JFK & Jacqueline Love Field.jpg
JFK & McNamara With Shah of Iran.jpg
JFK & McNamara.jpg
JFK & Mrs Watch Americas Cup Race.jpg
JFK & RFK Oval Office Door 63.jpg
JFK &JFK Jr Beached Rowboat Newport RI.jpg
JFK 63 Meets March on Washington Leaders.jpg
JFK 8 Years Old.jpg
JFK Across From Brandenburg Gate.jpg
JFK American University Commencement Speech.jpg
JFK Announces New CIA Director.jpg
JFK Arrives at Hammersmith Farm.jpg
JFK Birthday Party 63.jpg
JFK Children Dance In Oval Office.jpg
JFK Desk Portrait.jpg
JFK Cover.jpg
JFK Family Hyannisport.jpg
JFK Greets Eisenhower Camp David.jpg
JFK Greets Latin American Archivists.jpg
JFK Harvard Yearbook 1940.jpg
JFK Inspects John Glenn 'Friendship 7'' Space Craft Int.jpg
JFK Meets March On Washington Leaders Color.jpg
JFK Meets Soviets Oval Office 621018.jpg
JFK on PT-109.jpg
JFK On Us Coast Guard Yacht ''manitou'' Maine 1.jpg
JFK On Us Coast Guard Yacht ''manitou'' Maine 2.jpg
JFK Plays With JFK Jr West Wing.jpg
JFK Portrait Photo Color.jpg
JFK Signs Cuba Quarantine Proclamation B&W.jpg
JFK Signs Cuba Quarantine Proclamation Color.jpg
JFK Smokes Cigar Aboard ''honey Fitz''.jpg
JFK Telephones AMVETS Convention in NYC.jpg
JFK Watches Flight of Alan Shepard.jpg
JFK White House Portrait.jpg
JFK With Children Halloween.jpg
JFK With French Finance Minister D'estaing.jpg
JFK With Kennedy Clan Children Hyannisport.jpg
John F. Kennedy - portrait (1961).jpg
John Kennedy Lyndon Johnson 1960 Presidential campaign.jpg
John Kennedy Nikita Khruchchev Vienna (May 1961).jpg
Kennedy Bros & J. Edgar Hoover.jpg
LBJ Takes Presidential Oath.jpg
Nikita Khrushchev John Kennedy Vienna (June 1961).jpg
Sen John Kennedy VP Richard Nixon 1st TV debates (1960).jpg

Texas School Book Depository
Additional view of 6th floor window (from inside).jpg
Angle showing boxes stacked behind window.jpg
Police bring out evidence from School Book Depository.jpg
Police exam 6th floor window area.jpg
Police holding recovered Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.jpg
Sixth floor of the School Book Depository (closer view).jpg
Sixth floor of the School Book Depository (window half-open).jpg
The 6th floor of the TSBD, after the shooting.jpg
View from 6th floor window (colour).jpg
View from 6th Floor window looking at Houston Street #1.jpg
View from 6th Floor window looking at Houston Street #2.jpg
View from Dal-Tex building behind TSBD.jpg
View of the motorcade route from 6th floor window.jpg
Viewing the 6th floor window from the inside.jpg
Warren Commision exhibit image, 6th floor window (inside).jpg
Warren Commission Exhibit 1312.jpg
Where empty cartridges were found.jpg
Where Mannlicher-Carcano rifle was found on the 6th floor.jpg

Texas Theater
Texas Theater, arrest of Oswald #1.jpg
Texas Theater, arrest of Oswald #2.jpg
Texas Theater, arrest of Oswald #3.jpg
Texas Theatre Day After Pres Kennedy's Assassination.jpg
Where Oswald was sitting when police entered Theatre.jpg

600102 Announcement of Candidacy for the Presidency.txt
600114 National Press Club, Washington, D.C..txt
600715 Acceptance of the Democratic Party Nomination.txt
600715 Accepts Democratic Nomination.txt
600912 Greater Houston Ministerial Assoc Rice Hotel.txt
6010014 University of Michigan (Proposes Peace Corp).txt
610109 Address to General Court of Massachusetts.txt
610120 Inagural Address.txt
610120 Inauguration Speech.txt
610301 Establishes Peace Corp.txt
610301 Establishment of the Peace Corps.txt
610313 Address to Diplomatic Corp of Latin America.txt
610420 Bay of Pigs Amer. Society of Newspaper Editors.txt
610427 American Newspaper Publishers Assoc Address.txt
610427 The President and the Press.txt
610525 Announces Moon Project.txt
610725 Address To Nation on Berlin Crisis.txt
610925 Un ''3 Horses Of The Troika'' Speech.txt
620120 Inaugural Anniversary Inaugural Parody.txt
620323 University of California, Berkeley Address.txt
620611 Commencement Speech Yale University.txt
620704 Independence Hall Address.txt
620912 Address on Space Rice University.txt
620914 Americas Cup Dinner.txt
620930 Address on Situation at University of Mississippi.txt
621022 Cuban Missile Crisis Speech.txt
630610 Commencement, American University (Begins Detente).txt
630611 Civil Rights Speech.txt
630626 ''Ich Bin Ein Berliner'' Rudolph Wilde Platz.txt
630628 Irish Parliament Address.txt
630726 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Speech.txt
630801 Remarks at the U.S. Naval Academy.txt
630817 Bill Stuckey Interviews Lee Harvey Oswaldo.rtf
630920 U.N. Address.txt
631026 Robert Frost Library at Amherst College Remarks.txt
631121 Dedication of Aerospace Medical Health Center.txt
Eyewitness Lee Bowers.rtf
FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA COMMITTEE debate over station WDSU.rtf
Kennedy Nixon Debate 1 600926.txt
Kennedy Nixon Debate 2 601007.txt
Kennedy Nixon Debate 3 601013.txt
Kennedy Nixon Debate 4 601021.txt

TranscriptsPress Conferences
JFK 610125 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610201 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610208 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610215 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610301 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610308 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610315 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610323 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610412 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610421 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610522 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610602 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610628 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610719 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610810 Press Conference.txt
JFK 610830 Press Conference.txt
JFK 611011 Press Conference.txt
JFK 611108 Press Conference.txt
JFK 611129 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620115 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620124 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620131 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620207 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620211 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620214 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620307 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620314 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620321 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620329 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620411 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620418 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620509 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620517 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620523 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620607 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620614 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620627 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620705 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620723 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620801 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620822 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620829 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620913 Press Conference.txt
JFK 620926 Press Conference.txt
JFK 621120 Press Conference.txt
JFK 621212 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630124 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630207 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630214 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630403 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630424 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630508 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630522 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630624 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630717 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630801 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630820 Press Conference.txt
JFK 630912 Press Conference.txt
JFK 631009 Press Conference.txt
JFK 631031 Press Conference.txt
JFK 631114 Press Conference.txt

WWII PT109 Images
Crew of PT-109 with skipper Jack Kennedy (far right).jpg
Kennedy age 24, Ensign in the Navy (1941).jpg
Kennedy at the controls of PT-109 (#1).jpg
Kennedy at the controls of PT-109 (#2).jpg
Kennedy In the Solomon Islands (1943).jpg
Kennedy recvs Navy & Marine Corp medal Gallantry 440612.jpg



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