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 Harry S Truman Speeches

1 MP3 CD - 37 episodes


"Last Speech as President"
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Churchill Truman Stalin
Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, and Joseph Stalin

Lauren Bacall & Truman
Harry Truman and Lauren Bacall
Harry Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. He became president after the death of the previous president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was sworn in on April 12, 1945 a little less than a month before Germany surrendered in World War II and less than three months after President Roosevelt started his historic fourth presidential term.

When President Truman ascended to the presidency, he had no experience in foreign politics, knew nothing about the Manhattan Project that produced the world's first atomic bomb, and he didn't know much about domestic politics. President Roosevelt didn't discuss these things with him. Truman became Vice President through a deal brokered by the Democratic National Committee chairman never thinking that Truman would become president. Truman presided over the final few months of World War II, finally giving his authorization to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Harry TrumanDuring his two terms as president he faced many challenges. As a matter of fact, no one expected Truman to be re-elected to the presidency in 1948. In the years immediately after the war, moving the country back to  a post war economy was painful. There were shortages and strikes. Congress passed the Taft-Hartley Act that monitors labor union activity, overriding the president's veto resulting in a speech to the American public. President Harry Truman created The Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) to prepare and educate the public about the threat of a nuclear attack as well as natural disasters. 

One of the presidents unwritten duties is to address the nation on various issues or to speak at important events. President Truman addressed the nation on several subjects including addressing the crisis in Greece and Turkey. The president needed to explain to the American people that the US was providing military and economic aid to the countries to prevent them falling under the influence of the communist regime in the Soviet Union. This policy was known as the Truman Doctrine. See also recordings of Harry Truman's daughter, Margaret Truman.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

37 recordings - total playtime 9 hours 54 minutes

450416 Joint Session Of Congress
450417 Address Broadcast To Armed Forces
450508 Announcing Surrender Of Germany Version 2
450508 Surrender Of Germany
450626 San Francisco At Closing Session Of United Nations Conference
450809 Radio Report To American People On Potsdam Conference
451027 Address On Foreign Policy At Navy Day Celebration In New York City
460406 Chicago On Army Day
460524 Radio Address To American People On Railroad Strike Emergency
470303 Mexico City
470312 Special Message Congress Greece & Turkey Truman Doctrine
470312 Truman Doctrine
470620 Vote Of Tafthartley Bill
470629 National Convention Of Naacp
471117 Special Message To Congress On First Day Of Special Session
480317 St. Patricks Day New York City
480605 Omaha At Reunion Of 35 Th Division
480715 Dnc Acceptance Speech
480715 Philadelphia Upon Accepting Nomination Of Dnc
480727 Message To Special Session Of 80 Th Congress
490105 Annual Message To Congress On State Of Union
490120 Inaugural Address
490404 Address On Occasion Of Signing Of North Atlantic Treaty
490719 Chicago Before Imperial Council Session Of Shrine Of North America
491024 New York City At Cornerstone Laying Of United Nations Building
500628 Address Before Annual Convention Of American Newspaper Guild
500719 Radio And Television Address To American People On Situation In Korea
501215 Radio And Television Report To American People On National Emergency
510411 Radio Report To American People On Korea And On U.s. Policy In Far East
510411 Report To Americans Abt Korea
510507 Address At A Dinner Of Civil Defense Conference
510625 Tullahoma Tenn. At Dedication Of Arnold Engineering Development Center
520315 29 Th Scholastic Press Ass.
520329 Jefferson Jackson Day Address
521022 Campaign Speech
530115 Last Speech As President
530115 Presidents Farewell Address To American People Excerpt



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