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 Random Rarities 05

1 MP3 CD - 49 episodes


"Michael Piper Private Detective"
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Rare Drama, Music, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Detective, Crime, Adventure and Science Fiction (1940s-1950s)

Slapsie MaxieMary MarlinBoxers, big noses, feisty parrots, and famous architects work together to bring you another exciting collection of random rarities. Many shows in this collection are the only known existing episodes of these programs. You'll enjoy comedy, adventure, historic news, music, drama, police stories, and more!

Not one, but two exciting shows in this collection start with the phrase, "You think you're smart? Meet Your Match, the 1949 quiz show wants to know just how smart you are. Contestants pick their opponents by their occupation. You have a choice of a shoe repairman, underwear salesman, cake decorator, and retail grocer. Tune in and see if the flutist is brighter than the cobbler! Another show, Bunco Squad, continues, "Nobody's fool? Brother you can be taken! This detective and adventure show takes bunco stories from the police record and dramatizes them for your pleasure.

If you can't hold it any longer, bust loose with such comedies as Meet Me at Parky's. Listen in and laugh on with Parky, the head cook and bottle washer at a Greek beanery. Parky was a character created by Harry Einstein and originally debuted.. Then there's the rare show, Slapsie Maxie, starring Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, the former Light Heavyweight Champion of theWorld turned comic.

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If adventure, drama, and detective shows are your bag, listen in on Missing Persons, a New York cop show. Or enjoy the Story of Mary Marlin, a globetrotting soap opera of a female US Senator. Or tune to Michael Piper, Private Detective. Sponsored by Spur soft drink, Michael presents a thrilling story where he attends an auction gone wild. During the bidding he spots a Portuguese sailor with one arm sporting a parrot and the other one knifing a Swede.

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SmilingIf you've got stars in your eyes, your ears will match when you listen to Millions for Defense, a show put on by the US Treasury, starring Don Ameche, Betty Davis, Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Tyrone Powers, and others. Then there's the Comedy Caravan, hosted by Jimmy Durante and Gary Moore. Or perhaps you are in the mood for adventure with playboy Errol Flynn, starring in Modern Adventures of Cassanova.

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Spur Soda - Zip in every sip!Other rarities include the Burl Ives Show, your wayfarin' stranger and friendly troubadour, who sings old cowboy favorites like Jimmy Crack Corn and Get Along Little Doggies. And they're right when they say "By Golly, it's smart to mind your manners! on Mind Your Manners, a teenage confession, question and answer show from 1948 where teens give teens advice on letters written in each week. Then there's Michael Wallace's show where he interviews Frank Lloyd Wright. On the serious side, there's the Cold War News, a fascinating and historical news program from the early 1950s.

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So "you think you're smart? Well then, grab a copy of Random Rarities Five today, and enjoy more wise-cracking, gumshoeing, and old navy tunes than you could possibly shake a stick at!

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(Please note that some of the rare recordings in this collection may be of inferior sound quality.)

See also Random Rarities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

49 shows - total playtime 21 hours 23 minutes

Breakfast At Sardi's 420601 Lum & Abner Interview
Bunco Squad - Case of the Bookworm
Burl Ives 461219 15 Cowboy Songs
Burl Ives 461221 17 'i'll Go No More A Roving'
Burl Ives 471128 Songs Of The Seas
Cold War News 510617
Cold War News Commentary On McCarthy Murrow
Cold War News Edw.R.Murrow Sen.mccarthy
Comedy Caraven - Durante and Moore with Georgia Gibbs-1944-AFRS
Crime Doctor 147 Case Of The Bad Actor
Life Can be Beautiful 471107
Martin Kane, Private Detective - Part 1
Martin Kane, Private Detective - Part 2
Martin Kane, Private Detective - Untitled
Mary Margaret Mcbride 450112 W Carole Landis
Masters Of Mystery Murder In Haste (v)
Masters Of Mystery No One Will Ever Know (v)
Masters Of Mystery Success Story (v)
Maxwell House Showboat W Bob Hope
Maytag Follies 290301 W Coon Saunders Nighthawks
Me & Janie 491020 Only Show
Meet Me at Parky's - Parky Gets Engaged 1945-06-24 #2
Meet Me In St Louis 500917 The Suffragettes
Meet The Menjous 002
Meet The Menjous 009
Meet The Menjous 091 Parties And Slang
Meet The Menjous 092 Luck
Meet The Menjous 179 Lies And Personality
Meet The Menjous 180 Choosing Pictures
Meet The Ruggles 571218 01 The Drivers Test
Meet The Ruggles 571219 02 A Strict Schedule3
Meet Your Match 491217 Quiz
Melody Hour 460610 142 Buddy Clark Percy Faith
Mercer Music Shop 01
Mercer Music Shop 02
Mgm Musical Comedy Theater 520220 08 Yolanda And The Thief
Michael Piper Private Det 420206 Ernie Basin Murder
Mighty Casey 470628 The Pottsdown Panthers
Mike Wallace Interviews 1948 01 Frank Lloyd Wright
Mike Wallace Interviews 1948 02 Frank Lloyd Wright
Mildred Bailey Show 441020 Teddy Wilson, Red Norve
Millions For Defence 410730 05 With Jack Benny
Mind Your Manners 480626 Should Young Girls Teavel Alone
Mirth & Melody 481202 Minstrel Show, New Orleans
Miss Pinkerton Inc 410721 01 The Bentley Emerald
Missing Persons Alarm For Old Man
Modern Adv. Of Cassanova 520522 W Errol Flynn
Moment Of Peril Aud Grey Kidnapping
Moment Of Peril Secret Fear
Moon Mullins 470131 Moon's Shoes
Moon Mullins Aud Suit Of Armor
Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom 480908 W C Francis,,a Carney, G Moore
Story Of Mary Marlin 400104
Story Of Mary Marlin 440607
The Erie Basin Murder Case - Michael Piper - Feb 6, 1942
Us Steel Hour 530426 George Orwell's 1984
Wbbm Mobil Gas News Service 420420



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