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1 MP3 CD - 109 episodes

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GE Model k43Front and Center, old time radio fans, OTRCAT.com Sampler #10, has the seal...Christmas Seal of approval with an Atlantic Spotlight on Gallant American Women in American Heritage.  

We wanted to give you a Behind the Scenes look at the great new collections in  OTRCAT.com Sampler #10.  It's a High Moment on Cloud Nine (an Air Castle) with the Devil and Mrs. O.  You just might Request Performance from Paul Winchell, Rudy Vallee, Bing Crosby with Rosemary Clooney, and more included in the collection.

OTRCAT.com Sampler #10 reminds you of Memories of Hawaii on High Adventure with Houseboat Hanna and Men at Sea but keep a lookout for Easy Money from Forbidden Cargo. If you do spot trouble make a Police Report and Sound of War, because the Sports Answer Man may not help even after 30 Minutes in Hollywood.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

109 shows - total playtime 44 hours 28 minutes

Aladdin Lamp 08 Five Foot Blue Eyes Of Blue
Alan Freed's Rock 'n' Roll Dance Party #12
Ambassadors Of Melodyland 1931 01 What Is This Thing Called Love
America First Committee 410523 Charles Lindbergh Against US WWII
American Heritage Man Who Sat On Apple Barrel
Any Bonds Today 420204 Henry Fonda
Atlantic Spotlight 441021
Behind the Scenes in Hollywood Irene Dunn & Joan Blondell
Bing Crosby Rosemary Clooney 620504 In A Little Spanish Town
Birds Eye Open House 450517 073 Dream
Camel Caravan 391004 Pick A Rib
Carter Sisters 01 Cimmaron Audition
Case For Dr Morelle 570521 05 Blackmailer
CBS European News 400815 Bad Weather Forces Germany To Reduce Air Raids
Chase & Sanborn 311213 14 Its Wonderful Weather For Love
Chesterfield Supper Club 490630
Christmas Seals 510000 Fibber Mcgee And Molly
Cloud Nine 500314 Paris
Cowboy Slim Reinhart Moon Hangs Low On Ohio
Crime Files Of Flamond 440418 Squealing Duck
Date With Duke 450512 400 Restaurant NYC Carnegie Blues
Dave Garroway Show 500109 Mel Torme & Dick Powell
December Bride 520615 Lillie Meets Ceral Co Owner
Defense Attorney 520410 0032 Joshua Masters
Devil and Mr O 710917 01 Alley Cat
Don Drysdales Bullpen 271 Jim Marshalls Determination
Easy Money 541003 01 Football Pool Racket Premiere
Ed Wynn Happy Island
Eddy Arnold Social Security Show 650000 A Fool Such As I
Eddy Duchin Show Best Things In Life Are Free With Georgia Gibbs
Europe Confidential 31 Blackmailed Spy
Falstaffs Fables 48 Pied Piper of Hamlin 1950
Five After Hour 450523 Man Without A Face
Forbidden Cargo 550207 Opium Dens
Four for the Fifth 440617 3 The Laughter
Front And Center 470817 07 Burns & Allen Ronald Reagan
Gallant American Women 391107 02 Women & Peace
Greatest Sports Thrill 1956 Parry O'Brian
Heroes Merchant Marine 460124 006 Capt. Gus Warren Darnell
High Adventure 500924 East Side Beat
High Moment 560208 01 A Doctor Comes To Gladesburg
Hillbilly Review 1948 Afrs Guest Terry Preston Ferlin Husky
Hobby Lobby 1935 Arthur Williamson, Fingerless Pianist
Hollywood Byline 500208 08 Guest David Niven
Hollywood Radio Theater Birds
Hollywood Sound Stage 511227 03 Call Northside 777
Houseboat Hanna 390616 Abe Goes Away On Business
In Person Dinah Shore 420619 08 Three Little Sisters
Jackie Gleason Les Tremayne Show 440813 Amor Edgar Bergen
Jill Corey Sings 1957 Oh My Do I
Jimmie Fidler Hollywood Show Biz News
Joe Palooka 1932 Championship Fight W Quinn Jones
Joyce Jordan 471027
Jump Jump & Ice Queen 481122 01 Tim Meets Jump Jump
Junior Miss 530106 Judy Wants To Be an Actress
Kaltenborn Edits News 410527 Sinking Of Bismarck
Lands Of The Free 420824 08 Liberty, Equality & Fraternity
Lear 460630 Bikini Atomic Test
Lux SA 671113 0916 Sacred Flame
March Of Dimes 1953 Summer Concert Alec Templeton
Meet Menjous 500000 091 What Makes A Successful Party
Meet Mr McNutley 540422 32 New Desk
Memories Of Hawaii 01 My Honolulu
Men At Sea 430801 5 Pacific Lifeline
Mitch Miller Show 610715 Jonathan Winters
Monticello Party Line 380427 673
Mrs Eleanor Roosevelts Own Program 400430 First Show
Murder Will Out 460508 Swindled Song Writer
NBC Star Playhouse 540103 Champion
New Theater 510708 05 Willow Cabin
Now Hear This 510624 01 Fire At Sea
Old Corral 410000 033 Out West To Texas
Pabst 471127 049 Thanksgiving Program
Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts 560912 Saxton Vs Basilio
Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney Show 440710 Jerrys Birthday Bicycle
Pick And Pat 370531 Pat Plays Harmonica Parts 13
Plantation Party 430000 Mary Lou
Police Report 24 Murder For Hire
Raffles 421104 Imposter
Request Performance 451007 01 A Tour Of New Orleans Ronald Colman
Roller Derby 380923 01
Rudy Vallee Royal Gelatin Hour 380505 Boris Karloff
Secret Missions 490306 Iron Curtain Escape
Sound Of War 04 Sitzkrieg Phoney War
Sports Answer Man 017 Oldest Golf Tournament
Sportsmens Club 431211 Lady Was A Flop
Story Behind Headlines 380217 Appeasement Marches On 1
Story Behind the Song 1930 30 Battle Cry of Freedom, by George Root
Tales Of Frightened 571216Chung Ling Soo
Telephone Hour 440911 097 Marian Anderson
That Brewster Boy 410000 Joey Runs Away From Home
Thats Rich 531121 Rich Meets Freckles Audition
The Adventurers Club 470208 5 Lost Tomb Pt.01
The Air Castle 131
Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 380227 21 Tribute To Vaudeville
This Is My Story 430000 12 I Am A Deserter
This Is Story 063 City Of London Mary Pickford
This Is War 420214 Number One
Time Out 451015 013 Fireplaces
Tman 500429 Bleeding Gold
Town And Country Time 95 Here We Are Weve Gone Too Far
Town Hall Tonight 360219 072 Fatal Shot
US Steel Hour Of Mystery Journey Into Fear 1946
Vallee Varieties 410116 046 Horror Story Reh
Waltz Time 410530 A Madrigal Of May
What Are We Fighting For 420402 1 Road To War
Which is Which 441206 Frances Langford, Sidney Greenstreet
Your Story Parade 01 Valiant Little Tailor


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