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 Romance of Helen Trent

1 MP3 CD - 12 episodes


"Walks Into A Trip"
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Soap Opera (1933 - 1960)

Romance of Helen TrentThe Romance of Helen Trent was one of the most beloved of all the old time radio shows, and its loyal fans faithfully followed, year after year, the unending triumphs and heartbreaks of their glamorous star-crossed friend, Hollywood dress designer Helen Trent. Like a good friend, Helen was there for them, sharing her innermost secrets in heartbreaking fifteen-minute slices, for nearly three decades. The grand romance finally ended after over 7, 200 episodes in 1960. In fact, Helen outlived most of network radio!

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Virginia Clark and David Gothard both starred on Romance of Helen Trent
Virginia Clark ('Helen'-center),
and David Gothard (left), from the
The Romance of Helen Trent
The man on the right was unidentified.
Produced by the classic radio production team of Frank and Anne Hummert, They did other classic soaps, such as Ma Perkins and Just Plain Bill, as well as detective dramas like Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons. In the mid-1930s, the Hummerts had prolific writer Bob Andrews crafting Helen Trent, Just Plain Bill, Skippy and Judy and Jane and more each week - more than 35 installments!

The Romance of Helen Trent was a bastion of soap opera formula. First and foremost was the obvious theme of god and bad, joy and calamity, conscience and impulse. Melodrama is what the critics call it. Fans call it real life, if perhaps a little dramatic. But so listenable! Virginia Clark and then Julie Stevens played Helen for many years each. An honor role of radio actors played villains and friends alike, though sometimes it seemed they were both at the same time! Helen was schemed after by Hollywood moguls, directors, attorneys, oilmen, millionaire ranchers, world travelers, even a mad hypnotist!

Romance of Helent Trent advertisementBut Gil Whitney was her abiding love for over 18 episodic years. Gil Whitney, a "brilliant and prominent attorney," became at one point a secret government agent. Then he was paralyzed in a train wreck. Finally, he married not Helen but her nemesis, worldly writer Margo Brooks. Over the years, three actors including Marvin Miller played Gil.

Of course, the plots never let an uncertain emotion go unnoticed. Even death was a part of the show. In fact, the show ended with Helen waiting for the momentary return of her beloved on a balcony that suddenly collapses with a sickening crash! Silence. Then we hear Gil's plaintive voice, calling "Helen, it's Gil… Helen!"

For more soap opera and human drama, see One Man's Family, Family Doctor, Doctor Christian, The Doctors' Wife, and Green Valley Line. Of course, there are many, many family radio comedy shows, such as The Life of Riley, Father Knows Best, My Favorite Husband, Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The Great Gildersleeve, The Goldbergs, and Life with Luigi.

This collection is in the extensive Hummert Radio Factory Collection. Called the parents of soap opera, Anne and Frank Hummert also created Betty and Bob, Front Page Farrell, Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons, Ma Perkins, Just Plain Bill, Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Young Widder Brown, Mr. Chameleon, Stella Dallas, Manhattan Merry Go Round, Lora Lawton, The American Melody Hour, Hearthstone of the Death Squad, Lorenzo Jones, Nona From Nowhere, Our Gal Sunday, Inspector Thorne, Romance of Helen Trent, and more.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

12 shows - total playtime 2 hours 34 minutes

Helen Trent 1939 Episode
Helen Trent 1950s Episode
Helen Trent 1st Program
Helen Trent Betsy and Lawrence
Helen Trent Bret Blackmails Helen
Helen Trent Helen Accused
Helen Trent Helen in Silver City
Helen Trent Helen To Lose Gil
Helen Trent Helen Walks Into ATrap
Helen Trent The Faye Granville Story [1]
Helen Trent The Faye Granville Story [2]
Helen Trent The Faye Granville Story [3]



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