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Mary Noble, Backstage Wife

What happens when a small town girl marries a big time actor and moves to the Big city? Jealousy, deceit, avarice, amnesia and rage, just like any other soap opera! Tune in to hear what's next for Mary Noble, Backstage Wife.

Mary Noble Backstage Wife

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Lady Clara and Marcia Mannering of Mary Noble
Soap Opera (1935-59)

Deceit, jealousy, rage, avarice, amnesia…these are typical traits that hover around Mary Noble Backstage Wife, a show that centers around the life of Mary Noble. Mary Noble is a small town girl that came to the big city of New York, and married into the stage life, when she married Larry Noble, a very prominent actor, and "a matinee idol of a million other women."

Vivian Fridell

Mary had to compete with hussies, jezebels, and schemers that made an art form for the shenanigans. Life was really hard for Mary, even though she would not admit it. "Suffer" is not the operative word to describe Mary's marriage. She constantly was being nagged by jealousy, and her trust and love for her fickle husband was tested, virtually, everyday. Coupled with typical soap opera characters, such as "the unscrupulous Rupert Barlow," and "the calculating, devious Regina Rawlings," Mary Nobel, Backstage Wife will leave you hanging off the end of your seats as you desperately try to sort out to chaos of stage life!

For more exciting soap opera dramas, see Ma Perkins, and Young Widder Brown. Please note, like many of the soap series, these recordings may not contain the opening and closing music.

See also: Mary Foster, Editors Daughter, Hearts in Harmony, The Doctors' Wife, Lora Lawton and Linda's First Love.

This collection is in the extensive Hummert Radio Factory Collection. Called the parents of soap opera, Anne and Frank Hummert also created Betty and Bob, Front Page Farrell, Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons, Ma Perkins, Just Plain Bill, Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Young Widder Brown, Mr. Chameleon, Stella Dallas, Manhattan Merry Go Round, Lora Lawton, The American Melody Hour, Hearthstone of the Death Squad, Lorenzo Jones, Nona From Nowhere, Our Gal Sunday, Inspector Thorne, Romance of Helen Trent, and more.

Betty Burns, Goldie (Eileen Palmer), and Dawson Stuart (announcer) of Mary Noble Backstage Wife Radio Soap Opera

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  • Show Rating

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    One of the slowest but most entertaining of the soap serials! Great voices and characters clearly written and identifiable. Wish there were more episodes!

    Roger Verified Purchase

    "Mary Backstage, Noble Wife"

    Dan Verified Purchase

    And, of course, important in Bob and Ray! I love their send up of this series!

    Robert Verified Purchase

    This is really one of the only examples of a true network (as opposed to syndicated) OTR soap opera that is available in a significant quantity of continuous episodes. The cast is exceptional and the storylines are entertaining. The quality of the disc is quite good, better than another one I have in some places, but it seems like some modern technology could be used to get rid of surface noise. I do not think these shows are "restored" in any sense, but other than a few of the non-continuous episodes early in the disc, all of it is quite listenable and even excellent in many places. I wish there were more shows!

    Kevin Verified Purchase

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