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 Random Rarities 10

1 MP3 CD - 49 episodes


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Songs By Morton Downey

Ray Bolger
Morton Downey
Ralph Slater Hypnotist
Skinny Ennis

Radio produced many shows over the years. It is no wonder that shows were lost along the way, sometimes only one or two shows remain. In Random Rarities 10, we assembled shows that you may not have heard before because there are only one, two, or three shows available. Listen and enjoy.

  • Radio Guide - A special show in honor of Radio Guide's 10th anniversary featuring several radio stars of the era.
  • Radio Novel - Original fiction stories written and dramatized specifically for radio.
  • Raising a Husband - A game show to identify the best raised husband.
  • Ralph Slater, Hypnotist - Hypnotism Can Be Fun! With that beginning the world's fastest hypnotist, Ralph Slater, hypnotized volunteers from the audience, all documented by a doctor
  • Ramona and Her Mighty Miniature Minstrels - Popular songs from the era interspersed with goofy jokes.
  • Ranch House Jim - Jim and his ranch hands have adventures and sing around the campfire.
  • Rate Your Mate - Game show for married couples where the couples answer questions about one another.
  • Ray Anthony Show - Music show featuring big band music by Ray Anthony and his band.
  • Ray Bolger Show - Musical variety summer 1945 replacement show with featured guest stars.
  • Road to Danger - Stories about two truck drivers and their adventures on the road.
  • Singing Sam Reminiscing- Sam provides commentary about different thoughts from the past then sings a song to go along with the commentary.
  • Skinnay Ennis - Music show featuring Skinnay Ennis and his Orchestra with various singers.
  • Show Stoppers - Shows from stars about their "show-stopping moment".
  • Signal Carnival - Musical variety show from 1941 sponsored by the Signal Oil Company.
  • Silver Eagle - Kids show about Northwest Mounted Policeman, Jim West, The Silver Eagle.
  • Sinbad - To save her life, a sultan's wife spins him interesting tales about the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor.
  • Sinclair Headliner - Broadcast from WOR in New York, the show featured world news and stories from America, all sponsored by Sinclair Oil Company.
  • Skelly News of the World - NBC news show with Alex Drier sponsored by Skelly Oil Company.
  • Smiths of San Fernando - Outlandish adventures of the Smith family in Sherman Oaks, California. This is an audition tape.
  • Snow Village Sketches - Funny sketches about the misadventures of two farmers who also worked as a truant officer and a game warden.
  • Soldiers in Greasepaint - A celebration of those actors who performed for the soldiers in war zones during World War 2.
  • Somebody Knows - Summer replacement for Suspense featuring stories about unsolved murders and offering a reward for clues.
  • Songs by Eddie Fisher - Eddie Fisher sings, Don Ameche hosts, and guest stars appear in this 15 minute show.
  • Songs by Morton Downey - The Irish Nightingale, Morton Downey, sings songs from his restaurant, The Delmonico, in the 1930s.
  • Sons of the Pioneers - Listen to Western songs from this popular group.
  • Sound Effects - Foley artists record many different sounds you often hear in radio shows.
  • Space Drama - Stories of high drama set in the vast expanse of space.
  • Space Merchants - Presented as part of the experimental CBS Radio Workshop, this two-part show followed space merchants as they plied their wares.
  • Special Agent - Insurance investigator, Allan Drake protects his company and his customers from bad guys.
  • Special Assignment - True stories of reporters and their special assignments.
  • Special Investigation - Frank W. Brock, Special Investigator exposed swindles perpetrated on the American people. One show survives.
  • Spy That Wasn't There - Story about the most famous spy in the world.
  • Stage Struck - Stories about how the stage helped make Hollywood possible featuring many of the major stars of the time.

See also Random Rarities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

49 shows - total playtime 17 hours 39 minutes
Radio Guide 10th Anniversary
Radio Novel It Runs Downhill 1940s
Raising Husband 451122
Raising Husband 460103
Ralph Slater Hypnotist 451003
Ramona And Her Mighty Mineature Minstrals 450121 Golden Slippers
Ranch House Jim 430000 New School Mam
Rate Your Mate 500706 Comedy Quiz
Rate Your Mate 500805 01 Chicken Plucker
Ray Anthony Show Cat Dancin
Ray Anthony Show Juke Box Special
Ray Bolger Show 450824
Road To Danger 001 Adventure In Italy
Show Stoppers 460526 15 Rudy Vallee
Show Stoppers 460602 16 Bonita Granville
Show Stoppers 460609 17 Boris Karloff
Show Stoppers 460616 18 Wee Bonnie Baker
Signal Carnival 410209 Looking For Waldo Audition
Silver Eagle 540720 Decoy For Death
Sinbad 48 Lp Basil Rathbone
Sinclair Headliner 450726
Singing Sam Reminiscing 125
Singing Sam Reminiscing 126
Skelly News Of World 440513 War News
Skinnay Ennis 470923 As
Smiths Of San Fernando 460920 Audition
Snow Village Sketches 460331 Riz Biscuits
Snow Village Sketches Keeping Grandsir Busy
Soldiers In Greasepaint 431125 Thanksgiving Special
Somebody Knows 500730 Murder Of Joseph P Boha
Somebody Knows 500824 Black Dahlia Incomplete
Songs By Eddie Fisher 540326 Kay Armond
Songs By Morton Downey All Over Now
Songs By Morton Downey Heartbreaker
Songs By Morton Downey Im Just Fella
Songs By Morton Downey Song On Tip Of My Heart
Songs By Morton Downey That 5 Oclock Feeling
Sons Of Pioneers 001
Sound Effects 450403
Sound Effects 471108
Sound Effects 480512
Space Drama 470518 Death Rides High
Space Merchants 570217 Pt.1
Space Merchants 570224 Pt.2
Special Agent 500109 Just $80
Special Assignment Undated
Special Investigator 470617 Fake Diploma Mill
Spy That Wasnt There
Stage Struck 540418 Major Studios Anniversary


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