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 Nixon (Richard Nixon Recordings)

2 MP3 CDs - 55 episodes

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"‘I’m Not A Crook’ Speech"
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Richard Milhous Nixon (1913 - 1994)

Richard Nixon LeavingRaised in the family business (a groceries and gasoline shop) by a "Quaker saint, Nixon grew up in a large Mid-West Quaker family. After winning the election for student president at Whittier College, he got a taste for politics. During World War II, Nixon served as a Navy lieutenant commander in the Pacific. He was elected to Congress on an anti-communist platform and eventually became a young Senator from California in 1950. Nixon went on to be one of the youngest vice-presidents and served under Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956.

Nixon ran against Kennedy in 1960, losing by a narrow margin. This loss is often blamed on the first televised debate. Although Nixon was said to win the debate amongst radio listeners, those who saw the televised version preferred Kennedy. Kennedy shaking Nixon's handFor the debate, Nixon's combined intense sweating spell and refusal to wear television makeup only benefited his opponent. Nixon often blamed his loss on the lack of support from Eisenhower. During Nixon's campaign, the press asked Eisenhower for an important decision that Nixon had made during his vice-presidency. Eisenhower replied, joking, "Give me a week and I might think of something.

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After this blow, Nixon decided to run for Governor of California in 1962. After losing this election Nixon told off the press in his "last press conference, saying, "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more."

In 1968, Nixon decided he did want to be kicked around some more. He won over the Republican primary, then the country, appealing to conservative Americans who disliked anti-war protesting hippies. He won and a year later Nixon spoke to moon-walking Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the first walk on the moon in the summer of 1969. Trying to improve his image amongst youngsters, Nixon appeared on the television shows, Laugh In ("Sock it to me?) and Hee Haw.

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Nixon was reelected in 1972 against George McGovern, with 60% of the popular vote. During the election both candidates promised that they would end the Vietnam War and Nixon eventually did in 1975 after much controversy including bombing Cambodia. Not long after his reelection, Nixon's involvement in the Watergate Scandal was revealed and Nixon was eventually forced to resign.

Richard NixonEnjoy this collection of Nixon speeches and debates, including his debates with Kennedy, "I am not a crook speech, his resignation speech, and a phone call to the moon. Vol. 2 of this collection contains Watergate Scandal News Reports.

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Volume 1: 26 shows - total playtime 5 hours 29 minutes

Hubert Humphrey on Nixon 1968
Kennedy Nixon Debate 1 600926
Kennedy Nixon Debate 2 601007
Kennedy Nixon Debate 3 601013
Kennedy Nixon Debate 4 601021
Nixon & Khrushchev The Kitchen Debate
Nixon 'Greatness Comes In Simple Trappings'
Nixon 68 Campaign 'Longest'
Nixon 691103 'The Great Silent Majority'
Nixon 700430 0 Announces Invasion Of Cambodia 'Helpless Giant'
Nixon 730524 'Secrecy' Former POWS
Nixon announces end of Vietnam War
Nixon Apollo 11 Phone Call
Nixon Doctrine In Cambodia 70
Nixon Entire Checkers Speech
Nixon Entire Resignation Speech
Nixon Gubernatorial Concession Speech
Nixon I had never obstructed justice
Nixon I'm not a crook speech
Nixon I'm not a crook
Nixon I've made my mistakes
Nixon Kick yourself in the butt
Nixon No complaints about press coverage
Nixon Unpredictability
Nixon Vietnam & WWIII 6605
Nixon- Election Ad 1968

Volume 2: 29 shows - total playtime 6 hours 34 minutes

730000 First Line Report [Marvin Kalb] Russian Missile Superiority Antidope Psa
730529 First Line Report [D Rather] Agnew Could Be Indicted Prices Rise Sharply In Ny Amc
730607 News [Christopher Glen] Prosecutor Cox To Release Summary Of Watergate Tapes
730715 News [Walter Cronkite] Middleeast Ceasefire In Effect
730800 Special Report Nixons Speech On Legislative Goals
730823 First Line Report [Marvin Kalb] Rogers Resigns Kissenger New Secof State
730824 First Line Report [D Rather] Regan Considering Bid For Wh In 76 Whcu Ithica Ny
730825 First Line Report [Marvin Kalb] Sec Of State Rogers Meets Press Amc
730930 First Line Report [D Rather] Connelly Considered To Replace Agnew Texaco
731020 First Line Report [D Rather] Nixon Fires Watergate Special Prosecutor Itw
731022 First Line Report [Bob Schieffer] As Win Ws Middle East Crisis
731022 News Eliot Richardson Explains His Decision To Resign
731022 World News Roundup Review Of “saturday Massacre’
731026 Spcl Report [N Strauser ] Press Conf On Middle East Crisis Whcu Ithaca
731027 First Line Report [D Rather] Crisis Of Confidence Alka Seltzer
731027 News Nixon To Surrender Tapes To Judge Sirica
731031 News [Walter Cronkite] Donald Segretti’s Dirty Tricks [Muskie Hhh]
731101 Spcl Report Leon Jaworski Named Special Prosecutor Wben Buffalo
731102 News [Walter Cronkite] Nixon Reverses Decision On Tapes
731107 News [W Cronkite] Nixon’s Energy Initiatives Reviewed
731108 First Line Report [Bernard Kalb] Kom’s Sacred Icon Ford
731109 News [W Cronkite] Case Of Lester Zygmanik True Value
731117 News Spec Report [V Benton] Nixon Press Conference From Orlando
731125 News Spec Report [R Pierpoint] Nixon Energy Speech Followup From 117
731126 First Line Report [B Schieffer] Latest Developments Of Tapes Alkaseltzer
731126 Special Report Nixon Turns Over Tapes To Judge Sirica
731128 First Line Report [D Rather] Confusion Factor Milton Bradley
731130 First Line Report Bernard Kalb] Duo Of Détente True Value
731206 New [Neil Strauser] Gerald Ford Vice Pres Acceptance Speech




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