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 Hawaii Old Time Radio Shows

6 MP3 CDs - 150 episodes

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"Bob Bailey as Let George Do It
Journey Into Hate, a Hawaiian Tale
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Hawaii Girl
The history of Hawaii is at once violent, beautiful, and heartbreaking. It is a land peopled by one of the most culturally and racially diverse populations on the planet. The greatest commonality among the residents of our Fiftieth State is their love for living in their Island.

Hawaii DancersThe Golden Age of Radio had nearly come to an end by the time Hawaii actually joined the Union, but relationship between Hawaii and the United States goes back much further. The first westerner to explore Hawaii was James Cook just two years after the start of the American Revolution, and the importance of Hawaii as an outpost in the Pacific was immediately obvious.

Hawaii became an important destination for traders, whalers, and missionaries. The islands were united under King Kamehameha in 1805, but the tiny nation would be a pawn in the Imperial ambitions of larger nations for many years. In 1875, the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States signed a Treaty of Reciprocity, which allowed for the tax-free importation of Hawaiian sugar and the establishment of a Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. American capital became increasingly important to the Islands, and in 1898, Hawaii was annexed as a United States Territory.

After becoming a Territory, American sugar and pineapple plantations began to dominate the economy, leading to the large scale immigration of Asian workers. During the early Territorial Period, Hawaii began to enter the popular imagination, thanks to the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London, and Mark Twain. The music of Hawaii was among Thomas Edison's early wax cylinder recordings.

One element of Hawaiian music is the Steel Guitar. The Steel guitar was adopted by Country musicians, and is featured prominently in the music of the Light Crust Doughboys, among others. The Doughboys' recording of "Honolulu Lou" is included in this collection.

Royal Hawaiian HotelIn 1934, a syndicated series entitled Hawaiian Adventures, apparently under the sponsorship of a Hawaiian Tourist commission, takes us from the shore of the Big Island of Hawaii to the craters of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. Always with gentle strains of Hawaiian music in the background. Also in 1934,in celebration of the network finally reaching Honolulu, Jack Benny treats us to a less serious Hawaiian Travelogue. Jack and the gang would return to the Islands several times over the years.

In Hollywood, Don the Beachcomber, the original Tiki bar and the supposed birthplace of the Mai Tai, opened in 1934. The Beachcomber, along with the otherTiki bars that followed, helped to create a false image of the Hawaiian experience. An older Los Angeles tropically themed watering hole, the Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel, was the most important hotspot for live entertainment on the West Coast.

The early Tiki craze may have helped to prime audiences for tropical supernatural tales like "The King Shark God" told on The Witch's Tale. This is a story of how greedy white men, entranced by the charms of Island maidens, are drawn to a grisly death.

Attack on Pearl HarborThese early fantasies of the Islands are a small match for true life adventures in Hawaii. Captains of Industry celebrated the story of Claus Spreckles, who arrives in America nearly penniless from Germany, eventually builds a grocery and sugar empire in California, and convinces the King of Hawaii to lease him land for a huge sugar plantation.

Regular steamship service and promotions by Island based promoters helped to establish Hawaii as a tourist destination. In 1941, a record number of tourists arrived, 31,846, but tourism came to a abrupt halt on Dec. 7, 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Much of the Hawaiian Experience, indeed the American Experience, is defined by Pearl Harbor. NBC's long running Pacific Story, originally intended to explain the War in the Pacific, helps to define America's interest in the Territory. "Melting Pot of the Pacific", broadcast on Jan 4, 1944, is a history of the Hawaiian Territory from the landing of the American Missionaries through the growth of Whaling, and eventually the entry of the Asians in support of the sugar and pineapple industries, culminating with a happy mixing of the races.

HawaiiAfter the guns were silenced, on Mar 31, 1946, Pacific Story makes the case that the Territory of Hawaii is ready to become the 49th state, 13 years before the Hawaii Admission Act.

After the War Hawaii again began to attract tourists, especially with a post War economic boom and increasingly regular airline service to the Islands. The increased access made Hawaii a popular destination for Radio Detectives, as well. In June of 1947, The Man Called X, Ken Thurston, investigates a land swindle on Maui that is designed to separate veterans from their money. On April 23, 1949, Philip Marlow, played by Gerald Mohr, flew to Hawaii for an interesting case about the Cloak of King Kamehameha.

Jets did not arrive in Hawaii until Statehood in 1959, and liners of the Matson and Presidential Lines, reconfigured after wartime service, came into service in 1948. On one of these boats in January of 1952, Harry Lime gets close to an ex-con's wife on the boat to Hawaii who gives him information about her husband's loot and the guy in Honolulu who has it hidden. Of course, Harry won't get close to the treasure until he gets even closer to a pretty Hawaiian girl.

Hawaii Postcard 1950sThis collection contains:

  1. Volume 1: Various Hawaiian Themed broadcasts from all diferent series including:
  2. Volume 2: Royal Hawaiian Hotel
  3. Volume 3: Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors
  4. Volume 4: Hawaii Cals
  5. Volume 5: Memories of Hawaii
  6. Volume 6: Complete Broadcast Day Dec 7, 1941 (Bombing of Pearl Harbor)
All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 60 shows: total playtime 22 hours 57 minutes
Alka Seltzer Time 531021 Medley Of Hawaiian Tunes
Bcrc Show 610824 388 Just Breezin Along
Believe It Or Not 480514 275 Hawaiian God Pele
Bob & Ray 591207 116 Army Amateur Hour
Bob Hope 520429 Horse Jockey William Holden
Bob Hope 531106 573 Bobs Back From Hawaii With William Holdenafrs
Bob Hope 531106 William Holden Jack Kirkwood
Captains Of Industry 21 Claus Spreckles [Adolph Claus J. Spreckels]
Charlie Chan 1945 Eye Of Buddha
Charlie Mccarthy 370822 Glenda Farrell
Chase And Sanborn Hour 370620 07 Guest Mae Robson
Chase And Sanborn Hour 390903 122 Guest Wendy Barrie
Chase And Sanborn Hour 450819 12 Corona
Chesterfield Show 4952 501122 043 Guest Paul Douglas
Cocoanutgrove Series C Prgm 3 A
Crime Club 470410 20 Grey Mist Murders
Duffys Tavern 511228 Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest
Edison 1812 Toots Pakas Hawaiians Aloha Oe Liliuokalani Queen Of Hawaii 1913
Edison 1915 Frank Ferera Ua Like No Alikemedley Of Hawaiian Hulas
Edison 1918 Toots Paka's Hawaiians Lalani Hula's Hawaii 1913
Edison Royal Purple Amberol 1918 Frieda Hempel & Criterion Quartet
Gus Arnheim & His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra 1931 003 Sweet And Lovely
Gus Arnheim & His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra Vocal Bing Crosby I Surrender Dear
Harry Lime 520104 E 23 Cherchez La Gem
Hawaiian Adventures 1934 002 Island Of Hawaii
Heres To Veterans 0702 Hawaii Calls
Hilltop 530720 Hawaiian Honeymoon Plans
Hoiv 511115 Don Quinn Interview NBC Hawaii
Jack Benny 341104 Through Romantic Hawaii
Jack Benny 390430 1031 Jacks 7 Th A
Jack Benny 480201 1918 Jack And Mar
Jack Benny 530913 2501 Back From Vacation In Hawaii
Jack Benny 530920 2502 Return To Paradise
Jack Benny Program 341104 150 Through Romantic Hawaii
Jack Benny Program 530913 851 Back From Vacation In Hawaii
Let George Do It 490221 Journey Into Hate
Lightcrust Doughboys Honolulu Lou
Man Called X 470605 11 Swindle To Honolulu
Man Called X 510504 30 Monte Carlo
My Little Margie 550901 Quiz Showhawaii Tripn
Mysterious Traveler 500404 249 Man From Singapore
One Mans Family 580218 B 129 C 36 Report From Idaho
Pacific Story 440102 026 Hawaii Melting Potpacific
Pacific Story 460331 141 Hawaii 49 State [End Clipped]
Pacific Story 460331 E 141 Hawaii 49 Th State Eend Clipp
Palace Personalities 491227 Mildred Wong Winner Honolulu Miss China
Phil Harris 1932 Cocoanut Grove Orchestra
Phil Harris 1933 What Have We Got To Lose
Philip Marlowe 490423 B 30 Cloak Of Kamehameha
Red Skelton 470225 51 Travel To Hawaii
Red Skelton 520304 23 Never Forget Hawaii
Rudy Vallee Royal Gelatin Hour 380908 Guest Maurice Evans
Sealtest Variety 490324 27
Song Of Hawaii
Spike Jones Spotlight Revue 4748 480312 24 Guest Jack Smith
Unsolved Mysteries 00 Chinamans Cell
Vietnam Hippies In Hawaii
Whistler 490403 357 Rawhide Coffin
Witchs Tale King Shark God
Your Radio Almanac 440524 18 From Atc Fresno California
Volume 2: 8 shows: total playtime 1 hours 50 minutes

Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 03
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 07
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 08
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 09
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 10
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 11
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 12
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 - 13

Volume 3: 11 shows - total playtime 35 minutes

Cocoanut Grove 01 Got A Date With An Angel
Cocoanut Grove 02 Cocoanut Grove
Cocoanut Grove 02 How Can You Say No When All World Is Saying Yes
Cocoanut Grove 03 Rockin Chair
Cocoanut Grove 04 Baby
Cocoanut Grove 05 Im Making Hay In Moonlight
Cocoanut Grove 06 Vamp
Cocoanut Grove 07 Mimi
Cocoanut Grove 08 Hows About It
Cocoanut Grove 09 Linger A Little Longer In Twilight
Cocoanut Grove 10 Youre Getting To Be A Habit With Me

Volume 4: 25 shows - total playtime 11 hours 16 minutes

Hawaii Calls 183
Hawaii Calls 1961
Hawaii Calls 620929
Hawaii Calls 621013
Hawaii Calls 621107
Hawaii Calls 621110
Hawaii Calls 621201
Hawaii Calls 671028
Hawaii Calls 701007
Hawaii Calls 701024
Hawaii Calls 701031
Hawaii Calls 701107
Hawaii Calls 701114
Hawaii Calls 701121
Hawaii Calls Afrs 219
Hawaii Calls Afrs 220
Hawaii Calls Pgm 124
Hawaii Calls Pgm 204 1962
Hawaii Calls Pgm 259 1963
Hawaii Calls Pgm 312 1964
Hawaii Calls Pgm 318 1964
Hawaii Calls Songs of the Islands 1
Hawaii Calls Songs of the Islands 2
Hawaii Calls Songs of the Islands 3
Hawaii Calls Songs of the Islands 4

Volume 5: 13 shows - total playtime 3 hours 7 minutes

Memories Of Hawaii 01 My Honolulu
Memories Of Hawaii 02 Ever Changing Hawaii
Memories Of Hawaii 03 Hawaii Land Of Beauty
Memories Of Hawaii 04 Beautiful Beautiful Hawaii
Memories Of Hawaii 05 Endlessly
Memories Of Hawaii 06 South Sea Islands
Memories Of Hawaii 07 Tropical Day Has Begun
Memories Of Hawaii 08 Come With Me Tonight My Love
Memories Of Hawaii 09 Dont Forget Me
Memories Of Hawaii 10 Until We Meet Again
Memories Of Hawaii 11 Danger In Hawaii
Memories Of Hawaii 12 Fascinating Hawaii
Memories Of Hawaii 13 Lovely Hawaii

Volume 6
: 56 shows: total playtime 15 hours

1400 NBCR Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade
1428 NBCR First Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack
1430 CBS World Today John Daly Reads Bulletin
1430 NBCR Univ Of Chicago Roundtable - Canada At War
1432 NBCB Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack
1437 CBS Albert Warner Speculates On FDR's Next Steps
1437 CBS Bob Trout On British Reaction
1439 NBCR Manila Bombed
1449 CBS Ford Wilkins In Manilla Cut Off By US Censors
1452 NBC Burma Bombed
1500 CBS NY Philharmonic Concert Interrupted
1515 NBCR H V Kaltenborn
1530 NBCR Listen America
1600 NBCB National Vespers
1600 NBCR Sylvia Marlowe & Richard Dyer Bennett Show
1609 NBCR KGU Honolulu Report
1630 NBCR News
1800 NBCR Catholic Hour With Rev James Gillis
1830 NBCB Drew Pearson & Robert S Allen Commentary
1845 NBCB Eleanor Roosevelt
1900 NBCB News Roundup
1900 NBCR Jack Benny Show
1930 NBCB Captain Flagg & Sergeant Quirt
1930 NBCR Fitch Bandwagon
2000 NBCB Bible Week
2000 NBCR Chase And Sanborn Program
2030 NBCB Inner Sanctum - Island Of Death
2030 NBCR One Man's Family
2100 NBCB Jergens Journal
2100 NBCR Manhattan Merry Go-Round
2115 NBCB Parker Family
2130 NBCB Dear John
2130 NBCR American Album Of Familiar Music
2145 NBCB Dinah Shore
2200 NBCB Goodwill Hour
2200 NBCR Hour Of Charm
2230 NBCR Sherlock Holmes
2300 NBCR News
2330 NBCR Round Table Discussion

411208 FDR Day of Infamy e1
411208 FDR Day of Infamy e2
Alvar Liddell Japanese Attacks In The Pacific
Washington Reaction To Pearl Harbor Attack
CBS Analysis Of Attack On Pearl Harbor And Manilla
CBS Attempts To Call Honolulu
CBS Football Broadcast - War Bulletin
CBS John Charles Daly Reports Pearl Harbor Attack
CBS NY Philharmonic Concert - War Bulletins
CBS World News Today 12-06
CBS World News Today
MBS Bulletin Interrupts Football Game
MBS Flash UPI Bulletin Reports Attack On Pearl Harbor
NBC News Bulletins
NBC American Legion Special Defense Message
NHK Gen Hideki Tojo Declares War On The Allies
WNYC Fiorello La Guardia



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