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 Duffys Tavern

3 MP3 CDs - 139 episodes

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"Archie Gets Tax Advice From Colonel Stoopnagle"
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Duffy's Tavern Cast: Cast of radio's "Duffy's Tavern." Pictured from left to right: Sandra Gould ("Miss Duffy"), Eddie Green ("Eddie the Waiter"), Charles Carton ("Finnegan"), Ed Gardener ("Archie").
Situation Comedy (1940 - 52)

Duffy's Tavern was first heard in 1940 and became a regular feature. It was hailed from the start by critics and whole neighborhoods of working-class listeners alike…a duo that doesn't often see eye-to-eye!

Duffy's TavernDuffy's Tavern was a place on Third Avenue and 23rd St. in New York City, where the "elite meet to eat, Duffy ain't here, Archie the Manager speakin'…" Anyone who loved old time radio probably knows that phone patter by heart! Ed Gardner played Archie, the manager of Duffy's Tavern, and he was as "real" sounding as any character on radio, as he had grown up in the Big Apple. His use and abuse of language was "exempulary" - the same type of local "parlese" that made The Damon Runyan Theater a favorite with New Yorkers everywhere. Gardner was a theatrical veteran, whose wife, Shirley Booth, well-known stage and screen actress, began on the show with him.

Life with Luigi used a letter to Mama to start the show. Archie would always seem to get a phone Shirly Booth and Ed Gardnercall at the beginning of each Duffy's Tavern broadcast. The show might be a star vehicle, or a situation comedy of errors, or just a semi-sweet story about a regular that could almost tug on the heartstrings. Stars dropping in made sense, as Duffy's Tavern was in New York City, even if a little south and east of Broadway. Audience and music were used, but an intimate tavern atmosphere was always maintained. Archie was ever the understanding host in Duffy's absence.

Regulars on the show included Duffy's slightly feather-brained daughter, Miss Duffy, first played by Shirley Booth, and later a host of youngsters. Clifton Finnegan, the classic barstool jockey, was played by Charlie Cantor. Also featured were Eddie the waiter (Eddie Green) and Clancy the cop (Alan Reed.) You never knew who might drop by Duffy's for a quickie.

Duffys Tavern Radio ShowThere was Boris Karloff, Shelley Winters, Dinah Shore, Lucille Ball (radio's My Favorite Husband), Tito Guizar, Alan Ladd (of radio's Box 13), Mickey Rooney, Vincent Price (radio's The Saint), and believe it or not, even Marlene Dietrich. And lest we forget, Pierre the talking dog!

Great writing on the show was moonlighted by many of the top Broadway and TV veterans, including Abe Burrows, Larry Marks, Larry Gelbart, and Dick Martin - but Ed Gardner was final script editor. In fact, Gardner previously had radio director credits for several major old time radio shows, including Ripley's Believe It or Not, Burns and Allen, and the The Rudy Vallee Hour.

The show was done live in New York until 1949, when the sharp Gardner moved offshore for tax advantages, and the entire cast lived and worked in Puerto Rico recording the shows there! None of the estimated eight million listeners knew the difference, and, of course, now Duffy had a real excuse!

See also Dennis Day Show and for more missing protagonist comedy, see also: Wednesdays with You.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 recordings - 23 hours 28 minutes

Duffys Tavern 400729 000 Audition Show
Duffys Tavern 430105 072 Milton Berle
Duffys Tavern 430105 Milton Berle Afrs#5
Duffys Tavern 430323 083 With Susan Hayward And Frank Buck
Duffys Tavern 430601 Tallulah Bankhead Afrs#8
Duffys Tavern 430615 095 With Clifton Fadiman
Duffys Tavern 431019 Peter Lorre & Raffles Talking Mynah Bird
Duffys Tavern 431026 101 Archies Life Story With Ida Lupino
Duffys Tavern 431102 102 Poker Game
Duffys Tavern 431109 103 With Lucille Ball
Duffys Tavern 431207 107 Bing Crosby May Buy Half Interest In Bar
Duffys Tavern 431214 108 Archies Song With Joan Davis And Newlywed Dinah Shore
Duffys Tavern 440104 Fred Allen
Duffys Tavern 440125 114 With Deems Taylor
Duffys Tavern 440201 115 Archie Needs Finnegan To Marry Billie Burke
Duffys Tavern 440222 118 Archie Invests In An Oil Well With Phil Baker
Duffys Tavern 440229 Gracie Fields Afrs#41
Duffys Tavern 440307 120 Archie Gets Tax Advice From Colonel Stoopnagle
Duffys Tavern 440314 121 Archie Writes Play With Gertrude Lawrence
Duffys Tavern 440314 Gertrude Lawrence Afrs #43
Duffys Tavern 440411 125 Carole Landis Talks About Women In Work Force
Duffys Tavern 440411 Carole Landis Afrs#47
Duffys Tavern 440418 126 Charles Laughton
Duffys Tavern 440425 127 Crosby And Hope Bob Crosby & Mrs Delores Hope
Duffys Tavern 440502 128 Archie Tries To Get Girl For Dennis Day
Duffys Tavern 440509 129 Mens Fashion Lecture With Adolph Menjou
Duffys Tavern 440523 131 Archie Uses Paul Lukas For Publicity
Duffys Tavern 440627 Ransom Sherman Afrs#58
Duffys Tavern 440915 137 Rudy Vallee Does His Show From Tavern
Duffys Tavern 440922 138 Insurance Policy For Finnegan With Gene Tierney
Duffys Tavern 441110 145 Party For Singer Bob Graham With Robert Benchley
Duffys Tavern 441222 151 Christmas Program With Monty Woolley
Duffys Tavern 450105 Jinx Falkenburg
Duffys Tavern 450112 154 Archies Adaptation Of Frankenstein With Boris Karloff
Duffys Tavern 450119 155 Archie Asks Linda Darnell To Policemens Ball
Duffys Tavern 450202 157 With Sonny Tufts
Duffys Tavern 450316 163 Pat Obrien
Duffys Tavern 450406 166 Finnegan Millionaire
Duffys Tavern 450406 Finnegan Millionaire Afrs
Duffys Tavern 450427 169 Fish And Fantasy With John Garfield
Duffys Tavern 450518 172 Archies Raise
Duffys Tavern 460104 Alan Ladd Afrs#113
Duffys Tavern 460104 Alan Ladd Afrs
Duffys Tavern 460111 192 Filming Life Of Archie, With Larry Storch {afrs#114}
Duffys Tavern 460111 192 Making Movie With Larry Storch
Duffys Tavern 460201 195 Peggy Lee
Duffys Tavern 460201 Peggy Lee Afrs#117
Duffys Tavern 460208 196 Archie Has To Have His Tonsils Out
Duffys Tavern 460208 Archie Has To Have His Tonsils Out Afrs#118
Duffys Tavern 460222 Archie Returns From Hospital Afrs#120

Volume 2: 50 recordings - 23 hours 55 minutes

Duffys Tavern 450928 177 Deems Taylor
Duffys Tavern 450928 Deems Taylor Afrs#99
Duffys Tavern 451109 183 Eddie Quits
Duffys Tavern 451109 Eddie Quits Maxie Rosenbloom Afrs#105
Duffys Tavern 451116 184 Archie Hires Madam Zooma
Duffys Tavern 451130 186 Unsplitting Atom, With Sandra Gould {afrs#108}
Duffys Tavern 451221 189 Cast Does Christmas Carol
Duffys Tavern 451228 190 Balancing Books
Duffys Tavern 460301 Archie Horticulturist Afrs#121
Duffys Tavern 460308 200 Ed Gardner Returns As Archie
Duffys Tavern 460315 201 Archie Takes Up Gardening
Duffys Tavern 460412 205 Archie Tries To Impress Marie Mcdonald
Duffys Tavern 460426 207 Fashion Show With Esther Williams
Duffys Tavern 460503 208 Archie Tells Everyone About World Hunger
Duffys Tavern 460510 209 Pierre Talking Dog
Duffys Tavern 461106 Louella Parsons
Duffys Tavern 461218 226 Raffle With Joan Bennett
Duffys Tavern 470122 231 Mrs Nussbaum Asks John J Anthony For Marital Advice
Duffys Tavern 470305 237 Archie Proposes To Wealthy Girl
Duffys Tavern 470528 249 Miss Duffys Coming Out Party
Duffys Tavern 471105 George Jessel & Rudy Vallee
Duffys Tavern 471203 Jean Sablon
Duffys Tavern 480107 268 Auditor Finds Shortage Garry Moore
Duffys Tavern 480519 287 Duffy Wont Give Archie Raise
Duffys Tavern 480526 288 Dream Girl With Rex Harrison
Duffys Tavern 481222 303 Miracle On Third Avenue Christmas Show With Jeff Chandler
Duffys Tavern 481229 304 Christmas Cards With Dorothy Shay
Duffys Tavern 490209 310 Archie Has Three Days To Live
Duffys Tavern 490216 311 Schoolmate Willie Gundig Visits
Duffys Tavern 490223 312 Archie Wants To Patent Electricity
Duffys Tavern 490302 Mickey Rooney
Duffys Tavern 490309 314 Archie Writes Television Play With Marlene Dietrich
Duffys Tavern 490316 315 Spike Mcguirk, Bully With Sheldon Leonard
Duffys Tavern 490323 316 Archie Opens Bank Account With Ten Dollars
Duffys Tavern 490330 317 Durante And Sothern Act In Archies Play
Duffys Tavern 490406 318 Archie And Finnegan Doubledate
Duffys Tavern 490413 319 Millionaire Bum J Everett Pointdexter
Duffys Tavern 490420 320 Will Miss Duffy Marry With Cass Daley
Duffys Tavern 490427 321 Someones Getting Hitched
Duffys Tavern 490504 322 Boys Play Poker With Charles Coburn
Duffys Tavern 490511 323 Detective Archie Tracks Whistling Sam Roberts
Duffys Tavern 490518 324 Most Popular Bartender On Third Avenue
Duffys Tavern 490525 325 Ed Wynn Narrates Archies Opera
Duffys Tavern 490601 326 Archie Wants To Marry Rich Woman
Duffys Tavern 490615 328 Bob Crosby Sings To Archies Girlfriend Gwendolyn
Duffys Tavern 500216 351 Shelley Winters
Duffys Tavern 500330 357 Tony Martin Pretends To Be Duffy
Duffys Tavern 500518 364 Hedda Hopper Plans Coming Out Party
Duffys Tavern 500525 365 Singing Detective With Rudy Vallee
Duffys Tavern 500615 366 Fathers Day

Volume 3: 39 recordings - 18 hours 12 minutes

Duffys Tavern 500907 380 Army Surplus Helicopter
Duffys Tavern 500921 382 Archie Buys Radio Station With Barry Nelson
Duffys Tavern 501110 383 Archie Asks Sir Cedric Hardwicke To Be His Roommate
Duffys Tavern 501117 384 Archies Nephew
Duffys Tavern 501201 386 Latin Night At Duffys With Bobby Capoe
Duffys Tavern 501208 387 Archie Wants To Sell Tavern
Duffys Tavern 501215 388 Archie Wants Veronica Lake To Help Promote New Latin Singer
Duffys Tavern 501222 389 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus
Duffys Tavern 501229 390 Archie Cuts Prices To Fight Inflation
Duffys Tavern 510105 391 Archie Has Date With Joan Bennett
Duffys Tavern 510112 392 Lady Visits Draft Board
Duffys Tavern 510119 393 Literary Society Meeting
Duffys Tavern 510126 394 Actors Club At Tavern With Vincent Price
Duffys Tavern 510202 395 Archie Runs For Office Of Food Inspector
Duffys Tavern 510209 396 Unsigned Valentine With Shelley Winters; Same As 500216
Duffys Tavern 510216 397 Archie Hypnotist
Duffys Tavern 510223 398 Arthur Treacher Quits His Job
Duffys Tavern 510302 399 Diary Of Peter Stuyvesant
Duffys Tavern 510309 400 Archie Writes An Opera Two Barbers Of Seville
Duffys Tavern 510316 401 Fashion Lecture With Arthur Treacher
Duffys Tavern 510323 402 Culture Comes To Duffys
Duffys Tavern 510330 403 Archie Throws Block Party With Artie Shaw
Duffys Tavern 510406 404 Singing Detective With Rudy Vallee; Same As 500525
Duffys Tavern 510420 406 Archie Lion Tamer With Bert Gordon
Duffys Tavern 510427 407 Balancing Books With Garry Moore And Phil Baker
Duffys Tavern 511005 408 Archie Get Boris Karloff To Scare Off Buyers Of Bar
Duffys Tavern 511012 409 Party For Film Critics
Duffys Tavern 511019 410 Archies Nephew Morton Visits Repeat 501117
Duffys Tavern 511026 411 Archie Helps Morton With His Homework Repeat 501124
Duffys Tavern 511102 412 Spanish Floor Show With Josethia Hernandez
Duffys Tavern 511109 413 Cultural Singing Contest
Duffys Tavern 511116 414 Archie Writes An Opera For Tv With Deems Taylor
Duffys Tavern 511123 415 Archie Opens Tea Room
Duffys Tavern 511130 416 Archie Inherits Half Race Horse
Duffys Tavern 511207 417 Archie Fatherbaby Left On Doorstep
Duffys Tavern 511214 418 Archies Old Teacher Visits
Duffys Tavern 511221 419 Atomic Research
Duffys Tavern 511228 420 Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest
Duffys Tavern Genius Of Week



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