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WWII News Broadcasts

The WWII news shows are historically significant to world history. Though we as today's listeners know the outcome to the historical events in these WWII broadcasts, hearing the shows offer a time capsule to a bygone era. As most WWII veterans are in their 90's even 100th year of life, we honor their service and thank them for defending freedom for America and the world. It is our hope that sharing these collections will offer a renewed appreciation for the older generations and the tribulations of their time.

CBS World News Today
One of the first news shows to send famed correspondents, Edward R Murrow, John Charles Daly, and William L. Shirer, around the world to give American eyewitness accounts to some of the most dramatic events in history.

1940 News
Summer of 1940 News
Let the pioneers of broadcast war journalism transport you back to the early days of the war in Europe with news from London, Berlin, and Rome.

Your Home Front Reporter
Light opera, War News, and getting the most out of your Ration Points were the features of Your Home Front Reporter.

Annual News Compilations
Radio's heyday encapsuated some of the biggest events of the 20th century. News headlines not only document historical events as they unfold, but decades later offer details often overlooked by glossed over history books. In the nitty gritty details of annual events, we can learn more about the past and use it to help us today. 

News 1938
News Recordings 1938
The winds of WWII were swirling in the headlines in 1938, as the Japanese Navy was growing, Germany annexed Austria, anti-Trotsky trials were run in Russia, and religion was being oppressed in Germany.

News 1939
News Recordings 1939
New headlines were dominated by the news Europe from the Spanish Civil War to the Blitzkrieg of Poland.

news 1940s
News Recordings 1940
War raged in Europe, France surrendered to Germany as Luftwaffe bombs fell for the first time on Paris. Although America was not yet committed to war, there was quiet preparations to join to fight.

News Recordings 1941
News program featuring the biggest events and news stories of 1941 leading up the the Attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

News 1942
News Recordings 1942
Important historic events from the year 1942, when the Americans entered WWII and the stories of the war were heard by millions of Americans.

News Recordings 1943
WWII was in full force with many casualties on both sides, Americans clung to their radios for news about the war. Edward R. Murrow joined an American bomber crew on a raid over Berlin to bravely report from the warfront.

News 1944
News Recordings 1944
Allied forces were advancing in all theaters of WWII, but there was a lot more fighting to come.

News 1945
News Recordings 1945
1945 was a big year for news, the death of FDR, V-Day, two atomic bombs dropped on Japan, and the end of WWII.

WWII News Correspondents
Trusted journalists and correspondents brought the news and events of the day into the homes of regular American many of whom were concerned about their loved ones serving abroad. Having a familar voice on the front lines humanized the news and allowed listeners to trust news sources. 

Elmer Davis
Elmer Davis and the News
During the months before Pearl Harbor, FDR appointed Elmer Davis to head up the Office of War Information. From this bully pulpit, Davis helped to whip the Nation into a fury over the aggressions of the Nazi's in Europe.

HV Kaltenborn Edits the News
History repeats itself when H. V. Kaltenborn provides vivid commentary and pointed insight into world affairs and politics in the 1940s and 1950s.

Robert Arden News Commentary
A foreign correspondent, Robert Arden made insightful commentary about current events of WWII.

William L. Shirer Collection
As a pioneering correspondent for CBS News, William Shirer reported from Germany during the period before the beginning of WWII through the early Nazi triumphs, and later wrote about the period in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Edward Murrow
Edward Murrow (I Can Hear It Now)
One of the greatest American journalists in broadcast history, he pioneered the reporter on the scene reporting during WWII.

Complete Broadcast Days
Complete Boradcats days are favorites among professional and amateur historians alike. As news events unfolded during WWII, listeners today can hear a day exactly as American did decades ago. This includes commercials, breaking news alerts, and regular programming. This is as close to time travel as you're going to get. 

Complete 1939
Complete Broadcast 1939
(Nazi Invasion of Poland)
The day the Nazis invaded Poland is seen as the beginning of the Second World War. The staff of WJSV recorded the entire days broadcast, so we can learn about the events as they unfold.

Pearl Harbor
Complete Broadcast 1941
(Pearl Harbor)

Complete broadcast day recordings of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.The Japanese attack changed the history of the world and officially brought the United States in World War II.

Complete Broadcast 1944
(D-Day Invasion of Normandy)

original full day broadcast from the day of the invasion June 6th, 1944 including news bulletins, comedy and variety shows. These recordings illustrate the response on the American home front to the Normandy Landings called "the greatest invasion in the history of the world."

WEAF 660AM 12-Hour Broadcast (Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki)
Transcribed under the assumption of the end of the war the day after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, this recording is a significant part of American history as it reflects the tension as we teetered at the end of WWII.

Victory in Europe and Victory in Japan Recordings
Two of the most celebrated days around the world: VE Day (Victory in Europe) and VJ Day (Victory in Japan). After years of death, destruction, and war, Americans and Allies now celebrated victory over the Axis Powers. 

VE Day
Victory in Europe Day Radio Recordings
For the peoples living in the victorious nations it seemed as though it should be a time of celebration, Nazi Germany had declared their unconditional surrender to the forces of the Allied Powers.

VJ Day
V-J Day Collection (Victory Over Japan)
Japan officially surrendered from WWII on the deck of the USS Missouri (BB-63) on September 2, 1945.

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