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 Sealtest Variety (Dorothy Lamour)

1 MP3 CD - 42 episodes


"Cavalcade Gild"
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Dorothy Lamour
Musical Variety

Dorothy LamourStealtest VarietyFirst playing as "Front and Center," the show changed in Sept. 1948 to The Sealtest Variety Theater. On Thursday nights at 9:30, it was a variety comedy show with glamorous Dorothy Lamour as "hostess with the mostess". The show was known by fans as The Dorothy Lamour Show. Dorothy began life as Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton, was Miss New Orleans of 1931, and sang in her first hubby Herbie Kaye's band on the way to Hollywood and her trademark attire, the sarong. She wore it in her very first picture, Paramount's "The Jungle Princess" of 1936, and America loved the combination. She's beloved for being the book between the bookends of Bob and Bing in the classic series of Paramount romps, the "Road to " pictures. These were a perfect potpourri of adventure, slapstick, ad libs, Hollywood inside jokes and great song and patter numbers. Of these she said "I was the happiest and highest-paid straight woman in the business." Her nicknames were "the beautiful one" and, of course, "the Sarong."

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Dorothy LamourAfter signing with Paramount, she immediately starting guesting on radio, and her bright, youthful delivery of a song landed her a featured spot on The Chase and Sanborn Radio Hour with Don Ameche and Bergen and McCarthy. Dorothy was just a lovely ray of sunshine before the squall that threw Mae West overboard as far as network radio was concerned on the infamous "Mae West as Eve" broadcast of that show, which is available on the Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Collection. The War War II years saw Dorothy give her all (with a sarong and a song) for the war effort, and the "Road Crew" really were on the road a great deal! She appeared on radio often, which led to "Front and Center."

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After the war when this show became "peacetime" and was re-named The Sealtest Variety Theater. Dorothy's guest list packed famous stars like sardines into the half-hour. There was Bob Hope, David Niven, Joan Davis, Van Johnson, Boris Karloff, Gregory Peck, Ray Milland, and Burt Lancaster among many more. The radio stars of the day were well represented too, such as Edgar Bergen, The Nelson Family (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet), Jim and Marion Jordan (Fibber McGee and Molly), Ed Gardner (Duffy's Tavern) and Harold Peary (of The Great Guildersleeve and Honest Harold), Dick Powell (Richard Diamond) and many more. Every week it was at least one big star, and sometimes two or three. One show is a wild and wooly attempt at a live remote that has a certain cache among old time radio buffs. But that's an anomaly. The show's essence is pure fun and entertainment, with The Crew Chiefs singing when Dorothy wasn't, and a good band under the direction of Henry Russell to keep the tempo way up.

In '49, actor Eddie Bracken signed on as a continuing feature. Johnny Lang announced, with the whole three-year affair directed by Glenhall Taylor. In John Dunning's "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio," Taylor recalls that Dorothy Lamour was warm and unpretentious. He remembered her saying at the start of the series, "I can't sing and I can't act, it's up to you guys to make me look good." Obviously, a great deal of Hollywood's screen and radio talent rallied 'round Dorothy, and did their darndest to make The Sealtest Variety Theater a star-studded half hour of radio variety each and every

Sealtest Ice CreamFor more radio variety, please see Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore Collection, Burns and Allen, Command Performance, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, and The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show featured comedy and songs, as did Jack Benny.

Please note these Sealtest Variety Hour programs can also be found on the Divas of . See also: Front & Center, the 1947 predecessor program of Sealtest Variety Hour also starring Dorothy Lamour.

Dorothy Lamour

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42 shows - total playtime 20 hours 19 minutes
Sealtest 470320 Village Store
Sealtest 480909 01 Waiting Room
Sealtest 480916 02 Sir Lancelot
Sealtest 480923 03 Love Pact
Sealtest 481007 04 Pirate Of New Orleans
Sealtest 481014 05 Daniel Boon Crush
Sealtest 481021 06 Happy Ending
Sealtest 481028 07 Happy Halloween
Sealtest 481104 08 Sleight Of Hand
Sealtest 481111 09
Sealtest 481118 10 Cavalcade Gildersleeve
Sealtest 481125 11
Sealtest 481202 12
Sealtest 481209 13
Sealtest 481216 14 Fibber McGee
Sealtest 481223 15 Christmas Show
Sealtest 481230 16 New Year's Show
Sealtest 490106 17 Cornel Wilde
Sealtest 490113 18 Gene Kelly
Sealtest 490120 19 Lloyd Nolan
Sealtest 490127 20 Douglas Fairbanks
Sealtest 490203 21 Joan Davis
Sealtest 490217 22 Dean Martin
Sealtest 490224 23 Detective Show Parodys
Sealtest 490303 24 Brian Ahern
Sealtest 490310 25 Richard Widmark
Sealtest 490317 26 Live From Shamrock Hotel
Sealtest 490324 27 Alan Young
Sealtest 490407 28 Burt Lancaste
Sealtest 490414 29 Victor Moore
Sealtest 490421 30 Edgar Bergen
Sealtest 490428 31 Betting
Sealtest 490505 32 Sidney Greenstreet
Sealtest 490512 33 New Boyfriend
Sealtest 490519 34 How to Become A Fighter
Sealtest 490526 35 James Stewart
Sealtest 490602 36 Charles Laugton
Sealtest 490609 37 New Neighbor
Sealtest 490616 38 Quiz Show Spoof
Sealtest 490623 39 Boris Karloff
Sealtest 490630 40 Dan Duryea
Sealtest 490707 41 last show Harold Peary


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