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 Gerald Mohr

6 MP3 CDs - 289 episodes

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"Gerald Mohr in The Whistler: Stranger in the House"
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Gerald MohrA staple in old time radio history, Gerald Mohr performed in over 500 radio plays from the 1930s to the early 1950s.  A natural in detective drama, he excelled at playing the tough-guy rolls such as Philip Marlowe. He also narrated both the radio and television episode introductions.

Born in 1914, Mohr was raised by his mother and grandfather (Gerald Mohr Sr. died when the younger Gerald was three).  Under the guidance of his grandfather, Gerald Mohr attended the distinguished Dwight Preparatory School in New York and entered Columbia University with hopes of becoming a doctor when he fell ill of appendicitis.  His roommate in the hospital was a radio broadcaster and suggested that Mohr look to a career on radio; he was no doubt impressed with Mohr post surgery baritone moans.

Gerald Mohr Publicity PhotoGerald Mohr's big break in radio drama was in Orson Welles Mercury Theatre Company and greatly impressed Welles, who later recommended Mohr for bigger roles in film and old time radio.  He left show business briefly during WWII as he served for three years on United States Air Force (USAF).  Thoughout his performance career, he worked in countless movies, numerous television, animated shows and old time radio series including performances on The Whistler, Lux Radio Theater, Nero Wolfe, Front Page Drama, Dr Christian, and portraying the tough private investigator Philip Marlowe.  Fluent in both German and French, Gerald Mohr played Jacque Monet in Our Miss Brooks.

Often compared to Humphrey Bogart, Mohr pretty much defines "cool" with a smooth delivery of lines and a laid back persona.  There are a few campy b-movies on Gerald Mohr's resume such as Guns, Girls, and Gangsters; Terror in a Haunted House; and Invasion USA.  Shortly after completing the pilot of a new TV series called Private Entrance, Gerald Mohr died of a heart attack in the evening of 9 November 1968, in Södermalm, Stockholm, at the too-young age of 54.

This extensive collection contains Mohr's roles in such old time radio series as:



All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 : 62 shows - total playtime 23 hours18 minutes

Academy Award Theater
Aat460703 15 Maltese Falcon
Aat460814 21 Vivacious Lady [inc]

Alan Young Show
Alan Young 470103 0013 Family Tree

Anne of the Airlines
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E10
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E12
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E17
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E19
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E21
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E24
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E27
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E28

Arch Oboler's Plays
Arch Oboler's Plays 450809 18 History Of A Mug

Bob Burns
Bob Burns Show 430506 For Lifebuoy Meat Rationing

Bold Venture
Bold Venture 12 The Tears Of Sheba

Box 13
Box 13 490626 Speed To Burn

Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade Of America 420413 274 A Continental Uniform

Command Performance
Cpusa 420401 006 Kay Kyser, Bea Wain

Dr Christian
Dr.christian 381101 Dr.christian For Mayor
Dr.christian 381129 Seeing Eye Pt.1
Dr.christian 390214 Angel Unaware (g)
Dr.christian 390221 Washington Had His Delaware
Dr.christian 390228 Puppy Love
Dr.christian 390314 Little Sweetheart
Dr.christian 390321 Mr.meeks

Easy Aces
Easy Aces E053 The Other Woman
Easy Aces E061 Marge And Jane Stop Speaking

Encore Theater
Encore 460730 09 Dark Victory

Escape 490804 085 Leiningen Versus The Ants (r)
Escape 491108 096 Plunder Of The Sun
Escape 500103 104 The Pistol

Frank Race
Frank Race 02 Darling Debutante
Frank Race 21 Three On A Match
Frank Race 24 491009 Sobbing Bodyguards
Frank Race 40 500129 Kettle Drum

Front Page Drama
Front Page Drama 390113 Death And The Maiden Part 1
Front Page Drama 401206 The Gypsy Murder Case
Front Page Drama 410314 Voices Of Destruction
Front Page Drama 410328 Ugly Duckling Spy
Front Page Drama 410404 Twenty Days Of Terror
Front Page Drama 410411 Escape In The Night
Front Page Drama 410516 An Evening At Maxims

Fu Manchu
Fu 390807 (139) Purple Shadow

Guest Star Radio
Guest Star 281 'the Pledge'
Guest Star 303 'romance'
Guest Star 332 'fear'
Guest Star 335 'hayes Vrs Hayes'

Guns 490713 2nd Audition Show Dillon Goes To Gouge Eye

Hallmark Playhouse
Hallmark Playhouse 480701 004 Penny Serenade
Hallmark Playhouse 480715 06 Girls Are Like Boats
Hallmark Playhouse 481007 016 Elmer The Great
Hallmark Playhouse 490310 038 And There I Stood W My Pic
Hallmark Playhouse 490324 040 Wyatt Earp
Hallmark Playhouse 510322 117 The Long Love

Hello Americans
Hello Americans 421122 02 Christ Of The Andes
Hello Americans 421129 03 Santa Domingo Hiati
Hello Americans 421206 04 1o2 Alphabet Of The Islands
Hello Americans 421213 05 2o2 Alphabet Of The Islands
Hello Americans 421220 06 story of abendgo, the slave

Hollywood Star Playhouse
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510920 02 Hour Of Truth

I Was a Communist for the FBI
C4fbi 521210 E34 The Kiss Of Death
C4fbi 521217 E35 Treason Comes In Cans

Jungle Jim
Jungle Jim 351102 E001 The Bat Woman

Volume 2 : 40 shows - total playtime 23 hours 11 minutes

Let George Do It
Let George 481129 Standin For Murder
Let George 490221 Journey Into Hate

Lux Radio
Lux390703 226 Bordertown
Lux450611 488 Murder My Sweet
Lux450618 Canterville Ghost
Lux460520 529 Deadline At Dawn (no Open Close)
Lux460610 532 And Now Tomorrow
Lux460617 533 Fallen Angel
Lux461216 551 Killer Kates
Lux470210 559 Frenchmans Creek
Lux480126 Notorious
Lux480209 603 Lady In The Lake
Lux480510 616 Intrigue
Lux480531 619 Miracle Of The Bells
Lux490418 655 Treasure Sierra Madre
Lux510910 756 Fancy Pants W Bob Hope & Lucille Bal

Man Called X
Man Called X 471130 36 Checkmate In Tahiti
Man Called X 501103 03 Professor Channey Disapeared

Mandrake the Magician
Mandrake The Magician 047
Mandrake The Magician 048
Mandrake The Magician 052
Mandrake The Magician 055
Mandrake The Magician 056
Mandrake The Magician 057
Mandrake The Magician 058

Mayor of the Town
Mayor 421209 11 Enemy Agents
Mayor 430324 26 A Fraud Painter

Mystery is My Hobby
Mimh 028 Excon Candidate
Mimh 046 Morini & The Formula

Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 510105 E12 Deadly Sellout
Nero Wolfe 510112 E13 The Killer Cards
Nero Wolfe 510119 E14 The Calculated Risk
Nero Wolfe 510126 E15 The Phantom Fingers
Nero Wolfe 510202 E16 The Vanishing Shells

19500306 Number 13

Our Miss Brooks
Our Miss Brooks 490102 022 Old Clothes For Party
Our Miss Brooks 490313 032 Cafeteria Boycott
Our Miss Brooks 491009 061 Mr Leblanche Needs $50
Our Miss Brooks 510304 121 Overseas Job

Volume 3 : 52 shows - total playtime 25 hours 34 minutes

Ozzie & Harriet
Ozzie & Harriet 520125 H18 The Dental Receptionist

Phil Harris - Alice Faye
Ph510128 Phil Donates Blood

Philip Marlowe 1
Philip Marlowe 480926 Red Wind
Philip Marlowe 481003 Persian Slippers
Philip Marlowe 481010 Panama Hat
Philip Marlowe 481017 Where There's a Will
Philip Marlowe 481024 Heart of Gold
Philip Marlowe 481128 Hard Way Out
Philip Marlowe 481226 Old Acquaintance
Philip Marlowe 490108 Restless Day
Philip Marlowe 490115 Black Halo
Philip Marlowe 490122 Orange Dog
Philip Marlowe 490129 Easy Mark
Philip Marlowe 490205 Long Rope
Philip Marlowe 490212 Lonesome Reunion
Philip Marlowe 490305 Friend from Detroit
Philip Marlowe 490312 Grim Hunters
Philip Marlowe 490319 Dancing Hands
Philip Marlowe 490326 Green Flame
Philip Marlowe 490402 Last Laugh
Philip Marlowe 490409 Name to Remember
Philip Marlowe 490416 Heat Wave
Philip Marlowe 490423 Cloak of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 490430 Lady in Mink
Philip Marlowe 490507 Feminine Touch
Philip Marlowe 490514 Promise to Pay
Philip Marlowe 490521 Night Tide
Philip Marlowe 490528 Ebony Link
Philip Marlowe 490604 Unfair Lady
Philip Marlowe 490611 Pigeons Blood
Philip Marlowe 490618 Busy Body
Philip Marlowe 490625 Key Man
Philip Marlowe 490702 Dude from Manhattan
Philip Marlowe 490716 Headless Peacock
Philip Marlowe 490730 Mexican Boat Ride
Philip Marlowe 490806 August Lion
Philip Marlowe 490813 Indian Giver
Philip Marlowe 490820 Lady Killer
Philip Marlowe 490827 Eager Witness
Philip Marlowe 490903 Bum's Rush
Philip Marlowe 490910 Rustin Hickory
Philip Marlowe 490917 Baton Sinister
Philip Marlowe 490924 Fatted Calf
Philip Marlowe 491001 Tale of Mermaid
Philip Marlowe 491008 Open Window
Philip Marlowe 491015 Strangle Hold
Philip Marlowe 491022 Smokeout
Philip Marlowe 491029 Green Witch
Philip Marlowe 491105 Fine Italian Hand
Philip Marlowe 491126 Birds on Wing
Philip Marlowe 491203 Kid on Corner
Philip Marlowe 491210 Little Wishbone

Volume 4: 51 shows - total approx. playtime 27 hours 13 minutes

Philip Marlowe (cont)
Philip Marlowe 491231 House That Jacqueline Built
Philip Marlowe 500107 Torch Carriers
Philip Marlowe 500114 Covered Bridge
Philip Marlowe 500121 Bid for Freedom
Philip Marlowe 500128 Hairpin Turn
Philip Marlowe 500207 Long Arm
Philip Marlowe 500214 Grim Echo
Philip Marlowe 500221 Ladies Night
Philip Marlowe 500228 Big Step
Philip Marlowe 500307 Monkey's Uncle
Philip Marlowe 500314 Vital Statistic
Philip Marlowe 500321 Deep Shadow
Philip Marlowe 500328 Sword of Cebu
Philip Marlowe 500404 Man on Roof
Philip Marlowe 500418 Angry Eagle
Philip Marlowe 500425 High Collared Cape
Philip Marlowe 500502 Seahorse Jockey
Philip Marlowe 500509 Hiding Place
Philip Marlowe 500516 Cloak of Kamehameha
Philip Marlowe 500523 Fox's Tail
Philip Marlowe 500530 Bedside Manners
Philip Marlowe 500606 Uneasy Head
Philip Marlowe 500614 Face to Forget
Philip Marlowe 500621 Gold Cobra

Philip Marlowe 500628 Pelican's Roost
Philip Marlowe 500705 Girl from Pitchfork Corners
Philip Marlowe 500712 Iron Coffin
Philip Marlowe 500719 Last Wish
Philip Marlowe 500728 Glass Donkey
Philip Marlowe 500804 Parrot's Bed [trunc]
Philip Marlowe 500811 Quiet Magpie
Philip Marlowe 500818 Dark Tunnel
Philip Marlowe 500825 Collector's Item
Philip Marlowe 500901 Soft Spot
Philip Marlowe 500908 Fifth Mask
Philip Marlowe 500915 Final Payment
Philip Marlowe 500922 White Carnation
Philip Marlowe 500929 Big Book
Philip Marlowe 510707 A Seaside Sabbatical
Philip Marlowe 510714 Dear Dead Days
Philip Marlowe 510721 Life Can Be Murder
Philip Marlowe 510728 Good Neighbor Policy
Philip Marlowe 510804 Long Way Home
Philip Marlowe 510818 Young Man's Fancy
Philip Marlowe 510825 Heir for GString
Philip Marlowe 510901 Nether Land
Philip Marlowe 510908 Medium Was Rare
Philip Marlowe 510915 Sound and Unsound

Volume 5 : 39 shows - total playtime 17 hours 32 minutes

Railroad Hour
Railroad Hour 511105 162 Rose Marie

Red Ryder
Red Ryder 420408 Brimstone

Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery 450623 Mcdonald Murder Case
Rogues Gallery 451213 Blood On Sand (2)
Rogues Gallery 451220 Fortune In Furs
Rogues Gallery 460103 Stark Mcvey Murder
Rogues Gallery 460221 Alibi Master
Rogues Gallery 460516 Impossible Murder
Rogues Gallery 460630 Lady With A Gun (rehearsal)

Screen Dir Playhouse
Sdp 490417 E015 The Best Years Of Our Lives
Sdp 491031 E041 Remember The Night
Sdp 500127 E053 It Had To Be You
Sdp 510111 E085 Ivy
Sdp 510329 E096 Next Time We Love

Shorty Bell
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480626 Shorty Scoops Photograp

Six Shooter
Six Shooter 33 540513 The Double Seven

Superman 480819 E1494 Mysteryoftheletter,the4
Superman 480820 E1495 Mysteryoftheletter,the5
Superman 480823 E1496 Mysteryoftheletter,the6
Superman 480824 E1497 Mysteryoftheletter,the7
Superman 480825 E1498 Mysteryoftheletter,the8
Superman 480826 E1499 Mysteryoftheletter,the9
Superman 480827 E1500 Mysteryoftheletter,the10
Superman 480830 E1501 Mysteryoftheletter,the11

Susp 450816 154 Short Order
Susp 460704 200 An Evening's Diversion
Susp 470605 248 Make Mad The Guilty
Susp 480902 305 The Morrison Affair
Susp 480909 306 Big Shot
Susp 481230 321 Breakup
Susp 520602 476 Good And Faithful Servant

Texas Rangers
Txr 501217 Cactus Pear
Txr 510211 The Hatchet
Txr 511125 The Blowoff
Txr 520622 Knockout

Theater of Romance
Theat Of Rom 451016 068 Reverie
Theat Of Rom 451106 071 To Mary With Love
Theat Of Rom 451127 074 Penny Serenade
Theat Of Rom 460312 089 Next Time We Love

Volume 6 : 45 shows - total playtime 20 hours 11 minutes

Whistler 430103 E034 The Weakling
Whistler 460121 E192 Treasure Hunt
Whistler 460225 E197 Murder In Haste
Whistler 460415 E204 Smart Boy
Whistler 460603 E211 The Judas Face
Whistler 460624 E214 The Blind Bet
Whistler 460805 E220 Bullet Proof
Whistler 460923 E229 Or 480602 E318 Stranger In The House
Whistler 461028 E234 Backfire
Whistler 461125 E237 Two Year Plan
Whistler 470210 E249 Safety In Numbers
Whistler 470310 E254 Murder Of Byron Blake
Whistler 470602 E266 Caesar's Wife
Whistler 470716 E272 Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Whistler 471022 E286 Case For Mr Carrington
Whistler 471217 E293 Murder In Haste
Whistler 480128 E300 Night Final
Whistler 480218 E303 Quiet Suicide
Whistler 480414 E311 Till Death Do Us Part
Whistler 480602 E318 Stranger In The House
Whistler 480721 E323 Farewell Party
Whistler 480804 E325 A Question Of Murder
Whistler 490130 E351 All Damage Covered
Whistler 490320 E358 Death Of Mister Penny
Whistler 490522 E367 Fatal Fraud
Whistler 491127 E394 Clever Mr Farley
Whistler 500108 E400 Return To Riondo
Whistler 500219 E406 Five Cent Toll
Whistler 500604 E421 Caesar's Wife
Whistler 501119 E445 Warm Reception
Whistler 510107 E452 Hit And Run
Whistler 510121 E454 Treasure Hunt
Whistler 510415 E466 Triple Cross
Whistler 511021 E000 Alias Mr Alden
Whistler 520210 E509 Little Red Book
Whistler 520518 E523 Determined Traveler
Whistler 520727 E533 Never Trust A Stranger

Wings to Victory
Wings Victory 430527 Crew Of C54 Transport Plane
Wings Victory 431007 Story Of John Saunders

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
Ytjd 550829 231 Aud W Gerald Mohr
Ytjd 551107 258 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter
Ytjd 551108 259 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter
Ytjd 551109 260 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter
Ytjd 551110 261 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter
Ytjd 551111 262 Lorcoe Diamond's Matter



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