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 Red Horse Ranch

1 MP3 CD - 26 episodes

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"Old Grey Mare"
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Red Horse Ranch Cast

KMBC Pickwick Hotel Kansas CityForeman Alabam', Tenderfoot, Idaho, Arizona, Cookie and Tex are the hired hands on the Red Horse Ranch, working and singing hard for Dad Carter. Sam Carter faces all difficulties that ranchers have known for decades, like a hard winter that took half the herd, fencing disputes, a banknote that is coming due, and loneliness for a pretty daughter, Rose, who has been back East at school.

With just this much we have the makings of a good Western Radio Serial, but stir into the mix some excellent Old Time cowboy Music, and you have a sure fire hit!

The Music is provided by the KCMB Texas Rangers.  The Rangers appeared in several B-Westerns in the late '30s and early '40s, often co-starring with Johnny Mack Brown and Gene Autry. They made a number of appearances on West Coast radio, and were regulars on Melody Ranch for a time. Promotional literature put out by KCMB claims that the group plays twenty instruments, quite a selection for a Cowboy band! Bass fiddle and Accordion may not fit well wrapped up in a saddle blanket, but the Texas Rangers make it work.

The serial seems a little contrived, typical fare for a B-Western movie, but it is entertaining enough to make you look forward to hear the next episode to find out who wins the big horse race and whether Dad Carter will be able to find the money to keep the Ranch, as well as wonder whether Alabam' will ever let Rose try to ride the cayuse he is training, and what will frog-voiced Arizona ever get over his loneliness for his girl? Could those Land Grabbers think that there is oil under the ground of the Red Horse Ranch? Tune in tomorrow to find out! But mostly, tune in for the great Cowboy Music!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

26 shows - total playtime 6 hours 34 minutes

Red Horse Ranch 01 Press Along Cowboy
Red Horse Ranch 02 Rustlers Lament
Red Horse Ranch 03 Oh Susanna
Red Horse Ranch 04 Cowboy Aint No Dandy
Red Horse Ranch 05 Is A Square Dance
Red Horse Ranch 06 Rye Whiskey
Red Horse Ranch 07 Goodbye Old Paint
Red Horse Ranch 08 Yodeling Ranger
Red Horse Ranch 09 Turnip Greens
Red Horse Ranch 10 Rigcomfaddledea
Red Horse Ranch 11 Alabam Is Wondering Who Shot Gun
Red Horse Ranch 12 Rose Talks With Her Father
Red Horse Ranch 13 Old Gray Mare
Red Horse Ranch 14 Turkey In Straw
Red Horse Ranch 15 Alabam Is Hurt While Riding Red
Red Horse Ranch 16 Alabam Is Recovering From His Accident
Red Horse Ranch 17 Down In Arkansas
Red Horse Ranch 18 Press Along
Red Horse Ranch 19 Lay Still Little Doggies
Red Horse Ranch 20 Alabam And Tenderfoot Are Guarding Herd
Red Horse Ranch 21 Old Texas Trail
Red Horse Ranch 22 Mr Caters In Desperate Straights With Half Herd Gone
Red Horse Ranch 23 When A Woman Gets Blues
Red Horse Ranch 24 Sheriff Comes To Collect On Red Horse Ranch Debt
Red Horse Ranch 25 Good Old Mountain Music
Red Horse Ranch 26 Cookie And Arizona Reminisce About Women



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