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 Rarities from the 1930s

2 MP3 CDs - 79 episodes

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"Henry Busse Program 1935 - WBBM Music Remote"
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Drama, comedy, music, horror, drama, and ballot counting (1930s)

Pretty Kitty KellyScary hairy ghosts, rich with the blood and gold of helpless humans! Smart 19th centurions specializing in the subjects of the property of matter, theory of heat, and acoustics, to say nothing of optics! Fred Astaire dancing on air! Laughs, drama, and variety! It's all here, and it's all eligible for Social Security – the forgotten but not gone, rare 1930s old time radio shows!

There's music galore - listen to the soft coos and old time jazz with the likes of The Four Ink Spots, singing melody and harmony on their own radio show, the music remote of The Henry Busse Program, and Hickory House Jam Session. Lend an ear to Thrills, the musical program starring Gayne Whitman and sponsored by Union Oil. Then gear yourself up for Melody and Madness, the comedy and music show that always starts with "Will someone please wake Benchley? This laugh-along and sing-along program stars Robert Benchley and Artie Shaw's Orchestra, then later Lennie Hayton.

If your toe can't stop tapping, imagine how Fred must feel on The Packard Hour with Johnny Green, his piano and orchestra . This rare show broadcast in 1937 and starred Fred Astaire at the height of his toe tapping fame. Occasional interruptions by the 1936 presidential election ballot count make this show interesting and historical. Will Roosevelt win? Election jokes abound with Astaire, but between soft-shoe numbers of course. Triton California Highway Map

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Haven't had enough historical political programming for your taste? Then tune in to The Townsend Movement, a political broadcast that promotes the Townsend Movement and its supporters, a program which helped get the ball rolling for social security. This particular two-part program features Sheridan Downey, the democrat nominee for the US Senate from California and "the only endorsed candidate for this organization.

There is more adventure and drama ahead. Mary Pickford (the "best known woman in the world) and Mary PickfordCompany star in the romantic comedy, "The Churchmouse. This dramatic program is Mary's first radio appearance, and sponsored by Royal Gelatin to boot. Then there is the exciting Pretty Kitty Kelly, an adventure show where Kitty is captured by Indians. If crime drama is your gumshoe, then Attorney at Law is a great dramatic program, one which held enough ears to sub for Fibber McGee and Molly in the summer of 1938.

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Variety highlights in this collection include Men of Vision, a show about men who have opened the eyes of the world. It is a show of dramatic highlights in lives of such men as Ben Franklin, Roger Bacon, and Galileo. One particular show focuses on the life and successes of Thomas Young, an early 19 th century philosopher, physician, archaeologist, linguist, mathematician, and founder of physiological optics. If that isn't a mouthful, then saunter on over to the saloon and listen to the tale of the Black Ghost. Mr. Ghost is an all-around mean-spirited ghoul, notorious for knocking over and robbing crippled men and taking their crutches.

Fred AstaireBut that's not all! There are more 1930s rarities in this collection – more laughs, spine tingles, rhythm, and adventure - than you can shake a stick at.

Most broadcasts were live during the 1930's because prerecording was expensive and unreliable. Happily for modern collectors, a few of the broadcasts were recorded for what were known as “air-checks”. An air check may have been made for the sponsor, or so that the station technicians could hear how the programs were being received. The air-checks would have been recorded using needle-scratch phonograph technology, a somewhat fragile technology in comparison with modern electronic recording. Not only were the recordings fragile, they took up physical space. Using modern MP3 technology, we can place dozens of programs on a single Compact Disc. These shows would have filled an entire closet in a broadcast studio.

Irene and Vernon CastleFortunately, recordings from air-checks and other sources did survive. We are happy to present these orphan episodes in our Rarities Collections.

One of the earliest recordings in this collection is from The Life Of Irene Castle. Irene and Vernon Castle were popular dancers in Broadway revues during the second decade of the Twentieth Century. They traveled to Europe for a time before returning to America to popularize ragtime dances like the Bunny Hop and the Turkey Trot. Irene was quite the fashion sensation, credited with making the “bob” haircut acceptable with the Flapper generation. Vernon became a flying hero for the RAF during WWI but was killed in a peacetime flying accident in Texas. Irene would remarry, but never found the happiness she had known with Vernon. The radio program is a combination of her life story and beauty tips. (The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle was made into an RKO Picture in 1939, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Irene was upset with many inaccuracies in the film and that Rogers refused to bob her hair.)

Carroll GibbonsCarroll Gibbons  had a truly International career. Gibbons was born in Massachusetts, but moved to Great Britain in his teens to study at the Royal Academy of music. Although he did return to the U.S. for a few short periods, including working as a staff composer for MGM in Hollywood, England became his home. The broadcasts in our collection are from his weekly broadcast over Radio Luxembourg. The tiny country's location in central Europe was perfect to broadcast to all parts of Western Europe, and circumvent the British monopoly.

Top Notchers, sponsored by Coca Cola (“The Pause That Refreshes”, even during the Great Depression!) presented popular music and sporting news as told by Grantland Rice.

The Radio Guild was presented on the Blue Network as a sustained production which featured stories from great literature and one act plays.

Smilin JackSmilin' Jack was a long running comic strip with an aviation theme. Hot pilot Smiling Jack Martin would foil the schemes of the bad guys with plenty of help from his friends, Dixie Lee the air hostess, his ward, the Hawaiian boy Fat Stuff, Rufus the Mechanic, and copilot Downwind Jaxon. The strip ran from 1933 until 1973, but the radio version only lasted the 1939 season.

Edna FerberEdna Ferber's 1926 novel, Showboat, was an unlikely adaptation for the musical stage of the time. Although a troupe of entertainers sailing from town to town could have been light-hearted fare, the book explores serious themes of racial prejudice, infidelity, and acts of desperation. The musical adaptation is considered a watershed in American musical theater. Before Showboat, musicals were lighthearted revues, comedies and operettas.

The Maxwell Showboat on the radio used some of the characters and situations from the novel and the musical for a radio variety program from 1934 until 1937. The revised program in 1940 placed more emphasis on light-hearted variety. The issues and artistic merit of the original musical made it a natural adaptation for Orson Welles' Campbell's Playhouse on Mar 31, 1939.

For additional early recordings, see also:

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Volume 1: 40 shows - total playtime 13 hours 22 minutes

1001 Wives 390901 Lori O'donnell
1930's (late) You Can't Argue With Love
30 Minutes In Hollywood 371024 04 Guest Judy Garland Age15
30 Minutes In Hollywood 380123 16 Music Publishing Busin
371024 (04) Guest Judy Garland Age15
Amelia Earhart 310200 The Pilot
Amelia Earhart 320522 Women In Air Travel
America Dances 380706 Jimmy Rushing Vocals Count Basie
American Theater Of Radio 330907 When The Comey Strikes
American Theater Of Radio 331005 The Almost Perfect Crim
American Theater Of Radio 331026 The Wild West Of 1933
Attorney At Law 380616 Case Of The Asia Express
Author! Author! 390407 First Episode Of Series
Babbitt Sisters 371206
Black Ghost 300000 01
Black Ghost 300000 02
Bring 'em Back Alive Promo
Bring 'em Back Alive 320726 The Giant Jungle Man
Bring 'em Back Alive 321030 Weretiger Of Sungai
Brushwood Mercantile Agency 390226 Cottonseed Clark
Brushwood Mercantile Agency
Bunny Berigan 390926 Manhattan Center
Carefreecarnival 1930s You Are My Lucky Star
Caroll Gibbons 1934 I Wish I Were Twins
Caroll Gibbons 1934 Who Do You Think You Are
Circus Night In Silvertown 350524 Masked Marvel
Circus Night In Silvertown 350524 The Masked Marvel
Cliff & Lolly, The Nuts Of Harmony 19300713
Earlhines 19380803 Grandterrace Chgo Nbc
Edens Shampoo 1933 03 00 Sorority Dance W Freddie Martin
Famous Radio Players 39 Madam Expose
Four Ink Spots Show 350809 1st'swingin' On A Strings'
Fourinkspots 390712
Fred Astaire Show 361103 09 The Dentist
Happiness Boys 330000
Henry Busse Program 35xxxx 01 Wbbm Music Remote
Henry Busse Program 35xxxx 02 Wbbm Music Remote
Hickory House Jam Session 390120
Hinds & Honey Almond Cream Program 360110 Three Aces
Hines Hall Of Fame 341223 Only Show

Volume 2: 39 shows - total playtime 15 hours 57 minutes

Hollywood Hotel 361218 One In A Million
Hollywood Hotel 370611 Al Jolson Marx Brothers (inc)
Let There Be Music 380326
lets have fun 351022 first of series
Lfe Of Irene Castle 300101 Part 4 [318]
Mary Lee Taylor 300921 Stuffed Vanilla Wafers
Mary Pickford & Company 341003 The Church Mouse
Melody & Madness 390122 Phenomenon Of Swing
Melody & Madness 390402 The Rinderblau Formula
Melody & Madness 390822 First Half Only
Melody Showcase 390606 Aud W Sammy Kaye
Men Of Vision 370726 Thomas Young
Men Of Vision 370802 Ben Franklin
Men Of Vision 370802 Roger Bacon
Men Of Vision 370822 Galileo
Political Bancroftrally 19381107 Partypolitics&music
Political Townsendmovement 1938 Sheridandowneyforcalsen E01
Political Townsendmovement 1938 Sheridandowneyforcalsen E02
Prelude To Thanksgiving 391122 Documentary
Pretty Kittly Kelly 390303
Quaker Party 381001 Tommy Riggs & Betty Lou
Quaker Party 381022 Tommy Riggsbetty Lou
Radio Guild 390507 Back Number Up
Radio Guild Man Who Was Tomorrow
Rajput Hindu Secret Service Agent 30mmdd 05 Jasmin Tower
Showboat 360702 B Hope & L Ross
Smilin Jack 1939
Smilin Jack 38 Audition
Smilin Jack 390000 Audition
Smilin Jack 390000 Mad Dog
Smilin Jack 391218 Voice
The Fullness Of Time 1938 (10) A City Beautiful
The Man Who Was Tomorrow 390514
The Mirth Parade 33mmdd W Don Wilson
Then And Now 360917 First 50 Years Of Sears
Then And Now 361119 First Fifty Years Of Sears 10of13
Top Notchers 300319 Ty Cobb
Top Notchers 300326
True Or False 38091237 Postal Clerks Vs. League Of Women



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