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 News Recordings 1942

2 MP3 CDs - 130 episodes

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"News of the World AM Edition"
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Historical documentaries tend to present the Second World War in terms of campaigns. It is easier to pick out what are the important events with the benefit of hindsight. It should be remembered that for the radio listener at home, the War unfolded in real time, with only the comments of reporters to make sense of what was important.

Clark Gable & Carole Lombard holding catsBy the beginning of 1942, it truly is a World War for radio listeners, with reports coming from all around the globe: Washington, New York, London, Moscow, Hawaii, Batavia, San Francisco, Manila and Los Angeles.

On Jan 7, Walter Winchell hosts a preview of the Joe Louis and Max Baer fight. Both the broadcast and the upcoming fight will benefit the Navy Relief Society.

In mid January, actress Carole Lombard travels to Indiana in support of a very successful War Bond Drive. Anxious to get back to her husband Clark Gable, she has some servicemen bumped from a flight heading west. After the flight refuels in Las Vegas, it crashes into Pitosi Mountain, killing all on board. Miss Lombard is considered Hollywood's first fallen in the Second World War.

Jan 20, The Rita Murray Show, a talk show from LA, Rita talks about avoiding belligerence in the face of Wartime shortages, and calls for listeners to knit items for servicemen.

On Valentines Day, just sixty-nine days after Pearl Harbor, the four major networks got together to present This Is War. The series is unabashed American and Allied propaganda, produced by no less than Norman Corwin, commissioned by FDR, and featuring the cream of Hollywood, many of the players already in uniform. This Is War is some of the most "visually stunning" of all radio programs.

The next day Japan announces the defeat of Singapore and Churchill reports on the Atlantic Charter Summit. Near the end of the NBC News Roundup that day there is a report that a steel plant worker found a shortcut to cut the production time of each steel billet by five seconds. That little efficiency alone yields 79,000 tons more steel from the plant.

Spike Jones BandAlso from the Pure Propaganda department, our collection includes a couple tunes from singing cowboy Denver Darling, "Cowards over pearl Harbor" and "The Devil and Mr. Hitler". Even more effective musical propaganda comes from Spike Jones and the City Slickers with "Der Fuehrer's Face".

In the early morning hours of Feb 23, anti aircraft guns began ringing out over Southern California, as gun crews tracked and attempted to engage a slow moving aerial object flying south from Santa Monica. The "Battle of Los Angeles" was later attributed to a loose weather balloon.

Doolittle RaidThe April 20 broadcast of Mobil Gas News passes on reports that Tokyo had been bombed by Allied aircraft, what we now know as the Doolittle Raid. Japan reports that the aircraft may have escaped towards China while Washington keeps quiet.

The island fortress at Corregidor was finally forced to surrender on May 7. The Battle at Midway Island occurred on June 4-7. Considered a major turning point in the War, the US Navy effectively halted the Japanese naval advance in the Pacific.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 7, played at the Polo Grounds in New York is allowed to go on despite the wartime blackout. Blackouts were far from the only wartime concern in the Majors; radio commentators were forbidden to talk about the weather at game time for fear of giving information to the enemy.

Battle for GuadalcanalThe Battle for Guadalcanal begins on August 7. The battle is the first major Allied Campaign against the Empire of Japan and will go on for six bloody months. We will hear a report from NBC's Behind the Headlines on Oct 18.

On August 19, Canadian Forces land on the beaches at Dieppe, France, hoping to open a Western front. The unsuccessful raid showed that the Allies would not be ready to assault the European mainland for several months.

The face of popular music was in for a change. On the September 23 broadcast of Chesterfield's Moonlight Serenade,  it is announced that Glenn Miller has joined the Army and will be leaving the show.

On October 21, from the BBC, we hear General Montgomery addressing his 8th Army on the eve of the Second Battle of El Alamein. This will be the first major Allied offensive which will result in a decisive victory. It is a turning point for British and Allied morale.

Winston Churchill says on November 10 that victory in North Africa is not the end of the War, or even the beginning of the end but that it may be the end of the beginning.

One year after Pearl Harbor, Gabriel Heater's December 7 report is on an America changed by the needs of War. We celebrate Christmas, 1942, with a star-studded gala from Command Performance.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 58 recordings - total playtime 12 hours 12 minutes

News 420000 AFRS AFRS Yarns For Yanks Extra Extra
News 420000 AFRS At Ease 095 I Cover the Waterfront
News 420000 CBS Energine Shoe White
News 420000 Congress Radio India ID
News 420000 Dinah Shore He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings
News 420000 Don Baker Therell Be A Little Smokio In Tokio
News 420000 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary Address to Police Officers
News 420000 NHK Station DEBUNK Another Sign On
News 420000 RRGO Paul Revere aka Douglas Chandler
News 420000 RRGO Robert Best Against US Action
News 420000 WWII Axis Propaganda Broadast to Britain
News 420104 BBC News 42Postscript Rt Hon Anthony Eden Secretary Of State For Foreign Affairs
News 420104 NBC News 42Roundup John MacVane
News 420107 MBS Promotion for Navy Relief Society
News 420120 KNX The Rita Murray Show 04 Wartime Conservation Knitting For Soldiers
News 420121 CBS Red Cross Program Ted Collins Kate Smith
News 420124 NBC The Hollywood March of Dimes of the Air
News 420127 NBCB News 42of the World
News 420208 NBC News 42Roundup Sidney Albright
News 420209 BBC Sir Stafford Cripps
News 420211 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420211 CBS News 42Of The World
News 420214 CAN This is War 01 Archibald MacLeish Robert Montgomery Written Dir by Corwin
News 420215 BBC Winston Churchill Reviews Atlantic Charter Summit
News 420215 NBC News 42Roundup John MacVane
News 420215 NHK Japanese Victory Over Singapore
News 420221 NBC News 42Roundup John MacVane
News 420222 Denver Darling Cowards Over Pearl Harbor
News 420223 Battle Of Los Angeles News 42Report
News 420225 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420228 CAN This is War Your Navy
News 420301 NBC News 42Roundup John MacVane
News 420307 CAN This is War Your Army
News 420321 CAN This is War Youre On Your Own
News 420329 NBC Story Behind The Headlines New Zealand A Partner For Defense
News 420402 Denver Darling The Devil And Mr Hitler
News 420404 CAN This Is War 08 Your Air Force Jimmy Stewart
News 420420 CBS Mobil Gas News 42Service
News 420429 NHK Station DEBUNK Sign On
News 420500 Alvino Rey and His Orchestra The Army Air Corps V Disc
News 420502 CAN This Is War 12 To the Young
News 420506 Last Message From Corregidor Irving Strobing
News 420507 KZRH Gen Wainwright Broadcasts Surrender Of Corregidor
News 420515 NBCB Walter Winchell Corregidor
News 420519 BBC Nightingales and Bombers
News 420520 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420522 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420523 RDN Allocution De Philippe Henriot La Radio Diffusin Nationale
News 420600 UK Newsreels Singapores Defences Before Defeat
News 420601 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420601 CBS World News 42Roundup
News 420604 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420604 MBS Capt William Graves On The Battle Of Midway
News 420609 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420610 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420611 BBC Britain Speaks
News 420613 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420615 BBC Giles Fairplay Last Days of Singapore

Volume 2: 72 recordings - total playtime 16 hours 33 minutes

News 420620 RDN Pierre Laval Dclare Je Souhaite La Victoire De LAllemagne
News 420625 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 420626 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition partial
News 420700 WHAS 20th Anniversary Show
News 420706 MBS All Star Game NYC Blackout Bottom Of 9th
News 420720 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition partial
News 420724 CBS Columbia Wartime Bureau They Burned The Books
News 420800 Pathfinders of the Sky Lt William J Burford
News 420803 NBCR This Nation At War Victory Ships
News 420805 MBS Fulton Lewis And The News
News 420810 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition partial
News 420817 BBC Freddy Grisewood Saving Fuel
News 420819 BBC Canadian Soldier Dieppe Eyewitness
News 420820 CBC Carnage On The Beaches Of Dieppe Robert Bowman
News 420822 CBC Tributes To Bravery
News 420830 CBS Our Secret Weapon The Truth
News 420903 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition partial
News 420904 KMBC Senator Truman Interview
News 420910 CBC Mackenzie King Three Years Of War
News 420920 CBC Nazi Eyes on Canada 01
News 420923 BBC Midway Eyewitness US Captain Elliot Buckmaster
News 420923 CBS Chesterfield Moonlight Serenade Glenn Miller Joins The Army
News 420929 AFRS Spike Jones Der Fuehrers Face
News 420930 RRG Adolf Hitler Rede ber Stalingrad
News 421000 Kay Kyser Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
News 421001 SYN To Fly With A Fighting Navy
News 421004 CBC Nazi Eyes on Canada 02
News 421006 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition
News 421009 CBS News 42of the World AM Edition clip
News 421011 CBC Nazi Eyes on Canada 03
News 421018 CBC Nazi Eyes on Canada 04
News 421018 NBC Story Behind The Headlines Whats Happening On Guadalcanal
News 421021 BBC General Montgomery To 8th Army Before El Alamein
News 421022 CBC Covering The Battle In El Alamein Matthew Halton
News 421025 CBC Nazi Eyes on Canada 05
News 421025 CBC Nazi Eyes On Canada Alameda
News 421025 KMBC B25 Doolittle
News 421101 BBC Godfrey Talbot Watches Night Tank Battle For El Alamein
News 421101 BBC Opening Barrage At El Alamein
News 421104 BBC Bruce Belfrage Excellent News
News 421104 BBC Bruce Belfrage On Victory At El Alamein
News 421107 CBS Edward R Murrow On North Africa
News 421107 FDR Appeals To French To Resist The Nazis
News 421108 CBS World News 42Today
News 421109 CBS Vox Pop USMC Birthday New River North Carolina
News 421110 BBC Winston Churchill The End Of The Beginning
News 421111 CBS World News 42Special
News 421111 MBS Armistice Day Ceremony
News 421113 CBC Ace Buzz Beurlings Flying Career
News 421114 NBC News 42of the World
News 421115 BBC Bells Ring Victory In Tobruk
News 421115 CBS World News 42Today
News 421117 NY Herald Tribune Forum Presidents Address
News 421119 AFRS Wings To Victory Lt Sam Houston
News 421129 BBC Churchill On Victory In North Africa
News 421129 CBS World News 42Today
News 421130 SYN Soldiers Of The Press 004 Joe James Custer with Battle Fleet
News 421200 Radio Tokyo external service ID
News 421206 CBS World News 42Today
News 421207 MBS WOR Gabriel Heatter One Year after Pearl Harbor
News 421207 NBC Eyes Aloft 0017 Special Pearl Harbor Memorial
News 421212 KNX CBS Victory Belles Mabel Todd Marie Tuttle Beverly the Reveille Girl etc
News 421212 NBCB Over Here Milton Berle Linda Darnell Maxine Sullivan Ronald Colman rough
News 421216 KFWB Robert Arden News 42Commentary Roundtable Discussion
News 421220 CBS World News 42Today
News 421221 NBC Eyes Aloft The Christmas Week Special
News 421224 AFRS Command Performance Christmas Show
News 421224 BBCD On The Elimination Of The Jews In Europe
News 421224 CBS Edward R Murrow Christmas In England
News 421226 BBC Godfrey Talbot Christmas With 8th Army In Tripoli
News 421226 BBC Radio Doctor Advice For Christmas
News 421226 BBC Tripoli 8th Army Desert Christmas



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