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WWII Propaganda Old Time Radio Recordings

During WWII, Allied and Axis powers used the iniquitousness of radio to influence listeners' point of view. Influential columnists and Propagandists attempted to not only affect public opinion, but also to boost or lower morale among military personnel on the frontlines.


What Are We Fighting For
What Are We Fighting For
Produced by the War Department and CBS, this show includes astonishing interviews of soldiers, officers, and service men about to enter WWII. Edward Murrow appears in the first episode.

Words at War
Words at War
This old time radio series is a wonderful blend of history and literature and sometimes a sprinkle of wartime propaganda.


Dear Adolf
Dear Adolf
A series of six narrative letters based on real letters written by Americans to Adolf Hitler during WWII.

You Cant Do Business with Hitler
You Can't Do Business with Hitler
A Pre-War anti-Nazi propaganda program, You Can’t Do Business With Hitler was based on the true-life experience of a former employee of the US Embassy in Berlin.

Norman Corwin
One of the greatest creative minds that has ever floated through the airwaves, Norman Corwin's poetic personality left an impression on listeners everywhere.


This is War
This is War (Norman Corwin)
Directed by Norman Corwin and broadcast over all four major networks in support of the War Effort.

Arch Oboler
Arch Oboler
Enjoy the great radio plays in this anthology of the eccentric horror fiction writer, Arch Oboler, who is best known for pushing the medium of radio in sound production, writing, and programming.


Axis Sally
Axis Sally
Born in the US, Mildred Gillars starred in the 1942 Nazi broadcast, "Home Sweet Home" where she used stories about cheating girlfriends and wives to sow discontent and homesickness in American G.I.'s listening to the radio.

Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose
During War time Radio became an important propaganda tool. One of the most notorious efforts was Tokyo Rose.

Charlie and Orchestra
Charlie and his Orchestra
Charlie and his Orchestra was a Nazi Propaganda jazz group specifically aimed at demoralizing Allied Forces during World War II.

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