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"Count Basie, Teddy Wilson"
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Benny Carter
Black-oriented swing and jazz (1942 - 1953)

Lena Horne in Jubilee
Lena Horne - one of many guest
performers on Jubilee

Jim Crow was a fact of life in America at the beginning of the Second World War. Racism and segregation reached into all aspects of life in the Southern States; attitudes and conditions were not much better in the rest of the nation.

The experience of WWII would eventually bring and end to segregation in the Military, and by extension, the Nation as a whole.

The Army began experiencing Manpower shortages from the beginning of the war. Jim Crow segregation policies meant that 15% of the Army's personnel were unavailable for combat assignment. Most black soldiers were assigned to rear echelon units, usually as truck drivers and stevedores, or Engineering units where the provided grunt labor. With few notable exceptions, these units were badly equipped and led, and suffered from low morale. (Drivers of the "Red Ball Express" were praised by Gen George Patton as being the only supply corps to keep up with his rapidly advancing Third Army.)

American Broadcasting features AFRS Jubliee- Jubilee AFRS circa 1944 - Hollywood, CaliforniaThere were isolated Black Combat Units, but again they were often led by incompetent officers and supplied with inferior or even condemned equipment. This, along with the prejudice of higher command caused a distinct lack of combat success, further reinforcing prejudice and harming morale. Again there were heroic exceptions, such as the Tuskegee Airmen, the 333rd and the 969the Field Artillery Battalions, and the 561st Tank Battalion. (The 561st was assigned to Patton's Third Army over his objections; he was sure that black soldiers were incapable of "thinking fast enough" to fight in tanks. The unit's valor and bravery led him to declare in 1944 "I have nothing but the best in my army. I don't care what color you are as long as you go up there and kill those Kraut son's-a-bitches.")


Andy KirkCombat casualties were incredibly high in the European theater during the winter of 1944. General Eisenhower took the radical step of allowing black soldiers to volunteer for combat replacements. Response was overwhelming; many soldiers accepted reduction in rank in order to take up a rifle and fight. Often these repacements made up for their lack of experience with almost reckless bravery.

On July 26, 1948, President Truman ordered the desegregation of the Armed Forces. However it took the Korean War and integration of troops actually in combat together before before the Army announced their formal Desegregation plans in 1951, three years to the day of the Executive Order.

Erskine HawkinsRelatively early in the career of the Armed Forces Radio Service the Jubilee show began being recorded. Jubilee was directed at Black Troops, but the content was high quality jazz that would have been enjoyed by servicemen of any race. The program stated that it was for the Fighting Men of the United Nations. American Troops were getting to know the people and lands where they were serving, Jubilee saw itself as a chance for these people to get to know America.

Early episodes were M.C.'d by Dooley Wilson, (Rick's piano player from Casablanca) but most episodes were hosted by Ernie Whitman, who appeared on the Beulah radio program. Musical guests included Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Scatman Carruthers and His Orchestra, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, the Teddie Wilson Sextet, the Mills Brothers, Fats Waller, Bing Crosby, Kay Starr, Stan Kenton, and Les Paul.

For more intresting reading, See also: article on the history of Minstrel Shows and Old Time Radio. For radio shows covering African-American civil rights, see also: Roi Ottley's A New Worlds A-Coming.

For more radio jazz series, see also: Charlie and His Orchestra (Nazi Propganda), Eddie Condon Jazz Concert, Esquire Jazz Concert, Jubilee, Music Depreciation, Navy Swings, Live from Birdland, and New Orleans Jazz Band.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1 - 41 shows - total playtime 20 hours 41 minutes

Jubilee 004 Benny Carter, Nicodemus
Jubilee 028 Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing
Jubilee 033 Delta Rhythm Boys, Jimmy Lunceford
Jubilee 037 Delta Rythm Boys, Lucky Millander
Jubilee 038 Lucky Millinder, Jimmy Noone
Jubilee 039 5 Charioters, Rochester, LMillander
Jubilee 041 Ernie Morris and Jimmy Jordan
Jubilee 043 Erskine Hawkins
Jubilee 045 Erskine Hawkins, Nat King Cole
Jubilee 046 Barney Bigard, Louis Jordan
Jubilee 048 Erskine Hawkins
Jubilee 049 Duke Ellington
Jubilee 051 Louis Jordan, Nat King Cole
Jubilee 052 Harlan Leonard
Jubilee 053 Lionel Hampton
Jubilee 055 Count Basie, Teddy Wilson
Jubilee 056 Nobile Sissle, Barny Bigard
Jubilee 061 CP Johnson, Johnny Mercer
Jubilee 062 Tiny Bradshaw, Jack Benny
Jubilee 065 Cab Calloway, Nat King Cole
Jubilee 069 Duke Ellington
Jubilee 076 Fletcher Henderson
Jubilee 077 Fletcher Henderson, Lena Horne
Jubilee 082 International Sweethearts of Rhythm
Jubilee 085 Jimmie Lunceford, Nat King Cole
Jubilee 086 Jimmie Lunceford
Jubilee 087 Benny Carter
Jubilee 088 International Sweethearts of Rhythm
Jubilee 089 Jimmie Lunceford, Lena Horne
Jubilee 091 Elmer Fain, Tommy Dorsey
Jubilee 115 Lucky Millinder, Gene Krupa
Jubilee 117 Duke Ellington
Jubilee 138 Jimmie Lunceford
Jubilee 139 Jimmie Lunceford
Jubilee 156 stan kenton
Jubilee 200 Bobby Sherwood
Jubilee 202 Cliff Lang, Herb Jeffries
Jubilee 204 Cliff Lang, Kay Starr, Andre Previn
Jubilee 205 Benny Carter
Jubilee 206 Count Basie
Jubilee 207 Benny Carter, Nat King Cole
Jubilee Delta Rhythm Boys, Meade Lux Lewis

Volume 2 - 45 shows - total playtime 20 hours 41 minutes
Jubilee 210 Lionel Hampton, Lena Horne
Jubilee 211 Andy Kirk, Eddy Heywood
Jubilee 213 Jimmy Lunceford, Andre Previn
Jubilee 214 Chalrie Barnet, Eddy Heywood
Jubilee 219 Benny Carter, Josh White
Jubilee 220 Benny Carter, Nat King Cole
Jubilee 222 Benny Carter,Helen Humes
Jubilee 225 Jack Teagarden, Joey Preston-
Jubilee 226 Jack Teagarden, Jack McVea-
Jubilee 227 Pete Daley, Martha Tilton
Jubilee 240 Ike Carpenter, Four Blazes
Jubilee 241 Eddie Skrivanek
Jubilee 242 Al Killian, Kay Kyser
Jubilee 244 Roy Milton, Ernie Felice
Jubilee 245 Count Basie, Ella Mae Morse
Jubilee 248 Benny Carter, Peggy Lee
Jubilee 250 Murray MacEachern, Kid Ory
Jubilee 256 Jimmy Mundy, Nat King Cole
Jubilee 258 Jimmy Mundy
Jubilee 260 Dave Cavanaugh, Ernie Felice
Jubilee 261 Benny Goodman, Howard McGhee
Jubilee 262 Benny Carter, Benny Goodman
Jubilee Rocco&CP Johnson 1944
Jubilee 264 Jimmy Zito, Kay Starr
Jubilee 265 Harry Lubin, Walter Gross
Jubilee 267 Harry James
Jubilee 268 Harry James, Earl Hines
Jubilee 269 Count Basie
Jubilee 270 Count Basie
Jubilee 274 Jack Teagarden, Harry Babasin-
Jubilee 309 Gene Krupa
Jubilee 421009 001 Heyfoot Strawfoot
Jubilee 421027 002
Jubilee 450331 109 Jack Benny
Jubilee AFRS
Jubilee Art Tatum 1944
Jubilee Artie Shaw 1944
Jubilee Benny Carter1 1945
Jubilee Benny Carter2 1945
Jubilee Benny Carter3 1945
Jubilee Count Basie 1944
Jubilee Count Basie2 1944
Jubilee Count Basie3 1944
Jubilee Delta Rhythm Boys, Meade Lux Lewis
Jubilee Intro&JLunceford 1944


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