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 GI Journal

2 MP3 CDs - 63 episodes

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"Sullivan Berle Andy Russell"
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(WWII Era Musical - Variety Program)

Jean ParkerThe Armed Forces Radio Service had been created by the War Department as a means to entertain and inform the Troops. The service was run "by G.I.s for G.I.s."

Loosr Talk Can Cost Lives WWII PosterAFRS was centered in Hollywood, not only close to the resources of the entertainment industry, but there was also a lot of military training and staging in the area during the early days of the Second World War. AFRS programming was developed for "Local" broadcast in the various theaters of the war. On Jul 4, 1943 the first AFRS broadcast in Europe was played over borrowed equipment. As the Allies moved East after D-Day AFRS stations were set up in most liberated cities.

Programing from the States was sometimes send by shortwave but this was unreliable. The preferred method was to prerecord programming on transcription disks then mail them to the various stations.

A very popular show from Hollywood was G.I. Journal, a combination situation comedy and variety show. The premise of the sit com was Celebrity Guest editors putting out a weekly news paper. Guest Editors included Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, George Murphy, Groucho Marx, Edgar Bergen, Frank Sinatra and many others. They would have guest staff and reporters with a comedy or "Pin-up" tie in; Lucille Ball, Linda Darnell, Roy Rogers, Fibber McGee and Molly, Jane Wyman, Connie Haines, Ann Miller, Ginger Rogers, the list goes on...

Mel BlancLike many shows of the era the Big Band Sound was important to G.I. Journal. Many Service Orchestras appeared, including the Army Air Force Training Command Orchestra with Capt Glenn Miller. Kay Kyser and His Orchestra (of Kay Kyser's Kollege Of Musical Knowledge) were frequently featured. Other Musical guests included Mel Torme and the MelTones, John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra, and Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Many episodes featured an original song written by a G.I. Overseas which would be sent to Hollywood and performed by a pretty girl in the studio- what a treat for the G.I. Song writer!

Another regular feature was Mel Blanc playing Private Sad Sack, bringing the pantomime cartoon to the radio.

Be sure to enjoy other AFRS programs like G.I. Jive, Command Performance, and Mail Call.


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 32 shows - total playtime 15 hours 36 minutes

Gi Journal 430821 006 Guest Kay Kyser St James Infirmary
Gi Journal 430910 009 Wait For Me Mary
Gi Journal 430924 011 Macnamara's Band
Gi Journal 431009 012 Thank Your Lucky Stars
Gi Journal 431022 014 Stealin' Apples
Gi Journal 431119 020 Suwannee
Gi Journal 431126 018 Pushing Sand
Gi Journal 431211 020 Paper Doll
Gi Journal 431231 026 Moon Of Mansukka
Gi Journal 440114 028 Pagan Love Song
Gi Journal 440122 029 You Were So Right
Gi Journal 440211 031 I Know That You Know
Gi Journal 440218 033 Iowa
Gi Journal 440303 033 Shoo Shoo Baby
Gi Journal 440310 034 Yearin
Gi Journal 440421 042 Guest Bob Hope
Gi Journal 440428 041 Sunday
Gi Journal 440505 042 Love Love Love
Gi Journal 440519 044 Great Day
Gi Journal 440526 045 Bugle Call Rag
Gi Journal 440602 048 Fine And Dandy
Gi Journal 440616 048 Bless Em All
Gi Journal 440707 051 Guest Jack Carson
Gi Journal 440714 052 Snoqualmie Joe
Gi Journal 440721 053 Bombardiers Song
Gi Journal 440728 054 South Of Border
Gi Journal 440804 055 Chichicastenanga
Gi Journal 440825 058 How Many Hearts Have You Broken
Gi Journal 440901 059 Take Night Train To Memphis
Gi Journal 440908 060 Trolley Song
Gi Journal 440915 061 Exactly Like You
Gi Journal 440922 062 Straighten Up And Flly Right

Volume 2: 31 shows - total playtime 15 hours 37 minutes

Gi Journal 441013 065 Guest Ed Sullivan
Gi Journal 441027 066 Lili Marlene
Gi Journal 441117 069 Is You Is Or Is You Aint
Gi Journal 441124 071 Blue Room
Gi Journal 441201 072 Guest Robert Benchley
Gi Journal 441215 074 When He Comes Home
Gi Journal 441222 075 Young Man With A Horn
Gi Journal 441229 076 Sweet Georgia Brown
Gi Journal 450105 077 Guest Jack Carson
Gi Journal 450112 078 My Ideal
Gi Journal 450118 078 There Goes That Song Again
Gi Journal 450126 080 Guest William Bendix Arthur Treacher
Gi Journal 450309 086 Jeepers Creepers
Gi Journal 450316 087 Guest Jack Benny Paulette Goddard
Gi Journal 450323 087 Atcheson Topeka And Sante Fe
Gi Journal 450330 088 Nobodys Sweetheart
Gi Journal 450406 090 Guest Robert Benchley Linda Darnell
Gi Journal 450413 091 Guest Monte Wooley William Bendix
Gi Journal 450420 092 Guest Jack Benny Connie Haines
Gi Journal 450427 093 Guest Bob Hope Lucille Ball Rochester
Gi Journal 450518 095 Wanna Eat Juanita
Gi Journal 450608 098 Guest Joan Blondell
Gi Journal 450615 099 Jeepers Creepers
Gi Journal 450622 100 Topic Burlesque
Gi Journal 450629 101 Choo Choo Polka
Gi Journal 450713 103 Without A Song
GI Journal 450831 110 Snoqualomie Jo Jo
Gi Journal 451005 113 St James Infirmary
Gi Journal 451117 078 There Goes That Song Again
Gi Journal 451124 120 Her Tears Flowed Like Rain
Gi Journal 460112 127 Baby Wont You Please Come Home



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