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 Comedy Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 114 episodes

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"Movie On Fred Allen's Life"
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Comedy Shows (1930s-1950s)

This comedy collection includes a single episode from every current OTRCAT comedy show. There are so many laughs in this collection that your belly will ache for weeks. All the big wigs are included, such as Bergen and McCarthy, Amos and Andy, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Burns and Allen,Fibber McGee and Molly, Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, the Marx Brothers and more! Tune in to Al Jolson as he hosts The Kraft Music Hall, guest starring Red Skelton. Can't get enough of Red? Then travel on to Avalon, where Red hosts The Avalon Hour.

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Tune in to A Date with Judy, guest starring old Blue Eyes, in a story where Judy goes with Ruby to see a Frank Sinatra movie.Or Abie's Irish Rose, about the young newlyweds from differing backgrounds, Abie and Rosemary Levy, who make a New Years resolution to stop fighting. Will it work? Then there's the rare Al Pearce Show, where Al plays a door-to-door salesman that tries to pawn off a slew of hot dogs. Will the customers bite already?

Join in on the laughs with family situation comedies, such as the Aldrich Family in an episode where they eat grouse for dinner and have a burnt pie incident. Or listen in on the Anderson Family as they argue about how to kick a football. Then there's Charlotte Greenwood, where Auntie Charlotte raises three children on her own, with hilarious results! There's also such classics as Father Knows Best or The Hardy Family, with goofball Mickey Rooney. Other classics include The Great Gildersleeve, which was radio's first bona Cast of comedy program Round the Hornefide spin-off where oddball Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve moves from the home of Fibber McGee and Molly to his own program.

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In this collection, you'll hear many famous comedy duos, such as Bob and Ray and their hilarious ad-libbed patter, the dimwitted duo Laurel and Hardy and the zanyman-crooner duo, Martin and Lewis. There are also plenty of husband and wife duos, such as Ozzie and Harriet, and the Easy Aces, about a realtor and his kooky wife.

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Then there are the shows that are about life - Life with Luigi, about a gentle Italian immigrant, Life with Riley, about an aircraft plant blue-collar worker, his family and their neighbors, and Life with the Lyons, with a real life family playing themselves on the air. Life is often good when you're at Duffy's Tavern, a place in New York where guest stars are always dropping by for a drink.

Other comedy shows have interesting themes, such as those that correspond to the comics. There's Archie Andrews and his crazy friend Jughead, Blondie, with Dagwood and his gigantic sandwiches, and Gasoline Alley with Skeezix. Then there's the Comic Weekly Man, a one-man show where Comic Weekly Man sings a ditty about himself and dramatizes the weekly comics using his personal collection of crazy voices.

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Other novelty series include such gems as Candid Microphone, a forerunner to Candid Camera. There's also Arthur Godfrey, a comedy and amateur talent show, where Arthur searches and evaluates budding stars. See how smart they aren't on It Pays to Be Ignorant, the baffoon's version of a quiz show with humorously idiotic judges and ensuing chaos. Also, you'll have a few stars in your eyes and more in your ears when you hear Hollywood is on the Air, which brings short previews of newly released movies. And don't Comedian Charlotte Greenwoodmiss The Jack Haley Wonder Show, played by none other than the tin man himself.

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You won't want to forget the fine females of comedy. These are no damsels in distress, they can really give you a run for your one-liners. They are Barbara Stanwyk, who doubles as a dramatic actress and guest stars on Bergen and McCarthy , Carmen Miranda, Beulah, Irene Dunn, "Hollywood's First Lady, in Bright Star, Joan Davis, with her squeaky door vocal cords, as Judy Canova, who started the pigtail and calico fad at college campuses across the country, and the grand lady Kate Smith in The Kate Smith Show.

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If you like a side of music with your laughs, you'll enjoy listening to those who can really dish it out - Billy Edy Wynn, comedy star of Ed Wynn, FirechiefJones and Ernie Hare as The Easy Loafers, promoting their delicious Taystee Bread. Another musically delightful duo is Les Paul and Mary Ford, who drum up laughs and good music in their fun old time radio show. It sure keeps Mary Ford giggling! Bob Burns also calls for laughs with his crazy homemade bazooka instrument, and often features the music of Spike Jones on his own Bob Burns Show. Spike Jones also had his own program, The Spike Jones Show, full of musical hilarity.

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No matter what tickles your funny bone, you'll find it here on the comedy collection. So loosen that belt and start slappin' that thigh, it's time to whoop it up with some of the greatest old time radio comedy shows and comedians of all time!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Disk 1: 57 recordings - total playtime 25 hours 11 minutes

A Date w Judy 450320 Going To A Sinatra Movie
Abies Irish Rose 410113 C144
Al Jolson KMH 471204 Red Skelton
Al Pearce 400207 Sells Hot Dogs
Alan Young 470307 0022 Charity Masquerade Ball
Aldrich Family 491209 Grouse For Dinner
Amos and Andy 431119 Turkey Trouble
Anderson Family Oliver Argues
April Fools Collection Blondie 400401
Archie Andrews 000000 Dinner at a Resturant
Arthur Godfrey 500612
Avalon Hour 391220 51 Househunting
Barbara Stanwyck Collection Bergen McCarthy 430502
Barrel Of Fun 44xxxx 20 Charlie Ruggles
Bela Lugosi Collection Fred Allen 430425 418
Bergen McCarthy 430221 Carmen Miranda
Beulah 000000 00 Audition Program
Beyond our Ken 580701 A Cockeyed Optomist
BillyJones&ErnieHare TaysteeBread #19
Blondie Circus Outing
Bloopers Bob Hope Cooks
Bob and Ray 490801 Xxx
Bob Burns Show 430218 For Lifebuoy
Bob Hope 480911 Bob And Jack Benny As Radio Djs
Bright Star 530319 22 New Homemaker Page Editor
Burkiss Way 10 Govern Britain
Burns & Allen 440229 George To Star Opposite Dorothy Lam
Candid Microphone 470810 Woman Complains About The Program
Charlotte Greenwood 450107 Inherits an Estate & Family
Comic Weekly Man 510408
Dennis Day 471203 Get Job As Society Editor
Doctor At Large (ep 04) - The Doctor's Dilemma
Doctor In The House (ep 11) - Women & Wine
Drug Store Collection Great Gildersleeve 420222
Duffys Tavern 460510 Pierre the Talking Dog
Durante 471203 w Charles Boyer
Easy Aces e041 Cokie's First Fight
Ed Wynn 321018 T F C 1st 'butcher arms around me'
430203 Adolphe Menjou
Father Knows Best 500511 038 The Golf Challenge
Fibber McGee and Molly 440222 Bill Smith, Old School Chum From Peoria
Forecast CBSPresents 440607 DaleJonesOrchAtTheHollywoodPalladium
Fred Allen 460120 A Movie on Fred Allen's Life
Friends & Neighbors 730903 Love me, Love my Car
Gasoline Alley 490107 26 Adventure Of Jealous Jessica
Goldbergs 0943 Goldbergs Visit The Store
Goon 560131 S06e20 The House Of Teeth
Grand Marquee 470220 25 A Man's Home is Her Castle
Grandby's Green Acre's 500710 Granby Plants A Crop
Great Gildersleeve 441015 Job Hunting
Hancock's Half Hour 550614 The Television Set
Hardy Family 162b Andy Hardy, Jr Executive
Henry Morgan 470129
Heres To Veterans 0044 Kenny Bake

Disk 2: 57 recordings - total playtime 24 hours

Hollywood Is On The Air [36] 1936 College Holiday
It Pays to be Ignorant 451207 What is a Motherinlaw
Its That Man Again 440413 723 Army Special
Jack Benny 410330 1226 Jack Works I
Jack Carson Show 470305 23 Sam Spade
Jack Haley 381125 ep07 Sergeant O'Haley
Judy Canova 451110 Gurgle Soda Pop Contest
Kate Smith Show 440414 So Little Time
Laurel Hardy Mr Slater's poultry market 1944
Les Paul 500616 W Les Paul & Mary Ford
Life of Riley 471115 175 Riley In School Play
Life with Luigi 481116 Luigi Attends PTA Meeting
Life with the Lyons 510927 Home Again
Lou Holtz Laugh Club 09
Lucille Ball Collection Durante 480428
Magnificent Montague 501222 07 A Child Visits
Martin & Lewis 530414 097 W Linda Darnell
Marx Brothers Groucho Marx Attorney At Law
Meet Corliss Archer 560916 Dexter to be Lawyer
Meet the Meeks 471213 Date With Socrates
Mel Blanc 461015 ThePostman'sBall
Mickey Rooney Collection Duffy490302
Milton Berle 470909 27 American Farmers
My Favorite Husband 501118 Math Contest
My Friend Irma 520203 e220 Newspaper Column
My Little Margie 093 Verne Quarrels With Friend
Old Gold Comedy 450107 Lady Eve, The
Our Miss Brooks 490403 Special Party
Over Here 430102 Charles Laughton (skips begin)
Ozzie Harriet 450923 Apartment House
People Are Funny 500214 Cinderella Wish May Come True
Phil Harris 480425 The Kids Come To See Daddy At Work
Random Rarities Tide Show 520610 W Ginny Simms
Rarities of the 1930s Melody & Madness 390122
Red Skelton 470415 New West, The
Results Inc 441216 11 The Bloody Gillettes
Robert Benchley Collection Amos and Andy Divorce Inc 121743 part 1
Round the Horne The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.
SamnHenry 260527 Victor 20093 A Speech At The Colored Lodge
Smiths Hollywood 470221 e07 The Banquet
Spike Jones 471024 Tex Williams
Stars Over Hollywood 501230 06 Continental Cowboy
Steve Allen Show 500604 01 W Eve Arden, Benny, Groucho
Stoopnagle & Bud 350315 Gloomchasers
Take It From Here The Glums Pa Glum's Whisky
Tax Time Collection Ethel & Albert Tax Audit 1o2
Texaco 400207 Frances Langford, Kick In
The Joan Davis Show 460107 Fighting Over Andy Russell
The Navy Lark 590524 The Multiple Mines
The Navy Lark 590621 A Watch On The Initiative Test
This is your life XxXxXx Barney Ross
Topper 450000 Malvena's Mother Visits
Travels Mary Ward - 361217 (82)
Two Black Crows
Vic & Sade 390000 Rush I Hereby Resign
WC Fields Collection Edgar Bergen 370905 Lupino and Eddy
You Bet Your Life 50000x Name Sammy Kahn



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