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 Bell Telephone Hour Encores

2 MP3 CDs - 49 episodes

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"Encores Helen Traubel"
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Bell Telephone Hour
Bell Telephone Hour Encores 40 new rare recovered shows!

Oscar LevantA music show focusing on classical music, Bell Telephone Hour Encores was broadcast on Monday evenings. This show was broadcast on AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service) and was called "Music from America and "Heritage Radio Theater.  Donald Voorhees is the narrator featuring past Bell Telephone Hour Encores broadcasts.

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This collection includes some of the rare broadcasts known to exist. It features some of the brightest stars in the day, such as Italian operatic tenor Ferruccio Tagliavini, American sopranos Lucina Marra and Helen Traubel, even comedian Fred Allen with a whimsical tale "Peter and the Wolf with a cast of musical instruments.   

Gregor Piatigorsky
1945 Portrait

Other guest performers include the often racy pianist of Oscar Levant who was taken off the air twice for making comments about Marilyn Monroe and Mae West.  About Monroe's conversion to Judaism he said "Now that Marilyn Monroe is kosher, Arthur Miller can eat her."  Oscar Levant's music often called genius as it became a fixture on radio, television, and screen. 

Bell Telephone Hour Arthur RubensteinUkrainian Cellist Gregor Piatigorsky smuggled himself out of the Soviet Union during the revolution to study music in Germany then later fled to the United States when WWII began.  Considered one of the most expressive and dramatic string instrument players of all time composers like Stravinsky wrote arrangements for him. 

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Unique and well loved violinist Fritz Kreisler often associated with Pre-War Vienna style refused to play on the radio until the Bell Telephone Hour Encores on which he played 19 times. 

Each show gives and brief biography of the performer at the beginning and the remainder of the show features opera and classical music.

For additional classical and opera radio shows, see also:

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Bell Telephone Hour
Volume 1: 26 shows - total playtime 12 hours 6 minutes

Bell Telephone Encores Ep01 Exio Pinza
Bell Telephone Encores Ep02 Eileen Farrell
Bell Telephone Encores Ep03 Zino Francescati
Bell Telephone Encores Ep04 Helen Traubel
Bell Telephone Encores Ep05 Jose Iturbi
Bell Telephone Encores Ep06 Ferruccio Tagliavini
Bell Telephone Encores Ep07 Grace Moore
Bell Telephone Encores Ep08 Robert Casadesus
Bell Telephone Encores Ep09 John Charles Thomas
Bell Telephone Encores Ep10 Lily Pons
Bell Telephone Encores Ep11 Bidu Sayao
Bell Telephone Encores Ep12 Grant Johanneson
Bell Telephone Encores Ep13 Brian Sullivan
Bell Telephone Encores Ep14 Michael Rabin
Bell Telephone Encores Ep15 Mildred Miller
Bell Telephone Encores Ep16 George London
Bell Telephone Encores Ep17 Clifford Kurzen
Bell Telephone Encores Ep18 Nelson Eddy
Bell Telephone Encores Ep20 Fritz Kreisler
Bell Telephone Encores Ep22 Gladys Swarthout
Bell Telephone Encores Ep23 Georgio Tozzi
Bell Telephone Encores Ep24 Fred Allen
Bell Telephone Encores Ep25 Lucina Marra
Bell Telephone Encores Ep26 Nicolai Gerra
Bell Telephone Encores Ep27 Blanche Thebom
Bell Telephone Encores Ep28 Josep Huffman

Volume 2: 23 shows - total playtime 11 hours 30 minutes

Bell Telephone Encores 690511 Ep35 Oscar Levant
Bell Telephone Encores 690518 Ep36 Jussi Bjorling
Bell Telephone Encores 690601 Ep38 Gregor Piatogorsky
Bell Telephone Encores 690608 Ep39 Leonard Warren
Bell Telephone Hour 40xxxx Nelson Eddy
Bell Telephone Hour 40xxxx Robert Scarvaros
Bell Telephone Hour 481212 Christmas Show
Bell Telephone Hour 490425 W Lily Pons
Bell Telephone Hour 561119 Renata Tibaldi
Bell Telephone Hour Encores 681222 15 Christmas Special
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Bida Savao
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Clifford Curson
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Elleen Farrell
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Ezio Pina
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Fritz Kreisbr
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Grace Moore
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Gregor Piatagorsky
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Helen Trauble
Bell Telephone Hour Encores John Charles Thomas
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Leonard Warren
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Lily Pons
Bell Telephone Hour Encores Nelson Eddy
Bell Telephone Hour W Martha Scott

old bell telephone




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