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 Authors Collection

1 MP3 CD - 53 episodes


"Charles Dickens: Lights Out: The Signal Man"
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Charles Dickens, one of the many famous authors whose stories appear in this collection.Mystery, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, and Classic Shows (1940s-1950s)

Whether it is mystery, horror, drama, or fantasy you seek, you are sure to enjoy these radio adaptations ofLouisa Mayalott, author famous novels written by famous and classic authors.

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These classic novels were performed on some of the best and most popular shows, such as Weird Circle, Dimension X, Philip Marlowe, Favorite Story, Lux Radio Theater, and NBC University Theater, to name a few.

This collection includes Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. So grab your pipe and sit in your most comfy chair in the library, because it's time for another reading from the Author's Collection.

See also Aldous Huxley Collection, John Dickson Carr Collection, Ray Bradbury Collection, World's Greatest Short Stories, Dashiell Hammett, HP Lovecraft Collection, William Faulkner, Rex Stout, John Cheever, Raymond Chandler, and Sci-Fi Authors Collection. For more author-centric stories, see also the radio series: Author's Playhouse.

For other literature-based see also: American Novels, Authors Collection, The Author Meets the Critics, Author's Playhouse, Best Plays, Favorite Story, Great Plays, NBC University Theater, New Theater, Theater Guild on the Air, Tell It Again, Theater Royal, World's Greatest Novels, and Your Playhouse of Favorites.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

53 recordings - total playtime 29 hours 29 minutes

AlexandreDumas MT 380829 108 Count Of Monte Cristo

AmbroseBierce Bk Mass Moonlit Road
AmbroseBierce Bk Mass Oil Of Dog & Esme
AmbroseBierce Bk Mass The Death Of Halpin Fraser

AmbroseBierce Sleep No More 570109 10 The Waxworks & Man And The Snake
AmbroseBierce Weird Circle e39 Middle Toe Of Right Foot

CharlesDickens Campbell Playhouse 391224 42 A Christmas Carol
CharlesDickens 500111 152 Tale Of Two Cities
CharlesDickens Favorite Story 480522 36 Oliver Twist
CharlesDickens Lights Out 460824 The Signal Man
CharlesDickens Lux 450326 477 A Tale Of Two Cities
CharlesDickens lux420112 334 A Tale of Two Cities
CharlesDickens NBCUT 490313 031 The Pickwick Papers
CharlesDickens NBCUT 500101 069 Great Expectations
CharlesDickens SUSP 530323 505 The Signalman

CharlotteBronte MT 460628 304 [MST] Jane Eyre
CharlotteBronte Weird Circle e18 Jane Eyre

EmilyBronte Favorite Story 471004 04 Wuthering Heights
EmilyBronte Weird Circle e31 Wuthering Heights

ErskineCaldwell NBC Short Story 520222 32 The Windfall

Favorite Story 471025 007 David Copperfield

FeodorDostoyevsky Mystery in the Air 470925 e8 Crime Punishment

FrankLBaum lux 501225 727 The Wizard of Oz

Guy deMaupassant Weird Circle e09 Horla

HonoreDeBalzac Weird Circle e11 A Passion In Desert

IsaacAsimov Dimx e037 APebbleInTheSky
IsaacAsimov Dimx e050 Nightfall
IsaacAsimov Exploring Tomorrow 12 The Liar
IsaacAsimov X 1 551207 028 Nightfall
IsaacAsimov X 1 560208 037 CChute
IsaacAsimov X 1 561212 079 Hostess

JaneAustin Favorite Story 480814 048 Pride And Prejudice

JohnCheever CBSRW 560511 16 The Enormous Radio

JosephConrad Escape 470728 004 Typhoon
JosephConrad Escape 480411 048 The Brute
JosephConrad This Is My Best 450313 28 Heart Of Darkness

LewisCarroll Favorite Story 480131 20 Alice In Wonderland

LouisaMayAlcott Favorite Story 470927 003 Little Women
LouisaMayAlcott Theater Guild OTA 451223 116 Little Women

NelsonBond Mystery in the Air 470904 e5 Mask of Medusa

RaymondChandler Philip Marlowe 470617 001 Red Wind (1st)
RaymondChandler Philip Marlowe 470708 004 King in Yellow
RaymondChandler Philip Marlowe 470805 008 Trouble is My Business

RichardBarham Weird Circle e29 Spectre Of Tappington

SamuelTaylorColeridge Weird Circle e63 Ancient Mariner

StephenCrane NBCUT 490508 039 Red Badge Of Courage

StephenVincentBenet Escape 531011 217 Elementals

WilkieCollins Favorite Story 480807 47 Moonstone
WilkieCollins Weird Circle e06 A Terribly Strange Bed
WilkieCollins Weird Circle e40 Dream Woman
WilkieCollins Weird Circle e42 Ghost's Touch
WilkieCollins Weird Circle e49 Mad Monkton
WilkieCollins Weird Circle e67 Moonstone



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