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Eb and Zeb
"Zeb tall and angular and Eb short and fat" who run a general store in Corn Center. Much of the show's humor is derived from Eb and Zeb's slow minds and silly business ideas. Update: 4 additional rare recordings
245 245 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Big Sister
Sponsored by Rinso, Big Sister stars Alice Frost as Ruth Evans. In this soap, Ruth is a modern day heroine, giving up her life and love to take care of her orphaned siblings Update: 2 sound improvements
38 38 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Rare Detective and Crime Shows
features rare and highly collectible crime shows: this compilation is a fascinating look at the different key players in crime solving including detectives, spies, private investigators, cops, FBI agents, newspaper reporters, attorneys, defense attorneys, informants, and even personnel in the emerging field forensic science. Update: 10 additional rare broadcasts
112 112 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Casey Crime Photographer
"SNAP!" Casey's crime photography often give him a snootfull of something foxingly mysterious. And the crime chase is on! Update: 1 additional rare AFRS broadcast on volume 2
82 82 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Woody Herman
Heavily influenced by Duke Ellington and Count Basie, the Woody Herman's Herd was known for lively arrangements that combined swing rhythms and bebop themes. Update: 18 additional recordings
81 81 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Jean Simmons
A British actress who moved to the States after WWII to perform in some of the biggest classic films.
2 2 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Herbert Hoover Speeches
The first US President born west of the Mississippi, Herbert Hoover was president during the earliest years of old time radio. Update: 1 additional rare recording
16 16 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00

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