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Recommended MP3 Players for Old Time Radio | OTR MP3 Player Reviews

If you're reading this webpage on your computer, you already have everything you need to enjoy OTRCAT MP3 CDs; they are guaranteed to play on your computer. Click here for more information about "What is MP3?"


OTRCAT.com has been tracking MP3 CD players models since 1999. MP3 CD players models are more reliable and more inexpensive with each passing year.

Radio Hat!Where to buyMany new car stereos are "MP3-enabled" and many DVD players also play MP3 CDs. Ordering from Amazon.com is convenient, but local stores such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's, Target, and BestBuy often stock a multitude of MP3 player models. There are a lot of MP3 players, even by the same manufacturer, which are fickle about which shows they will playback. Discontinuation of models is frequent and finding specific models can be challenging. Expensive MP3 CD players are not necessarily the most reliable.

Try out an OTRCAT MP3 CD in the floor model at your local electronics store or take an MP3 player home, but make sure they have a good return policy without restocking fees. Below are a list of user recommended models (which have not been first-hand confirmed to work by OTRCAT.com).



Just put in the MP3 CD and press play! As easy to operate as a cd player, these inexpensive "Walkman" style portable MP3 CD players play the MP3 CDs directly:




Great for indoor and outdoor listening, these inexpensive boomboxes play the MP3 CDs directly and many also have AM/FM tuners:



How many shows would fit on an iPod or mobile device with SD card?
 If each MP3 episode is approximately 10MB:


Estimated Number of Shows
2GB 200 shows
4GB 400 shows
8GB 800 shows
32GB 3,200 shows
64GB 6,400 shows
80GB 8,000 shows
128GB 12,800 shows
160GB 16,000 shows
256GB 25,600 shows
400GB 40,000 shows
512GB 51,200 shows
1000GB (1TB) 100,000 shows

Solid-state players fit in the palm of your hand
and plug into your computer to transfer old time radio shows via USB cable rather than playing the CDs directly.

Android Phone, Sansa, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod, or Apple iPhone have easy-to-use display screens and come in various storage sizes.

Click here for step-by-step tutorials on how to load the old time radio shows on your player...

Android Phone
Sansa MP3 Player
iPod Nano

List of other listeners' recommended solid-state players (model numbers may be out of production)...


Listeners' recommended DVD Players, Shelf Stero, Car Units, Lower Power AM-FM transmitters, and cassette adapaters (model numbers may be out of production)...



MP3 players should support "32kps 22khz bitrate MP3 files" and "Joliet' format CDs." If the player supports these specs, it should play the OTRCAT MP3 CDs fine, but because every MP3 player has its own peculiarities, the disks are only guaranteed to play on your computer. Typically most of the new generation MP3 players support a multitude of bitrates including newest generation DVD players.

Playing Radio Shows In Car
Tips on Listening to
Old Time Radio in Your Car

Listening to OTR on an MP3 player not yet listed?
Let us know!  Please leave your comments below.

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I always enjoy my old time radio programs! I have them all loaded on a 160gb iPod so they are all together. I used to have 2 iPods carrying nothing but my shows. Can't go anywhere without them! Thanks!


a cheap, new or refurbished smart phone for about $50. That way I avoid the clunky GUI that some many MP3 players are cursed with and be able to use it for streaming and web browsing. You can use all the features except the phone and mobile data. Yes, you can probably find a purpose built MP3 player with those features but most of the time, they will probably be Smart Phones where they disabled the phone functions in the software.


An old cell phone lying around can do the trick perfectly. You'll need to check the maximum supported microSD card, but other than that, it can be anything you want that doesn't rely on cell service. I have an old LG Stylo 3 of mine that I use as a media player - it will support a card up to 2TB in size, so I've got room for upgrading, if necessary.


Cowin and Sony make excellent players.


Thank you so much. By the way, I have a friend who is trying to find an MP3 player that plays the OTR CDs successfully. I have an 'oldie but goodie' Panasonic from the last century (God, that sounds OLD), that plays them all, but apparently not all of the newer players deal well with compressed mp3 files. Any advice you could give would be helpful. Thanks for maintaining the Old Time Radio site. I think we all can benefit from 'the theater of the mind', listening to radio shows and using ones imagination to fill in the actors, landscapes and scenery. Keeps the mind active. This mind exercise seems to be lost on the 'now generation'.


I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you very much Jon. Your timely assistance in responding to my concern about difficulty downloading/transfering is greatly appreciated. The instructions you gave me to follow were accurate and simple to follow. I am now listening to my radio shows on my nano iPOD with great pleasure, thanks to you. Be assured that your professionalism and competence is greatly appreciated. SCORE #1 for OTRCAT in CUSTOMER SERVICE. OTRCAT, I am proud to say you will have me as a customer for quite some time.


I have a cheap as chips ($25USD) Mahai bluetooth player from eBay 64Gb cards work fine. However the cheaper machines usually have crap file systems and it's very hard to navigate,This one is fine just put the programmes in a folder and then open the folder and they will be in order(hopefully). The bluetooth works fine, but the range is rubbish (shirt pocket , rather than back trouser pocket). I have a HIRes FLAC and DSD player and to be fair it's ok with a 128GB card, but the file navigation isn't great either. The sounds is outstanding I think 24bit WAVE is about the nicest though the DSD512 is pretty smart too. But for speech and all and any variable bit rate MP3 the wee cheapo one is fine/ Most OTR has a limited frequency range anyway to bluetooth isn;t going to be a constraining feature. but with DSD the bass resolution and clarity is astonishing, it's the first time my very clever headphones have had to sweat for a long time. And as an experiment just tried a 128GB card in it, and it works fine


Sony made/makes a line of MP3 Walkman products. I like mine.


I just use my phone. Made sure to get the 256gb iPhone model and it holds so, so much.


I use a Klantop MP3 Radio with mini sd card upgrade


iPod classic hacked with Rockport. I don’t use iTunes which made OTR listening difficult. Nothing is better.


I use Fiio x3 which uses micro sd cards -- works great for OTR!


I am long-time customer, listening to your on my mp3 players. I am excited to learn you now offer free option to download purchased programs. I often listen to my radio programs on my Apple iPod. Otrcat offers more, and better audio programs than do the Apple App.


My player is a Sony CD model CFD-S070P. I love that it remembers where I left off, as long as the power source isn't interrupted. Got it on Amazon years ago.


I just discovered that I can listen to my downloaded radio shows from your website. Awesome! This means I can listen to them on my Kindle, which I use more than my PC these days. I tried to download one collection onto the Kindle and it said I didn't have enough memory, so being able to listen from the website is great.


I am very pleased with the " Sony MHC-EC55" that I purchased from Wal_Mart. It is a mini hi-fi component system, 3 pieces. It has very good volume and was fair priced at just under $100.


I have a Panasonic RX-D55 that plays MP3 Flash Drives, MP3 and regular CDs, cassette tapes (!) and FM/AM. I also have a HOTT Model CD611T portable CD player that plays MP3 and regular CDs. I recommend both of them; they are workhorses and serve me well. When hooked up to a wireless earphone, the CD611T has joined me on many, many walks.


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