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Old Time Radio Theme Music B

Although OTRCAT.com does not have recordings of every series listed below, the following is
quick reference guide to old time radio show series, theme music title, and composer (when available).

  • Baby Rose Marie
    1. "Baby Shoes" (1916) - Joe Goodwin; Ed Rose; Al Piantadosi
    2. "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" [used in the 1944 film "Step Lively"] - Jule Styne (m); Sammy Cahn (w)
    3. "When The Moon Bids The Sun Goodnight (1938)" - Basil Ziegler; Lou Shank
  • Bachelors Children
    1. "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" [from "Naughty Marietta"] - Victor Herbert (m); Rida Johnson Young (w)
    2. "Brahms' Lullaby" (Wiegenlied) Opus 49, No. 4 - Johannes Brahms
    3. "Could My Song On Wings Go Flying?" (1942) - Reynaldo Hahn (m); Victor Marie Hugo (French w); Roy Ringwald (Eng. w)
  • Backstage Wife [aka: Mary Noble, Backstage Wife]
    1. "Stay As Sweet As You Are" - Harry Revel; Mack Gordon
    2. "Rose of Tralee, The" - Charles. W. Glover; G. Mordaunt Spencer
  • Bar X Days / Bar X Days and Nights - "Long, Long Ways From Home" - Carson J. Robison
  • Barron, The - "Barron's Theme, The" - Gustave W. ["Gus"] Haenschen
  • Bartons, The / Bud Barton / Story of Bud Barton -
    1. "Bartons, The" - Don Marcotte
    2. "Schottische At Sunrise" - Don Marcotte
  • Beat The Band
    1. [1940 - 41 w/Ted Weems & Hildegarde]: "Out Of The Night" - Harry Sosnik; Walter Hirsch
    2. [1943 - 44 w/Harry Sosnik]: "Out Of The Night" - Harry Sosnik; Walter Hirsch
  • Believe It Or Not [with Robert Ripley] - "March Moderne" - Bob Miller
  • Ben Bernie
    1. Opening: "It's A Lonesome Old Town (When You're Not Around)" - Harry Tobias; Charles Kisco
    2. Closing: "Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams" - Jack Meskill; Jean Schwartz
  • Ben Pollack [orchestra shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Song Of The Islands" - Charles E. King
  • Benny Carter [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Melancholy Lullaby" - Benny Carter; Edward Heyman
  • Benny Goodman [big band shows] -
    1. Opening: "Let's Dance" [adapted from "Invitation To The Dance" by Carl Maria Von Weber] - Joseph Bonime (adapter); Gregory Stone (adapter); Fanny Baldridge (w)
    2. Closing: "Good-Bye" - Gordon Jenkins
  • Benny Goodman's Swing School - " Let's Dance" [adapted from "Invitation To The Dance" by Carl Maria Von Weber] - Joseph Bonime (adapter); Gregory Stone (adapter); Fanny Baldridge (w)
  • Betty and Bob - "Salut d'Amour" (Opus 12) - Edward Elgar
  • Between The Bookends - "Auld Lang Syne" - Traditional Scottish Air w/words by Robert Burns
  • Beulah Show, The
    1. "Got The World In A Jug" [aka: "Down-Hearted Blues"] - Fletcher H. Henderson
    2. "Downhearted Blues" - Alberta Hunter; Lovie Austin
    3. "Lazy Heart" - Alexander Laszlo
  • Bickersons, The - "Anyone Can Dream" - Joseph J. Lilley (m); Mack David (w)
  • Big City Serenade(1951 - 53) - "Big City Serenade, A" - Don Marcotte
  • Big John and Sparky [weekend show title: No School Today] - "Teddy Bears' Picnic, The" - John W. Bratton; Jimmy Kennedy
  • Big Show, The
    1. Opening: "Handful Of Stars, A" (1940) - Ted Shapiro; Jack Lawrence
    2. Closing: "May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You" - Meredith Willson
  • Big Sister
    1. Opening Billboard: "Westminster Chimes" [aka: "The Westminster Carol"] - William Crotch (organist in 1793 for St. Mary's Church of Cambridge England)
    2. "Valse Bluette" - Riccardo Drigo
    3. "Theme for Big Sister" - Dean Herrick
  • Big Story, The
    1. Theme Medley, Part 1: "Big Story Theme, The" - Wladimir Selinsky
    2. Theme Medley, Part 2: "Prowess In Battle, a section from the Tone Poem "Ein Heldenleben"" [A Hero's Life] - Richard Strauss
  • Big Town - "Tell The Story" - F. Frey
  • Billie Burke Show, The [aka: Fashion In Rations]
    1. Opening: "Look For The Silver Lining" [from the 1920 musical "Sally"] - Jerome Kern (m); Buddy G. De Sylva (w)
    2. Closing: "Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody, A" [from Broadway revue "Ziegfeld Follies of 1919"]- Irving Berlin
  • Billy Butterfield [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "What's New?" [orig. title: "I'm Free"] - Bob Haggart (m); Johnny Burke (w)
  • Billy May [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Lean Baby" - Billy May (m); Roy Alfred (w)
  • Bing Crosby - Signature Theme on various shows: "Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)" - Fred Ahlert; Roy Turk; Bing Crosby
  • Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney Show, The
    1. Opening: "Side By Side" (1927) - Harry MacGregor Woods
    2. Closing: "Don't Worry (About Tomorrow)" [from the 1943 film "Salute For Three"]- Jule Styne (m); Kim Gannon (w)
  • Blackstone Plantation [w/Frank Crumit & Julia Sanderson] - "Spain" (1924) - Isham Jones; Gus Kahn
  • Blue Barron [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Sometimes I'm Happy" [from the 1927 musical "Hit The Deck"] - Vincent Youmans (m); Leo Robin (w); Clifford Grey (w)
  • Blue Monday Jamboree - "Jamboree" [aka: "Jamboree March"] - Meredith Willson
  • Blue Playhouse- "Jamboree" [aka: Jamboree March] - Meredith Willson
  • Bob and Ray - "Mention My Name In Sheboygan" (1947) - Bob Hilliard; Dick Sanford; Sammy Mysels
  • Bob and Victoria - "I'm Falling In Love With Someone" [from the 1910 musical "Naughty Marietta"] - Victor Herbert (m); Rida Johnson Young (w)
  • Bob Burns Show, The -
    1. "Arkansas Traveller, The" - Traditional U.S. Folk Song
    2. "I Like Mountain Music" - James Cavanaugh; Frank Weldon
  • Bob Crosby [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Summertime" [from the 1935 opera "Porgy And Bess"] - George Gershwin (m); Dubose Heyward (w)
  • Bob Hope - Signature Theme on various shows: "Thanks for the Memory" [from the film "The Big Broadcast of 1938"] - Leo Robin; Ralph Rainger
  • Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys [orchestra shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "San Antonio Rose" - Bob Wills
  • Bobby Byrne [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Danny Boy" [Londonderry Air] - Traditional Irish Air
  • Bobby Sherwood [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "Elk's Parade", The - Bobby Sherwood
  • Bold Venture - "Bold Venture Original Theme" - David D. Rose
  • Boston Blackie - "Boston Blackie" - Lew White
  • Box 13 [produced by and starring Alan Ladd]- "Box 13" - Rudy Schrager
  • Break The Bank -
    1. "Gold Diggers' Song, The (We're In The Money)" [from the musical revue "Gold Diggers of 1933"] - Harry Warren (m); Al Dubin (w)
    2. "Break The Bank Theme" - Peter Van Steeden Jr.
  • Breakfast Club with Don McNeill, The -
    1. "Good Morning" - Walter Blaufuss; W. R. Williams; Donald T. MacNeill
    2. "Good Morning, Breakfast Clubbers" - Leroy Shield (m); Donald T. McNeill (w)
    3. "Breakfast Club Makes Life Easier" - Leroy Shield (m); Donald T. McNeill (w)
    4. "March Around the Breakfast Table" - John Redmond
    5. Closing Song: "So Long, Breakfast Clubbers" - Leroy Shield (m); Don McNeill (w)
  • Breen and De Rose - "Deep Purple" (1939) [instrumental version (1934)] - Peter De Rose (m); Mitchell Parish (w)
  • Brenda Curtis - "Melody In F (Opus 3, No. 1)" (1850 - 51) - Anton Rubinstein
  • Brenthouse [Brent House] - "String Quartet in G Minor, third movement" - Claude Achille Debussy
  • Bride and Groom - "Wedding March" (1851) ["Marche des Fiancialles" from the opera "Lohengrin", aka "Here Comes The Bride"] - Richard Wagner
  • Bright Horizon-
    1. "Little Brown Jug - Joseph E. Winner
    2. "Alt-Wien, Nr. 11 fur Klavier, fr. "Triakontameron"" [Old Vienna, No. 11 for Piano, from "30 Moods and Scenes in Triple Meter"] (1919) - Leopold Godowsky
    3. "Bright Horizon" - John Marion Gart; Tot Seymour
  • Brighter Day, The -
    1. "At Dawning, I Love You" - Charles Wakefield Cadman (m); Nelle Richmond Eberhart (w)
    2. Theme for "The Brighter Day" - William Meeder
  • Brighter Tomorrow, The Gabriel Heatter Show -
    1. "Brighter Tomorrow, A - John Marion Gart
    2. Gabriel Heatter Opening and Closing - Melvyn Lenard Gordon
  • Broadway Is My Beat - "Manhattan" [from the 1925 revue "Garrick Gaities ] - Richard Rodgers (m); Lorenz Hart (w)
  • Broadway Playhouse [Armed Forces Radio Service version of Lux Theatre] - "Lux Theme" - Rudy Schrager
  • Brunswick Brevities (1929) - "Say It With Music" [from the "Music Box Revue of 1921" ] - Irving Berlin
  • Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - "Les Preludes (a theme from the tone poem)" - Franz Liszt
  • Bughouse Rhythm - "Fan Fare" - John Brunker ["Jack"] Meakin
  • Bullocks Show, The - "The Swan Lake Ballet, Op. 20" - Piotr Ilyich ["Peter"] Tchaikovsky
  • Bunny Berigan [big band shows] - Signature Theme on various shows: "I Can't Get Started" [from "Ziegfeld Follies"] - Vernon Duke (m); Ira Gershwin (w)
  • Burns and Allen
    1. "Comin' Through the Rye (When a Body Meets a Body) - Traditional Scottish Air
    2. "Crazy People" [from the 1932 film "The Big Broadcast"] - James V. ["Jimmy"] Monaco; Edgar Leslie
    3. "Campbells Are Coming, The" - Traditional Scottish Air
    4. Main Theme since 1936: "Love Nest, The" [from the 1920 musical "Mary"] - Louis A. Hirsch (m); Otto Harbach (w)
    5. 1950 Carnation Sponsorship: "Two-A-Day" [aka: "Vaudeville Days"], from the "Structural Music" library - Alexander Laszlo
  • Buster Brown Show, The [aka: Buster Brown Gang, Smilin' Ed McConnell] -
    1. "Happy Sound of Buster Brown, The [shoe jingle] - Traditional WW I song: "Mademoiselle From Armentieres" (aka: "Hinky Dinky Parlez-Vous")
    2. "I Got-a Shoes, You got-a Shoes (Heav'n, Heav'n)" - Traditional Negro Spiritual
  • By Kathleen Norris - "Remembering You" - Elsie Thompson
  • By Popular Demand - "Way You Look Tonight, The" [from the 1936 film "Swing Time"] - Jerome Kern (m); Dorothy Fields (w)
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