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Old Time Radio Rarities Spotlight

From Adventure to Comedy to Mystery shows, we're happy to offer these radio shows whether there is one episode or thousands. At times, only one or two episodes were created, but many of these shows are lost in the vault of time. 

Rare Detective Rare Adventure Rare Drama Rare Game Show

Rare Detective & Crime Shows
This compilation is a fascinating look at the different key players in crime solving and even personnel in the emerging field forensic science.

Rare Adventure Shows
Pilots, adventurers, reporters, sea fayers and more make for tales of adventure and intrigue for all audiences.

Rare Drama Broadcasts
Because the intimacy between player and listeners can be so intense, the radio may be considered the best medium of all for drama.

Rare Game Shows
This collection is filled with sample episodes of some great quiz programs -- including many rare episodes.

Rare Comedy Rare WWII Rare Soap Opera Rare News

Rare Comedy Broadcasts
There was a lot of competition among radio comedies, and not all of them became classics, but they sure were fun!

Rare WWII Recordings
Network Radio not only came of age during the Second World War, but it also helped to bring the Nation together to achieve Final Victory.

Rare Soap Operas Collection
Packed with more sudsey value for your dollar, this compilation of rare soaps series and including some programs that are the last surviving recordings of their shows.

Rare News & Current Event Shows
Old Time Radio News shows are give modern listeners a peek into the major world events of yesteryear.

Rare Children Rare Western Dame Detectives Rare Captains

Rare Children's Shows
Children's programming took many forms; the most obvious examples are after school serials, stories which might not appeal to parents, but filled the airtime before Dad came home.

Rare Westerns
 Tales of the Old West were very popular during Radio's Golden Age, although not every show made it to the big time.

Dame Detectives and Rare Female Crime Fighters
An OTRCAT Original collection including some never before released detective dramas featuring women crime fighters.

Rare Captains
Ahoy! Enjoy these wild, random and rare captain-themed adventures, aye matey!

Rare Sports Rare Mystery Rare Historical Rare Summer

Rare Sports Recordings
From Baseball to Roller Derby to Football to Hockey, this collection includes rare sports collection.

Rare Mystery Programs
Deep from the vaults of old time radio history, some of these rare mystery shows haven't been heard widely in decades.

Rare Historical Broadcasts
Old Time Radio is more than a report of History, OTR Programs ARE History!

Rare Summer Replacement Shows
This collection includes rare but wonderful seasonal shows that held the timeslot for some of America's best loved radio shows.

Rare Sci Fi Rare Aviation Rare Serials Rare Holiday

Rare Science Fiction Broadcasts
Science fiction is one of the most intriguing uses of Radio as an art form.

Rare Aviation Shows
Rare aviation themed old time radio shows including Sky Blazer, Smilin Jack, Howie Wing, Flying Hutchinsons, and many more.

Rare Radio Serial Broadcasts
For writers, serialized stories provide a much wider canvas to work on.

Rare Holiday Broadcasts
There are several holidays on a year’s calendar, and they all deserve to be celebrated.

Rare Gossip Rare Adventure Detective Radio Show Biz Rare Country Music

Rare Gossip Broadcasts
Spreading stories about others is a filthy practice, but it is something we are hardwired to love doing!

Adventure Detective Rarities
There were a lot of great programs that never got a green light for full scale production or where all but one of two episodes have been lost.

Rare Broadcasts About Show Business
Radio and the Film Industry supported each other, and the studios loved anything which would help sell more movie tickets.

Rare Country Music
With roots in Gospel and English folk, growing into Hillbilly and Cowboy Music, Country Music has transcended the mainstream to truly become America's Music.

Rarities 1920s Rarities 1930s

Rarities from the 1920s
This original collection featuring very rare old time radio shows from the earliest days of radio history.

Rare Radio Shows of 1930's
This compilation includes rare dramas, comedy, and unique radio broadcasts from the 1930's.

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I bought the Green Hornet collection and stream them while at work. I haven't checked out the CDs yet. I'm hoping that the same tracks will be okay either on the CDs or via download. I also hope that you've added new episodes. I've been a Green Hornet fan since the 1960's when no one at my middle school know what I was talking about (TV series) or who Bruce Lee was. Thanks for being affordable so that I can feed my OTR habit.


I want to thank you for "OTR", my three brothers and myself spent many hours in our childhood huddled around the old radio, enjoying the entertainment in "the good old days".


That's much appreciated. Thank you for this. I love OTRCAT and all that you do.


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