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Old Time Radio News Commentators and News Broadcasts

Historically, the best radio news commentators communicated and analyzed the news. Often they were the first voices heard after tragedies, deaths, catastrophes, and world happenings!

Gabriel Heatter
Classic commentary from the optimistic newsman Gabriel Heatter, the broadcaster with the "good news tonight."

Edward R Murrow
One of the greatest American journalists in broadcast history, he pioneered the reporter on the scene reporting during WWII.

HV Kaltenborn Edits the News
History repeats itself when H. V. Kaltenborn provides vivid commentary and pointed insight into world affairs and politics in the 1940s and 1950s.

Elmer Davis and the News
During the months before Pearl Harbor, FDR appointed Elmer Davis to head up the Office of War Information. From this bully pulpit, Davis helped to whip the Nation into a fury over the aggressions of the Nazi's in Europe.

Robert Arden News Commentary
A foreign correspondent, Robert Arden made insightful commentary about current events of WWII.

Select News Broadcasts

Historians, professional and amateur alike, enjoy hearing the historical news broadcasts. They offer a rare peek into the world events of yesteryear as they unfolded.

America Looks Abroad
provides news analysis and commentary about the changing world of the late 1930's and early 1940's.

CBS World News Today
One of the first news shows to send famed correspondents, Edward R Murrow, John Charles Daly, and William L. Shirer, around to world to give American eyewitness accounts to events in history.

CBS News Around the World
(AM Edition)

Hear the news of the day from around the world with the CBS News of the World, Morning Edition

Keys to Capitol
Keys to the Capitol
weekly news discussion program discuss news of the week in the mid-1950s.

Monitor Beacon
Join the NBC Monitor communicators as they report the nation and the world and bring you comedy, music, interviews and much more from 1955 to 1975.

The NBC National Hour
Listen as National Hour discussed and dramatized a host of issues facing Americans after the end of World War 2.

Summer 1940
Summer of 1940 News
Let the pioneers of broadcast war journalism transport you back to the early days of the war in Europe with news from London, Berlin, and Rome.

Today in Europe
Relive the early days of World War II with Edward R. Murrow and the Murrow boys as they brought the news from the European capitals.

War Telescope
Transport yourself back to the mid-1940s when everyone gathered around the radio for weekly news about the war from reporter Elmer Peterson and War Telescope.

Our extensive catalog also includes compilations of news broadcasts by year including:
1938 - 1939 - 1940 - 1941 - 1942 - 1943 - 1944 - 1945 - 1946 - 1947 - 1948 - 1949 - 1950-1959 - 1960-1969 - 1970-1979

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During my college days, in Sioux City, Ia. I had my I radio tuned to a radio station covering practically all of the Midwest. A commentator who had a style of his own by the way he presented his material with a special elocution on certain phrases; and at the end when leaving, he would use the phrase, "good day," with that "catchy" style. I still hear his voice and would like to hear him now. Please help!

Armando sadon

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