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Old Time Radio Christmas

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from OTRCAT.com!  Holiday Time is the most wonderful time of the year and old time radio shows help listeners celebrate with music, laughter, and even suspense!

Each Radio show celebrated Christmas with their special twist.  One of the most memorable productions was Orson Welles Campbell's Playhouse version of "A Christmas Carol" starring Lionel Barrymore.  On Lux Radio Theater, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed reprised their roles in a reproduction of "It's a Wonderful Life."

Mystery and detective shows also got into the Christmas Spirit.   Dragnet also had a special Christmas program with a moral at the ending called "A Rifle for Christmas."  In Suspense, a child and nanny are left alone wondering if the parents will return home for Christmas after news of a plane crash.

HollyIn the comedy realm, Jack Benny Christmas shows usually revolved around penny-pinching Jack trying to avoid spending money.  Gracie Allen is up to her old tricks as she tries to get George to guess what she wants for Christmas. 

Please enjoy these Holiday-themed old time radio shows free to download from the Christmas Collection.  Read about each episode and listen to these special holiday shows!

Bob Hope loves old time radio


Campbell's Playhouse - (Drama)

"A Christmas Carol " from December 24, 1939
Lionel Barrymore reprises his role as Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. A wonderful Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol, is the story of a very grumpy and cold hearted Ebenezer Scrooge who wants nothing to do with Christmas and croaks "Baw-humbug" at any sign of Christmas cheer. Orson Welles beautifully narrates this classic tale of redemption and brotherly love.



Cinnamon Bear - (Children's)

"Paddy O Cinnamon" from mid-1930s
The Cinnamon Bear is Christmas classic radio at its best. The fifteen-minute episodes were first broadcast from the end of November right up 'till Christmas, and can still be enjoyed that way by the entire family. This episode is the first of The Cinnamon Bear series. The story begins with twins Jimmy and Judy (Barbara Wong) writing a letter to Santa Claus. Their mother asks for help trimming the Christmas tree, but uh-oh the Silver Star is missing and the twins look in the attic for the missing star. In the attic they meet a special Irish teddy bear with a green ribbon around his neck…   



Lux Radio Theater - (Drama) Holly

"It's A Wonderful Life " from March 10, 1947
Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed reprised their roles on Lux Radio from the film "It's A Wonderful Life." Victor Moore stars as Clarence the angel. The story follows George Bailey as he considers ending his life. Clarence shows George that not only would he be missed in the world but It's a Wonderful Life. This is truly an inspiring story and a popular holiday favorite.



The Jack Benny Program - (Comedy)

"Trimming a Tree" from Dec 24, 1944
Mary comes over to help Jack trim his Christmas Tree. When she plug in the lights, Jack gets a shock and he tries his hand at being a electrician by wrapping the cord with "enough tape." Meanwhile a police office stops by to talk to Jack Benny about disturbing the peace at the department store. Jack almost gets arrested for loosing his cool with an old man that kept asking him "What should I buy my wife for Christmas?" and for breathing on someone's Christmas carnation.



Great Gildersleeve - (Comedy)

"Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter " from Dec 18, 1946
Geee-heee—ho-ho-ho! Leroy finds a cat outside and wants to keep it. Uncle Mort refuses saying "I wouldn't mind kittens if they didn't grow up to be cats." Santa's going to have a hard time paying for gifts this year, good thing Leroy only wants one thing, just one thing "a motor scooter!" Perfect Marjorie says, "I don't care what I get Unckie, anything you decide I'll be grateful for."

Winchester Christmas



Dragnet - (Detective)

"Twenty-Two Rifle for Christmas" from December 21, 1950
"You're a Detective Sergeant. You're assigned to homicide detail. A small boy is reported missing from his home. His age? Nine years. Foul play is suspected. Your job…find him." Joe Friday and his partner Ben Romero work to solve one of the most heartbreaking cases in Dragnet's history. It's a Christmas chronicle, Dragnet-style, and there's a bonus moral twist at the end for all parents wanting to buy their kids a gun for Christmas.



Christmas on the Moon - (Children's Christmas Classic)

Broadcast from November 29, 1938
The Christmas on the Moon series follows Jonathan Thomas and he gets the help of his teddy bear and the Man on the Moon to rescue Santa Claus from kidnappers. The series played one episode a day in 1938 between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This episode is the first of the Christmas on the Moon series.


Suspense - (Mystery - Drama )

"The Night Before Christmas" from December 21, 1953
"The Night before Christmas" is a strange Suspense version of the holiday classic poem "Twas the Night before Christmas." This is a Christmas story about a little girl whose parents are missing on Christmas Eve in a possible plane crash from Paris. The family's housekeeper tries to protect the little girl from hearing the terrible news on Christmas Day. Despite this episode's morbid theme, it is well written and a good hearted story with a surprise ending.


Kraft Music Hall with Bing Crosby - (Music/Variety)

Broadcast from December 21, 1944
Bing Crosby performed for the Navy WAVESChristmas favorite Bing Crosby sings opens with "Adeste Fideles" first in latin and then "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" with the Kraft Choral Club, which was Bing's opening Christmas standard every year. The Kraft Choral Club is 70 co-workers of the Kraft offices and factory in Chicago. In 1944, we were in WWII and in the audience there is 100 young ladies from the Navy W.A.V.E.S. and we are reminded that Kraft Cheese only takes two ration points. 

Songs include:
Bing Crosby Adeste Fideles/Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Bing Crosby Jingle Bells
Eugenie Baird sings I Dream of You
Bing Crosby I Can Make Believe
The Charioteers sing a very fun A Slip of the Lip Might Sink a Ship (WWII Propaganda song "Don't Talk to Much, Don't Know too much…")
Bing Crosby What A Difference a Day Makes
Kraft Choral Club A Beautiful Savior
Kraft Choral Club God is Ever Beside Me
Bing Crosby Silent Night


Burns and Allen - (Comedy)

"Gracie's Last Minute Christmas Gift" from December 18, 1947
Gracie is up to her old tricks again and she won't tell George what she wants from Christmas. She writes out a list of clues to get George to guess what she wants but he's clueless. George is forced to pay Gracie a 50 cents for each wrong guess that he makes, eventually he sends Gracie to the psychiatrist. Hans Conried and Gale Gordon also star in this episode.


Lights Out - (Mystery-Horror )

"Uninhabited" from December 22, 1937
A memorable post-World War I tale: a French, Australian, and African-American soldier find themselves travelling on a train on Christmas Eve 1918.



Weird Circle - (Mystery-Horror )

"Markheim" from 1945
A tale of Chrismas murder: the nephew of a wealthy uncle follows his inner voices to commit murder in attempt to cover the trail his reckless investments.

Featured Christmas Old Time Radio Dramas

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The miracle of Christmas will lift your spirits in these touching old time radio dramas. Also included in this collection are Lux Radio Theater versions of your favorite classic Christmas movies.
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Voices of Christmas Yesteryear Voices of Christmas Yesteryear
Includes vintage recording of Christmas music many from wax cylinder recording. All of them are delightful and will make a splendid addition to your Holiday Soundtrack.

Christmas Comedy & Variety

Bob Hope Christmas Bob Hope Christmas
Bob Hope lived to be 100 years old and he celebrated 100 Christmases; many of those Christmases were celebrated with US troops.
Christmas with George Burns and Gracie Allen Christmas with George Burns & Gracie Allen
Everyone's favorite old time radio comedy duo know how to bring all the laughs for their annual Christmas Special.
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Big song numbers and plenty of knee slapping comedy to bring old time radio Christmas cheer home.
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Radio's favorite lug, Archie leads the Christmas fun Duffy's Tavern with an annual holiday party.
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The biggest names in entertainment brought the troops some Christmas Cheer during the holidays.
Fibber Christmas Fibber Christmas
Join the resident at 79 Wistful Vista for this jolly collection of Fibber McGee and Molly Christmas shows
Gildersleeve Christmas Gildersleeve Christmas and New Years
Join Gildersleeve, Marjorie, Leroy and Birdie for Christmas and New Year's laughs and cheer! And there are a few holiday headaches and funny dilemmas.
Jack Benny Christmas Jack Benny Christmas
The 'original old blue eyes' highlighted the best comedy and music for the holidays.
Life of Riley Christmas Life of Riley Christmas
Blue-collar Riley does the best he can to make a Happy Family Christmas.
Vic & Sade Christmas Vic and Sade Christmas
Featuring everyday Christmas stories about "Radio's Home Folks", the family who lives in "the small house halfway up the next block."
Christmas Westerns Western Christmas
Santa's ridin' in dem doggies with a sack full of old time radio goodies set in the wild west. Ho Ho Yeeha!

Christmas Detective & Mystery Shows

Voices of Christmas Yesteryear

Cinnamon Bear
wonderful Christmas holiday fantasy adventure serialwas created and written by Glanville Heisch for children of all ages.

Christmas Detectives Christmas Detectives
Crime doesn't stop for Christmas, luckily the gumshoes are here with holiday gumdrops.
Christmas in Suspense Christmas in Suspense
Did you ever have the feeling there was a severed limb in your Christmas stocking Listen to the best Christmas shows from Radio's Outstanding Theater of Thrills!
Christmas Mysteries Christmas Mystery
Who says the Mysteries of the Season shouldn't make your hair stand on end.
Crime Christmas Crime Christmas
Crime still happens during the Holidays and Joe Friday, Johnny Dollar, Texas Ranger Jayce Pearson, Richard Diamond, and Paladin will make sure that the grinches don't steal Christmas, St Nick, furs, or a statue of Baby Jesus.
Whistler Christmas Whistler Christmas
Whistling you a Merry Christmas tale sure to send a shiver even up Frosty the Snowman's spine.

Classic Christmas Children's Shows

Voices of Christmas Yesteryear

Cinnamon Bear
wonderful Christmas holiday fantasy-adventure-serial was created and written by Glanville Heisch for children of all ages.

Jump Jump and the Ice Queen
Enjoy this Christmas Serial done in the Spirit of The Cinnamon Bear and Jonathon Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon.

Classic Christmas Historic Broadcasts

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Old Time Radio
Christmas Morning may be the happiest day of the Year, but the night before holds the real magic.

Christmas Day Christmas Day Programs of the Twentieth Century
During the Golden Age radio shows were broadcast live, many shows and their stars made a Christmas Day broadcast a chance to give a special gift to their listeners.
Christmas Homefront Homefront Christmas Collection
While the nation was working together to defeat the forces of Fascism and defend Freedom, there was still time to remember how important Christmas was for everyone.
Christmas News Christmas Time News Reports in Old Time Radio
For most of the world the winter Holiday Season is the most joyous time of the year, but real-life marches on.During the Golden Age radio shows were broadcast live, many shows and their stars made a Christmas Day broadcast a chance to give a special gift to their listeners.

Classic Treats Nobody Wants

Christmas Fruitcake

Fruitcakes in Old Time Radio
The original Christmas old time radio collection that about what nobody wants: fruitcake. - Christmas Morning may be the happiest day of the Year, but the night before holds the real magic.

The epic compilation of Christmas Cheer:

Christmas CD
Christmas Collection

Happy Christmas


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Good shows!


I don't know where in the world you got all those pictures,WOW!!!,I really enjoyed looking at all of them,Your the one no one else would have took the time to have put it all together,Thanks Again"!!!


Not realy a comment but a question. I've been looking for a skit I used to have on cassette but I can't remember the name of the skit or the album. It was a couple getting ready for Christmas in the first half and the second half they were getting ready for new year's eve. They were hurrying to get the champagne ready for their new years kiss. My wife loved that skit and I've been trying to find it. Looking for any help I can get. Thanks.


I am looking for a recording from around 1958 called Nativity... my mother used to listen to it every year with us children. I thought it was Gregory Peck who narrated, but it is not. The production had eerie angel music in the background...I would love to share this with my family. Please HELP!


I would like to let you know the MP3 CDs I have got for my friends as Christmas gift is big surprise for them, and they like the CDs very much.


I am enjoying the complete CBS Radio Mystery Theater cd\\'s I ordered a few months back (about Christmastime). One episode per evening will take me about eight years to complete (Joy oh Joy). As for future ordering plans, I am getting set to order the complete Great Gildersleeve set from you (minus episodes 1-7 which I\\'ve already received). Thanks for the recent postcard. Give me a month or two (or three). I am saving my allowance money (LOL). Also, working on my wife to allow the purchase.


Great shows! I love old time radio.



Louise Kaufman

The best to you and your family this wonderful time of the year. Thank you for all the joys of listening to Old Time Radio.


Thank you kindly. Enjoy the holiday season. You give us enjoyment through out the year.


You are, without a doubt, my favorite site! Merry Christmas to everyone at OTR.


I am overwhelmed at your site. I would like to have your complete Christmas Collection to start with. mp3 format is acceptable and downloading is also acceptable


Had trouble submitting an order initially. Got it to work with Firefox and received my order. Working great! Glad I stuck with it.


Thanks for the great selection of Christmas downloads. Something for everybody i am sure. Thanks also for the great choice and fine service througHOUT THE YEAR>


Just a quick note to everyone at OTRCAT from the guy who stuffs the orders into the boxes headed out to the mailbox to the folks who spend hours every day on the keyboard solving problems and answering questions to the boss who get's to lean back in the tall chair every now and then to wishfully dream about the future when he can once and for all, retire and go fishing for real! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from one of your most satisfied and happy customers who has enjoyed playing hours and hours of your many products over the air on the FM radio band to thousands of wonderful listeners every Saturday night for so many years. Keep up the excellent work! I sincerely wish you and your fine staff only the very best for new year!


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