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Doctors and Medicine Tales in Old Time Radio

Doctor Cat
Doctors Fighting Crime and Adventure
From the country doctors traveling with medicine bags to doctors on the battle front to criminal psychologists, doctors of all sorts made their mark on the old time radio shows. These collections include facinating life and death stories and snippets from the history of western medicine advances as they unfolded. But it wasn't all bandaids and broken bones, radio of yesteryear also included medical quacks and charletons preying on the sick and infirm to make a profit

Crime Dr
Crime Doctor
The Crime Dr of Suspense and Intrigue is IN; Take Two Radio Shows and Call Me in the Morning!

Dr Six Gun
Doctor Six-gun
The good gun totting doctor roamed the west with "his medicine bag strapped on one hip and his six shooter on the other."

Dr Tim
Doctor Tim, Detective
Dr. Tim, Detective is a great lesson in medicine and health issues for kids, disguised as a detective show. Education is more fun if you get it while solving mysteries!

Doctor Fights
The Doctor Fights
Live through the adventures of doctors on the front lines of World War II in the battlefield anthology series

Dr in The House
Danger Doctor Danfield
Let Dr. Dan Danfield, criminal psychologist, give you a little of a criminal psychologist's caseload.

Doctor Drama

Dr Kildare
Doctor Kildare
Dr Kildare features a cast of veteran actors in dramatic roles.

Dr Paul
Doctor Paul
Join Dr. Paul, a small town doctor, as he treats the residents and gets caught up in the schemes and secret loves that swirl around him.

Ex Lax
The Doctors' Wife
"The gay, heart-warming story of a woman who is married to a doctor...and likes it!" Doctor Dan Palmer and his supportive wife Julie live and work in a small town full of big personalities in this short lived old time radio soap opera.

Dr Malone
Young Doctor Malone
Advertised in Young Dr Malone Sponsored by General Food and Post Cereals, this cereal serial has it all – love, jealousy, hate, crippling diseases, rich philanthropists, treacherous characters, death and marriage.

Dr Christian
Doctor Christian
Jean Hersholt is an actor who specialized in gentle, intelligent roles that called for warmth and feeling in Dr Christian. This series is that kind of show and can be enjoyed as drama, as nostalgia, and as just plain old radio entertainment.

Medical Breakthrough and True Medical Stories

Its your Life
It's Your Life
Pioneering the use of magnetic tape in radio production, It's Your Life brought compelling Public Health Stories to the Air.

Medical Milestones
Medical Milestones
The American Medical Association, along with local medical societies, presented a series of short syndicated broadcasts in 1961 titled Medical Milestones which described many of those advances.

Medical File
Medical File
South African original programming, featuring odd and amazing stories inspired from true medical files.

Medical Tale Compilations

Vaccines and Plagues
Vaccines and Plagues
Old time radio's take on plagues, vaccines, polio, and other illnesses featuring shows from all genres from comedy to drama to adventure.

First Responder
First Responders
Firefighters, police officers, and heroes of all kinds are represented in this exciting old time radio collection.

Fibber Dr
Doctors, Hospitals, and Healthcare in Old Time Radio

Going into medicine is one of the highest callings to aspire to.

Less Scrupulous Medical Practice Tales

Quack Doctors in
Old Time Radio
Laugh along with comedic tales of quack doctors with Amos & Andy, Jack Benny, and more. Hear the dramatized tales of quackery in Dragnet, Dr Kildare, Straight Arrow, Casey Crime Photographer, and more!

Witch Dr
Witch Doctors and
Medicine Men

There are many things in the natural world that can make you sick or injured, there are even more in the Supernatural World.

Doctor John Brinkley
(Medical Quack)
Brinkley began experimenting with goat glands, surgically implanting them for every ailment from fertility, to dementia, to impotency. Called a quack, charlatan, and mega-medical radio star, Dr John Brinkley is a character from the 20th century that could not have existed without the power of radio.

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Truly appreciate the organization on this website, the categories part is especially interesting. Thank you for all the efforts. There are so many reasons this resource is a treasure. Obviously one reason is to preserve the talented work and this special part of entertainment history and American Culture. But another reason is more emotional. This resource is good "medicine" to the minds and hearts of so many in our society who remember and miss the days this programming was a part of daily life. It is also enlightening and elevating as well as entertaining to others who might not have had that entrenched experience but who appreciate the intelligent wit, genuine talent, the capturing-a-moment-in-time aspects, the sheer variety and simply realize that these are glimpses into the way life can be. Resilient, resourceful, fun, repetitive (so much in life is not so dire as we might believe... very much of this has all happened before!!), and inspiring. So - just thank you.


everything was perfect! I wanted to tell you how very pleased I have been with your outstanding selection and the high caliber of your service. My most recent order arrived far more quickly than expected, and although it is not a Christmas gift (other than to myself) I am delighted that it has arrived in time for me to relish in the Holidays stories of yesteryear. Although I am too young (55) to have grown up with radio programming (TV was my entertainment of choice) I discovered OTR when my mother gave me a couple of cassette tapes of The Green Hornet. I found them interesting but did not truly get hooked until a fellow teenage friend told me about the CBS Radio Mystery Theater hosted by EG Marshall. Fast forward 20 years and I am listening to old time radio on Wisconsin Public Radio when I heard what has become my all-time single favorite “serial”, Adventures by Morse City of the Dead. As I was destined to miss a couple of those episodes as the aired over several weeks I went online looking for it, hoping it was something that I could buy somewhere, somehow. That is when I discovered OTRCAT and the wonderful world of radio drama. I now have a large collection and several favorites (Jack Benny, Gunsmoke, Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee and Molly), and have slowly increased my collection over time. Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful medium and sharing it with generations most of which are utterly unaware of this marvelous and extensive compilation of audio-only enjoyment.


I am SO glad for OTR RADIO. I listen to your cd's every day


I just want to say how much I appreciate your web site and the service you provide to the world at large. You are keeping the Golden Age of Radio alive.


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