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Bad Boys of Classic Hollywood on the Air

The boys are back in town. Read about the Bad Boys of old time radio and their notoriety and hijinks in the collections below.

Marlon Brando John Wayne Errol Flynn Frank Sinatra
Marlon Brando
One of the greatest actors in American cinema, Marlon Brando was known for method acting and gripping realism that he brought to his performances.
John Wayne
This collection includes radio appearances by "The Duke" in such shows as Lux Radio Theater, Screen Directors Playhouse, and more.
Errol Flynn
Shameless partier, Errol Flynn was one of Hollywood's Original Bad Boys. Even with his reputation, his name on an action movie or swashbuckler was almost guaranteed money at the box office.
Rat Pack
This compilation has choice appearances by members of The Rat Pack in Old Time Radio including Humphrey BogartFrank SinatraDean MartinJudy Garland, and more!

Humphrey Bogart John Barrymore Richard Burton Francis X Bushman
Humphrey Bogart
Bogie is an actor who continues to rank near the top on everybody's list. He made many appearances on radio after he moved his act from Broadway to Hollywood.
John Barrymore
He had a classic look earning him the nickname "The Great Profile." He was best known as a Shakespearean stage actor, in particular for his performances in Hamlet and Richard III.
Richard Burton
Although he built a reputation as one of the greatest British Actors of the post-War period, Richard Burton lived a life beset with scandal and debauchery.
Francis X. Bushman
The original "King of the Movies" in the silent era, Francis X. Bushman commanded attention on the big screen and turned to radio in his later years.

Other bad boys include
Frank Sinatra
Ward Bond
Kirk Douglas
Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Robert Mitchum
Lawrence Tierney
Maurice Chevalier
Clark Gable
Mickey Rooney

 John Barrymore is disappointedBlog Post: John Barrymore Corpse Antics
Before there was the rat pack, there was the “Bundy Drive Gang."
And when legend John Barrymore died, Raoul Walsh stole his corpse ...
click here to find out where they hid Barrymore's corpse.

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