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1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


"Year in Crisis 1955"
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Marshall Plan
Clifton Fadiman of Information PleaseWhen the Federal Communications Commission began issuing broadcast licenses to commercial radio station, part of the mandate was that the broadcasts should be of service to the community.Radio became a way for news to be reported almost as soon as it happened, and the people who were there to report on events found that they were also in a unique position to comment on what was happening.

Edward R MurrowEditorial pieces were always a part of print news, so it is little wonder that broadcast news people would want to paint world events from their own perspective. Beyond simply reporting the news, this opinion pieces could become news on their own.

Ask Congress, December, 1957, a public service program the brings members of the House of Representatives meet with members of their constituency, the citizens are selected for the program based on their participation in civic organizations.

Conversations, NBC, Late '50s, From the host of Information, Please!, Clifton Fadiman, Conversations celebrates the art of fine conversation. The guests are every bit as erudite and entertaining as the quiz show.

Cross Section USA, Late 1940s, CBS News discusses important issues of the day with a selection of persons from across the nation who represent agriculture, labor and manufacturing.

The Great Challenge, CBS, 1958-59, A series of symposiums that bring together outstanding leaders from many fields to consider urgent problems facing the nation in a rapidly changing world. Moderated by Howard K. Smith and Eric Sevareid.

Life and the World, NBC, 1957-58, A news magazine program, correspondents present stories from around the world. The program uses taped interviews and reports which are edited in the studio.

New World, NBC, 1956-57, Originally part of NBC's Monitor program, New World uses taped interviews and panel discussions to explore the issues of the day.

Our Foreign Policy, NBC News, 1940s, A presentation of the NBC University of the Air, most of the surviving programs are from the post War era, featuring State Department officials discussing developments like the formation of the United Nations and employment of the Marshall Plan.

The Hidden Revolution, CBS Public Affairs Department in the late 1950s and early 1960s, explores important social trends in US culture, like the increase in leisure time, the constant threat of nuclear war, and the American propensity for "moving on". Hosted by Edward R. Murrow.

Years of Crisis with Edward R. Murrow, CBS News annual year end review of International events and developments. Interestingly, the 1958 edition is the 10th anniversary of the program as features a review of the decade after the War.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, weekly program from the NBC News and Special Events Department, takes a weekly look at various elements of society from a long term perspective.

Youth Wants to Know, late Fifties, a part of NBC's Monitor Program, allows young people to direct questions to figures in the news.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

43 recordings: total playtime 20 hour 7 minutes

Ask Congress
Ask Congress 571208 Adam Clayton Powell
Ask Congress 571222 Frank J Becker

Conversation 541106 What Inventions Have Benefitted Mankind Most
Conversation 550312 Nonconforming American
Conversation 561108 Rock and Roll
Conversation 561220 Christmas
Conversation 570000 Unflaming Youth

Cross Section USA
Cross Section USA 480313 Margarine Tax
Cross Section Usa 480410 How Much Defense Does Usa Need Now
Cross Section Usa 480508 Federal Minimum Wage Law Bill

Great Challenge
The Great Challenge 580422 Individual Relationships In Mass Society
The Great Challenge 580501 Government And Democratic Process
The Great Challenge 590303 Is America Antiintellectual
The Great Challenge 590325 Can Democracy Meet Space Age Challenge
The Great Challenge 590407 Is American Public Getting All Information It Needs

Life and the World
Life And World 570900 Governor Orville Faubus
Life And World 580213 Hot Spots In Africa
Life And World 580318

New World
New World 560129 Healthcare Debate
New World 560200 Fine Art Of Debunking
New World 560900 Role Of Hospitals
New World 561111 1956 Election Review
New World 570000 Neglect Of Reading
New World 570505 Federal Budget
New World 570609 Case For Small Business
New World560930 Supreme Court

Our Foreign Policy
Our Foreign Policy 411000 What Is Left Of United States Neutrality
Our Foreign Policy 450526 Ussoviet Relations
Our Foreign Policy 450616 United Nations Charter
Our Foreign Policy 470927 Marshall Plan

The Hidden Revolution
The Hidden Revolution 581217 Twenty Hour Work Week
The Hidden Revolution 590318 Day Called X
The Hidden Revolution 600105 20th Century Nomads
The Hidden Revolution 600405 Cool Revolution

Years of Crisis Edward R Murrow
Years Of Crisis 1955 560102
Years Of Crisis 1958 581229
Years Of Crisis 1960 601228

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 510727 Narcotics
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 510812 Baseball
Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 510909 1952 Election

Youth Wants to Know
Youth Wants to Know 540530 Haile Selassie
Youth Wants to Know 570000 Sen. Wayne Morse
Youth Wants To Know 580223 Eric Johnstone



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