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 OTRCAT SAMPLER 09 (Purchase an extra copy)

1 MP3 CD - 100 episodes


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Everyone has the Right To Happiness and an OTRCAT.com Sampler #9. On the Road Of Life, there are Hollywood Daredevils, Captains Of Industry, Bachelor's Children, and Cousin Willie. But Best Of All, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and Betty Crocker are at America's Town Hall Meeting. When A Girl Marries and claims This Life Is Mine only to Wake Up (on a) Ranch best to stay far from the Quick And Dead. There are Stars In The Air including Bill Ring, Cliff Edwards, Dorothy Kilgallon, Gordon MacRae, Jimmy Durante, Roy Acuff and many more. For a root-a-tootin' good time listen to Esquire Jazz Concert, Amos and Andy Music Hall, Music For Millions, and New Orleans Jazz.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

100 shows - total playtime 38 hours 5 minutes

Adventures Champion 490805 Rustlers
America Looks Abroad 400922 45 Europe Nazi Rule
America Town Hall Meeting 381208 Dictatorships
American Album of Familiar Music 169 If I Love Again
American Family Robinson 38
American Novels 470919 Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
Amos & Andy Music Hall 540913 Jack Benny and Liberace
Andre Kostelanetz Show 460110 Guest Ginny Simms
Arthur Smiths Corner Store 531120 If It Aint One Thing
Author Meets Critics 450228 Brainstorm
Bachelors Children 390124
Bailes Brothers First Song White Dove
Bakers Theater Of Stars 530301 The Mango Tree
Band Of Aaf Training Command 440212 Speak Low
Barry Wood Show 1946 121 Im Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Best Of All 540712 05 George Gershwin
Betty Crocker Magazine 450810
Big Moments Sports 550624 Joe Louis Almost Beaten Wolcott
Bill Kemp Show 24 Rock And Roll Polka Afrs
Bill Ring Show 11 Ragtime Annie Lee
Bright Horizon 441207 Barbara Make her Singing Debut
Buck Jones 1937 Hoofbeats 0139 Buck Vs Dagger Hilt Gang
Captains Of Industry George Eastman
Career Of Alice Blair 470700
CBS Today In Europe 391025 Another Quiet Day
Checkerboard Fun Fest 02
Cities Service Band of America Karl King Freedom March
Cliff Edwards Show 440000 01 Facinating Rhythm
Club Car Special 340000 01 Wedding Party
Club Fifteen 471114 Carioca
Concert Hall 420602 Farewell Little Table
Country Hoedown 047 Cuddle Buggin Baby
Country Music Time Airforce Somebody Taken My Place
Cousin Willie 530617 Bosss Son After Willies Girl
Cresta Blanca Carnival 440524 36 Hallelujah
Dan Dunn 01 Sabotage of Giant Bomber
Daredevils Hollywood 380429 Cliff Lyons
Doctor Fights 450619 Mare Island
Dorothy Kilgallens Diary Dick Todd
Dorothy Kilgallon & Dick Kollmar Chamois Pen Wiper
Double Play 03 Max Patkin
Douglas Of World 530000 Double Trouble
Dr. Paul 451105
Dwight D. Eisenhower 560823 Acceptance Speech
Eddie Bracken Show 450128 01 Eddie Inherits A Baby
Eddie Condons Jazz Concert 441111 26 Easter Parade
Elgin Holiday Specials 481125 Thanksgiving 7 th Annual
Esquire Jazz Concert 440118 All American Jazz Band P 1
Everymans Theater 401018 03 Cat Wife
Eyes on the Ball (1947-48) Pgm 11 Eyes Score Touchdowns
Four Star Playhouse 490814 07 Hunted
Foy Willing 70
Gordon MacRae-Texaco 480519 ep21
Grantland Rice Story 550000 34 Knute Rockne
Gulf Spray Show 470520 01 Lets Go Back And Kiss Girls
Hallmark Hall Of Fame 530329 08 Cyrus Field
Harry S. Truman 530115 Last Speech As President
Hashknife Harley 1950 1 The Double Cross
Heart To Heart Hour 351222
Hollywoods Open House 480108 RuthChatterton
Indiana School of the Sky - Darwin Puts it Into Words
Intrigue 460821 Great Impersonation
Jimmy Durante & Garry Moore 450126 30 Birthday
Lifebuoy Show Al Jolson 370928 Guest Joe Penner
Lyndon B. Johnson 631127 First Congressional Address
Man From Homicide 510716 004 Old Man Kelso-Dan Duryea
Martha Meade Society Program 330516 100 Desert Maschet
Mary Lee Taylor 481030 Good Friend
Medicine Usa 520329 Alcoholism
Men Of Vision 370802 Benjamin Franklin
Mothers Best Flour 510000 32 May You Never Be Alone
Music For Millions 450622 06 Along Navaho Trail
New Orleans Jazz Band Episode 2
Oldsmobile Program 340216 1 Youre Gonna Lose Your Gal
People Youd Like To Know Dorothy Kilgallen Cary Grant
Pete Kellys Blues 510919 12 Dr Jonathan Budd
Player 480000 Ep 48 Prophecy
Portia Faces Life 450810
Quick And Dead 500706 Episode 1
Real Mccoys 570910 The Egg War
Right To Happiness 420521 Carolyns Trial Ends
Road Of Life 471218 Franks Offer Of Marriage To Frankie
Rosemary 460722
Roy Acuff Show 14 Is It Love Or It It Lies
Smokey Bear Sons of Pioneers 1959 5 Robert Cummings
Stars In The Air 520301 House 92 Str
Tales From The Diamond K 1951 Ep 28 Posthole Bank
Texaco Town 360920 01 First Show
These Are Our Men 450210 11 Lt Gen George S Patton
This Life Is Mine 430729 David Enlists In Army
Tide Show 510827 01 I Feel A Song Coming On
Tops In Sports 117 Tommy Tresh Afrs
True Legal Dramas 480000 Happy Mrs. Yates
United Nations Radio 530000 Quiet War
Vicks Romantic Bachelor 330222 06 My Home Town
Victor Borge 450703 001 First Show Of Series
Wake Up Ranch 490226 Roly Poly
When A Girl Marries 000000 Joan And Harry Are In Wait
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420922 12 Letter To Adolf Hitler
World Security Workshop 470102 08 The Meadow



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