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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I know I have well over 1,000 radio programs from OTRCat. Many of their shows are free, and I have bought hundreds of others.

Otr is one of the best places ever to buy Old Time Radio shows I am and have been a long time old time radio show buff and I bought some of the best old time radio shows available from Jon the owner the service and selections he provides to customers like me is the best on the market I recommend this company to anyone who is interested in Old Time Radio they are the BEST!

I especially enjoy Bergen and McCarthy. ( I love Mortimer Snerd.) They were as witty, funny and outrageous as The Marx Brothers, W.C. Field and the other great comedians of that era. God bless you for bring their joy back to the world. P.S. "Mortimer how can you be so stupid."

I have ordered from you and I am astounded! I was able to upload the files to my Playstation 3 and then download them on to my Vita so I can listen to them with headphones. I will be ordering again, you guys are great. I had to retire this year due to medical issues and I have an extensive collection on cassette. I am only 49, but I have received many hours of enjoyment from these programs. I am crippled by spinal arthritis, but listening to these shows helps distract me from the pain. I am saving up for the Lux Theater collection.

I know that eventually I will be housebound more and more and listening to the shows will help. It actually snowed a tiny bit yesterday. My wife uses parts of my collections to motivate her blind students. They love Superman. Whenever I can scrape some money together, I will be ordering from you.

I listened to my Vita last night and it worked beautifully!

Hello Friends. I just wanted to leave a note stating that I have been ordering from Jon for awhile and never been disappointed by my order. I just received the CBS Radio Mystery Theater (every episode of course- 26 discs- I wouldn't have it any other way!) and it is awesome. I have wanted this huge collection for a long time but managed to convince myself that I didn't need it.(A difficult task!) Jons "spooky sale" was just the push I needed and I gave in and ordered. I'm so glad I did. CBS Mystery Theater is the show that got me hooked on OTR. They played it on a late night program when I was 12 years old. It was a new and fun experience I'll never forget. Now at the ripe old age of 30 I intend to order from Jon for years to come. You can never have enough OTR! Thanks Jon! Take care friends. God Bless.

My legally blind grandmother was feeling blue because she couldn't enjoy watching "I Love Lucy" anymore. I bought her the simplest mp3 player made, and every episode of "My Favorite Husband" from OTRCAT. She was so delighted to have "new" episodes of Lucy that she could enjoy fully, without wondering what she was missing. Thanks for making her day!

When I was 10 years old, back in 1953, I listened in awe to the original JOURNEY INTO SPACE serial (recently bought again from you, for sheer convenience and now listening in the car!!). It was nearing its conclusion when I went down with appendicitis and spent New Year 1954 in Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Manchester, England. I was distraught and resigned to missing the episodes on 29th Dec & 5 Jan......the episodes dealing with the climactic meeting with the Time Traveler!!

Not for us the luxuries of tape recorders or iPods.....my dad, however, was equal to the task and took down the entire episodes, live, in Pitman's Shorthand and I lay there enthralled in my hospital bed, with my eyes closed, whilst he read them out, verbatim and in full.

Even though the serial we now hear is a 1958 remake, when I listen to it I can still 'hear' my dad, as David Kossoff, as Lemmy Barnett, yelling in fear and running away in fear from the first sight of The Time Traveler.....!! Now, you won't get THAT in a Podcast!!

Keep up the good work.

Hello: I have been a "member" of OTRCat for many years years now. I throughly enjoy your site and visit every day. I have no idea how many friends I have told about your site, over three hundred of which are former members of American Forces Vietnam Network. My early life was raised lisstening to the radio shows you now feature, and many, many happy memories are associated with OTRCat. My primary work over the years have been as an announcer in radio, going back to my first job in 1952 until my retirement as a news director in 1990. Many thanks to you and your obvious dedicated and hard work running a highly professional, yet warm and friendly site. I shall continue visit and order programs as long as you continue to host the site. Best wishes.. Jack

More new collections have arrived. Wow I am so happy with every order I get because where I had maybe 2 or 3 shows I now have entire collections like my latest CBS Radio Workshop. Plus I ordered the best of Boris Karloff. I love his voice in radio. The Peter Lorre one I got is wonderful too because one of the first radio shows I ever listened to was Mystery in the Air starring Peter Lorre. The Black Cat and the other side of the album (yes vinyl I still have it) is The Queen of Spades. Wow just some really great shows! Thanks again and yes I will return again and again for more amazing shows!

You radio historians never cease to amaze. Your 'original collections' are great. Have you ever considered something like maybe a FIRST RESPONDERS collection? Shows like DRAGNET and FIREFIGHTERS are two of my favorites.
Take care,

A girl across the aisle fro me in the 5th grade and I listened to the Red Skelton Show every Tues. night and would discuss everything about it the following morning before the school day started. I moved during that year and lost track of Carol, so Red's show has both good and bad memories for me.
When I was in high school I couldn't wait for Sunday evenings to arrive because that meant Sam Spade was on. Older folks remember Sunday evenings as the time for Charlie McCarthy, but for me it was time for "The greatest private detective of them all."

My brother and I age breakfast and got ready for school listening to the breakfast club with don mcneil. On the second call to breakfast we knew it was time to walk down our back steps and start our walk to school. No yellow buses in those days.

I get a little pang of guilt getting all these great shows on the free daily downloads, so I'll order some several times a year. Voyage of the Scarlet Queen Was an adventure/ detective show, happening in ports around the world. When it started, the word descriptions and sounds were so good, you could smell the salt water and see the sails crack. I believe OTR has many of them.

Thanks for the Old Time Baseball on CD,I enjoyed each and every game,considering many of them were broadcast before I was born,so they're new to me. I heard that there are several new discs in the set,so I will have to buy them very soon,so I can host another listening party!

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