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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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You are truly a godsend! When I first became interested in OTR several years ago, yours was one of the first sites I ordered from. Now, after several orders over the years, I can say without reservation that yours is the best. I feel you are a friend, as you have always treated me as such. I hope that you continue to find new shows and grow; you have a lifelong customer with me. Thank you!!

When I was in sixth grade (many years ago!), our teacher would read us stories. There was one in particular that was indelibly etched in my mind, and that was "Leiningen vs. the Ants."
Much to my surprise, I found it here on your website, and quickly ordered some disks!
I must say, that with great trepidation, I opened the package and played the CD... I was immediately transformed back to my childhood days, and sat on the edge of my seat, listening intently!
That was an experience I won't soon forget, and I wish to give you my heartfelt thanks for transporting me to a time and place of joy and wonder!

I can't thank you enough for the excellant service of old radio shows you provide. Many of which are not offered elsewhere.Your service is highly recommended. What an outstanding tribute to the radio show era!! A truely satisfied customer indeed!

Living on a fixed income and enjoying listening to old time radio, I really appreciate the service and low cost that you provide through your site. Listening to the orders I received from you reminds me of listening to the old radio programs on the General Electric upright radio that I enjoyed with my parents and grandparents... Again, Thanks for a great service and site!!!

Ever since stumbling on your site a month ago I have been completely hooked. I just can't believe how much I am learning about history and old radio. I listen to your free shows every day while I'm at work and I'm transported to another world, another time. I am also a WWII buff and your huge selection of shows from that time is simply amazing. I feel like I've struck gold. I ordered a few of the cds and I can't wait for them to arrive. I am 32-years-old and I have a lot of catching up and learning to do! I've also been having excellent conversations with my dad about the shows he used to listen to when he was a teenager in the early 50's. It's fascinating! I can't thank you enough for your incredible and valuable site. I just love it.

Thanks for the excellent service you are providing. Despite having ordered hundreds of disks already, I still find that there are more that I want. Really appreciate the fact that you are constantly trying to increase the number of episodes and the number of shows. My collection has grown beyond even my wildest dream. I was a kid during the second half of the 40s and heard many of these shows with my grandpa on an old battery radio (in our part of North Carolina, we didn't get electricity until about 1949. I remember many of the shows from the Armed Forces Network when I served with the Army in Germany from 1958-1961. "Thanks for the memories" to steal a phrase from the greatest.

A little over two years ago I ordered 40 disc with a variety of shows. As of this time I still have not been able to listen to all the shows. Thanks for all the many enjoyable hours this has given me. I hope to expand my collection sometime this year so keep them coming.


I'm always discovering new things on your website. For example, one of my favorite World War 2 movies has always been "The Dambusters" but until I saw it here I wasn't even aware there had also been a radio series based on it.

When I accidentally came upon OTRCAT a year ago and received my first order I was ecstatic to finally be able to listen to all the Gunsmoke episodes I'd yearned to hear but could never locate. Now, another three orders later of The Whistler and Suspense and more I am still enthralled with the listening opportunities you've presented. Thanks so much.


I have received my CD and have enjoyed it very much! The breakdown of each episode is a bonus I wasn't expecting. Thank you very much. You'll be hearing from me soon. Today's entertainment provides very little. I have always enjoyed collecting old shows but I find having them all on one thin CD rather than in a large cardboard box very convenient. Thanks for providing such a great product!

Hello, Sir, I was VERY impressed with your service. Quality, quick response was very much appreciated.

Just to say the CD's arrived this morning and thankyou for a prompt service. At work - headphones on - Bliss.

At the age of 68 one tends to exist in memorabilia and remembered triumphs. You and O.T.R. make my day. Keep impressing me and the plethora of cyber related friends that you assist in reliving the high spots in their lives when imagination had value and visual explicitly was an evil of the future.

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