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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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What a joy it has been to hear these old time radio shows for the first time & share them with others. I had no idea of the great writing and acting that went into these radio shows. One of the greatest joys I have had was to present to my elderly aunt the entire collection of her favorite radio show "Inner Sanctum." She was so thrilled. Thank you OTRCat for the joy you share with us.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. So happy I discovered OTRCAT! Old-time radio dramas have become a passion of mine, and to find them available (and so reasonably priced) is beyond measure.


Just received my order Western Music Sampler. sure brings back some great memories from my childhood. I will be back for more great OTR music shows! Thank You

Just received my order of old British radio comedy - bringing back many happy memories of listening to the 'wireless' in less stressful times. Keep up the good work!

I turned 80 two weeks ago, and am basking in my childhood--namely the Old Time Radio programs. Cheers!

The old radio shows have been a big hit with us while deployed over seas, especially those originally made with the WWII troops in mind. I won't be deploying again, as I am retiring with 37 years behind me. My brother is over seas now and has said he and the troops (pilots, mostly) gather 'round the laptop listening to the old shows. Thanks for all your work making these cd's available and affordable.

I love your old radio shows. I like to buy them, go down to my beach house in Mexico, and listen to them late at night on my Ipod. It is pure old radio heaven, since I have no electricity or television down there... Lets listen to America from yesterday, so we can feel good about America tomorrow.

I got lucky and found this site with google about a couple of weeks ago. I have found every show I have ever heard of and many I had not. The customer service is great also. I asked a question about a show and got a quick reply and some suggestions of other shows I may like also. I have only made one order so far but I plan to make many more.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the MP3 CD's available. I work on the road and they have brought me endless hours of enjoyment while away from home. Thanks again.

Wanted you to know....I'm re-listening to the Detective 2 disc sampler I ordered some time back. Still fun to listen to. I'm a State Trooper in South Florida and I listen while on duty on my laptop through the car speakers. Keeps me company especially on midnight shifts. I enjoy having the diversity that comes on the samplers. Series I normally wouldn't think of listening to I have and can see (or rather, hear) what I'm missing out on. The samplers are by far the greatest deal. I love the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar series with Bob Bailey and Dragnet. I don't have any specific comments except to say I enjoy listening and plan to order again soon. Keep up the good work.

I am so glad I found you. I have ordered old time radio programs for years now. I love listening to them as I lay in bed at night. It brings back the days when as a child we had only radio for entertainment. And most of all I love the prices you offer. Thank you.

G'Day! Just received my package of old time radio shows after ordering last week. They arrived in the post and I couldn't be happier... hours of good entertainment ahead!

Been a big fan of OTRCAT's for several years now... every package is full of some of my favorite old time radio shows and I've found a few gems on the free sampler cds I had never heard before. Keep up the good work, cat!

Good afternoon,
Last night I received my order from OTRCAT, WOW!!! I have been listening to the JFK assassination coverage disk and I feel like I am stepping back in time. My mother, 17 years ago introduced me to old time radio in the form of a 33 RPM record (The Lone Ranger). Today I have acquired a vast collection of shows from that golden age of radio and at this point have no real use for television (except for current news). It was my sister who sent me a link to OTRCAT. I am so impressed with the quality of sound and diversity of your programming I plan on doing business with your company for many years to come!!!

As a child, I would sit in the kitchen with my mother and listen to the Don McNeal Breakfast Show. The singer on the show was Darla Hood. She was a grown up lady, but I watched her on the Little Rascles and she was just a kid. I also listened tp Spacd Patrol.
I too have discovered the joy of Fibber McGee and Molly. The shows have not lost the magic. if you have not yet heard them, look for them in the sample disks.

Thank you Jon.


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