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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I'm a history buff, interested in the years, 1935-1950. OTRCAT brings those years alive with words and music. Incredible times, incredible recordings. Thank you so much for this window on history.

I just took a 2 week vacation and drove all over the east coast of the US. Fortunately, my car's CD player supports MP3 discs. I can't tell you how much fun I had passing the miles with Fibber and Molly, Jack Benny and the Gang, Eacape, Suspense, Hallmark Playhouse and a variety of other shows. When I had a 3 hour drive to somewhere, it was no longer a 3 hour drive but, instead, 6 episodes of OTR. No having to search for local radio stations that I liked. I felt that I was travelling with a group of old friends in my car.
Jon, you do a great job with this site and have the best selection of quality discs around. Keep it up!

Thanks for sending John Gosling's fascinating article on "War of the World." I must tell you that I am among the few still alive (I am 81) who actually heard the original October Sunday afternoon broadcast of WofTW. My father was fond of taking our family on a drive on Sunday afternoons and we doted on Mercury Radio Theater. We were heading from Provo, Utah to Roosevelt, Utah to gather pine nuts which were in season. Hearing the show in entirety we knew full well it was a dramatization, but none the less thrilling. Even to this day I usually play the radio recording as a Halloween tradition. You have a great site, and great products!

OTRCat.com is the best. I got tired of listening to music and boring news shows; then I found this website. I love the old commercials. When I finally bought my first MP3 CD I loved it. It came super fast, and 20+ CD's later, I still love these guys.

I discovered your web site about a year ago and am so glad I did! I have always liked old time radio programs and I now have an affordable way to enjoy many hours of great otr. What a welcome relieve from TV! Also, your efficient and prompt handling is greatly appreciated. I even enjoy the old commercials on the programs

I have fallen in love with these old radio shows ever since I got satellite radio and can't seem to get enough of these classics! I have found myself turning off the tv and tuning into a otr when I'm at the house. If I can and my wife doesn't kill me first I will collect every cd on this site! Thanks for the wonderful site and providing us with such great shows!!

I am a retired schoolteacher and intend to let all of my colleagues know how otrcat does business!

i bought from another company but when istarted getting from you the quality of the recordings are far better than the other so i will be buying from you for now on. thank you

I operate a micro non profit AM radio station and have many listeners that really enjoy listening to the programs i play on the air. The local police (which dont have much to do most nights LOL) love sunday nights on my station "the sunday night mystery murders" while cruseing and doing paperwork.

some of the listeners are older folks that remember when these shows were new and many of my listeners are the younger generations that are new to the these shows. People often tell me they love to listen to the shows at bed time and i have been told and as i have found out myself if you listen to them while you sleep your dreams are the shows you are listening to! It is really an amazing phenomonon to experience and far better than TV talk about High Defenition!

I personally get twice the thrill of these classic shows getting to present them to an excited radio audience each week and by sitting in my studio with the lights dimmed and the soft amber glow of my transmitters tubes
offering the perfect setting for the mind to take a trip into adventures and other worlds I can think of no better way to spend my weekend nights as i listen to the sounds as they fly through the air .

Thank you for your programs they have been making my weekends for years and will continue to.

In fact i expect to be putting in another order real soon.

I'm claustrophobic. So recently when I had to have a bone scan and regular CT scan, I used OTR to help me through the process. The kids operating the machines looked puzzled when they could overhear the Kraft Music Hall, with Bing Crosby seeping out of my head phones, but it was an ENORMOUS comfort to me! That and the sleep mask I bought at the drug store. And the presence of my wife and favorite priest. And the sedative running through my veins. I had everything but Radar's teddy bear! And the bottom line is that it worked. I'm still grateful to Der Bingle for his part in it.

Wow did you hit the nail on the head I have tinites in my ears that constant ringing, every night for the last 40yrs I have had my radio tuned into WRVO in Oswego NY to their OTR programs 8 pm to midnight. Now I play my OTR CDs when ever I'm home working on my hobbies. thanks again be sure I'll keep buying from you.

I listen to OTR when I'm fishing in the dark, but never in the day light. I also listen anytime I have a real boring task, like painting the house. I also on long drives. In fact, I listen any time I expect to be waiting as when I'm at the doctor's office. I even listen as I go to sleep. That cd will last for 6 months because I only hear a few minutes at a time. The voice are more music to my ears than music.

I listened to "Information Please" on my last plane trip. But it's not so much where, but for what I have used old time radio. I am a researcher and hopeful children's book writer. One of my novels is set in WW2 era Chicago. Obviously, radio is central to everyone's life at the time. What had been a mild amusement has grown to be a true delight. Your collections are super!

I listen at home while working at my computer. My earliest radio memories are from the early 1940s, WWII days, listening to the 15 minute children's adventure programs in the afternoon and the Loan Ranger each Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.

As the spouse and now the widow of a radio broadcast pioneer, I have great interest in the recordings you have in your collection. We were thrilled to be able to purchase "Unit 99" which my husband recorded on the spot and edited for McClatchy station KFBK...

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