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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Just wanted to add my note of appreciation to you and otrcat.com for the wonderful programs you provide. For the past couple of years I have enjoyed the Christmas shows, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and others but have yet to listen to everything that is on any of them. As adjunct faculty at a small private college, I have used news programs, especially Edward R. Murrow and Elmer Davis, and entertainment in class. Thank you very much.
J. Stephenson

I've been listening to the "Jack Benny - Fred Allen Feud" collection. After hearing so many Jello commercials from Don Wilson on Benny's show, I realized I hadn't had Jello for a long time, and began craving it. My wife felt the same way. Tonight we had Jello for dessert - strawberry Jello with sliced strawberries and bananas mixed in. Yum!

I guess it just goes to show that a sponsor's investment pays off eventually.

Hello Jon,
Thank You for my latest order, very fast as always.
I have to say the mouse pad looks GREAT! Very Well Done.
Would also like to mention that all of the many collections I have ordered from you over the past year have been outstanding quality and very entertaining. I will be back for more soon.
P.S. Thanks for the Bonus Sticker too! Love it.... KB

not only do you have really good listening, but your service is absolutely top flight!

Thanks - My son gave me the 8 disc Christmas set for a Christmas present. I love them. I am a "senior" person who remembers most of these radio programs. I have seen so many that I want to order - thanks for the good service and the wonderful memories that these programs bring me. I remember sitting in the living room in Richmond Va during the 2nd world war during "blackouts" and listening to the radio programs. We had to put a towel over the little light that came from the radio so the block wardens could not see any light from out house. I have never given up my radio - I love it more than my tv!!!!!

I've been a customer for several years now. I listen to most of the series on the dates the episodes originally aired. This way I can enjoy commercials and show stories that may reflect the seasons or holidays at the right time of year. And it ensures I'll be listening to Gunsmoke and Vic and Sade for a long long time to come! Also love Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Bob and Ray.

Jon: I can't believe how efficient you guys are at handling things. I already got my MP3s today--and as usual I got all the right stuff. Thanks again. I am getting addicted to all these shows--so I will continue to be a steady customer.

I'm pleased to report the CD's you ordered for me have arrived. I've already sampled 2 of them (Theatre
Royal and Hank Williams) and am very impressed with the quality of them. In the Grand Ole Opry one, there's a lot of interesting patter goes on with Hank (truly one of my early favorites).. I've actually visited Nashville and seen a performance at the newer venue, but also visited the site of the original Ryman Auditorium where Hank performed.
These CD's will provide a lot of listening pleasure for me, Jon, and they'll always be a reminder of your thoughtfulness and our friendship.

I really enjoy your products. I wish I had more time to use them. Just for fun, I searched for Spike Jones. I had learned of a really funny song of his in about 1968 when I was 10. A kid in my neighborhood found his parents 78s in the attic, brought them over to my house because we had a hi-fi that would play them (I still have it), and discovered the hilarious song of Jones's about Hitler. After a few days, my mom made him take them home.
They were heavy. He was little. And he had to cart them through the park at the end of our street. So he decided that instead of carrying these heavy records all the way home, he'd make lemonade out of lemons and use them all as Frisbees, breaking each and every one of them.

I've only heard that song a couple of other times. Today I discovered it at SPIKE JONES COLLECTION on your site. THANK YOU! I just sent it to my "little" brother who was also involved in this caper.

Wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of OTR, and I have used old radio shows when I volunteer in the public schools.

A few of my children's former teachers allow me to come into their classrooms and read to the kids on a regular basis. I have often used old radio shows during that time.

With second graders, I have played for them the very first episodes of "Superman", as well as some of the children's shows. We talk about how, before television, people used to gather around the radio during their favorite shows, just as they are gathering around my boom box, and we talk about how you have to use your imagination to "see" the room from the actors' descriptions, and about how the use of sound effects gives insight into what is happening in the show. We also talk about how the same sense that you use in listening to the radio shows translate when you are reading a book, and how t.v. and movies limit your ability to use your own imagination.

Not that I have anything against movies and t.v. - they definitely have something to offer. But when you're learning to read, you need tools to help you develop your imagination as well.

For a 6th grade class, especially in December, I have often used the first episode of Fibber McGee and Molly that was broadcast after Pearl Harbor. We talk about how the radio shows incorporated commercials into the storyline - and how the storylines could be used to promote patriotism - and how the music specially written for that episode encouraged young men to enlist in the military.

Whenever my son and his friends were in the car with me, they always requested that I put in one of the cd's with a radio show.

Just thought I would share my experience.


This was my first order with OTRCAT but it certainly won't be my last. The service was outstanding. Every CD gave me more than I had expected. The quality is excellent, the CDs are packed with shows (or news items if so ordered), and every show is full length. These are well worth the modest investment!!

Hi Jon,
Enjoyed this info. Thanks for sharing. I forwarded it to all of my family members & friends. I also mentioned that otrcat.com is a reliable company, processes orders rapidly, ships priority mail, & that I am a very pleased customer!
All the best,

Hi Jon,

That recording is great! We plan to use it during our living history program on the Vietnam War here at the museum.

Joe Horvath
PA Military Museum

After searching the web for british radio comedy shows I was surprised to find the OTRCAT site and was amazed at the comprehensive list of shows available. I grew up listening to my mother's Navy Lark tapes and when I saw it on this site I couldn't help myself, especially at that price! Delivery was really quick and I love my new collection, so much so that I have ordered one for my mum. Many Thanks OTRCAT!


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