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 News Recordings 1948

1 MP3 CD - 68 episodes


"Nightmare: Displaced Persons with Al Jolson"
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John Cameron
After two full years of peace,  there is an expectation that things are finally "getting back to normal" by the time calendars turn to 1948. As we hear in John Cameron Swayze's NBC news report on the morning of January 1, the modern world moves too fast for there to be such a thing as normal.

1948 BlizzardMost of the country is in the grips of the New Years Eve Blizzard, which has disrupted travel, electricity and the distribution of fuel oil along the eastern seaboard and parts of the Midwest.

WEEI in Boston sponsors the Job Center of the Air on Sunday mornings to match veterans with available jobs. On January 11, Walter Winchell reports, among other things that the Russians offered to leave the Korean Peninsula, but implies that should they do so a Communist revolution will sweep Korea.

The USO Camp Shows come to a close with a star-studded farewell program on Jan 22, starring Douglas Fairbanks, Marlene Dietrich, Jack Benny, Bob Hope and Frances Langford and many others.

On Jan 30, NBC News reports the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi. On February 8, John Fisher reports to Canada of the depressing conditions in post-War Europe.

On April 3, broadcasters try to answer concerns over the atom bomb when a listener writes in asking if the test bombs could be related to changes in the weather. A team of Hollywood celebrities led by Al Jolson on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal present Operation Nightmare to publicize the plight of displaced persons after the War.

Tony ZaleCitation wins the Kentucky Derby on May 1, on his way to winning the Triple Crown (citation is the last Triple Crown winner until Secretariat in 1973).

Israel declares independence at the end of the British Mandate over Palestine on May 14. The Arab-Israeli War starts almost immediately.

On May 17, the Multnomah County Republican Committee sponsors the first audio recorded Presidential debate between Governor Dewey and Governor Stassen. The body of the discussion centers on whether the Communist Party should be outlawed.

On June 10, Tony Zale and Rocky Graciano met for the third time in 21 months to dispute the middleweight crown in a boxing match., Zale wins by decisive knockout in the 11th round. Another repeat bout came between Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott on June 22. Louis kept the heavyweight title after an 11th round knockout.

The German capital of Berlin was deep in Soviet occupied territory, but the capital itself was occupied by the four Allied powers. The Soviets blocked rail and canal access to Berlin, supposedly dooming those in the US, British and French zones to starvation. Instead, the Western powers began a massive airlift, beginning on June 24, to bring needed supplies to the besieged city. The Berlin Airlift is considered the opening battle of the Cold War.

TrumanOn July 20, President Truman institutes a peacetime draft (on July 26, he signs an Executive Order ending racial segregation of the Armed Services).

The 1948 Olympic Games open in London on July 29. The London Games, which had been rescheduled twice due to the War, were nearly moved to an alternate site because of rationing and financial problems in Great Britain, But King George  VI insisted the games go on to restore British prestige.

Labor unrest and strikes in the late summer fuel the beginnings of a "Red Scare" due to supposed communist ties amongst the leadership. On October 30, President Truman makes a speech at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis near the end of a long and bitter campaign for reelection. He has victory comments from Independence, MO, on November 3. The British broadcasting reports the birth of His Royal Highness Prince Charles from Buckingham Palace on Nov 14.

On December 5, Walter Winchell reports that street fighting could break out in Berlin at any time. The same day, the NBC University of Chicago Round Table addresses  the problem of race relations in the post-War world, specifically the relationship between white Europeans and the colored peoples of the World. The discussion comes on the eve of the UN General Assembly's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On Christmas, Bob Hope and his gang flew to Berlin to entertain the boys working on the Berlin Airlift.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

68 shows - total playtime 22 hours 15 minutes

News 480101 NBC News
News 480103 NBC News Of The World
News 480111 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell 40000 More Dollars In 1948
News 480111 WEEI Job Center Jobs For Vets
News 480121 WXYZ Sandlotters Unusual Sportsmen War Experiences
News 480122 NBC USO Camp Tour USO Farewell Program
News 480128 BBC Bertrand Russell and Fr Frederick Copleston A Debate On The Existence of God
News 480130 NBC News Of The World Gandhi Special
News 480206 NBC News Of The World
News 480208 CBC Post War Europe John Fisher
News 480307 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell Seven Crashed Airmen Rescued
News 480321 CBS The Peoples Platform Should the Draft be Restored
News 480403 CBC The Atom Bomb
News 480403 CBS Operation Nightmare 01 Al Jolson John Garfield Displaced Persons
News 480409 CBS Operation Nightmare 02 Al Jolson Alan Reed David Rose Richard Widmark Nightmare Chapter 2
News 480410 CBS Cross Section USA
News 480417 CBS Play Ball Pee Wee Reese 1st 15 minutes missing
News 480427 CBS Wendy Warren The News
News 480501 WHAS Kentucky Derby Clem McCarthy
News 480517 NBC Dewey Stassen Debate
News 480529 KFI Tillamook Kitchen of the Air Hot Potato Salad
News 480531 CBS KNX Midnight Merry Go Round
News 4805xx NBC Clifton Utley Commentary Palestine
News 480610 MBS KBMY Tony Zale Vs Rocky Graziano
News 480625 ABC The Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports Joe Louis vs Joe Walcott FIght
News 480628 BBC Prime Minister Rt Hon Clement Attlee Welcomes Olympic Athletes
News 480704 BBC Attlee The New Social Services and the Citizen
News 480712 SYN Adventure Inc Pappy Boyington
News 480716 MBS Alvin Helfer News
News 480722 ABC Voice of the Nation
News 480725 NBC Lets Talk Hollywood George Murphy Eddie Bracken
News 480731 NBC WMAQ The Dizzy Dean Show from podcast
News 4808xx BBC Olympic Teams Visit Buckingham Palace Robert Jackson Robinson
News 480905 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell
News 480912 ABC Louella Parsons Show Farley Granger Edith Head
News 480914 KGHL NBC News
News 480918 NBC WMAQ The Dizzy Dean Show The Wabash Canonball from podcast
News 480926 CBS Louella Parsons George Raft
News 480927 Radio New Zealand External Service Inaugural Broadcast Interval Signal ID
News 481021 General Lucius Clay on Berlin Airlift
News 481030 AFRS Truman Address at the Kiel Auditorium St Louis
News 481031 KGHL or KBMY Beale Reformation Sunday
News 481031 WQXR Halloween Nightmare
News 481103 CBS Report To The Nation Sgt Ben Kuroki Maxine Sullivan
News 481103 NBC Truman Remarks at Victory Celebration in Independence Missouri
News 481114 BBC The Birth of HRH Prince Charles
News 481205 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell
News 481205 CBS Louella Parsons Ethel Barrymore
News 481205 NBC University of Chicago Roundtable Race Problems and World Peace
News 481219 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell Geography Books Are Wrong
News 481225 AFRS Command Performance Christmas 1948 Cass Daley
News 481225 AFRS Command Performance Christmas Special Part 1 Ann Sothern Edmund Gwenn
News 481225 AFRS Command Performance Christmas Special Part 2
News 481225 NBC The Mary Lee Taylor Program Christmas Story Emile Cote Serenaders
News 481226 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell Final Broadcast For Jergens
News 481228 AFRS The Bob Hope Show Christmas Day Show Berlin Airlift General Doolittle
News 481231 NBC Bill Sterns Sports Newsreel 479 George Raft 1948 In Review
News 4812xx MBS Top Tunes Of 48
News 4812xx SYN Cavalcade of 1948 United Press
News 48xxxx CBS Edward R Murrow I Can Hear It Now 1933 1945
News 48xxxx CBS UN Radio Between the Dark and the Daylight Edward R Murrow
News 48xxxx David Ben Gurion Israel
News 48xxxx Election Song Truman Im Just Wild About Harry
News 48xxxx Election Song Wallace Ive Got a Ballot
News 48xxxx RIAS Berlin Interval Signal ID
News xxxxxx DW Beginn der Berlin Blockade 24 June 1948
News xxxxxx Harry S Truman Describes the 1948 Soviet Blockade of Berlin
News xxxxxx Harry S Truman on the 1948 Berlin Airlift



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