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 News Recordings 1945

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Battle of the Bulge 1945
By the beginning of 1945,  there is little doubt as to the ultimate outcome of the War, although the Allies in Europe were still reeling from the setback the Germans delivered in the Battle of the Bulge. The Axis forces seem to have abandoned hopes for Victory, concentrating their efforts in holding on to the fight as long as possible so that when the time finally came to sue for peace they could do so on more favorable terms. The Allies sought any opportunity to strike a decisive and hopefully final blow which would bring the conflict to a close so they could get on with the business of the post-war world.

Hard fighting continued around the world through January, with advances in the Philippines, the jungles of Burma, the Russians moving into Poland, and British and American forces sweeping from Paris to the Rhine. The Belgian Bulge is finally secured on January 25.

Iwo Jima Flag RaisingAs Hitler begins to feel the squeeze from both sides, we hear his final public address, still predicting final victory for the Germans on Jan 30. On Feb 4, President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Soviet Premier Stalin met at Yalta in Crimea to discuss the post-war reorganization of Europe. Roosevelt addresses the American people over the radio at his return on Feb 12, and on Feb 19 the first Marines landed on Iwo Jima. The five week battle would see some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific.

On March 1, Roosevelt addresses a joint session of Congress to report on the Yalta Conference, it would be his last address before Congress. American forces cross the Rhine into Germany at Remagen on March 7. On the 21st the British liberate Mandalay, Burma, and on the 26th the Battle of Iwo Jima officially comes to a close. The March of Time reports the supposed superiority of German tanks over the American Sherman tank, the "Kitchen of Tomorrow” and efforts to increase employment after the War on Mar 29. The Battle of Okinawa begins on the First of April as the fighting continues to move closer to the Japanese homeland.

President Roosevelt died suddenly on April 12, at his retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia, and Harry Truman assumes the office. Truman is widely praised as a hard working "typical mid-westerner” as the Nation mourns Roosevelt.

Beloved war correspondent Ernie Pyle is killed on an island off Okinawa by a Japanese machine gun bullet on April 17. On the 27th, Anglo-American and Soviet forces link up in the heart of Germany.

Adolf Hitler commits suicide on April 30 as the Red Army is approaching his bunker (Hamburg Radio reports the Fuhrer gave his life in battle, fighting against Bolshevism). The first week of May is filled with news of German forces finding ways to surrender, but not until the Russians enter Berlin. VE Day is unofficially declared on May 7 in an unofficial statement from the Associated Press.

Official or not, the news was met with celebration tempered with the knowledge that the War in the Pacific was still to be won. That did not mean that dancing in the streets could be restrained, or reflections curtailed. The parties are well represented with victory announcements and local news reports. The reflections are best represented by Norman Corwin's "On a Note of Triumph”.

1945 b25 crash into empire state buildingRobert St. John announces final victory on Okinawa on the June 20 edition of NBC News and points out the huge force of ships waiting to carry the troops towards Japan. The first Marine Division has a special broadcast for Tokyo Rose- "the Flight of the Bumble B-29”! On the July 8 CBS Admiral Radio News,  we hear a report three British aircraft carriers which received only slight damage from kamikaze attacks during the Battle of Okinawa. The same broadcast covers the first week of the American occupation of Berlin.

On July 28, a USAAF flying through heavy fog crashes into the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building in New York City. The Admiral CBS News for July 29 reports on progress of the Big Three Conference at Potsdam without revealing very much of what is actually discussed. The Australians expressed dismay that the proposed surrender ultimatum for Japan was more liberal than those for Germany. On the 29th, the Japanese announced their rejection of the Potsdam Declaration, and President Truman goes on the air to promise a rain of destruction from the sky.

That destruction assumed a never before seen form on August 6, when President Truman, on board the USS Agusta returning from Potsdam, announces that the US has used an atomic bomb against Hiroshima, "na military base”. Having beaten the Germans in the race of discovery, Truman vows to continue using the bomb until Japan's power to wage war is destroyed. On August 8, the same day that the second bomb is dropped on Nagasaki, Edward R. Murrow reports from London of Russia's declaration of war against Japan, but the news is received rather somberly in light of the dawn of the atomic age.

The Allied nations wait anxiously through August 10 with news that Japan has offered to surrender with the provision that the Emperor be allowed to retain his position. 1945 Atomic Predictions by Orson WellesWEAF in New York spends the day alternating between special announcements, regular programming and bulletins of what becomes known as a false VJ Day.On August 11, at 7PM Washington time, President Truman announces that Emperor Hirohito has accepted the terms of the Potsdam Declaration.  The Allies declare VJ Day on the 14th, the day that the Emperor announces the surrender to the Japanese people over the radio. It is thought to be the first time that the common people have heard the voice of their Emperor.

On September 2, Bob Hope reads the late Ernie Pyle's thoughts on Victory. On the same day,  we hear Supreme Allied Commander, General Douglas MacArthur, broadcasting from the deck of the USS Missouri as the formal instrument of surrender is signed.

The CBS World News for September 9 is lead by news of unrest in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the occupation of Korea by US soldiers in the south and Soviet troops north of the 38th parallel.

On the Lear Program, on September 23, Orson Welles makes a few dire predictions about the atomic age, but most of the programs of those days center around troops returning home and the formation of the new United Nations. 1945 ends with the Command Performance Christmas Special from Los Angeles, Bob Hope poking fun at civilian shoppers.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 110 Shows: 21 hours, 49 minutes

News 450106 FDR Fireside Chat Battle Bulge
News 450107 CBS World News Today
News 450114 CBS World News Today
News 450114 NBCB Yanks In Orient
News 450117 BBC Will Hay Programme
News 450119 WCCO Noon Newscast Cedric Adams
News 450128 CBS World News Today
News 450128 WMCA Healys Open House Nylon Stockings
News 450130 RRG Adolf Hitler Last Broadcast
News 4501xx 463 Bing Crosby Friend That Sly Old Gentleman
News 4501xx 463 Dinah Shore I Fall In Love Too Easily
News 450209 WEAF Evening News with Don Hollenbeck
News 450212 FDR Returns Allied Conference At Yalta
News 450218 CBS World News Today
News 450219 BBC Sgt Richard Mawson Lands Iwo Jima
News 450219 CAN Arthur Prim Reports First Strikes Iwo Jima
News 450219 CAN Iwo Flight Arthur Prim
News 450219 CAN Iwo Landing
News 450219 CAN Live Coverage US Marines Landing Iwo Jima
News 450219 CAN Sgt Mawson Iwo Jima Landings
News 450219 MBS Iwo Battleship Leslie Nichols
News 450220 CAN Report Japanese Fortifications Iwo Jima
News 450222 CBS March Time How American Wives Are Faring
News 450222 Tank Communications In Battle Iwo Jima
News 450225 CAN Bud Foster Flagship Admiral Kelly Turner
News 450225 CAN SecNavy James Forrestal Battle Iwo Jima
News 450225 NBCB Jergens Journal Walter Winchell partial
News 450227 CAN Battle Motoyama Airfield Sgt Dick Mawson
News 4502xx 364 Charlie Barnet Kay Starr Nobody Trouble Seen
News 4502xx 364 Eddy Howard Old Fashioned Love
News 4502xx CAN Iwo Jima Underground Fortifications
News 4502xx NBC Battle for Iwo Jima Bud Foster
News 450301 CBC Fred Tilston Wins Victoria Cross
News 450301 FDR Last Address Before Congress
News 450303 MBS Leslie Nichols Battleship Destroys Plane
News 450304 CBS World News Today
News 450305 CBC Soldier At Breaking Point Matthew Halton
News 450308 BBC Freddy Grisewood Remagen Bridge Crossed
News 450308 BBC Ian Wilson Reports Americans Cross Rhine
News 450311 BBC Chester Wilmot Reports Montgomerys HQ
News 450311 CBS World News Today
News 450315 CBS March Time Report Vatican Policies
News 450317 CBS Report To Nation Wendy Barrie clip
News 450318 CBS World News Today
News 450320 CBS Feature Story UN Conference SF Harry Marble
News 450321 BBC Richard Sharpe Genl Slims 14 In Mandalay
News 450322 CBS March Time Black Marketeers In France
News 450323 NBC Alka Seltzer News World
News 450324 BBC Richard Dimbleby Gliders Cross Rhine
News 450324 BBC Richard Dimbleby Recounts Glider Landing
News 450324 BBC W V Thomas Awaiting To Cross Rhine
News 450325 BBC Robert Barr Reports Churchill Crosses Rhine
News 450325 CAN Stanley Maxted Repts German Attack Hamilcar
News 450325 CBS World News Today
News 450326 NBC World News Roundup
News 450328 BBC Stuart McPherson Reports Germany
News 450329 CBS March Time Kitchen Tomorrow
News 450331 BBC British Soldier Released OFLAG 12B
News 450331 BBC Wynford Vaughan Thomas Reports Spearhead
News 4503xx 382 Guy Lombardo Poor Little RI Come With Me
News 4503xx 382 Woody Herman Red Top
News 4503xx 383 Hoagy Carmichael Baltimore Oriole HK Blues
News 4503xx 383 Josh White Cottoneyed Joe One Meat Ball
News 4503xx 390 Marie Greene Dont Ever Change Walk
News 4503xx 390 Marie Greene with Van Cleve Easy To Love
News 4503xx CAN Desolation Iwo Jima Marine Staff Sgt
News 450401 BBC Edward Ward Buchenwald
News 450403 NBC War Report on Battle Okinawa Bud Foster
News 450404 AFRS Pied Pipers Dream
News 450405 CBS March Time First Recorded Sounds Mosquitos
News 450405 CBS World News Today
News 450405 WBZ Yankee Yarns Fishing Boat Sunk By U Boat
News 450407 CBC Gestapo In Holland Matthew Halton
News 450408 BBC Richard Dimbleby Reports German Civilian
News 450408 CBS World News Today
News 450412 CBS Bill Henry Reports Order Succession
News 450412 CBS Bulletin Reports FDR Is Dead
News 450412 CBS Don Fisher Coverage Following FDRs Death
News 450412 MBS Fulton Lewis Reports FDRs Death
News 450412 NBCB Coverage FDRs Death
News 450412 News Death FDR CBS ABC
News 450412 WNYC Fiorello La Guardia FDR
News 450413 BBC News Dora Bateman Commentary FDRs Death
News 450413 CBS Memorial Services Franklin D Roosevelt
News 450413 NBC News
News 450413 NBC Reports FDRs Funeral Train
News 450413 Undelivered FDR Speech Given by FDR Jr
News 4504xx 248 Count Basie Upbeat
News 4504xx 406 Charlie Spivak Evry Time We Say Goodbye
News 4504xx 406 Tommy Dorsey More Youre Driving Me Crazy
News 4504xx CBS Edward R Murrow Delayed Action War
News 4504xx First Service At Belsen Concentration Camp
News 4505xx 434 Frank Sinatra T.Dorsey Lamplighters Serenade
News 4505xx 434 Mildred Bailey Feel Like Motherless Child
News 4505xx AFRS VE Broadcast Generals and Fleet Admirals
News 4505xx MBS Special Marine Broadcast
News 4506xx 443 B Al Goodman and Up In Central Park Medley
News 4506xx 444 Mildred Bailey Which Great 48 Are You From
News 4506xx 450 Andy Russell Negra Consentida Betty Hutton
News 4506xx 450 Martha Tilton Paul Weston Care Stranger Town
News 4506xx 452 Andrews Sisters 3 Calalleros Victory Polka
News 4506xx 452 Mills Brothers Tell Me Dream Cielito Linda
News 4506xx VOA First Marine Division Love Note Tokyo Rose
News 4506xx WTIC Bob Steele Intvw Cpl Charles Connor
News 4506xx WTIC USS Franklin Survivors Alfred Amos Hartford
News 4507xx 462 Charlie Spivak You Belong To My Heart
News 4507xx 462 Vaughn Monroe There Ive Said Again
News 4507xx 465 Ginny Simms Please Dont Say No
News 4507xx 465 Mills Brothers Lazy River
News 4507xx 465 Terry Fischer Well Be Together Again
News 4507xx 466 Harry James Too Marvelous Words
News 4507xx 467 Frank Sinatra Lover Has Gone Falling In Love
News 4507xx 467 Jo Stafford Wont You Please Come Home
News 4507xx 468 Artie Shaw Cross Heart
News 4507xx 470 Guy Lombardo Stars Your Eyes El Rancho Vegas
News 4507xx 470 Jimmy Dorsey His Orchestra Jumpin Jehosaphat
News 4507xx 473 Carmen Cavallero Cavallero Boogie
News 4507xx 473 Frankie Carle And Carle Boogie
News 4507xx 473 Les Brown Whats Use Getting Sober Moonglow
News 4507xx 475 Benny Goodman Quintet Lets Fall In Love
News 4507xx 477 B Elton Britt Someday Youll Want Me
News 4507xx 477 Cass Daley Dont Talk About Me When Im Gone
News 4507xx 477 Phil Harris Thats What I Like About South
News 4507xx 478 Louis Jordan 5 Deacon Jones I Like em Fat
News 4507xx 478 Loumell Morgan Trio Take Me Out To Ballgame
News 4507xx 479 Helen Forrest Dick Haymes Strange It Seems
News 4507xx 479 Patty Andrews Twilight
News 4508xx 518 Charlie Spivak You Go To My Head
News 4509xx 504 Maj Glenn Miller Band AAF Training Command
News 4509xx 504 Woody Herman Kiss Goodnight NW Passage
News 4509xx 506 Connie Boswell Fellows Good Night Sweetheart
News 4509xx BBC Harold Osmond le Druillenec Belsen Survivor
News 4509xx SYN Victory Chest 45 Victory Dr Orson Welles
News 4510xx 517 Oscar Levant Gershwin Piano Preludes 2 3
News 4510xx 517 Paul Whiteman Orch Gershwin Piano Concerto
News 4510xx 518 Harry James September In Rain 920 Special
News 4510xx 521 Frank Sinatra Stars In Your Eyes My Shawl
News 4510xx 521 Morton Gould Orch Jungle Drums Casey Jones
News 4510xx 522 Cp Glenn Miller 418 AAF Band St Louis Blues
News 4510xx 522 Sam Donahue Navy Dance Band Dinah
News 4510xx 524 Martha Tilton Play Fellows Beyond Blue Horiz
News 4510xx 524 Mildred Bailey Downhearted Blues
News 4510xx 525 Bing Crosby Medley Waikiki Wedding
News 4510xx 525 Louis Prima Please Dont Squeeze Bananas
News 4510xx 526 Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
News 4510xx 526 Mills Brothers I Wish
News 4510xx 526 Mills Brothers Put Another Chair At Table
News 4510xx 526 Mills Brothers Till Then
News 4510xx 526 Mitchell Ayres Orchestra Home
News 4510xx 528 Machito his Afro Cubans Almendra Tra La La
News 4510xx 530 Page Cavanaugh Trio Gooses Come Back
News 4510xx 530 Swing Sway With Sammy Kaye Baia
News 4511xx BBC William Joyce Lord Haw Haw Dismissal Appeal
News 45xxxx BBC General Forces Programme ID
News 45xxxx BBC General Overseas Service ID
News 45xxxx Indian Love Call Medley Spoof 45
News 45xxxx KFI Ad Club Los Angeles WWII Recap
News 45xxxx Peggy Lee June Christy Swinging Star
News 45xxxx Radio Bremen Interval Signal
News 45xxxx Radio Hamburg Interval Signal
News 45xxxx Radio Herrijzend Nederland External Service ID
News 45xxxx Radio Munich ID DL2RBY
News 45xxxx Slim Gaillard Quartet Laguna
News 45xxxx Stan Kenton Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
News 45xxxx Tokyo Rose Describes Her Show

Volume 2: 110 Recordings: 21 hours, 49 minutes

News 450415 CBS Edward Murrow Buchenwald
News 450415 CBS Edward R Murrow Report from London
News 450415 CBS World News Today
News 450415 NBC Our Hour National Sorrow
News 450415 NBCB Sammy Kayes Sunday Serenade
News 450415 WMCA New World Coming 43 Memorial FDR
News 450416 Pres Truman Addesses Congress After FDRs Funeral
News 450417 CBC Canadian Army Repels Desperate Germans
News 450417 CBS This Is My Best I Will Not Go Back FDR
News 450417 President Truman Death President Roosevelt
News 450418 CBS Ernie Pyle Killed In Action
News 450419 BBC Belsen Richard Dimbleby
News 450419 BBC Richard Dimbleby Reports Belsen
News 450420 CBC Allied POWs Free At Last RCAF Warren Wilkes
News 450421 BBC Red Army Set To Enter Berlin
News 450422 CBC Hollland Famine Peter Peter Stursberg
News 450422 NBC WWII News Drew Pearson
News 450422 NBCB WWII News Walter Winchell
News 450423 CBC This Country Unspeakable Evil Matthew Halton
News 450424 BBC Wynford Vaughan Thomas Bucholz Hall Honor
News 450424 CBC Spies And Refugees In Allied Territory
News 450425 BBC Edward Ward Reports Link Up Lunch At Elbe
News 450425 BBC Freddy Grisewood Frank Gillard Torgau Elbe
News 450425 CBC Hitler Fled Burning Berlin Matthew Halton
News 450427 2300 NBC WEAF Special US Russia Meet
News 450427 BBC Mussolini Partisans
News 450427 BBC Russians And Americans Link
News 450427 CBS Edward R Murrow Stalin Speech
News 450427 MBS Sigrid Schultz In Ravensbruck
News 450427 NBC Special Broadcast
News 450427 NBC WMAQ Special US Russia Meet
News 450428 MBS American POWs interviews
News 450428 NBCB News Robert Krupp Reports
News 450429 CBS I Was There Story Ernie Pyle
News 450429 NBC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell
News 450430 CBC Gnral Vannier Tmoigne Lhorreur Concentration
News 450430 RSH Lord Haw Haw Final Drunken Broadcast
News 450430 Scanning Radio Dial
News 450431 BBC Robert Reid Siegenheim Prison Camp
News 450501 BBC Adolf Hitler Is Dead
News 450501 BBC Stuart Hibberd Announces Hitler Is Dead
News 450501 CBC Toast At Torgau Matthew Halton
News 450501 MBS News Reports Hitler Is Dead
News 450501 NBCB Bulletin Adolph Hitler Is Dead
News 450502 BBC Stuart Hibberd Announces Fall Berlin
News 450503 BBC W V Thomas Wehrmacht Surrender In Lauenberg
News 450503 CBS World Today Thousands Surrender
News 450504 AMGH W V Thomas Mock Germany Calling Broadcast
News 450504 BBC Chester Wilmot Await Surrender Mongomerys HQ
News 450504 BBC European Service Interval Signal ID
News 450504 BBC Field Marshall Montgomery Surrender Terms
News 450504 CBS German Cease Fire
News 450504 WGN War Bond Matinee George Olson
News 450505 BBC Radio Newsreel Belsen Concentration Camp
News 450505 CBC Can It Really Be Over Marcel Ouimet
News 450505 CBC Major CF Hoey Wins Victoria Cross
News 450505 MBS Paul Manning
News 450505 WHAS Kentucky Derby Ted Huesing
News 450506 NBC WWII News Drew Pearson
News 450506 NBCB WWII News Walter Winchell
News 450507 AFRS VE Day Special Victory Program Many Stars
News 450507 BBC Berlin Has Fallen
News 450507 BBC John Snagge Announces VE Day
News 450507 BBC Thomas Cadett Witnesses Nazi surrender
News 450507 CBC Canada Celebrates Victory In Europe
News 450507 CBC Germans Sign Uncdntl Surrender Gerald Clark
News 450507 CBS Germans Surrender Howard K Smith
News 450507 CBS Noon Hour News
News 450507 CBS Noonhour News
News 450507 KOIN News
News 450507 MBS Worldwide News
News 450507 NBC HV Kaltenborn Comments End War In Europe
News 450507 NBC Reports Germany Surrenders
News 450507 NBC VE Day 350 United Jewish Appeal
News 450507 WOR Fred Van Deventer
News 450507 WOR News and Jimmie Fidlers Hollywood
News 450508 1100 CBS News
News 450508 BBC Churchill Germanys Unconditional Surrender
News 450508 BBC Churchill Speaks Vict Party Ministry Health
News 450508 BBC Churchill VE Day Ministry Health Building
News 450508 BBC God Save King
News 450508 BBC H Marshall Reports Crowds Celebrate VE Day
News 450508 BBC King George VI Victory
News 450508 BBC Montgomery Remember Those Who Gave Lives
News 450508 BBC Royal Family Greets VE Day Crowds
News 450508 BBC Winston Churchill Announces Nazi Surrender
News 450508 CBC Mackenzie King Addresses Nation
News 450508 CBC Paul Triquets Victoria Cross
News 450508 CBS George S Patton
News 450508 CBS London Picadilly Circus Celeb Edward Murrow
News 450508 Harry Truman Announces German Surrender
News 450508 MBS Gabriel Heatter News World
News 450508 NBC President Truman Proclaims Victory in Europe
News 450508 NBC VE Day Proclamations And Commentary
News 450508 NBCB King George VI Victory In Europe
News 450508 NBCB VE Day Special Broadcast
News 450509 BBC Thomas Cadett Describes Devastation Berlin
News 450509 BBC Thomas Cadett Reports Hitlers Bunker
News 450509 CAN Howard K Smith Reports Berlins Destruction
News 450510 BBC ITMA Victory in Europe edition
News 450513 CBS Columbia Presents Corwin Note Triumph
News 450513 CBS World News Today
News 450516 NBC Story Bhnd Hdlines Landing Marines Iwo Jima
News 450519 CBC Matthew Halton Recounts Winter Holland
News 450520 CBS World News Today
News 450520 WMCA New World Coming 48 Meaning VE Day Negroes
News 450522 BBC Now It Can Be Told Wing Cmndr Ronald Adams
News 450526 WDAF 1st Lt Gladys Fitzgerald Army Nurse
News 450527 BBC Patrick Gordon Walker Belsen Interviews
News 450530 NBCB Raymond Gram Swing Gen Eisenhowers Mem Day

Volume 3: 95 Shows: 23 hours, 29 minutes

News 450610 General Patton Speech Los Angeles
News 450612 Guildhall Address London
News 450615 NHK Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne Iva Toguri
News 450616 NBC Alex Dreier Weekly 5th Flt Attacks Tokyo
News 450618 CBS Wings Over Jordan Interrupted
News 450618 NBC Eisenhower Addresses Congress
News 450620 NBC News With Robert St John
News 450622 NBC Ben Grauer Reports Eisenhowers Homecoming
News 450623 NBC Rupert Hughes Commentary
News 450624 CBS We People Red Cross Volunteer
News 450708 BBC London Column
News 450708 CBS World News Today
News 450717 French Radio Liberation Paris Orson Welles
News 450720 WOWO Lazy Listening Time
News 450722 CBS World News Today
News 450728 MBS Army Bomber Crashes Empire State Building
News 450729 CBS World News Today
News 450729 Truman Speaks Japanese Rejection US Ultimatum
News 450805 BBC David Lloyd James Red Cross
News 450805 NBCB Philco Radio Hall Landing Craft Musical
News 450806 Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima
News 450806 BBC Frank Phillips Reports Hiroshima Bombing
News 450806 BBC Hiroshima News Bulletin
News 450808 BBC Nagasaki
News 450808 CBS Edward Murrow Rprt Russia Declares War Japan
News 450809 BBC Group Capt Leonard Cheshire Nagasaki Witness
News 450809 MBS Gabriel Heatter US Waits Japanese Surrender
News 450809 NHK Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne Iva Toguri
News 450809 Truman Threatens Japan Furthur Atomic Attacks
News 450810 1100 NBC WEAF Japan Surrender Offer
News 450810 1115 NBC WEAF News announced as 1145
News 450810 1130 NBC WEAF Barry Cameron
News 450810 1145 NBC WEAF David Harum
News 450810 1200 NBC WEAF News At Noon Don Goddard
News 450810 1215 NBC WEAF Maggies Private Wire
News 450810 1230 NBC WEAF Pacific
News 450810 1245 NBC WEAF Music Room
News 450810 1300 NBC WEAF Mary Margaret McBride
News 450810 1345 NBC WEAF News World
News 450810 1400 NBC WEAF Guiding Light
News 450810 1415 NBC WEAF Todays Children
News 450810 1430 NBC WEAF Woman In White
News 450810 1445 NBC WEAF Betty Crocker
News 450810 1500 NBC WEAF Woman In America
News 450810 1515 NBC WEAF Ma Perkins
News 450810 1530 NBC WEAF Pepper Youngs Family
News 450810 1545 NBC WEAF Right To Happiness
News 450810 1600 NBC WEAF Mary Noble Backstage Wife
News 450810 1615 NBC WEAF Stella Dallas
News 450810 1630 NBC WEAF Lorenzo Jones
News 450810 1645 NBC WEAF Young Widder Brown
News 450810 1700 NBC WEAF When Girl Marries
News 450810 1715 NBC WEAF Portia Faces Life
News 450810 1730 NBC WEAF Just Plain Bill
News 450810 1745 NBC WEAF Front Page Farrell
News 450810 1800 NBC WEAF News with Lyle Van
News 450810 1815 NBC WEAF Serenade To America
News 450810 1840 NBC WEAF MGM Sports with Bill Stern
News 450810 1845 NBC WEAF Lowell Thomas and News
News 450810 2000 NBC WEAF Highways Melody
News 450810 2130 NBC WEAF Correction Please
News 450810 CBS False VJ Day Report
News 450810 NBC News World
News 450811 BBC NBC Atlantic Spotlight Beatrice Kay
News 450811 NBC Alex Dreier Weekly News Analysis
News 450811 NHK Zero Hour Hosted By Orphan Anne Iva Toguri
News 450812 CBS World News Today
News 450812 MBS False Initial UPI Report Japanese Surrender
News 450812 NBC Story Behind Headlines False Peace Flash
News 450813 MBS Gabriel Heatter Waiting VJ Day
News 450814 1830 MBS Japanese Surrender News
News 450814 1915 1930 MBS Japanese Surrender
News 450814 2030 NBC Japanese Surrender
News 450814 45 2000 ABC Japanese Surrender
News 450814 AFRS Command Performance 187a Victory Extra
News 450814 CBS Columbia Presents Corwin 14 August VJ Day
News 450814 CBS Live Streets Hollywood
News 450814 CBS OWI Hirohito Speech Surrendering Bc Bomb
News 450814 CBS Reports Truman Accepts Japanese Surrender
News 450814 CBS Reports VJ Day Celebrations In Cinncinati
News 450814 CBS Robert Trout Reports End World War II
News 450814 Commentary End War
News 450814 KMBC Live Independence Missouri
News 450814 MBS Bulletin Japan Surrenders
News 450814 MBS Japanese Surrender News NYC Crowds
News 450814 NBC Ben Grauer VJ Day Celebrations Times Square
News 450814 NBC Don Oder Reporting Chicago
News 450814 NBC HV Kaltenborn Comments Japanese Surrender
News 450814 NBC HV Kaltenborn Reports End War
News 450814 NBC Jap Surrender Sec Forrestal
News 450814 Public Announcement VJ Day Services
News 450814 Reaction In Washington
News 450814 VJ Day Mix
News 450814 VJ Day Report White House
News 450814 WISN Japan Surrender Celebration Milwaukee 1

Volume 4: 65 Recordings: 19 hours, 2 minutes

News 450814 WISN Japan Surrender Celebration Milwaukee 2
News 450814 Woman Describes VJ Day Announcement
News 450815 AFRS Command Performance Victory Extra
News 450815 AFRS Wednesday With You VJ Day
News 450815 BBC British Crowd Celebrates VJ Day
News 450815 BBC British Crowd Sings God Save King
News 450815 BBC Clement Atlee Announces Surrender Japan
News 450815 BBC King George VI To Empire
News 450815 CAN Admiral Bull Halsey Message To 3rd Fleet
News 450815 CBS Bill Henry Second World War Is Over
News 450815 KLUF Crisis In War Town Heartbreak Island
News 450815 MBS WOR BBC VE Day Gene Krupa from Hotel Astor
News 450815 NHK Hirohito Announces Japanese Surrender
News 450815 President Truman Victory
News 450815 WOR Bulletin Suicide Japanese War Minister
News 450816 NBC WWII News Richard Harkness
News 450819 CBS World News Today
News 450819 NBCB Philco Radio Hall Prayer Thanksgiving
News 450826 CBS World News Today
News 450827 CBS Admiral Turner Okinawa Invasion
News 450827 CBS John Daly Report To Nation Excerpt
News 450827 Moscow Radio Victory Guns
News 450901 CBC Welcome Home
News 450901 CBS Webley Edwards USS Missouri
News 450901 General MacArthur Victory Over Japan
News 450902 AFRS Command Perf VJ Day Special Pres Truman
News 450902 BBC General MacArthur Announces Japans Surrender
News 450902 CBS World News Today
News 450902 Ernie Pyle Bob Hope Wars End
News 450902 Japanese Surrender Ceremony Onboard USS Missouri
News 450902 NBC Japanese Surrender Broadcast Recap
News 450902 Trumans Victory Over Japan Speech
News 450909 CBS World News Today
News 450916 CBS World News Today
News 450919 NBC Cngrssnl Medal Honor Gen Jonathan Wainwright
News 450920 CBC Tremendous New Force J Frank Willis
News 450920 NBCB Between Bookends Letters from Servicemen
News 450920 Orphan Anne Performs Mock Sign Off US Newsreels
News 450920 Orphan Anne Performs Mock Sign US Newsreels
News 450923 ABC Lear Radio Show 01 Prophecy
News 450923 CBS World News Today
News 450929 SYN Victory Chest 45 Victory Dr Edward Robinson
News 451015 NBC William F Halsey and 3rd fleet return to USA
News 451022 WCOP Quoting America Labor Strikes
News 451023 WCOP Quoting America Nuremberg War Trials
News 451024 BBC Edward Stettinius UN Conference
News 451027 Truman Navy Day Speech NYC
News 451028 NBC Story Behind Headlines French Elections
News 451103 CBS Report To Nation John Daly
News 451104 BBC Sgt Frank Foster Building Burma Railway
News 451108 BBC In Honour Russia Reginald Watson Jones
News 451110 KQW Story KQW Jack Webb
News 451114 Gring Hess Ribbentrop Plead Not Guilty Nuremberg
News 451206 Victory Bond Show Bing Crosby
News 451209 ABC Lear Radio Show Doris Miller Tribute excerpt
News 451209 Judy Garland Silver Lining Jerome Kern Memorial
News 451215 Slim Gaillard Quartette Atomic Cocktail
News 451218 AFRS Bob Hope Christmas Show San Francisco A
News 451218 AFRS Bob Hope Christmas Show San Francisco B
News 451225 AFRS Command Performance Christmas Program
News 451225 AFRS Command Performance Christmas Special
News 451225 MBS In Review 45 In Review
News 451225 WJR Stump Us
News 451230 AFRS Fred Allen Show Duke Ellington pre emption
News 451231 AFRS New Years Eve Radio Dance Party



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